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August 2014

Monday, August 04, 2014

This year is past the half way mark and I it feels like I am spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. I hope Iíve learned something about what eating for hunger feels like. Now, I will focus on the Ďeasyí stuff: Action. These are my ten actions for August.

1) Turn off the media (TV, computer, cell phone) by 9pm Sunday-Thursday.
2) Lights out and sawing logs by 10pm Sunday-Friday.
3) Hit the fitness center by 6:30am on Monday(Swim/Walk), Wednesday(Swim/Walk), Thursday(Strength) and before 5pm on Sunday (Strength) Swim/Walk on Saturday AM. Skate on Tuesday AM and Friday AM.
4) Cook for the week on the weekend.
5) Smooches for honey when I arrive home. 5 minutes of meditation. Joy talk in the evening. M-F
6) Laundry, clean kitchen counters and kitchen sink 1x week.
7) Clear out one box per week from the garage.
8) Pack for tomorrow Sunday-Thursday.
9) 3-10 minute movement breaks M-F
10) Do something fun or novel each week(end)

Daily updates at my community journal:

Week one results: I need to work on packing for tomorrow, cleaning my kitchen, and my garage. #1 has helped me focus on honey in the evening and that makes him happy, which makes me happy.

Week two results: I want to get back on my schedule as soon as I can after it gets 'off track.' I had a late night last week and it screwed up my am workouts most of the week.
I want to pack my lunch and an evening sandwich so I am not so hungry when I get home. I want to do the household stuff that I know will help me feel better in the long run instead of watching Netflix... I can still 'visit' with honey. He can join in or recline, but I need to get my garage back. I think that is a big task and I'll have to focus on it next month. This month I'm going with the morning and evening things that make me and honey happy.

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JKPONYGIRL 8/7/2014 2:46PM

    I love your list! I think I'll borrow #5 & #7!! emoticon

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    Definitely a list worthy of your efforts! I think I'll borrow a couple of those goals and make them mine too!

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CHRISTINEBWD 8/5/2014 3:22PM

    Hi! Those sound like awesome goals! I love the "joy talk in the evening" really well and I find myself with that goal too. :)

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    Looks like some great goals. I hope that you will do well with them. I'm cheering for you my friend. Love ya

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    Those all sound like great streaks to uphold!

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2014 Mid-Way

Friday, July 11, 2014

It is time for the half year assessment. Letís look at how things are going:
1) Intuitive eating:
a. I am thicker and heavier than I was at the end of last year. The smaller pants I bought in December sit in the closet. I think this is mostly due to eating out and not cooking at home.
b. I am learning to eat for hunger. Slowly I am undoing the habits of the past. Iím taking small steps, but Iím stepping towards my goal. Iíve found myself tossing yucky food that seemed good when I selected it. That is huge! I would have eaten it in the past.

2) Fitness: I will do some fitness assessments and compare them with early in the year. Iíll update my measurements in SparkPeople.

3) There has been some fun fitness in 2014. Iíve gotten to the pool more often. Iíve gotten to a nice park nearby. Iím learning how to ice skate. I did a 5k. I got a group of coworkers together on many Fridayís of the year for a midafternoon workout.

4) I got a bit of a weird health issue. I had a bout of vertigo. I also see my mom and dadís ups and downs with age-related health issues. This makes me more aware of priorities. Also a niece was born! Seeing both ends of the spectrum on age has an impact.

For the rest of the year I will continue learning how to eat for hunger, learning how to have fun on the ice, and learning how to get stronger. I will continue my visits to the pool and I will continue examining my thoughts and feelings when I reach for the comfort of baked goods.

I spend a lot of time spinning my wheels fretting about getting started when a task looks overwhelming or there are too many responsibilities calling for my attention. Iíve been forcing myself to just do something. Having something done is better than having nothing done, if only for my psyche.

Iíve found that getting a nice physical activity in the morning makes me happier and that is why I like to do it in the morningóswim, walk, ice skateÖ.Then the onerous tasks donít seem as bad.

For July I will focus on something that has slipped a bit: cooking and packing my lunches! I also need to focus on strength training more

Update 7/22: I've taken body measurements and I some are 0.25" up. There are some that have down by the same amount. However, the locations are exactly the opposite of where I would like it. My midsection is bigger and my arm is thinner.

I've lost my way a bit with sleep. I am setting a strict bedtime of 10pm.

I have been cooking all month and I feel great about it.

I need to make a good effort to pack the night before. I haven't done enough of that.

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    It's always good to take a minute to regroup & check on your progress. Good job! Here's hoping much success to you for the 2nd half of the year.

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CHRISTINEBWD 7/12/2014 10:56AM

    I've never thought to look at my year, either half way though, or even at the end. I like this idea and will have to try it!

Eating home cooked meals and lunches have always worked for me too! Hopefully you will get back on track with that.

All the best!!!

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REALTYLADYLISA 7/11/2014 10:33PM

    It's always good to take an all-encompassing look at the plan and where we need to make changes to it...good luck with fine-tuning your plan and seeing more success the second half of the year!!! emoticon

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Joyful June

Friday, May 30, 2014

How did May go? Well, it is hard to tell. I donít exactly know how to measure the changes Iím trying to make. Iím going to make some goals for June that are easier to track, so I can feel awesome about checking off that Iíve done them. I think I need to feel good, especially in unstructured time like the evening, to make the nutrition goals easier to meet.

The evening, after work, is one of the most difficult times for me to eat properly. Sometimes I eat my feelings. I need to shift into joy in the evenings.

My goal for June is to make the evenings joyful by
1) Being joyful when I get home.
a. I will give my husband a proper hello with a hug and a kiss.
b. I will not pollute the environment with negative talk or criticism or gossip.
c. If I donít feel like it, Iíll do it anyway. I will act happy until I feel happyÖor go to sleep.

2) Taking a moment or two or more to transition from the anxiety of my commute to a joyful evening. That means Iíll go upstairs before heading to the kitchen. The only thing Iíll do before the transition is to hug and kiss honey hello. Iíll shower and/or change. Iíll meditate or listen to music or stretch for at least five minutes.

3) Eating for fuel to meet my bodyís needs. Iíll follow the tactics I spelled out for May so I will avoid the grazing and binging.

For the week of June 1st I will
Do #1a above every day.
Do #1b, #1c, #2, #3 2x during the week.

Week 1 went well. Most importantly these goals kept me from mindless eating because it kept me calm and happy.

For week two, I'll do things 4x.

Week 2 is still going well. I am keeping this on my mind by having a poster up and by my own goals on the spark people start page. I have been neglecting the cooking and the packing a bit, but I'm still feeling good about my coping with emotions and being joyful.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TORTISE110 6/18/2014 9:56AM

    I like your blog! Love your attitude and how you frame your goals.

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BESSHAILE 6/18/2014 7:06AM

    Oh. I LOVE how you think.

LOL - and I too, find the world goes much better when I get home with a smile on my face.

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LISAN0415 6/8/2014 5:28AM

    I enjoyed your blog; your goals are awesome and totally do-able.

We all need to live more joyfully, after all we only get one life!

Have a joyful weekend :)


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DAWNWATERWOMAN 5/30/2014 11:31PM

    Excellent goals. I love the idea of a JOYFUL JUNE!!! Bright blessings to you.

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CHRISTINEBWD 5/30/2014 7:55PM

    This sounds like a very good plan! Kinda like "fake it until you make it"! I hope this works well for you and that your family life will be happier! :)

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I don't like Sundays

Monday, May 12, 2014

On Sunday I felt a push to have too many treats because I was resenting that I had to do a bunch of chores to get ready for the week. The contrast between the fun weekend and the onerous work week was especially obvious because I just got back from a three day visit to a resort.

It was my first lounge-style vacation. It was great. I took some books and nail polish to fill in the free time, but I never got to them. I filled my time with the newspaper and visits to the spa. When I was relaxed, I didn't feel a big pull from the baked goods or any other type of food. I ate according to my bodyís needs.

Then I got home. I had a list of chores to do. It felt like I had no choice. I do enjoy getting my house clean, but I get anxious that I can never complete the tasks. I think it is that anxiety that directs me to the cupboard to see what I can pop in my mouth on my way to folding laundry and on the way back when I check the pot on the stove.

I know that this pull is all in my head. Maybe if I see Sundays as opportunity to prepare for a productive week, Iíll feel less anxious. The tasks will not seem so tedious. Maybe if I cut myself some slack and not notice the spots on the kitchen floor, it will be more fun. My husband doesnít see the spots on the floor. I think he is happier for it.

Maybe I need to change the title to this blog to something like ďSundays offer me the choice to prepare for a productive week,Ē then it will be more fun and seem more like I am in charge and then I will not feel the pull from the cupboard because that pull only comes when I feel like compensating for feeling out of control in other areas.

Ö2014 is becoming clearer as I think about things like this. This is the year to eat when hungry and stop when satisfied. This is the most important thing. I like moving, but exercise will not get me to a happy weight. My mind has to change first.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANAKIE 5/13/2014 7:10PM

    Hate to say it, but I sometimes feel the same way. Sundays are my busiest day of the week, unless of course we have something special going on that takes days of prep.

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 5/12/2014 10:13PM

    Glad that you're taking the time to blog about your concerns. I'm cheering for you to stay on task. Bright blessings to you my friend.

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MOTTAMAMALOU 5/12/2014 6:56PM

    Sunday is a day to do as you please. Enjoy the day.

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CHRISTINEBWD 5/12/2014 6:38PM

    It sounds like writing this blog has helped clarify what your true feelings are and it is pointing you in the right direction.

emoticon Christine

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The Connection Between Food and Feelings

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How could you have missed it? Back in the late nineties when you decided to do something about your expanding girth, you read a book that talked about it, and you dismissed it. The book said that people with extra weight had ďissues.Ē That is not how it was put, but that is how you took it.

You said, ďNo. Not me. I do not have issues. I just like to eat.Ē

Then, you jumped to the chapter that talked about exercise. That is where you jumped in with gusto. Yeah, you learned about nutrition too. After all these years, you sure did learn about nutrition and exercise. So why does the weight keep creeping back up?

Maybe there is something to that message you read long ago. It is not satisfactory to eat when you are already full. It is not beneficial to eat serving after serving of cake, chips, or cookies. These activities are habits you learned so long ago; you forgot why they worked, at the time. Now, they donít work anymore. They just help retailers sell you bigger pants each year.

Finally, you are tackling the habit of overeating and binging. You examined what sort of triggers, besides hunger, make you go for the indulgent foods. They include
1) Feeling unwell, physically or emotionally
2) Procrastinating or rewarding for tedious tasks

You thought about what you might do when you feel these triggers:
1) When feeling unwell: meditate, draw, juggle, hug, or sleep.
2) When faced with a tedious task: listen to uplifting music and dance, and then work for 20 minutes for another reward of instant musical fun.

What if you still want to eat that indulgent food?

Ok. Do it. Make the choice and really enjoy it.
1) Go out and get a serving, because for now, you will not have this stuff at home.
2) Make it special. Sit down. Use the nice china. Focus on the treat.
3) Savor every bite. Use all your senses to notice the character of the treat.
4) If after a few bites it is not worthy of being a treat, throw it out. (Yeah, this might be tough, but you deserve only special treats that live up to you.)

Congratulations for making the connection, and good luck. The road might bend and double back, but just keep moving forward and examining how things go and what works.

Picture of alternatives:

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MEOWMAMA3 5/4/2014 6:49PM

    Your blog is the best food of all....Food For Thought!

emoticon emoticon

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    Making the connection is a BIG DEAL & often the beginning of the end of emotional eating & food addiction. I'm cheering for you my friend.

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ADAGIO_CON_BRIO 5/1/2014 12:49PM

    These are fantastic points. I'm sure with your heightened awareness, you can make this work for you!

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CHANGELIFE2016 5/1/2014 6:09AM

    I can identify with a lot of what you said. Great points. :)

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PKCTTS 4/30/2014 8:59AM

    emoticon The tedious tasks are a real issue I've recognized as a trigger for me. And you're right, music is a great distraction.

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    Wonderful points. Something I'm really working on this week.

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MSROZZIE 4/29/2014 7:36PM

    Its an up hill journey, but think about what you have accomplished since emoticon Great blog, thanks for sharing! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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