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Monday, April 30, 2012

Are you ready for this
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat…
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone

Thanks to Queen for the intro.

I slept like a baby!

I don’t know the last time I slept so peaceful and sound. I awoke fresh and ready for Day 2. Off to a fabulous start!

Bring on the Juice!

As soon as my eyes flash open I am looking forward to my lemon juice. Maybe it is because I do nothing while I sip my hot lemon juice which is unusual for me to do only one thing at a time. It is my zen moment. Yummy zen.

My first juice came rather later in the day. I’m slightly nocturnal. My husman wrote a song about my nocturnal behaviors, Sun Comes Up, it is when I go to bed. It was for a good cause last night. I had many blogs to write. I did make it to bed before the sun greeted me though.

On with the juice. My first juice was Purple Power Juice. On a scale of 1-5, it definitely was a 20. The first thing I threw down the juicer chute was the blackberries and they exploded sending juice everywhere making me yell, “What a bloody mess!” My husman thought I was channeling the Queen, but really it looked like dark blood everywhere—so it was a bloody mess. I was wiping it off the cabinets, the wall, the dishwasher, the dog (see Marty in the background, good boy!), the dog water, my face, oh my. Next time it goes down the chute with something denser like an apple.

A bonus about this recipe is all the pulp is fruit and could easily be made into a dessert. Since I cannot eat or even taste the pulp because it is food, I bagged it and put in the freezer to make a delightful dessert after my fast.

Green Lemonade was next. Sounds pretty good, but not so much. I think it was the spinach that killed it for me. Spinach has such a sharp flavor. I would suggest adding in the items you may be leery of in small amounts, so you don’t ruin the juice. The juice should be enjoyable, not forced. The other four items (apple, cucumber, kale and lemon) are good in almost every juice. Kale doesn’t yield must juice, but cucumbers and apples do.

My husman drinks water and apple juice. Water, good. Apple juice, is from the store—not the same, dude. So while he was adding “follow me” links to my wordpress blog I surprised him with apple juice straight from real apples. Ah, I should have taken a photo of the joy that spread across his face as he took his first sip. Four small apples yielded about 16 oz, not bad.

By nighttime I wasn’t feeling well (I will get to that in a moment) so I needed a juice that would make me smile and hold no surprises—good or bad. So I made a Hold No Surprises Juice, I know it lacks creativity, but I just made it up from my detoxing brain. It includes a grapefruit, an orange, 2 carrots, and two clementines. It was super fabulous. I did peel all the fruit and cut the ends of my carrots (they are not organic), but I should have taken more of the pith from the grapefruit. If you haven eaten the pith of a grapefruit you know what I mean. The first few sips that is all I could taste, but got much better after that. Such a rich, beautiful orange-red color.


I had less than Day 1. But I also didn’t listen to Hulu today, so no food commericals. I did have a few weird ones though like Pizza Hut cheese breadsticks, meat tacos and a hot dog. Talk about detoxing the body! How long have those gems been hiding in the shadows of my body? I did eat a cheese breadstick in the last couple of months and it made me sick, but the taco and hot dog? The only hot dogs I have had are the Twins Wednesday Dollar DomeDogs from when the Twins were at the Metrodome. So it has been at least 3 years. The taco, well that was my favorite food, so that one makes more sense. But it has been almost a year and a half since I have eaten one. These food cravings were quick to hit my system and were gone moments later.

I did want to eat ALL of the fruits and veggies sitting in my house. They are have overtaken my refrigerator and my stovetop. I have to touch, clean, peel, smell so many varieties each day, but I wouldn’t call those cravings. It is an adjustment. I have been chewing food since I was one (isn’t that right, Mom?) and the act of chewing is what I am missing. That will not go away in a couple of days. In fact, it has been 1216 days since I had a cigarette, but at the most random times my brain will make my hand reach out for my phantom pack of smokes. Although the habit of smoking has been broken, the act obviously still hides.

When I was making my Hold No Surprises Juice with all the yummy fruits, they smelled so good and although I had the intention of eating a piece I had to mess with the husman since he was in the kitchen. As I grabbed a wedge to put into the juicer it detoured to my open mouth and I looked at him, but not biting down. His body stood tall and he said in the sweetest, strong voice, “no babe, you don’t want to do that.” He is so cute and supportive and I am such an ass. So I did it over and over.

Mood and Energy

Where are these side effects? Am I getting these toxins out or not? I was feeling really good. I had more pure energy and adrenaline today than yesterday. I woke up ready for action. I was full of sass, mostly after the Purple Power Juice. My colon sounded as if it was grinding gravel though. My colon, stomach and intestines were playing RockBand for a couple of hours. It was so loud at times it was as if my stomach had been amplified. Since Hulu has been silence today, the upstairs was rather quiet and one time the dogs went off barking because of a noise my RockBand organs made. Good pups, get ‘em.

My energy was so high it was as if I had finally gotten my wings, caffeine jolt. I was jumping around like a kid on Easter instead of an adult. I got the hop, skip and jump in my walk alright. Score! My husman says I already run circles around everyone and he isn’t for sure if the world can handle the continual energy climb that I am appear to be having. My talking ability matched my movement energy. Time to give the husman a break and go upstairs to my Tina Cave.

It was about 30 minutes later when the world came crashing down! Crashing! I started to plummet down, down, down, and down a little further. This is what I asked for, right? I wanted to FEEL my body, FEEL the detox. What was surging through my body was new, weird and uncomfortable. My legs and arms were made of lead Jello. My brain held no connection to my extremities. I felt the toxins streaming through my body. You know what I mean if you have ever gotten a deep tissue massage releasing the built-up toxins from your muscles. So for the sake of a baseline measurement, let’s say that awesome massage is a F1 tornado or a 2.1 earthquake of toxin release. What I was feeling as a F5 or a 9.2. It took effort to move a limb. I had to think—move your arm, look at my arm and then I could move it. Everything was slow. Thankfully I was sitting down, because after I started moving my limbs is when the dizzy spell hit. My body felt hot, so hot. I felt like my whole body was trembling. It is at this time my husman came upstairs and I tried to explain what I was going on, but only stutters came out. You think this would be a moment of panic, right? I had no panic or anxiety. I don’t think I had to capacity for it at the time. It was like Johnny #5 coming alive. I was amazed at all the little things, no big thoughts were passing through my brain. I held my hand up to my husman so he could see the trembling in my hand, but it was steady—not a twitch of movement. Visually I was not trembling, but inside I was. The stuttering and the dizziness passed in less than a minute, but my extremities remained strangely effected until I made my Hold No Surprise Juice.

I felt better immediately. I did not have the energy that I did before my crash, but I was not hot, my limbs were working with ease, and I could feel the tremors fading. My brain was fully functioning processing at high levels. All better. Whew! Next Day 3—It’s Time to Relax! Juicing Overview

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.
A Proverb


Day 1—I Feel Good!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So much to document of the first day, whew! But this is important stuff!

How do I feel? Far beyond what I thought was possible. Why? Look at these typical side effects of juice detoxing.

Healing Reactions in the Body

* Mood swings, anger, impatience or depression
* Weakness
* Headaches
* Nausea
* Cramping, gas, diarrhea or constipation
* Hunger pangs
* Body or joint aches
* Wild dreams
* Skin rashes or acne
* Bad breath or a coating on the tongue
* Insomnia or fatigue

I had none of this! Not one thing. I know it is only Day 1, but I am hopeful I am going to skate though this with little side effects. The reason my body is not hating me right now if probably because I have already made major healthy lifestyle changes.

1. Nearly vegan, only eat small amounts of cheese when eating out.
2. Only drink water and lots of it.
3. I have no caffeine withdraws because I gave up tea.

The things I did go through today

* After the first juice my body quickly reacted cleaning out my intestines.
* I was active around the house, cleaning, doing laundry etc., plenty of energy.
* Drinking juice equals a full bladder every couple of hours. Many, many trips to the bathroom.
* At around 4pm (a normal snacking time) I was craving oranges and bananas so bad. I couldn’t get them off my mind. The good thing is it was good food I was craving. But shortly after I started craving SALT. It was Pringles that I wanted and I wanted them bad. But it was short-lived. The craving for fruit lasted much longer and honestly is still here.
* Around 5pm I had one or two stomach growls signaling FEED ME. My next juicing was coming soon, so they went away.
* Around 8pm I started to slow down. My brain seemed to be moving slower. But I soon jumped to hyper, energy mode after drinking my last juice of the night. The carrots have energy packed into them!

Besides staying up WAY too late getting numerous blogs ready for post, I had a remarkably uneventful day. It was a good day. I am assuming tomorrow will be more detoxing though.


Day 1—Veggie Pulp, Wowza!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Although I wasn’t able to stomach one juice recipe, I did make 5 total juices today. Many ingredients and many ounces of juice means a lot of leftover matter. Since I do not have farm animals (Tucker doesn’t count) I feed my veggie pulp to my garden. Good broken down compost baby!

Nature’s full circle—love it!

In one of the books I read to prepare for this venture, an author juiced their carrots and beets separately took the remains from the juicer and used it as a salad garnish. Not a bad idea (if you are not in a fast).

(left of photo) The plastic container is what we put our compostable straps into until we take it outside to the composter. (right of photo) The bag is the fruits of labor of the juicer (pun, oops). It is heavy! Definitely would break the bag without a hand under it.
The apple is only for size reference.

The pulp in the juicer from Juice #1, Day 1


Day 1—Nutritional Information

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Want to know my nutrition total for today? The totals below do not include Juice #3 since I barely took a sip before pouring it down the drain. I was going to add in another juice at the end of my day if I was hungry, but that didn’t happen so these totals are for 4 juices during my day 1.

And people wonder how vegan and vegetarians get their calcium and fiber. : )
How does this stack up against the ADA recommendations for a healthy intake vs the average intake?

Recommended: 1,800-2,800
Average: over 3,770!
Mine: 1393 My personal intake for my size and metabolism is 1,200-1,400. Right on track!

Recommended: 65g
Average: 70-100g
Mine: 5.56g I fell way below! Remember you must eat fat to maintain a healthy lifestlye.They provide essential fatty acids, keep our skin soft, deliver fat-soluble vitamins, helps brain function, and are a great source of energizing fuel.

Recommended: 300g
Average: 500g
Mine: 332g Sweet spot!

Recommended: 50g
Average: 35g
Mine: 40g

Recommended: 25g
Average: 8-12g
Mine: 77g Wowsa! Although I do not know what the liquid amount would be since the majority of the fiber is in the eatable parts.

Recommended: 1000mg
Average: ~800mg
Mine: 1297mg. I got a little extra.

Recommended: 18mg
Average: 5-7g per every 1000 calories eaten.
Mine: 21.3mg Rockstar!

Recommended: 3500mg
Average: 2,290 mg
Mine: 7711mg Long term effects of high potassium could cause kidney problems.

Vitamin C
Recommended: 60mg
Average: over 60mg
Mine: 1097mg

Recommended: 2000mg
Average: 3,436 mg
Mine: 1380mg makes sense because sodium is high in packaged foods. Go veggies!

See my other entries for Day 1 of my Juice Fast.


Day 1—Juice Fast Breakdown

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day one has arrived and I have survived!

I will tell you I was so excited and slightly nervous about this day that I did not sleep well last night—crazy anxious dreams. I slept like I had a career-changing meeting ahead…or maybe it was a mix of my juicing excitement and that I finished the Hunger Games series a couple of days ago. My reading always finds a way to incorporate itself into my sleeping hours.

Anywho this entry will probably be my longest. To break up the reading material and subjects I have made several Day 1 entries. I will include links throughout entry. I am not going to include photos or recipe breakdowns in the future days. Since it is my first juicing fast and the first day, I thought it would be appropriate. In the days to follow I will share more experiences, thoughts and maybe a few tips.

Day 1 Breakdown

Wake up: Warm water with lemon
Breakfast—Juice #1: Carrot Apple Ginger
Mid-morning—Juice #2: Mean Green Juice
Lunch—Juice #3: Gazpacho Juice
Afternoon—Juice #4: Citrus Inspired Green Juice
Dinner—Juice #5: Sunset Blend Juice
Before Bed—Warm water with lemon

All my juices for the first 4 days are from Fat Sick & Nearly Dead with only slight modifications, if any.

If you are like me and do not rise with the first shift world, then I suggest you do what I do. Make your first juice after your lemon water has settled. Then pace your juices every 2.5 to 3 hours. And remember you can drink as much water as you want.
Every day starts and finishes with a warm lemon water.

You may be asking why warm lemon water? That is not a juice! You cheater!

Nope, but all the benefits from warm lemon water aids in the juicing fast. Simply put, it gently cleanses the digestive tract and intestines. If you want more info the subject see my post on Benefits of Warm Lemon Water.

I was a little skeptical about how I was going to handle lemon water twice a day. I am the person who quickly removes the lemon wedge from her water at restaurants and I can still taste a slight lemon flavor, yuck.

Maybe it was mindset or maybe it was the warmth of the water, but I actually enjoyed my first cup. Personally I like the idea of starting and finishing the day the same way—bookends to a healthy day. Start your morning off with a clean palette and finish the night off in a celebration drink.

Juice #1: Carrot Apple Ginger

This is a perfect starter juice. It was so smooth, naturally sweet and clean. The consistency is that of water. Amazing.


* Since I know ginger is strong, I used it sparingly until the taste is acquired.
* Also remember beta-carotene is a powerful natural dye used in my everyday items. Do not clean up this juice with white kitchen towels.
* If you do not buy organic carrots, cut off the ends. This is where most of the pesticides reside.
* No need to peel the carrots or deseed the apple. The juicer does all the magic and work. You may have to cut the apple into smaller pieces so it fits down the juicer chute depending on model.

GoodLuckTina Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

Juice #2: Mean Green Juice

Looks like something the Incredible Hunk drinks.

I got a head start on this one, the night the juicer arrived we tried out this recipe. It was barely drinkable because of the overpowering taste of celery. So I cut the celery quantity in half and hoped for the best and guess what? It went from barely drinkable to delicious! Funny what two stalks of celery can do. Oddly enough, I could taste a hint of banana. As for leafy greens, kale has the most subtle flavor but packs the punch in vitamins and nutrients.


* Some recipes will tell you to peel your citrus fruits while other say throw the whole thing in there. Maybe this is the juicer company bragging that their juicer can handle thick skins, but I would suggest cutting away the outside edge of the peel for two reasons. First, the more white skin you leave on the fruit the more juice it will yield. Secondly, if you throw the whole thing in the juicer your juice will have a peel taste. Have you ever bitten into an orange peel? That is what your drink will taste like. I know, I did it later in the day.
* If you are not using organic celery, cut off the ends. This is where most of the pesticides reside.
* Peel the waxy skin off your cucumber.
* With kale and other leafy vegetables, keep the stalks on the greens for more juice yield. The juice is throughout the veggie not just in the leaves.

GoodLuckTina Overall Rating: 4 stars

Juice #3: Gazpacho Juice

Whoa! What kind of recommendation was this? Not to be used with a novice juicer. I told myself when I started this thing I would try everything once no matter how bad I thought it was going to be. Well, I did and I wanted to throw up. I love onions. I eat onions on almost everything, but drinking onions, not my thing. The parsley tasted like grassy dirt. Isn’t parsley a garnish not to be eaten?


* Peel waxy skin off your cucumber.
* You do not need to deseed the sweet pepper.
* Remove peel from lime.

GoodLuckTina Overall Rating: smudge of a star because it is healthy, but not drinkable. Live and learn.

Juice #4: Citrus Inspired Green Juice

This is the juice that I didn’t remove the citrus peels which left a bitter peel aftertaste. Next time I will peel those bad boys. Other than that this one that went down the drain pretty easily which is good because I was hoping my #3 was the fluke not the other way around. Whew! Clean, smooth juice with the exception of those peels.


* Bet you can guess this one, remove citrus peels.
* Add the Swiss Chard a leaf at a time to make sure you can handle the taste. It is quite powerful. I cut the quantity in half.

GoodLuckTina Overall Rating: 3.75 stars

Juice #5: Sunset Blend Juice

Nice way to end Day 1 of juicing. Crazy how much juice is in a dense sweet potato. The color of this juice was so pretty and soft looking. Finally a name that reflects a little foreshadowing and creativity! This recipe yielded the most juice. I had to pour some out to make room for the remaining. Sweet peppers are great tasting, but the overall juice smells of red pepper which is not sweet, at first it was mentally challenging to get past the smell and enjoy the taste.


* If you do not buy organic carrots, cut off the ends. This is where most of the pesticides reside.
* Peel your orange.
* No need to peel your sweet potato. The juicer is quicker than you at removing skins.

GoodLuckTina Overall Rating: 4 stars

Overall tips from Day 1

Brushing your teeth. When do you do it? Cannot be first thing because you are drinking lemon—lemon and toothpaste do not mix. Then you are off through the gate to juiceland baby—again, no room for toothpaste. Then you are sipping your juice and enjoying the flavors and experience, well that takes away from teeth brushing time. Okay, I know this isn’t huge because you can brush after you drink your first juice, but it is definitely worth noting.

I do not have cable and do not have to watch commercials, thankfully. But I do have Hulu and listen to (not really watch, too busy for that) a couple of shows. Although Hulu doesn’t have as many commercials as cable, it still has some and today majority of their commercials were of one subject—FOOD! And not McDonald’s crap or anything like that, no. Hulu has “bettering your ad experience” so they show commercials that are geared specifically to you. That was tough. I had to turn it off.

Would you like these recipes in an printable PDF format? Go to 107 Juicing Recipes for you! (PDF available) to download the PDF.

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GOODLUCKTINA 4/30/2012 11:48PM

    I was shooting for a 7-10 day detox at first, but I decided before I started that I would listen to my body and do as it says. Being about to hear what my body is saying is one of my goals to this juice fast, so I hope it works!

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DAWNMARIES 4/30/2012 9:23PM

    Looks like you are on an interesting journey. How long do you plan on juice fasting?

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QUEEN-EYDIE 4/24/2012 5:16PM

    Thanks for sharing! Beautiful blog, truly yummy looking juices. I'm stealing some of your recipes!

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