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Making it Happen: Bikini Bombshell Bootcamp Day 13: On a mission

Friday, July 30, 2010

~!*~ ME after getting my BUTT kicked by the video my sister bought me. exercise TV is no joke~!~*~*
So... I started off 13 days ago with the intention of completing a 6 month bootcamp losing 5-7 lbs a month... and... I AM STILL COMMITTED! :-) Especially with a looming wedding on the horizon now :-) But I FEEL HAPPY that I chose to better myself BEFORE knowing I was going to get married. (I like to do things for me... selfish, maybe... but I think goals stick better when they are internally driven)

Day 13:

Haven't had that much to eat today but I'm definitely aiming to stick to 1200-1500 cal goal. Need to eat 3 more servings of fruit of veggies... so maybe a veggie dinner? Not sure. I've been drinking a lot of water because I've been thirsty all day. AND I downloaded the sparkmobile for my BB so I can update my foods all day!

burned 537 cals today

I'ts 8:30, about to take doggie for a walk. He's been acting down lately... I'm hoping he's just missing his new doggie friends and not sick! Plus I just did a salsa video for 20 mins and a 20 min KICK MY BUTT- 1$ exercisetv video my sis, DRTAMM (SHOUT OUT~!!!) bought!

p.s. check out DRTAMM she's doing amazing things! and I saw here the other day and she's looking thinner each day! My sister! I love her! We started this journey together,... and we're going to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Bought a new scale... and as usual the weight was different from what my last one said... but I'm putting it here, embarrassed of not so I can have something to compare it with!!

wt. 159
Body fat (forever abbreviated as BF from now on) 34.3% good googly mooogly!
Total body water: 48.8
So, not sure what these numbers mean... but I EXPECT to see improvement MOST definitely!

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GENKI_WARRIOR 7/31/2010 1:49PM

    wow--6 months! that is an awesome commitment-- emoticon
...it's so great that you and your sister are MAKING IT HAPPEN together! you two are gonna do amazing things~

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GONABFIT 7/30/2010 10:34PM

    yea... my medical school makes/ strongly suggests me have a smart phone... so I use it to my advantage!

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MAKALANI22 7/30/2010 10:20PM

    YAY! oh man, i seriously want a smart phone just so i could track all my food all day... that sounds so ridiculous though and im totally against being 'TOO connected' so my husband isn't buying into it just yet. haha.

you are doing great! keep up the great work!

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MIH: Bikini (Bridal) Bombshell Bootcamp?? Day 12 ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

~*~ Nothing like an opportunity to smile ~*~
and then, there was love.

Not perfect love, maybe not quite a flawless relationship... but sincere, I'll be there when you need me... mad or not, type of love.

Isn't life ironic? When you decide you'd rather be alone than unhappy... and you pray to God to give you the strength to make it alone... and he does. Just then, He also gives you what you truly wanted all along. :-)

and what is it that I truly wanted.... hmm, as a strong woman (and I consider myself a do-it-myself , can make a way with whatever I've got, make it happen type of girl) I find it embarrassing to admit, but what I truly wanted was love and marriage... and yep one day, a baby carriage or 2 or 3. lol

~*~ Trying the ring on... King Cesar decided he wanted to be petted during the pic LOL~*~
And though things haven't always been perfect, I'm happy to say I'M ENGAGED!!!! So now, my bikini bombshell bootcamp may have to morph into, a BIKINI (BRIDAL) BOMBSHELL BOOTCAMP. or maybe I'll just say the Bombshell Bootcamp to make it shorter :-)

Either way... still will be 6 months long and I'm still aiming for 5-7 lbs per month! I've made my 7lbs for JULY!!! WOOHOOO! And did I tell you all, I turned 25 on the 23rd? :-D

So My bikini BOMBSHELLL bootcamp is in FULL effect and I actually wore that bathing suit on the beach! and yep... I Looked GOOOD. lol. Not perfect, not 115 lbs like I'd hoped... but good, in a sexy bombshell with hips kinda way! emoticon

~*~ spent my entire vacay reading Eat Pray Love!~*~

I took some days off to enjoy my bday but still have been staying active doing lots of walking. I'm back and going to hit the ground running! Bought a new book on nutrition and will be doing lots of exercise videos when I'm stuck in the house! I am studying for boards the entire month of August... and will use exercise as my release.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FITMAMARONNIE 7/30/2010 2:52PM

    Look how cute you are!! Congrats on the engagement!!!

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SAMANTHAJEAN86 7/29/2010 8:14PM

    Congrats on the engagement!!! Beautiful ring!! God works wonders sometimes when you're least expecting it, patience is key. You looked amazing in your bikini on the beach, keep up the great work,you're looking good!

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HIGHCIDITY 7/29/2010 4:10PM

    Congrats! What an exciting time in your life :)

FYI I love the blog!

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ALLIEINSHAPE 7/29/2010 3:35PM

    You are looking wonderful! Congrats on your engagement! Sounds like you are realistic about your relationship not being all romance and fluff but can visualize a marriage with a solid foundation you can build on.

I am looking forward to seeing the movie as I really enjoyed reading Eat Pray Love. Not sure if I could keep my mouth shut that long in the slilence retreat in India though. OK with the food and the love part.

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KAJANA 7/29/2010 1:31PM

    Congrats.. Being engaged is the best feeling. And enjoy..

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DAKOTANMISTY 7/29/2010 1:15PM

    emoticon on the engagement.....good luck with the bombshell bootcamp. Will there be dress option blogs in the future? emoticon

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GONABFIT 7/29/2010 1:01PM

    Thank you!!! :-) Have a good day spark friends!

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BABY_GIRL69 7/29/2010 12:56PM

    Love the blog! God bless & enjoy Thursday! Dee

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REDHATLADY9 7/29/2010 12:48PM


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KEEPGOING87 7/29/2010 12:29PM

    ur so beautiful! congrats on ur engagment

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BRINA421 7/29/2010 12:12PM

    You look great. Keep up the good work.

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JOEKOOL202 7/29/2010 12:05PM

    Kepp up the great work

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CLIMBERCHICK14 7/29/2010 12:02PM

    You're stunning! I love your smile!

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Making it Happen: Bikini Bombshell Bootcamp Day 3: Power to Choose.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey guys.

Let me start by thanking you ALL for reading my last blog and supporting me. I appreciate your kind messags. I'll keep you updated, but I'll likely not say too much more about it, just because I am choosing to focus on the things I KNOW and the things I can control. And until I hear more back from the dr, I will choose to believe that everything is going to be OK. And either way... I will ENJOY each day that I am given because every day is a gift. Not a promise. and like always, I'm going to LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST! [p.s. I getting a second opinion and hopefully quicker follow up :-) ]

yesterday was a good day for exercise for me! I did my AM workout AND a pm workout burned ~ 700 cals total. Ate pretty good too ~ 1500 cals or so. I did have a brownies sundae... homemade. and yes, it was stress eating. but I skipped dinner to make room for it. Credit for yesterday
* I packed oats for breakfast and 2 boiled eggs :-) Only ate one yolk!
* ate the LUNCH I packed! (this is a big deal... because at one point, I'd go through the trouble of packing food, only to get to school and buy fast food instead. crazy, I know... but i'm doing better)

** today- was exhausted, emotionally from crying... and woke up late. BUT I put on my pedometer and took the stairs, came home and did my new jump rope routine!! :-) Worked up a GREAT sweat... doesn't seem like I'm burning that many cals with the jump rope... but it seems like a GREAT workout either way cause I sweat a lot and BOXERS do the jump rope and are really fit. And I don't jump slow. I'm basically going in hyper speed. lol. I like to pretend lile I'm a boxer and jump REALLY REALLY fast. and I'm learning jump rope tricks LOL ( like double jump and crossing arms, etc)

Strength? Not today. I did do some jumps for cheerleading. I am going to cheer on my college alumni team. ;-) GO ME!

My inspirational thought for the day:

We all have the power to choose. At one point in school I got really overwhelmed .As I look back over the hard times in my life I realize that often we are being unfair to ourselves. When facing things that seem difficult, instead of looking at how much we have to accomplish and getting discouraged, CHOOSE to focus on things that bring you closer to your goal. Don't focus on all the reasons that THIS time may not be different. Zoom in on the things that make this time different. Are you more focused? More willing to ask for help? Aware of more resources?

Does it benefit you to put yourself down every time you walk by the mirror? Would you do better to walk by and say, truthfully, that I am SO PROUD that I am taking time to improve my image.

We have the power to choose our thoughts. Isn't that a gift? I think so. Each day I will awaken and choose to believe that this day is yet another chance to become more of the woman I would like to be. Another chance to learn from those in my life and find new ways to respect and celebrate who I am.

We can reach our goals. Together. Now, let's make it happen.

emoticon emoticon

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JAZZYNUME 7/24/2010 11:17AM

    Awesome blog!
I am down for the 5lbs a month challenge I am ready to get it!

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CIERAPOET 7/23/2010 7:53PM

    Alright sista let meet our goals together. I like this Blog and thank God for you. A young and very intelligent woman full of wisdom. I'll be stoppin by frequently to get encouragement and motivation. Many Blessings for success in your studies!

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FITMOMOF7 7/23/2010 12:41PM

    The jump roping sounds fun!!

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LHLADY517 7/21/2010 2:28PM

    Good blog

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MOCACHOC 7/21/2010 8:49AM

    Choices, Choices, Choices. You either choose good or bad just as simple as that. You make your life what it is so don't blame others for YOUR choices. Let go and let God take you on a journey you'll never forget. No regrets, anger bittrness, etc.

Nice post. I'm with you and praying for you; everything God has for you is for you.

Peace and Love

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KLS777 7/21/2010 1:46AM

    well said!

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ALLIEINSHAPE 7/20/2010 11:34PM

    You are so right! We have the ability ot choose our own thoughts. I learned so much from reading Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now about choosing to live fully in the now, not in the past or future. You are doing great and you will reach all those goals, as will we all in our own time on Sparks.

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Day 2... a lump - a little dark. sorry.

Monday, July 19, 2010

So... this has been a peculiar day. today is actually the 9th anniversary of my daddy's death. He died 4 days before my sixteenth birthday... so while my friends were expecting to attend my "sweet 16th" bday party... we were planning my dad's funeral... which took place the day after my bday (had to almost beg/fight my uncles to not have him buried on my actual bday :-( )

and I was in a good place this morning. Enjoying life where I am... choosing to live it to the fullest. All day I looked forward to getting home and going for a run before studying and preparing for my test Thursday... and birthday Friday( and spending some time with someone who makes me feel alive and loved). I was even proud that I took the time to make a GYN appt for my annual... because I NEVER get time off from school to get my health checked out :-) Talk about Ironic. lol. I had to *sneak* away after class to go to the doc. Not an emergency visit or anything but you know it's important to get that yearly check up :-D.

So, as I put in my status earlier today some random lady said, " Oh, (the other nurse) was asking me if you were pregnant... you know, because well maybe your scrub top made you look pregnant... and I told her,' you BETTER not be because you are not married'."
... this was such a STRANGE comment because 1. I definitely do NOT look pregnant in the scrub top! LOL. I mean really. My stomach isn't a 6 pack but it's not a mile from my back either! lol. 2. what is it HER business if I was!?!?!? I'm a GROWN woman! and 3. Again what does it matter to her if I married or not! Now I personally want to be married before I have children, and I'm not pregnant... but I've only known these ppl 1.5 weeks. That was out of line.

To add insult to injury... I got some bad news today. Well maybe it won't be bad in the long run... but the doctor found a lump in my breast. And not a "oh don't worry about it, thing..." More like a, well "I'm not sure what it is... but it is, strange. Come back in 2 months. We will get a mammogram if it's still there."

But see. I'm in medical school. And I know, if it's nothing, the doctor will say it's nothing. And I also know that a hard glandular object that is not movable in your breast is not a good sign. Also, mammograms are not good tests for a young, dense breast... but are often used to rule out cancer along with ultrasounds..... I'm trying not to over react... because LORD KNOWS I'm praying that this is nothing... but I'm telling you. My heart broke when I felt him feel the lump, and heard him say "hmmm.... we need to keep a close eye on this."

Here I am, at 24... 4 days before my 25th birthday and now... Like all of a sudden, I had to come to grips with, am I going to die? Is this breast cancer? am I going to die before I ever get married, have children, live life without worrying about a test every month!? I mean... gee whiz...

Sorry, this is a dull post. I'm still happy, and optimistic... just feeling a little down after the breast exam. Please pray for me.

___ On another note, I woke up at 5:30 am and did 800 jumps on my jump rope and kick boxing. I'll probably still do the stairs and run that I had been looking forward to all day. Sigh... I have enough on my plate. don't want to worry about my health too.


After I workout... and get some rest, I will write a better blog. Bye guys.

ETA: Have an appt scheduled for next week w/ different DOC. actually immediately scheduled it after the 1st appt. Thanks for all of the advice :) Love ya sparkies! **

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    Yeah I'm glad that you took the suggestions of the other posters, because 2 months is crazy to wait for that. My doctor found a lump or what she thought was a lump during my annual last year and she had the receptionist immediately call and schedule me an appt for a mammogram, and I ended up having an ultrasound done too. They determined it was just a dense area, but I would've worried myself sick if I had to wait that long to even find that out.
I'll keep you in my prayers that all is well!

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A10TIVTRTL 7/20/2010 11:29PM

    This is not a dull post. This is a scary post. Don't wait two months. Get thee to another doctor. Holding you in healing light -

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LUNADRAGON 7/20/2010 11:11PM

    I would get a 2nd opinion, 2 months is too long to wait. Prayers are with you.

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ALLIEINSHAPE 7/20/2010 11:05PM

    This does not sounds right for doc to say wait 2 months and hope it goes away. Sounds like the dark ages to me. You should have a mammogram, ultrasound or whatever to check this out and not wait in fear for 2 months. Get another doctor!! Probably a cyst, my sister in law used to have cysts all the time and they went away. Take care, continue to think positive and things will be fine I am sure.

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    Wow that's heavy. I understand how it is to be young and realize that your life has changed because of an illness so I pray that they find its nothing. Stay strong! And motivated! You are in my prayers.

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SPARKLE1908 7/20/2010 8:49AM

    You know you are in my prayers dear and I agree, get a 2nd opinion...2 months is a long time to wait for an answer regarding that...being in the medical field yourself, you know what needs to be done and being a Christian you know WHO already has this resolved...

Praying for victory and peace of mind!!


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LMSTRAW 7/20/2010 1:58AM

    You are in my prayers.

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CIERAPOET 7/20/2010 12:10AM

    God is good He is your Father and will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Sister, count on HIM. Let not your heart be troubled. Believe that God is your Healer. You are promised 120 years and your time is not up yet. Wait 2 months huh? Be proactive. 2nd opinion. The devil is a liar. You have great things in your future. I pray God's Peace and Mercy on you right now and that you feel His unconditional Love at all times. Jesus came that WE may have LIFE and ABUNDANT LIFE at that. Stay positive and fret not. You are alive for a reason and God knows the plans that He has for you plans to do you good and not evil Plans for an expected end. Thank God for His Perfect Peace in your life. God bless you!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SLOLOSER 7/19/2010 9:54PM

    It is not a dull post!

It might be worth getting a second opinion. I don't think I would want to wait 2 months. It may not be cancer. If it is though, the sooner you act the better.

Lots of women with cancer beat it. I know several. Not to say that I think it is a malignant tumor. I have no idea. Just that even if it is, it does not mean you are going to die an early death.

Here's hoping it's just a cyst and that it will go away by itself.

But take care of yourself. Be sure to follow up on this.

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MAKEDAMNSURE2 7/19/2010 7:25PM

    Everyone has down days and you shouldn't even consider apologizing to us!! I hope your day went better and that you are feeling positive about your health! You have to think positively to see positive things happen!! Keep your chin up!

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DIVEMASTER01 7/19/2010 7:03PM

    I will be praying for you, I hope it really nothing. We are here for you.


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LAURAC2010 7/19/2010 6:55PM

    You have support from us and I will keep you in my prayers. emoticon

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Making it Happen: Bikini Bombshell Bootcamp Day 1 of 6 month challenge. With pics :-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

2 blogs in one day! I'm HOT! emoticon

Today I

Exercise: emoticon ran 2.5 miles... wanted to run 5 but it was SOOO darn hot outside when I went that my stomach started aching, not a stomach cramp but like dehydration type aching... so I listened and went back home. Still a good workout. 370 cals.
-- Then I danced, lifted weights, and jumped rope (for 12 mins- 700 jumps GO ME!) that was about 42 mins worth of exercise... and burned 362 cals. emoticon

So all and all... good day for exercise.

Food emoticon
B:Oatmeal + fried egg
S: apple (1/2) + .6 oz of walnuts (didn't like how dry they made my mouth... didn't want to add salt. so stopped eating them lol)
L/D: chicken/shrimp pasta from brio... ate the whole thing. and it was tasty. It counted for dinner and lunch.
S:--- red tea with splenda at 10 pm... :-) Was gonna eat a small meal and decided... I want to reach my goal. I'd rather go to bed a little hungry than feel bad after eating a meal I wasn't really wanting.
Calories ~ 1400 - I use another website to count cause it's easier.

Relaxation: emoticon - hmmm... the exercising was kind of relaxing because I was feeling emotional today... then watched p.s. I love you... which made me cry like a baby... lol. plus listened to my sermons (I do this when I can't make it to church. Well... actually I listen to several sermons each day. This goes along with my NYR to get and stay close to God. I love HIM. He is my provider and His grace is sufficient. :-) ) + Journal/spark. all relaxing.

Goals for the week:
*10,000 steps? including work and exercise. in cardiothoracic surgery all day. so don't have much time to walk right now... by passes take a LONG time... and you can't move a lot in surgery.
* Jump rope 20 mins/day til my bday/atl-fl trip!
*dance/taebo/turbo 30 mins a day
Strength ~15 mins 3x this week.
*stretch and relax daily

M-Th disciplined eating. F= 25th bday... going out with mom & sis... then going to ATL to see my friends! :-D Then FL... and have to get into that bikini I showed ya'll earlier... lol. so will try to eat mostly veggies and fruit and lean meats :-)!

Either way... I wrote this to say- I'm MAKING IT HAPPEN! and my goal is 5% weight loss in 6 weeks THEN 5 lbs loss per month. I could lose up to 30 lbs by new years! THATS GREAT! Slow and steady!
Lots of pics... lol. Trying to get a pic that shows the left and right bicep and a side view of my body. Consider these my BEFORE pics!


:-) After j
umping rope!

Being silly and Kissing my guns :-)

"I'm not finished... but it's GOOD! " Referring to my body shaping plan!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CIERAPOET 7/20/2010 12:18AM

    You are doing great. I am so uplifted by you. You are a true woman of Grace and I thank God that we have this opportunity to know you and learn from you. You are created for Greatness. I'm praying for you! You do look great!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WCATAP 7/19/2010 8:09PM

    Wow you are doing great! Good for you! Keep it up!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GONABFIT 7/19/2010 7:08PM

    Thanks everyone!!: -) Ya'll make me smile!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ZORAHGAIL 7/19/2010 4:37PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BABY_GIRL69 7/19/2010 4:25PM

    Girl, I thought I did alot today but doing my own & then reading yours made me a little tired. lol

God bless & guns are tight!


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PSSN4FITNESS 7/19/2010 2:45PM

    FIRED UP! I love your positivity and energy! You are already a bombshell, but in 6-Months you'll be unstoppable. Keep it pumped up!

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SWEETLIPS 7/19/2010 2:07PM

    You took pictures - brave you - my last picture featured a wedgies (lol) and you are looking good too.

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    Can I join???

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SAMANTHAJEAN86 7/19/2010 8:18AM

    Great plan!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ABETTERKGIRL 7/19/2010 7:52AM

    Great job girl and one day my arms will be in shape like yours. Have a good week!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BEFIT014 7/19/2010 12:45AM

    LOVE the photos!

You're looking good!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GONABFIT 7/18/2010 11:12PM

    Thanks ladies!!! I'm sure your guns are defined! ... cause mine don't feel that defined to me... not sure exactly what i'm aiming for though! :-) LOL

I'm off to check both of your pages!

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CAROLINA_KOUKLA 7/18/2010 11:04PM

  Love your "guns"!!!!

I'm starting to get more muscle but they aren't as defined as yours - they are great!! You look great!!!


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GROOVYCHICK9 7/18/2010 11:03PM

    Lookin' Good! Keep up the good work!

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