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A Fresh Start

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today, I'm starting over.

Yesterday doesn't matter.

Last week's weight gain is irrelevant.

Today is my fresh start day, and it's going great!

I joined a new Spark Team today, as part of my fresh start. I've never been good about asking for help - of any kind. I'm a self-sufficient type. It's not that I don't ever think I need help...

We all have ĎThat Friendí. The one that is never around until *she* needs something, then sheíd do anything for you - just as soon as you help her: move/write a research paper/explain an unexpected pregnancy to mom/rewrite a resume/find a better job/get that promotion/get into grad school/study for the CPA exam...

You know who I'm talking about. You never know what or when her next crisis will be, and the only thing you *can* count on is that, at some point, she will whirlwind back into your world, nevermind what's going on in your life (she really can't be bothered with that when her life is in perpetual shambles), and expect you to solve her latest earth-shattering calamity, and then just as quickly - *POOF* - gone again. Not to be seen or heard from or found on Facebook until the next disaster.

I have lots of these friends - and a mom and sister... I'm kind of the go-to catastrophe-averter in my world. Which can be stressful and exhausting. But at least itís better than being ĎThat Friendí. I donít ever want to be ĎThat Friendí.

So thatís why I donít ask for help. On SparkPeople, Iím afraid that Iíve been silent too long to ask my team for support.

Iím not much of a joiner. Catastrophe-averting is exhausting and I sometimes feel like I have to conserve my energy for the next emergent tragedy. Also, since Iíve evidently been blessed with a propensity to attract ĎThat Friendí, I sometimes hold back for fear of collecting another one.

So when I hit a roadblock, I havenít contributed enough (sometimes any) witty, motivational, supportive posts to earn the support of my team members. Probably the only thing worse than being ĎThat Friendí would be to be ĎThat Friendí and have the catastrophe-averter ignore your calls.

But none of that matters today.

Today is a fresh start.

I joined a new team today. When I get home from work this evening, Iím going to post an introduction to my new team. And Iím going to be a joiner this time. Because I do need the support. Iím not going to worry about collecting another ĎThat Friendí. Iím just going to make sure Iím not afraid the catastrophe-averter will ignore my call. Because I do need the support. And I canít possibly be the only catastrophe-averter on the planet. Right?

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FREECANDY 3/30/2011 3:41PM

    I know what you mean...I'm not much of a joiner these days myself, but I also joined a few groups here. It seems like a good way to keep yourself accountable to someone and to get encouragement.

I see that you're a fellow Pens fan, let's go Pens!

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CINECMA10 3/30/2011 3:07PM

    emoticon on your decision!! I have started over many times, and I understand your ''that friend'' I have dealt with many of them. Good Luck on your new journey. If you ever need anything or just want to talk, please feel free to stop by my page!! emoticon emoticon

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BBAHONORS 3/30/2011 2:21PM

    We all need a fresh start sometimes. emoticon on making yours!

Please feel free to ask for support on the Accountants Team, if you need anything. We're here to help!

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Tax Season is NO Excuse!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

As a newly-minted CPA, this is my first tax season. My plan since I switched from audit to tax last May was to get a system firmly in place well ahead of tax season so that the insanity that is a CPA office from February to April wouldn't derail me.

Obviously, based on my recent (non) weight loss, that system is not in place. I know lots of tax CPA's who just expect that they will gain 10-20 pounds during tax season and plan to make up for it the rest of the year. Except most of them don't manage to lose in May - December everything they gained in January - April.

That's not going to be me. I refuse to use tax season as an excuse to do the things that got me to 270 pounds! Yes, I will be working 50ish hours per week in the office and then up to another 10 from home. Yes, I will usually not pull into my driveway until 7:30 - 8:00 in the evening. But none of that means that I have to give myself permission to snack on junk and fast food for 10 hours - or to camp out on the couch with another meal of junk/fast food from the time I get home until I finally roll myself to bed.

I'm not going to expect myself to be perfect - I don't even manage that outside of tax season when I only work 4 days/week. But I am going to do better than just give in to the stress and use it as an excuse to reinforce my bad habits.

To that end, I have set up a few "Tax Season Treats" to help me get through the Season without a feedbag of Doritos wrapped around my face.

1. I don't work Friday's outside of tax season, so getting up each Friday morning is going to be .... let's say 'not fun'. So - each Friday, assuming that I have stayed on plan Monday through Thursday, I will stop on the way to work at Panera, Subway or Dunkin Donuts and treat myself to a yummy breakfast. Panera has a French Toast Bagel Breakfast Sandwich that is absolutely heavenly - 660 calories. At Subway I can get a Egg & Cheese Omelet Flatbread sandwich with bacon - 485 calories. Finally, Dunkin Donuts has a Egg White Turkey Sausage Wake-Up Wrap - 150 calories. They look small, so I can have 2 for 300 calories.

2. Bottled Diet Mountain Dew - I drink waaaay too much diet soda. There is no need for argument or lectures - I know and it's not up for discussion. Anyhoo- even though I love Diet Mountain Dew (particularly in the bottle), buying Coke Zero by the case is a much more cost effective way to fuel my soda habit. So bottled Mountain Dew is a fairly rare treat. All this to say - during tax season I am going to keep my fridge stocked with 12 oz bottles of Diet Dew. I am only allowed 2 per day at most, which provides a nice pick-me-up in the early afternoon and/or early evening.

I'm also going to continue with my year-round strategies that work well when I stick to them - minimal (at most) eating lunch out, alternate bottles of water with soda, a drawer of 100-calorie pack yummies, and mini-goal rewards every 10 pounds or so.

So... that's the plan. If you think of additional treats/rewards (relatively inexpensive) I could add to help me stay on track during the Season, all suggestions would be welcome.

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FLGIRL1234 2/23/2011 9:07PM

    I would imagine its hard being a CPA during tax time AND focusing on your diet and exercise. Way to go on making a commitment to keep yourself in line this time around.

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TBID227 2/10/2011 12:55PM

    Sounds like you have a great plan! I know what also helps me, besides working in a super cool office, is that we have oranges, apples, nuts, and peanut butter crackers stocked by my boss, we are also adding in string cheese this next shopping run. One thing my boss and I do is that before we put something other than what is listed above into our mouths, we tell each other. Makes you really think about what you are eating! I also prep everything on Sundays. Our only day off during tax season. I prep all my veg for the week, it is then in individual bags that can be taken with me for the rest of the week. Has been working out great since Oct/Nov. I also do meal planning and write it down. I find that if I have told myself and prepped for chicken and veg with brown rice on Tuesday, I am more likely to have that than go through a drive through. Also, I bake/grill chicken on Sunday to use throughout the week for my lunch. Again, takes the guess work out of what I am going to have, one less decision to make during this time, best gift to myself! Good luck through your first tax season, it's gonna be fun! Of course, we will talk again in October. The real deadline.

As for rewards, hmmm... A new workout dvd, a new pair of tennis shoes, a new workout outfit, pedi, mani, I try to not reward with food, as it sends me the wrong message, get that new mascara you have been wanting to try, massage, new songs, dvd you have been wanting. Just some suggestions. Hopefully you can splurge a bit with all the overtime you will be working!

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Monday, February 07, 2011

I have been really struggling to get back on track since the holiday season, but I started this week off great. Monday and Tuesday were great - I actually ended each day at the bottom of my calorie range & worked out more than scheduled. Wednesday I didn't get home until pretty late, so I gave myself the night off - but I still hit the low end of my calories. Thursday I was really tired - so I gave myself the night off, knowing that I only had a half day on Friday and could get in a great workout Friday afternoon - but then I didn't.

Starting with a planned breakfast treat Friday morning, I didn't stick to plan the rest of the day - though I made good choices when I went off my plan - I was still off my plan. Which would have been fine if I had gone ahead and worked out and/or put myself back on track Saturday - but no. Every excuse that was even remotely hinted at - in my own head - I jumped on with both feet.

End result - on Wednesday morning I was showing a 5 lb. loss - scale today says -.02. All that great work early in the week, completely undone by excuses over the weekend. GAAAH!

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MTULLY 2/7/2011 7:21PM

    I read on somebody else's blog this week something to the effect of "progress, not perfection." That I can deal with. You ARE making progress, just don't let yourself get discouraged and give up!

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Day 1 Smoke-free

Thursday, December 11, 2008

So... I quit smoking today. Surprisingly enough, I'm doing fine. I've thought about smoking a couple times today, but then I remind myself that I quit. And it's just like. "oh, yeah, i forgot." None of the panic I've felt in past attempts when I realize I'm have no cigarettes. I have my bag of baby carrots standing by in case I have an uncontrollable urge to munch to satisfy the hand-to-mouth habit, but so far I haven't had any.

Luckily, the hubby is out of the country, so he won't catch the moodiness as my body wants nicotine. Also, the kid is going to his girlfriend's this evening, and then spending the weekend with his mom. So he'll be spared the drama, as well. :) By the time I pick him up on Sunday evening, and the hubby on Monday evening, the worst of the crankiness should be past.

I'm still a little nervous about heading home for Christmas because I know my mom and brother-in-law will be smoking, but I'm confident I'll be okay. This time feels really different from all the failed attempts before.

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MYTURN30 12/11/2008 5:19PM

    emoticon You can do it! I smoked for 10 years and I've been smoke free for 7 years now! I quit cold turkey. It is hard but well worth it. All your senses are enhanced...it's great! You will have so much more energy to exercise with!!! Goodluck! emoticon

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JUST__TURTLE 12/11/2008 4:29PM

    Congrats on your stopping smoking! It is SOOooo worth it. I stopped smoking September 2, 2007 at 2:30 in the morning after finishing my 3RD PACK for the day! I have never looked back! Wishing you the best of luck.


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