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Mama got schooled!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

I had a very cool experience this past weekend I wanted to share. I finally coerced someone in my family to run a 5K with me; it was my 12 year old son! He has jogged with me a few times in the last year or so but never more than a mile or two. I was very happy when he agreed to come with me, despite him not wanting to get up that early on a Saturday. In preparation for the run, we hit up the outlet mall Friday night to get him some new shoes, he needed them and I knew it would help him be more excited about the whole thing. I made sure our MP3's were fully charged and we were all set for the race. I talked to him about the distance and how he shouldn't worry if we don't stay together during the race. I told him not to expect me to be chit-chatting w/ him during the race and if he needed to stop and walk that is perfectly fine, but I wouldn't be stopping with him. Sounds harsh maybe? Well I was happy that the forecast-ed downpour that we were supposed to have right at race time didn't happen. I thought for sure if it poured down rain my son would hate it and never do it again. It was quite chilly and wet almost misting that morning but still decent running conditions.

So the race starts and we put our headphones on and start running. I quickly show my son how to start weaving thru the crowd to get closer to the front of the group. Once we get moving he has the hang of it and we get to a good position where were running amongst similarly paced people. I knew I took off faster than I should have to try to get where I wanted to be and I stayed behind my son but to my amazement, the gap between us was getting bigger and bigger. I kept thinking to myself, he's not pacing himself, he's gonna exhaust himself and be dragging. That kid showed me, he kept that pace pretty consistent the whole race! He never looked back at poor old mom, eating his dust! Here I told him I wouldn't be slowing down for him and he shut me up pretty good. As he tells it "Mom, I smoked you" and even a little trash talk like "Next time I will slow down for you"....HA HA. The best part is, he said "next time"! YES I finally have partner in this. I absolutely loved having him there with me. He was pretty funny after the race, he had that adrenalin rush/euphoric post race feeling and he caught the bug (whoa, his mouth went 90mph for a good while

The icing on the cake was we both placed in our age divisions. Times aren't posted yet, but he came in around 29:25 (first place 11-15 age group) and I came in around 30:35 (second place 30-34 age group). I was so proud of him and we are both looking forward to our next 5K this coming Saturday! I'm gonna try to keep up with him this time!!

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VERONICAVW_140 4/23/2012 2:40PM

    Oh, that's awesome! I would love to have a family member that liked running. Unfortunately non of them do. Enjoy those mom and son runs! :)

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Doctors, hormones, birth control and the joys of womanhood!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So I went to the "lady parts" doctor yesterday for my yearly visit-uugh! I wasn't looking forward to it because I needed to have my Mirena removed/replaced. Those little suckers are great in that it's 100% "fool proof" and lasts for five years but my first five was up! (It's a bit uncomfortable/painful to get inserted honestly). I have always wondered if the hormones hinder my weight loss efforts but nevertheless, its a great choice for me (doesn't hurt that I don't have any periods with it).
Anyhow, I talked to my doctor about my lifestyle and how difficult it has been for me to lose weight. Go figure she is a beach body instructor and avid runner. She looked at my chart and said, "yeah, your weight does fluctuate a lot". I was horrified when she said I am up 14 lbs from where I was last year. How can this be, I haven't changed anything, I still wear the exact same size clothes, I work out as hard as I did then if not harder. Then I looked at my food/exercise journal and realized that I've slacked off on strength training compared to last year this time! My doctor did suggest that it could be thyroid and I was glad she drew blood to check (I will know by tomorrow). Then I noticed the nurse (god love her) was growing a beard. When she and I were talking I mentioned that I too get what I consider excessive hair on my upper lip and have even seen a hair on my chin in the last few years! She said its a hormone imbalance and referred to her condition as PCOS or something (haven't looked it up yet). I've always wondered what it was that caused women to grow face hair and if it somehow relates to weight.
I'm just eager to hear what the results of my blood work say. The nurse also got me pumped about the Insanity workout, so ofcourse I researched that today and thanks to Craigslist, I will have my own set to get cranking on tomorrow! I know I need to get my diet cleaned up and that combined with the strength training will kick start the scale and my metabolism again. It's just so darn frustrating when I kill it with my cardio workouts and still gain weight. Men got it so

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MYLADY4 4/19/2012 8:51PM

    Metiformin is a medication that is often used to treat PCOS and for some it helps with weight loss. I know for me, it has made my cycles lighter and less painful but did not help with the weight loss. Might be something to look into to help.

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MRS.CARLY 4/19/2012 8:38PM

    I'm actually seeing a naturopathic doctor who told me to get off of birth control pills (she thinks it contributes to my headaches, and my thyroid being messed up, not to mention how emotional I am). Mainly she thinks that my hormones are really off balance and recommended that I take a herb three times a day called "chaste tree" or "vitex". google it and see if it is something you might want to look into!

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First Blog EVER (I waited til my life felt like a hot mess to

Friday, April 13, 2012

I have been so reluctant to post anything on my blog as long as I've been on Spark. I don't really know why, maybe just a lack of self esteem. Maybe thinking I had nothing important enough to say that anyone would want to read or maybe it was just to keep the feeling of not being fully committed to this whole process. Who knows, nonetheless here I am - FINALLY!

I need to connect to people in a positive way in my life right now. I feel this is the perfect place to do so. I am committed to my journey, physically. I just can't get my head around the actual "eating right" idea. I started working out regularly in late 2009 in preparation for my wedding in June 2010. I knew my lifestyle needed to change and I set my sights. At the time I saw a "finish line" being when I was married and lived "happily ever after".........HA HA HA! Yeah right, who was I kidding!

Fast forward to today, Friday the 13th 2012 and I'm still chasing my tail. I'm gradually growing and pushing myself more and more outside of my comfort zone. I'm naturally more of a loner and honestly prefer to work out alone. But I have changed a lot mentally since I began this journey. Unfortunately the more I feel myself changing, the further I feel from my husband. He isn't supportive or interested in a healthy lifestyle himself. You all know how much time and energy you put into this lifestyle and to not have a supporting partner can be discouraging and depressing. I don't need his adoration, but an atta girl along the way would be It seems like the bigger the accomplishment I reach, the less and less he is willing to give me any credit. Don't get me wrong, I am doing this for me and me alone, it's just a tough place to be sometimes! I get torn between my motivations sometimes quite honestly. Some days it's health and longevity for my family and somedays it's purely to want to look hawt...thinking maybe that will turn my husbands head...

I've started running races this spring and that has been a great source of motivation for me. I signed up for a 5K, then a 5 mile race-tackled them both holding a consistent 10 min mile on both - shocked myself! I have two more 5K's then on to the 10K Flying Pig May 5th! I'm just doing my own thing. It's really rewarding, but also lonely when you go to these races and see people there supporting each other or making it a family activity or just there to cheer on their loved ones.

I get so much motivation from Spark and truly hate that I waited to blog until I had a chip on my shoulder. Is anyone else out there in this predicament?

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ELISAJANE57 4/16/2012 9:37AM

    I can identify with being a bit of a loner myself. I do exercise classes at the gym and I do say hi to familiar faces but I'm not one of those ladies chatting it up in the corner. I'm there for my fitness and I'm focused when I go. That's awesome you are doing all those races. I only have two lined up. I'm doing a 5K this month and ridiculously nervous for my 10K next month. Sometimes you have to do it for yourself and then eventually you will see the effects in other people's lives. My DH wont adopt my lifestyle, but seeing all my progress has at least motivated him to make healthier food choices and he has actually lost 20 pounds this year. He wont do SP with me but I think I at least steered him to want to be more healthy.

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GOT2BSEXY 4/16/2012 8:37AM

    Thank you all for your support! I think I needed to vent and get some frustration out and I appreciate the positive feedback.

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CHRISTILYNN1 4/14/2012 3:56PM

    I'm sorry your husband isn't on board, but that's what Sparkpeople is for!! You can get as much motivation here as you want - I have a Sparkbuddy that I have been writing to back and forth for over a year. It's really helpful to open up your Inbox and find a lot of positive reinforcement. Good luck on your journey - it looks like you have done great so far!

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BOGUSANNIE 4/13/2012 6:21PM

    I think everyone adds what they need to when they need to...we all hit our rock bottom at different times...blogging is a great addition to the won't be disappointed...


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    With me eating has always been the hardest part. I am emotional eater/binger. Plus I like pizza and fried foods to the max lol.

My motivation was my wedding as well back in 2009 I think? haha

Afterwards I gained weight, got pregnant and gained even more weight.

Now I do it for myself.

I can understand your frustration. It does really help to have a close family member/friend behind you to give you support. :(
Even though I know that is upsetting just keep pushing yourself and we on sparkpeople can be your cheerleaders.

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VERONICAVW_140 4/13/2012 4:37PM

    If you read my "Wonderfuly Frustrating" blog you'll see that I was in your same shoes. When my husband and I were dating I was the fitness warrior. I couldn't get him to workout to save my life. Fast forward to today and he is totally committed to health. I think at different times in our lives we see health and fitness as important or we don't pay attention to it at all. Perhaps he is in that phase of life where he just doesn't see the point. That doesn't mean that he will always be that way. I hope he begins to see the beneifts of exercise and eating right. Or at the very least he can see the joy it gives you and begin to be supportive.

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STEPHAB1218 4/13/2012 4:27PM

    Sometimes men feel like they are being outdone which makes them push us away. I went through it with my fiance, but I eventually just stopped trying to involve him in that part of my life and my independence motivated him to start. Not saying that always happens, but I wouldnt have minded either way since I figured out that working out and being healthy were MY THING, didnt need to be his, just like call of duty video games are HIS THING. Haha, as long as he is not negative towards you or your passion than let it go and claim it as your own. :) COngrats on all the hardwork!!

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KLONG8 4/13/2012 4:24PM

    I'm excited for you that you are adding "blogging" to your SP world. I know it makes a huge difference for me. It can be the sounding board you need when you want to discuss something with people who "get it". I think in your situation where your husband isn't supportive it will be even MORE important to open up to people who are like you and making great, positive changes.

Congrats on the runs - 10 minute miles are pretty awesome. And congrats on taking care of your health...even if your husband isn't there yet. He may come around as you keep at it.

Have a great weekend!

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