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Trying A New Hobby

Monday, December 28, 2009

My family is well aware that I have tried my hand at many artsy-crafty hobbies, also, I've given karate a try for 3 years and bellydance for another three.
Since my move out west, I haven't been sewing, knitting or embroidering like in my 'former life'.... and I have felt the void.

Yesterday, I picked up a paint brush, some acrylic paint in a tube and began smearing colour on a canvas.

Me? Painting?

Let's just say that Leonard da Vinci's work will not be threatened in any way by my contribution to the arts. I seem to have all the finesse of a mud fight.
I have taken some books out of the library to try to gain insight into the how, what, when and who in the painting world, but it is a lot like learning brain surgery from a video, if you know what I mean.

Stay tuned. I may have a jazzy little picture next week to hang in my kitchen or I may use it to line a bird cage. I haven't decided yet.

Karen Learns To Paint... The Continuing Saga!!!

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JAZZID 1/8/2010 1:19AM

    .. what ever you create I am sure it will be interesting and I would love to see it... I have my acrylic and watercolours waiting for me to try my hand at them, but it seems like there is so much to learn/do and not enough time to do it all...

Keep up the good work... emoticon ~ Dee ~

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ROELIE 1/1/2010 10:29AM

    Once you find that hobby that brings out the passion for you, it will uplift you and bring you joy just to do it. I wish you luck and hope to see some of your work! I love your clowning BTW and just pray for continued blessings upon your ministry!

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EARTHSEAME 12/30/2009 2:59PM

    Inspirational! Would love to see photos of your paintings!

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SWEETPEA1954 12/29/2009 12:05PM

    It's nice to know that you are going the distances in trying new things..

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LINGUISTMARCIE 12/29/2009 11:01AM

    Good for you! I'm excited to see your masterpieces!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 12/28/2009 11:43PM

    Can't wait to see your final first canvas results!!! Have fun and just go with the flow of the paint and brush!!
Blessings and hugs,

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 12/28/2009 11:41PM

    Can't wait to see your final first canvas results!!! Have fun and just go with the flow of the paint and brush!!
Blessings and hugs,

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LALASLAND 12/28/2009 11:07PM

    Oh, this is going to be fun! emoticon emoticon

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MSLZZY 12/28/2009 5:21PM

    Keep the brain cells active! Painting sounds like a pleasant hobby-if it doesn't involve walls and ceilings LOL! Have fun and a Happy New Year! emoticon

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FREDDY1232 12/28/2009 4:16PM

    You may be a true artist. It's good to try out as many arts and crafts to see just what we are suited for. I tried pastels and found I am certainly not an artist. But it was fun trying. I have a cd that illustrates the use of pastels. May be you could get something like that from the library. keep up the good work and let your creative juices flow.

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IUHRYTR 12/28/2009 4:07PM

    You are to be commended for trying. When I painted a picture of a triangle, it came out looking like a bad circle. I guess I could have called it my interpretation but I knew the truth, that I don't have the eye for drawing or painting. Perhaps you do. Keep us updated. -- Lou

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LACEEJO11 12/28/2009 3:44PM


Self expression at its finest!! You may be surprised by what actually emerges out of you.... and finds its way through that paint brush to end up on your canvas!! Have fun and don't be intimidated!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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B-FLAT 12/28/2009 3:16PM

    I think that's what the word "abstract" was invented for! LOL

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GABY1948 12/28/2009 2:40PM

    I think it is awesome that you are even trying. And it says you have the desire and probably the talent is in there you just have to help it come out. Good going, Karen.

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Did Your Christmas Cactus Bloom?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I walked into my laundry room and there was one little bloom on my Christmas Cactus! The blossom is a salmon pink and it just the cutest thing. I wasn't expecting to see that surprise but it has always been a quirky plant.
It is growing in four "arms" but only one of them has bloomed. Perhaps it will take a notion to show off with another one at Easter time.

Maybe I can get a photo of this little Christmas surprise. (I rescued this little guy, so I wasn't expecting it to be healthy enough to flourish.)

Did you get a cactus to bloom this season?

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MINIMOE1 12/30/2009 6:46PM

    Yep, one pink bloom for New Year's Eve, but lots of little buds.

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GOSPELCLOWN 12/28/2009 12:34PM

    I will check the soil, as I am sure there is no sand whatsoever. No pearlite either.
I think the 4 arms came from at least 3 different plants.... could I get 3 different colours?

I'll try for the photo... poor little thing.


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LAURIES_PLACE 12/28/2009 12:15AM

  Yes, mine is in bloom, fuschia flowers everywhere. When is the last time you gave it new soil? does it have good drainage, with sand or perlite in the soil? Fertilize it lightly after the bloom falls off, and you can pinch off the top segments of the four "arms" so it will grow into more arms. Maybe you will get an octopus by spring! Mine blooms twice a year, but this Christmas was the best ever for blooms. It is still a young plant.


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LALASLAND 12/27/2009 9:10PM

    We have TX cacti, whatever they are! There are a lot of them! My husband loves and plants them. I'm from Michigan, originally, so I don't know what kind they are! They bloom yellow, but not at Christmastime. Your friend, Lori

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WISLNDR 12/27/2009 9:03PM

    Mine is blooming (it's a deeper pink) and it's absolutely beautiful!! It's in the perfect environment; it sits in a north window in an area that's only heated to about 50 degrees most of the time. My friend gave it to me several years ago. He was going to throw it out! I love showing it off to him every Christmas!

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GABY1948 12/27/2009 8:52PM

    I have a brown thumb so don't try to grow real plants. DH is good and has many cacti but no Christmas ones. Can't wait for you to post a picture if you can! Thanks for sharing your surprise with us! emoticon

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MSLZZY 12/27/2009 8:27PM

    I don't have a Christmas cactus but my hibiscus bloomed this week. I wasn't expecting it to either. Take joy in the little things, right?

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3 Minute Youtube Song of the Season

Thursday, December 24, 2009

This is totally worth 3 minutes and 30 seconds of your life....


I hope it works for you!

Merry Christmas,


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HIDDENBELLA 12/27/2009 6:18PM

    That was fun. Thanks for posting that. Thanks also for posting on my blog. I appreciate your comments and support. Have a wonderful rest of this beautiful day.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 12/24/2009 3:23PM

    Karen, Thank for you this great link. I thought I was going to get these guys as a special Christmas present. Oh well...I can watch it over and over. They are great!!!
Thanks for sharing.
Blessings and hugs,

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FREDDY1232 12/24/2009 1:36PM

    That was very entertaining. Those guys were cute too. All handsome guys. WOOHOO! Merry Christmas! emoticon

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An Adult Christmas List

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I was reminded of the song, My Adult Christmas List yesterday. It has been recorded by Amy Grant, Natalie Cole, Michael Buble, and can be found on Youtube if you are interested in listening and watching it being sung.

Today my devotional reading has included a posting my one of our Spark friends and it dovetails nicely with an adult Christmas list. It may be too Christian for you, but here goes:

My Christmas List for 2009

* peace in the home as in Proverbs 15:17 "better a meal of vegetables with love than a meal with a fattened calf and hatred.
* to be a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor
* a garment of praise
* some oil of gladness
* a crown of beauty

During this rushed and indulgent season, it can be so easy to forget the focus and reason for the feasting and joy. The Gift was delivered plain and simply. MANY through the ages will ignore or mock Jesus who became the Light of the world.

My Christmas list is impossible to buy at a market or on line. You can't wrap it in coloured paper nor can you stick a bow on the top.

We can pray for each other that The Holy Spirit will infuse each of us to take on the blessed attributes that He wills us to display and share with others. We have been commanded to help the poor (it may be the poor in finance, the poor in spirit, the poor in status, the poor in nutrition.) We are able to assist others in all kinds of ways and all through our calendar year.

Share your happiness, share your energy, your enthusiasm, your perspective, your hope.
Does your gladness draw others to want to be with you? Are you a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor?

What better calling is there than that?

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TEALADY0531 12/24/2009 8:00PM

    This is perfect; and just what I needed to see today! If I could have this Christmas list, it would dovetail into some pretty wonderful New Year's Resolutions, that's for sure!

No better calling, indeed!

Thanks so much for sharing this! May I copy and keep it?

emoticon emoticon emoticon


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IUHRYTR 12/23/2009 10:56PM

    Too Christian? Not at all. It's a message that needs to shouted out loud not just at Christmas but throughout the year! Thank you. -- Lou

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SISTERDEAR 12/23/2009 7:55PM

    Wonderful message. Thank you for the reminder to all who are overwhelmed with the business of the season!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GABY1948 12/23/2009 7:48PM

    Indeed, there is NO better calling! Wonderful blog...thanks for sharing it!

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FREDDY1232 12/23/2009 6:05PM

    I thought your blog was beautiful. You have really captured the true meaning of Christmas..Merry Christmas to you and all your family..LOve, Margie emoticon

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LALASLAND 12/23/2009 5:45PM

    It was not too Christian for me! I have learned and thought more about Jesus Christ since joining SparkPeople than before! Thank you for reminding me of these things and I hope your Christmas is wonderful!

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That Christmas "Feeling" Is Such a Mystery

Friday, December 18, 2009

You see it in the eyes of the little kids that stand for hours at a Santa Claus parade. It is whispered and rumoured to be in the gift bag or Christmas stocking. Perhaps it hides in the mall behind the next big sale item. Hmmm. nope
Where is that Christmas feeling this year? I have made a few batches of shortbread, bought some bottles of wine for the hostesses I'll be seeing next week. I have a few items tucked away for my sweetie's Christmas stocking. So I seem prepared.

I have mixed feelings about this holiday season that is upon me. Sure, it's raining out in this part of the world. I know Christmas is not all about gifts or the holiday food. The music has eluded me for most of the time... could that be it? Probably not.
I have watched "It's a Wonderful Life" and a few moments of "The Miracle on 34th Street." (Did I get the number right?

Lights blaze on the front of our new little house and tomorrow night my guy's Christmas dinner for the company is being planned. Fa la la la la...

Here's my Top Eight Ideas for my missing excitement:

-I'm not attending church like I have in the past. No focus in that department at all.
-I'm thousands of kilometers from my parents and my daughter.
-We are not planning to visit DH's side of the family on Christmas Eve.
-Bible study on the nativity story... kinda missed giving it a read or a listen
-I usually hand-make a gift for somebody. Hmmm, hasn't happened this year.
-We have been too busy to make a plan or list of what we want to do about Christmas.
-I am deciding against many delicacies of the season: eggnog, sausage rolls, mince tarts, chocolates. (Good for the waistline, but lousy for setting the mood.)
-No tree: none of my old decorations: no angels, no Nativity scenes (I had lots of international ones collected.)

I've relaxed my efforts and expectations to the point of wondering if I am becoming an old Ebenezer and waiting for all the rush and panic in the streets to evaporate.
My "chill pill" attitude has robbed me of a certain celebratory emotion. Hum bug- hum drum.

Well, I guess I'll get on with things and see if I can get my head around the fact that by next week, the 25th will be upon me whether I'm feeling it or not.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 12/22/2009 8:41PM

    Praying for you that you get the "feeling" of CHRISTmas before it is over and too late for you. I am very sad this year due to life's happenings this week but the feeling of Christmas and the reason for the season are still very strong in my heart!!! Praise God for all that He has given me.
Blessings and hugs,

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GABY1948 12/21/2009 6:37PM

    I actually undestand what you are saying. I agree with WILDFLOWERR_ about the commercialism but for me laot of it is my age perhaps. Everything toda y is "throwaway" or throwaway looking. Decorations etc. I long for the times of old when gifts were well thought out and given because someone WANTED to give a gift, not because they felt they "had to". This is all just sad to me more than anything. But when I think of Jesus, no matter the month or time I definitely get the Christmas spirit back. But, then I think, what gift can I give HIM? Of course that would be myself...ALL of me.

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LAURAKOHORST 12/20/2009 12:51PM

    May the love of Christ fill your heart and bring back the feeling you have been missing. This morning I will attend our church service and sing with the choir about the birth of our Saviour and the feeling of CHRISTmas will dwell in me so brightly that the blind man in the 3rd row will feel His presence. I pray you will feel His presence today as well. emoticon

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DAPHNERUNNING 12/19/2009 10:36AM

    Yeah, I'm not really feeling it as much this year either. I think a lot of it had to do with many of your reasons, including the decidedly un-winterlike atmosphere of Northern California, the fact that we haven't gotten our tree yet, and the total lack of Christmas music in my life. Also the fact that I hand-knitted everyone's gifts EARLY because I knew the season would be hectic, and now I have nothing to freak out about.

Hang in there! The season may get us yet!

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CANBDONE 12/19/2009 8:01AM

    Let that Inner Child loose and the Sugar Plum Fairy will soon be dancing in your head! This is the time of year when our enemy increases his dirty lies...he wants us to believe there is a reason to feel despair or to take our focus off the Baby Jesus. Why not attend a candlelight service and renew the Spirit? Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come closer in the New Year!

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WILDFLOWERR_ 12/19/2009 2:23AM

    I'll tell you my theory on Christmas. It has just become too commercialized. Too much dwelling on the gifts and such. If we just try to put Christ back into Christmas, draw nearer to God, He will warm our hearts and make us feel content!
Hang in there, we will get through yet another Christmas! Don't take it sO seriously! Go with the flow, and let it get passed us. Then we can start counting down the days for the next one! emoticon

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FREDDY1232 12/19/2009 1:59AM

    I don't mean to sound harsh. But you usually get out of something according to what you put in it. If you try to get that Christmas spirit it is just there waiting for you and me too. That's the thing about the Christmas feeling it's free to all takers if you only out stretch you heart it will enter and you will be algo with it. This year I will only be with one of my three grown children and I will miss seeing 3 of my grandkids. But I am not dwelling on the negative. I am rejoicing with what I do have.
I had a Christmas party tonight with lots of good friends. It was so much work and I knew I would be dead tired before it was over. And I am dead tired but I got a lot of Christmas cheer out of it because I put so much into it.
Rally your self. Do something Christmasy. You will be suprised at how easy it will be to get into the Christmas spirit if you really want it..Good Luck....Margie emoticon

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LACEEJO11 12/18/2009 10:16PM

    My CHRIST mas spirit is in watching the children, and doing for them...I am so blessed by taking care of them all day long, and their little lights really shine through at this time of year!! We have had a couple of days with the music of the season....dancing... and decorating the place,. Monday we will have a party, with me making a special CHRIST mas cake, santa hats and lots of fun things to do all day!! How could I not be in the spirit by now!!
Of course I will be with my own grand daughter on the big day, so excited to watch her open her gifts! I do understand how you feel. Maybe when you get dressed up and go to those parties, the "feeling" will catch up to you.
I spend some time thinking on HIS birthday, and all that means to me, on the 24th. Also I have been invited to a church party this Sunday, and I am sure that will do it for me...my spiritual hunger will be fed!!
I think that all the commercialism has taken away some of the "magic" of the season for many of us. I hope you enjoy yourself and are blessed!!
Love & Hugs, LaceEjo11

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MSLZZY 12/18/2009 8:44PM

    With so many changes from the old routine, it is hard to find the Christmas spirit! I encourage you to open your heart and give love a chance to get you going.
This year, instead of Christmas here, we are planning to go to DD's house. Her hubby had an
accident and is off his left foot for 8 weeks. I am planning to make most of the dinner here and transport it to their house, grab the presents and do it in style there. We have a few fine details to work out but I have the menu mostly planned. Just waiting for the "go ahead" from
them! I don't want to think of her trying to get him out to the car, load two little ones and all
the paraphenalia, especially since the weatherman is promising a good winter storm, just in time for Christmas. Time will tell if my plans hold out but I know I will enjoy Christmas no
matter where we are.
Have a great evening and a wonderful weekend! Life is what you make it! emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NIGHTSKYSTAR 12/18/2009 8:15PM

    I'm betting you get the feeling again. I was like that a few years ago. My exhusband had left...my daughter was away at college i had just had surgery. I was raising my boys alone and i had no money. i felt like Christmas was nowhere near. Then I went to my soms' band concert at school. i settled into my seat in my Christmas shirt with bells in my hair. Someone came and sat in my row. She looked totally depressed and sad. She glanced at me and smiled and said hey i love your Christmas bow and bells in your hair!! I shook my head and the bells jingled. She sighed and said I wish I could get the spirit this year.
I said yeah me too..she says YOU?? look at you!!
Long story short...we laughed and commisterated. When the kids came onstage and the lights went down they lit a tree...and the Christmas music started. The kids were wonderful...all wearing santa hats and playing carols and old favorites. Hanukkah music was added in. and some other songs. It was lovely. when we left it was snowing..HARD...and I took the boys our for a milkshake. One of them said..its good to see you smile mom. I thought...wow..have i been that bad??
right then and there i did a paradigm shift and got happy. it all went uphill from there..and the feeling came back. I just needed some happy is all!!!
Wishing you a jingle bell Christmas full of love and happiness and fond memories!!!

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BLUSTAR 12/18/2009 8:02PM

    Keep up the great work :-)

Happy Holidays


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