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Smelly Couch

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I had an intense workout today.

180 jumping jacks

30 push-ups

40 lunges

30 squats

2 minute planks

40 crunches

10 minute continuous jog

Itís 80 degrees outside and I was sweating like a pig! So what was my grandmotherís reaction to this?

ďDonít sit on the couch. Youíre going to make it smelly.Ē

lol I love you too, Grandma xD

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CARL-ASCHLUGE 7/24/2012 7:06PM

    Your grandma sounds like my parents! Great workout!

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MAGGIEVAN 7/24/2012 7:05PM

    Grandmother knows best. Ha-ha. She must have experience of this. Just reading your activity list is making me tired. Good on you! You go, girl.

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The Beginning

Monday, May 28, 2012

I was never fat as a child. In fact, looking back at pictures I was always a skinny girl, but despite that my diet was always horrible. I grew up a picky eater. The only vegetable I recall liking was corn. My daily meals consisted of chicken, hot dogs, pizza, and eggs. I was crazy over junk food and candy.

So I guess thatís why I had this illusion that I was thin. It wasnít until I was twelve and my body started to change that I saw the truth. I wasnít fat, but I had fat around certain places.

One major place was my stomach. I remember letting out a deep breath and looking down, seeing as my stomach covered the view of my thighs. I panicked and sucked in a breath and it disappeared.

Also, my calves and thighs had fat hanging around them. In gym class I started to notice how when most girls didnít flex their legs, they were still thin. I had some fat you could jiggle and that scared me.

Thatís when it finally hit me. I was thin, but I wasnít fit. I had fat stored in certain places, no matter how small I convinced myself my waistline was. When you say youíre a size 1 or 3 in pants, people call you tiny, but did they really look that closely at my flab?

Like many others, I told myself it was time to go on a diet and exercise. No more sneaking in cookies before dinner. No more craving chocolate or anything else. But things are always easier said then done and as I was chewing on some ice cream I told myself tomorrow.

Thatís when I found out I had a problem. I was a binge eater. I didnít eat breakfast before school and I starved my way through class munching on fruit snacks. When I got home I devoured everything in sight, which had mainly consisted of junk food. I also had a tendency to eat when I wasnít even that hungry. I simply needed something to do, since I wasnít apart of any clubs or jobs.

This year was like a wake up call. My friend and I decided we would try and lose weight together. I began my weight loss with something simple. I cut soda out of my diet. Completely. It was surprisingly simple to do, coming from the girl who made Pepsi popsicles as a child.

In the past few months Iíve only had soda twice and the reasons were because there was absolutely nothing else to drink. Both times it burned my throat going down and had a strange reaction in my stomach.

Then, I tried spinach for the first time. It was good, especially when I added a bunch of different fruits. It was then everything clicked. That if I chose to eat good, healthy food I wouldnít be so tempted to eat junk food. That it did fill me up and eating small meals more frequently was much better then starving.

For gym I had taken dance class and had gotten rather lazy in it. I began running after school. About ten minutes, not very far, but it got my blood pumping. I have done it everyday after school this week and I already see differences in my body. Sadly, the first thing to shrink was my boobs =[ But then I also saw my waistline got smaller. It wasnít big enough to see an obvious change from my friends, but it was enough to give just a bit of room in my shorts. I was so excited! Only a week had past and I feel so much better =D