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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Updated Weekly...Enjoy

The ticker is cool but I've decided to put it to a timeline:
03/01/2009 231 (Waist: 42.5 Hips: 46.5)
03/08/2009 229
03/15/2009 228
03/22/2009 226
03/29/2009 225
04/05/2009 224
04/12/2009 223
04/19/2009 225
04/26/2009 222 (Just a hiccup)
05/03/2009 221
05/10/2009 219
05/17/2009 218
05/24/2009 217
05/31/2009 215
06/07/2009 214
06/14/2009 218 (Gained muscle and something else :)
06/21/2009 216
06/28/2009 215 (Waist: 38.25 Hips: 43)
07/05/2009 214
07/12/2009 210
07/19/2009 208 (Waist: 37.5 Hips: 42.25)
07/26/2009 209
08/02/2009 211 (Hmmm...Got to get busy again)
08/09/2009 206 (Yeah! BMI 29.6!! Drinking lots of water)
08/16/2009 205
08/23/2009 207 (I will Battle harder this week)
08/30/2009 204 (Effort yields results)
09/06/2009 202
09/13/2009 199 (Progress feels goooood!)
09/23/2009 206 (Back to digital we go again.)
09/27/2009 206
10/04/2009 205
10/11/2009 207
10/18/2009 205 (I think I can...I think I can...)
10/25/2009 202
11/02/2009 200 (Waist: 36.5, Hips: 42)
11/09/2009 202
11/16/2009 199 (Smells like team spirit :)
11/23/2009 198
11/30/2009 204
12/06/2009 199
12/13/2009 200
12/20/2009 199
12/27/2009 199
01/04/2010 198 (HappyNewYear Waist: 36.5, Hips: 41.25)
01/11/2010 N/A
01/18/2010 N/A
01/25/2010 205 (Flu took me out for a minute...I'm back to win!)
02/01/2010 204
02/08/2010 204
02/15/2010 200 (1 Week and South Beach/exercise working)
02/22/2010 198
03/01/2010 204
03/08/2010 210
03/15/2010 215 (Lifestyle change is the order of the day!)
03/22/2010 211
03/29/2010 207
04/05/2010 210
04/12/2010 212
04/19/2010 212
04/26/2010 213
05/03/2010 211
05/10/2010 210
05/17/2010 208
05/24/2010 204 (Eating fewr cals getn easier)
05/31/2010 206
06/07/2010 206
06/14/2010 205
06/21/2010 207
06/28/2010 204
07/05/2010 202
07/12/2010 203 % Fat:24.9
07/19/2010 200 (Almost there! Real food makes this easier) % Fat 24
07/26/2010 198
08/02/2010 204
08/09/2010 206
08/16/2010 202
08/23/2010 203
08/30/2010 201
09/06/2010 202 (W: 36.5, H: 41.75, T: 27)
09/13/2010 200
For BLC14 Challenge New Weigh-In Day is Wednesday
09/22/2010 198
09/29/2010 205
10/06/2010 200 (Post-race swelling/etc gone!)
10/13/2010 198
10/20/2010 196
10/27/2010 195
11/03/2010 194
11/10/2010 195
11/17/2010 193
11/24/2010 194
12/01/2010 197
12/08/2010 194
12/15/2010 197
12/22/2010 198
Fast Forward to Now
02/07/2011 204
02/14/2011 201
02/21/2011 200
02/28/2011 199
03/07/2011 198
03/14/2011 197
03/21/2011 195
03/28/2011 196 (End of Battle #11 and looking forward to the next one!)
04/04/2011 195
04/11/2011 195
Biggest Loser Challenge 16 - Weigh-In Wednesday
04/13/2011 193
04/20/2011 195
04/27/2011 194
05/04/2011 192.5
05/11/2011 192
05/18/2011 194
05/25/2011 192
06/01/2011 192
06/08/2011 190
06/15/2011 191
06/22/2011 188
06/29/2011 186
07/06/2011 189
07/13/2011 192
07/20/2011 196
07/27/2011 194
08/07/2011 191
08/14/2011 189
08/21/2011 190
08/28/2011 188
09/04/2011 193
09/11/2011 191
09/18/2011 190

10K Race Day/Last Day Battle 12: Goal 175 or Less
09/24/2011 192 (10K in 1:06:15)

09/28/2011 194
10/05/2011 201
10/12/2011 203
10/19/2011 202
10/26/2011 201
11/02/2011 200
11/09/2011 198
11/16/2011 199
11/23/2011 196
12/03/2011 194
12/10/2011 192.5
12/17/2011 191
12/24/2011 194
12/31/2011 200
Happy New Year!!

2012 - It's time to manifest the dream of being 175 or less, and maintaining it.

01/07/2012 202.5
01/14/2012 201
Current stats on my sparkpage...

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    Love this blog, very honest!

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    Love this blog, very honest!

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NEXTYEAR 6/16/2010 8:02AM

    Awesome progress! emoticon

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JOKNOWS 6/15/2010 8:21PM

    I like the tracking system you've set up. You can see your progress at a glance and that helps you determine where to go from here. emoticon

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FLUTTER-BY)L( 6/15/2010 10:08AM

    It is great to see that you are still trying. You will have victory again. emoticon

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LOVESLIFE48 6/15/2010 7:54AM

    You are doing an awesome job!! You will be a goal before you know it!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CHATERJOY 6/15/2010 7:33AM

    emoticon You are doing fantastic! This is real life and those are real numbers and real work and dedication. Persistance is the key!

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FITNHAPPYNOW 6/15/2010 7:16AM

    Amazing!! You are doing an awesome job! Thanks for the inspiration emoticon

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LIZZYP609 6/15/2010 7:08AM

    Good for you!
You are doing great! Keep up your awesome work and you will be at your goal in no time!

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LEAKAY59 6/15/2010 7:02AM

    Patience and persistence always pay off in the end.

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EVILKLOWN 6/15/2010 5:21AM

    Wow - you really suffered a setback there at the beginning of March - BRUTAL! Glad to see you battling back. It won't be long before you're back under 200 and then IT WILL BE ON!!!

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SUZIAND 6/15/2010 2:59AM

    Woah! That's quite a tracking system!!! That is so awesome! I look forward to watching your progress! I strongly believe that my weight will start moving again soon!!! rawr!!

Suz : )

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Sip Your Way to a Flat Belly!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

There is a potion that magically strips away pounds from your body, improves your overall health, lengthens your life, makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, and keeps you lean forever. Even better, you can have as much of this magic weight-loss potion as you want, for free, and start stripping away pounds—perhaps even several dozen pounds this year alone—without exercise, without dieting, without visiting the set of Nip/Tuck.

What is this magical elixir? Click the link below to find out...

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JOKNOWS 6/11/2010 9:06PM

    I like that! Thanks for the link.

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BCVWDW 6/11/2010 3:53PM

    I like it!

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VEMAN1 6/10/2010 5:32PM

    Well if you are going to wear it might I suggest you wear a bathing suit too? Yes, it really does a body good. Dihydrogen oxide without which we would be about 7 pounds of sands and grit.

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CHOCMOM 6/10/2010 12:20PM

  I knew a guy once who lost over 100 lbs and whenever anyone would ask him how he did it, he would say, "I started drinking water." "I made a point to drink 64 oz a day and then kept adding to it. Eventually I stopped drinking any other liquids (beer included) accept for water". After dropping 50 lb just by drinking water, he started WALKING. He worked on a military base and instead of driving over to another building, he started walking EVERYWHERE. To this day, if you ask him what diet he went on, etc., he will say, "I wasn't on a diet, I just started drinking water and started walking". He has kept it off for over 20 years now. emoticon

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ERNOINACTION 6/10/2010 11:26AM

    So to appeal to the opposite sex do you have to pour the water all over your body? jk. thanks for sharing!

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VLECKB 6/10/2010 9:59AM


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    I LOVE this article! Ironically, I read it for the first time yesterday because someone had printed it off at work...and lo and behold, now I found it on Sparkpeople...maybe I should take a hint! haha :) Thanks for posting :)

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LOVESLIFE48 6/10/2010 9:38AM

    Very good blog!! Good info! Thanks for sharing!!

Love your background!!! emoticon

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PRINCESSAMY2001 6/10/2010 8:40AM

    Thanks for sharing- I try to drink 1 gallon of water daily!! I have a 2 quart pitcher that I fill up twice to make sure I drink it all. I got this idea from a fellow sparker- Jensfitjourney. She has lost a lot of weight and she looks awesome. She drinks a gallon a day- so I thought- well I'm gonna do that too! Yes, I'm a copy cat- but if that's one thing that helped her get to where she is now- sure I'm going to model after her!

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 6/10/2010 8:24AM

    I have been trying to get my water in. BTW, love your background!

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    My first guess was water then green tea. Thanks for sharing. So drink more water. The info about yogurt smoothies was interesting and I will have to try making one. emoticon

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LEAKAY59 6/10/2010 8:04AM

    I figured it out "all by my ownself" Kirk - good blog!

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CHATERJOY 6/10/2010 7:50AM

    emoticon I am trying to drink more water. I almost always get my 8 cups a day!

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Couch to 5K Log

Monday, June 07, 2010

Goal this year: run in at least one 5K event. And I mean run, not walk/run. Nothing wrong with the latter, I've been using it effectively for a while as cardio. But this journey that has us making so many changes to realize a healthier, stronger, sexier self is about pushing comfort zones and I can't think of a bigger one right now than running an extended distance non-stop. The event I've got my eye on is in September 2010 so I'm giving myself more than enough time to, as Devo would say, whip it good! What follows will be my log, not to be confused with the Captain's log (love that joke), of the 8 to 9 week transformation of me into a runner. Good luck to anyone else on a similar journey!

C25K - Week One:
5 minute warm up with 8 one minute runs with 90 second rests in between followed by 5 minute cool down. 3 times per week with a rest day in between each training.

06/06/2010 - Treadmill 29:30 (2.1 miles) - 206 lbs
Started off good, got a little shaky, and got better again so that I went from 6 mph run at start to 7 mph by the 8th interval. Couldn't turn off the sprinkler on my face for a while but felt really good! Thank God for free drugs...I mean endorphins.

06/08/2010 - Outside 29:00 - 206 lbs
Stepped out the door and was met with a light rain. Cool, damp but got it done.

06/11/2010 - Outside - 29:00 - 206 lbs
Started off dry and then came the rain. Gotta start checking the weather B4 I lace up. Done and week one done! emoticon Getting a little easier, but still work to be done.

C25K - Week Two:
5 minute warm up with 6 90 second runs with 2 minute rests in between followed by 5 minute cool down. 3 times per week with a rest day in between each training.

06/15/2010 - Outside - 29:10
What is with this rain? Or, why haven't I learned to stick my hand out the window/check the weather maps? If this is a test, I hope I'm passing. Only a light rain but it got really light in the middle and started up again towards the end but I can check this one as Done! I did this one to Robert Ullrey's C25K Week 2 podcast. You can download all 9 weeks of podcasts free at
Wish I used it during week 1, it's motivating and has a pretty good music mix.

06/17/2010 - Outside - 29:00
A great day for training, check out the skies! I found myself running a little longer than 90 seconds for most intervals. emoticon

06/20/2010 - Outside - 28:50
Happy Father's Day! A great day to inspire a good training session. Doesn't every dad want to be the buff dad? OK, it's just me :) Intervals are getting easier just have to remember to stay loose and pace myself.

C25K - Week Three:
5 minute brisk walk warm up with (2) alternating 90 second runs and 90 second walks and 3 minute runs and 3 minute walks followed by 5 minute cool down. 3 times per week with a rest day in between each training.

06/22/2010 - Outside - 28:30
Did this one under a beautiful sunset to Carli's C25K week 3 podcast, which you can download free over at Pretty good music mix and solid cues for the start/end of each interval.

06/25/2010 - Outside - 25:00
Did this to Robert Ullrey's wk 3 C25K podcast. Shorter than Carli's wk 3 because he rolls the last 3 minute rest into your 5 minute cool down walk. Another great podcast and again I survived the two 3 minute runs. Can't get too cocky, just took a peek at week 4 and wedged in the middle, almost hidden, is a 5 minute run.
emoticon Definitely been drinking plenty of water and eating better as this is only gonna get more rigorous.

06/27/2010 - Outside - 25:00
Did this one under a hot summer sky...but it's done and so is week 3! emoticon
Better rest up 'cause I hear week 4 is no joke.

C25K - Week Four:
5 minute brisk walk warm up with (2) alternating 3 minute runs and 90 second walks and 5 minute runs and 2.5 minute walks followed by 5 minute cool down. 3 times per week with a rest day in between each training.

06/29/2010 - Outside - 30:45
Thank God for the breeze! Did this one to Robert Ullrey's Week 4 podcast. Switched things up by adding inserts to my sneakers for more heel and arch support and by running on a grassy trail. Both definitely made the running less painful. I'm sure as the weight decreases this'll be less of an issue but I needed relief now. I'd be lying if I said the thought of those two 5 minute runs was thrilling but I kept putting one foot in front of the other, staying loose and breathing and I pushed through each one. Glad I brought some water along too. It wasn't easy but worth it because I feel great!

07/01/2010 - Outside - 30:35
Back on the asphalt for this one. Ran it listening to week 4 of Carli's C25K program. Good music but now I'm thinking of creating my own mix over cues, just to keep things lively. Have a fun and safe July 4th weekend!
emoticon emoticon

07/05/2010 - Outside - 30:35
Did this one at a local park with my son in tow. Definitely have to pay better attention to his energy levels but all in all not too bad and he more than earned and enjoyed his time at the playground afterwards. Week 4 Done, bring on the pain...I mean week 5. emoticon

C25K - Week Five:
This is where things get tricky. Still 3 training days but training varies for each. Day 1: 5 minute brisk walk warm up with (3) alternating 5 minute runs and 3 minute walks and 5 minute cool down. Day 2: 5 minute brisk walk followed by two 8 minute runs with a 5 minute walk in between and 5 minute cool down. Day 3: 5 minute brisk walk followed by one 20 minute run emoticon and 5 minute cool down walk. 3 times per week with a rest day in between each training.

07/08/2010 - Wk 5 Day 1 - Outside - 32:00
Back on the grass for this one, running people running :) Listened to Robert Ullrey's week 5 podcast and it was pretty good. All 3 days run/walk cues are here in one pod. It's nice to see the progression of a good bike rider into would be runner. I thought one would lend itself more readily to the other and I was mistaken. But that's changing now.

07/11/2010 - Wk 5 Day 2 - Outside - 32:00 (~2.3 miles)
This one was kind of looming in the distance but once I got to it, on asphalt, it wasn't that bad. As always, pictured Rocky running through Philly and ultimately climbing those iconic steps. Listened to Carli's Wk 5 podcast and the music and cues were great! She ranks a little higher for motivation than Ullrey's pods, if you need that. Same as Ullrey's all 3 days run/walk cues are in this one pod. It feels really good after running 8 minutes X2 that you might have a little more left in the tank. Got to keep up the nutrition and focus because day 3 is that 20 minute run, which I figure at my pace is around 2 miles. God help me.

07/14/2010 - Wk 5 Day 3 - Outside - 32:00
I was looking forward to this session because the butterflies or killer bees in my gut had to go! I had run for two 8 minute sessions but could I hold on for 20? Well hold on I did. What I'm proud of the most is the surface I was forced to run on. It was a gravel path with hills. I was hoping for a level-flat stretch of asphalt but you've got to play the hand you were dealt. Ankles and legs and the rest of me were feeling it for a few days but I got it done! Listened to Carli's Wk5 podcast again for this one, really motivating music mix. Also decided to do wk5day3 again before beginning week 6 next week. Thank you God :)

07/17/2010 Wk 5 Day 3 ver 2 (The hot mix) - Outside - 32:00
Holy cow! I'd use stronger language but you get my point. Running in the sun is tough!
emoticon emoticon
I guess I wasn't thinking when I headed out with water and mp3 player that the sun might be more of a factor. The last 20 minute run was done in the cool pre-dawn hours with low humidity. That was a strong run. This one was at noon at 86 deg (heat index of 92 deg/hum 71%). Felt like I was going to die, but thankfully I didn't. Long term, these ordeals and challenges test our mettle, show us where we need improvement all the while rebuilding us stronger, one step, one thought at a time. Week 6 here I come!

C25K - Week Six:
Each days run begins with a Brisk five-minute warm-up walk. Day 1 has a 5 minute run interval followed by 3 minutes of walking, an 8 minute run followed by 5 minutes walking, and a final 5 minute run. Day 2 has 2 intervals of 10 minute runs and a 3 minute walk between them, and Day 3 has one long 25 minute run with no walks. Each days runs end with a 5 minute cool down brisk walk.

07/20/2010 Wk 6 Day 1 - Outside - 36:00 (2.8 miles)
Ran this one in the city with Carli's Week 6 podcast (another great mix of music that keeps you moving!) Feels great to feel how much stronger each run is getting and how great I feel afterwards. Looking forward to see how much better this is gonna get.

07/22/2010 Wk 6 Day 2 - Outside - 33:00 (2.5 miles)
Did this one on a long stretch of country road in the pre dawn hours. Carli should consider DJing because her mixes really help me focus more on the music and less on the running. Going to have to start training without music as the event coming up in September doesn't allow any electronic devices, I'm assuming they mean MP3 players and not pace makers. Going to continue eating well and stretching as the 25 minute run is next. emoticon

07/25/2010 Wk 6 Day 3 - Outside - 35:00
Well, it happened again: what I thought would be a big ol' monster turned out to be just more mental smoke and mirrors. Started off slow when I got the cue to start the 25 minute run but it didn't take too long and I was actually feeling pretty good. This one was with Robert Ullrey's week 6 podcast and another good music mix. I even went a little longer than 25 as I ran up the hill I might as well run down, that's the fun part :) Really looking forward to going further with the training. If you're thinking you can't do this, trust me in time it all gets better and so will you. If I had known running would get me to focus so much on what I did and ate I would've started this a long time ago.

08/06/2010 Unspecified Training - Outside - 30:00 (~2.27 mi)
After little training last week, too much beer emoticon and sugary snacks I gained back a few pounds and decided to just redo Week 5 Day 3. You know, take it easy on myself. emoticon
I was unsure if I'd be able to run continuously but the time off made a world of difference. Joints felt much better as I ran a solid 20 minutes on concrete and asphalt, if cars weren't around. Looking forward to redoing Week 6 Day 3 over the weekend and moving on to Week 7 next week. emoticon

C25K - Week Seven:
Each days run begins with a brisk five-minute warm-up walk followed by a 25 minute run or about 2.5 miles ending with a 5 minute brisk cool down walk.

08/10/2010 Week 7 Day 1 - Outside - 35:00
I really don't get it. I really thought this run would be a hard one but it wasn't. The several pounds I added didn't effect the run nearly as much as I thought and actually felt really good by the end, dripping wet and stretching. Ran this one to Robert Ullrey's Wk7 Couch to 5K podcast. Pretty good mix of music but at this point since all the runs are the same length all you really need is a good watch and then you can set your own music mix.

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RAMARQUARDT13 8/12/2010 9:20PM

    I am glad I read this! I ran week 2, Day 1 tonight on my treadmill and cannot imagine running 20 straight minutes. Thanks for the motivation! I am going to try the other podcast downloads for more variety. Keep up the motivation!

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DANI5K 7/24/2010 8:21PM

    I really enjoyed reading this! I did the C25K back in October/November last year. (Also with podcasts!) I signed up for a 5K which kept me motivated. I finished the program and actually showed up to the race and ran the whole thing. I always wanted to run, but all it took was just putting the earbuds in and doing it! Now I'm completely hooked on running and am training (slowly) to increase my distance so I can sign up for a 10K. Great job and happy running! emoticon

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    YAY!! that's great! i did the C25K last year and it was the best thing i ever did for my body. good for you!

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FLUTTER-BY)L( 6/8/2010 12:33PM

    Great job becoming a runner. that will feel good I am sure.

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ERNOINACTION 6/7/2010 3:29PM

    So glad you're doing this! Best of luck, can't wait to see how you progress. I really have like working toward a goal. This year 5k who knows what next year will bring! Best, E

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LOVESLIFE48 6/7/2010 10:21AM

    That's awesome!!! You can do it!!

That's funny, I'm thinking about being a rookie runner. Then I read your blog and it gave me inspiration!!! Good luck in training and on the race!!! emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHATERJOY 6/7/2010 7:54AM

    emoticon I plan on following your blog! Keep up the good work!

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LEAKAY59 6/7/2010 7:48AM


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LIZZYP609 6/7/2010 7:04AM

    This is awesome! I know you will do it!
BTW-love the pic! I would follow that a** anywhere!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SUZIAND 6/7/2010 1:14AM

    WooHoo! Get going with your bad self!! Way to realize a goal like this and push yourself towards it!
I'm finally understanding the whole "get out of the comfort zone". I've been living in my comfort zone for way too long... hence the complete stand still in my weight loss. /sighs. This summer is going to be about me pushing myself out of my comfort zone, too! I'm going to have to if I want that Mustang! rawr!

Looking forward to your Captain logs! lol!!
Suz : )

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A Dream's Best Friend?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some might say it's luck, opportunity, connections or education, and while any combination of one or more of these might make success come easier or quicker, I disagree. I believe the most powerful tool for fulfilling dreams is time. Each day, we All get the same 24 hours. Success or failure dwells then in our habits. And while not easy to change I believe if you change your habits you can change your destiny.

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B-N-ME 6/6/2010 7:37AM

    Interesting I was on the same wave length this morning posting a status that says sport an attitude of gratitude...attitude is a also a large contriubtor to success!
Good blog...
Thanks for the goodie...wishing you continued success!

Report Inappropriate Comment
HICALGAL 6/5/2010 10:18AM

    totally agree! change in our thoughts brings about change in ourselves and our lives. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
JODIANN421 5/30/2010 2:37AM

    Really nice post! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
LIZZYP609 5/28/2010 11:22AM

Thanks for the reminder! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
BCVWDW 5/28/2010 11:12AM

    Great post! This is similar to what I tell my kids... we have the same amount of time in the week as (insert any great inventor, etc...) It's how we manage that time & the choices we make.

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOVESLIFE48 5/27/2010 9:03PM

    Excellent blog!! I totally agree!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHATERJOY 5/27/2010 8:58PM


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Pure Gold :)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Funny how some things you never outgrow, like digging for nose gold. Whether you wrap it in kleenex first, use a q-tip, or for the purists (I'm not pointing any fingers) any semi clean digit will do. From the looks of it others still enjoy this childhood carryover. Enjoy

Matt Damon

Lindsay Lohan

Halle Berry

Batman aka Michael Keaton

Brittany Spears

Misha Barton

Queen Elizabeth (wow, would you buy that glove on ebay?)

As the photos clearly show some folks are discrete while others have big big boogers that must be removed at all costs RIGHT NOW. God bless you paparazzi but I think I understand why you sometimes get run over: it's hard for some to pick and drive.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHOCMOM 5/26/2010 9:53AM

  Ahhhh, brought a smile to my face today!!! Thanks emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
TEAMEDWARD 5/19/2010 11:26AM

    Thanks for killing my appetite! I can use that every so often! Hugs

Report Inappropriate Comment
ERNOINACTION 5/5/2010 4:01PM

    If Halle can do it, so can I! Thanks for sharing. Best,

Report Inappropriate Comment
1WALKINGMAN 5/5/2010 1:27PM

    It just goes to show that we all have the same bodily functions and that relieving discomfort is a completely natural reflex. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
LIZZYP609 5/5/2010 8:30AM

    Dude! you are awesome! You made me laugh out loud on this one!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
VEMAN1 5/5/2010 8:26AM

    Ha ha. Well if you got an itch...

Report Inappropriate Comment
-POLEDANCEGIRL- 5/5/2010 8:23AM

    Thats awesome! :o)

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOVESLIFE48 5/5/2010 8:11AM

    OMG!! What a hoot!! I love the one with the Queen!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment

    thanks for the reminder that they are only human too. No assistant needed for the chore. lol

Report Inappropriate Comment
LYNNES6 5/5/2010 12:40AM



Report Inappropriate Comment
SUZIAND 5/5/2010 12:00AM

    LMAO!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you sooo much! Best smile I've had all day!!!

Suz : )

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