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Call me Curvy... My goals

Saturday, November 08, 2008

So I thinking about my progress and realized that this is going to be a slow process... I am excited about my new body... and I look forward to the weight loss!

My measurements are 34-29-42.5 so You may as well call me curvy If I were taller my shape would be perfect, But I'm only 5'1 so I need to slim down some :-) My goal measurements are 34-24-(38/40). That's realisitic for me and I look forward to it! :-) YAY!

Oh and I've also thought about some goals for myself beyond weight:
weigh 115
Size 6 jeans - I have thighs, hips, and a booty... lol. So a 6 is good enough!
Size 4 dress- I am small on top an d this is the size I used to wear
Do 5 pull ups

This was a random post but thanks for reading! I have a free weekend to relax and I look forward to working out, cleaning, and reading today!

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WANALIVE 11/8/2008 4:10PM

    Ok Curvy I am so cheering you on. emoticon. Slow and steady wins the race!

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BABY_GIRL69 11/8/2008 2:56PM

    Girl, if you get too small you will shrink the dip! You gone knock em dead!!
emoticon emoticon


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Another Day

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Night before the test!

I managed to do my step workout to my own fun music today for 30 minutes. I have been squeezing in squats pushups and crunches too :-). I AM Excited about reaching my goal. OH and I stayed with in my caloric goal too! :-) I feel like I've finally jumped over that hurdle (keep in mind I've been focused and trying my best to lose weight since June and have cycled the same few pounds.) Either way, I'm excited!

- Gotta go. Need to finish studying! :-D This has been a CRAZY week! So I'll fill who ever reads this inlater... even if it's only me!

This weeks Quote: "Excellence, NOT perfection!"


Just K.I.S.S

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I write a LOT... so I hope you guys don't mind!

I just realized today that I HAVE to workout first thing in the morning and any other exercise I do will just be additional. The reason for this requirement is that I will procrastinate and THINK about working out ALL day. I focus on being overweight/out of shape etc... either way I am unable to focus on my other things. I feel like if I work up as soon as I get up, I will know that I have done my part to getting in shape and continue the rest of my day in peace while realizing that I am still getting closer to my goal no matter HOW busy the rest of my day gets!
And for the rest of the day I will only have to focus on eating. I LOVE WORKING OUT... BUT Medical school is too busy and takes too much of my mental energy for me to sit around ruminating over my weight. SO.... I have decided to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

1. I am going to clean and organize my apartment this weekend after my test( to make things more simple, as my mom ALWAYS said... and I quote" EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE!" I have learned this lesson after losing so many things... I am tired of being unorganized. I need organization and peace in my life!)
2. I will plan and pack my meals the night before. I will eat every 3 hrs and hopefully this will allow me to focus on the other things in my life.
3. I am going to work out in the a.m. or AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. No procrastination.. because I need to free up some mental energy!
4. I also would like to take some time each day to meditate, journal, or take a bath-like actually in the bath tub) and relax. (I bathe EVERYDAY! But usually showers!)

Today I worked out as soon as I got home from school and It was wonderful! I feel better when I sweat and I feel like it is clearing my mind as well! I did the elliptical and bike today because I wanted to be able to study while working out! Test FRIDAY! Think of me!


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SUNNIEDAES 11/5/2008 4:51PM

    What a great blog! I'm right there with you. If I don't get the exercise done in the morning...I think and stew about it all day and often don't get it done. First thing is best for many of us. Prayers coming your way for good test results. :)

Blessings, Bonnie

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R-E-A-D-Y to be the after!

Monday, November 03, 2008

As I sit here reading other people's sparkpages... I realize I am SO ready to reach my goal! I feel very inspired! And I have been making goodd choices with eating, working out, etc. I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE the fruits of my labor! :-) I hope to meet a lot of inspiring people on here...

:-) I have a test Friday so this will be a busy week but I am going to exercise everyday this week even if only for 30 mins.

Tips I'm using- made up:
1. Eat until satisfied not FULL (It will take some getting used to but I used to always leave something on my plate to insure I was not eating just to eat...)
2. count Calories. Goal- 1200-1550. If there is something i want to eat and don't have calories left to eat it, I can ALWAYS eat it the next day...
3. Don't think of each meal as the LAST SUPPER! Lord willing ,there will be another day... and if not, I don't think food should be my main concern ;)
4. Dance as much as possible... it's fun and burns calories
5. Exercise when ever I get a chance
6. Use my journal to destress
7.Keep my goals in the FOREFRONT of my mind!!
8. for my Marathon on Nov 15- no matter how long it takes me to run it... I am thankful that I have my health and a body I can use! I was SO amazed at what my body was capable of during the last marathon and I know this will be amazing as well! A perfect reminder of just how much we can do if we put our minds to it!

Found this quote and borrowed it! Hope you don't mind! :-)
For anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice - no paper currency, no promises to pay, but the gold of real service." -John Burroughs
stolen from DTRMINED's

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LILSHINE 11/3/2008 2:38PM

    Great focus

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MARIKINS048 11/3/2008 1:25PM

    good luck with your goals :) I'm jealous of your running skills! I've always been pretty active but I just signed up for my first 5K. Wish me luck!

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U62PHILO 11/3/2008 1:20PM

    Sounds like you're ready to go. ;-) You're going to do great! Don't get discouraged, whatever happens!!!

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Good Choices...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hi Everyone! This is my first blog so no one will probably read this... but I am happy to say that I stuck close to my caloric needs today! After studying for about 8 hours (not exaggerating...) I wanted to reward myself with McDonald's. I was tired, and wanting something to eat... QUICK! Then I remembered my priorities and decided to eat a Marie Collander's t.v. dinner instead. And while they may be high on salt it was still healthier than fast food. I think. 390 Calories... and a reese's cup for dessert ~ 80 cals.

:-) I did the treamill at 99% incline and 20 mins step workout from FitTV... Wish me luck with my goals! I am planning on doing the 3 hour diet... but more than anything I want long term-success. My Mini-big- goal is to lose 10 lbs this month and hopefully 15-20 by Dec 31, 08!

:-) Thanks for reading! I have a test this Friday and medical school is no joke. So I have to keep this short, and my workouts will probably be shorter this week too. Pray for my success please!

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DACNER00 11/3/2008 1:41PM

    Great Job! You are doing great at making the right choices. I know how hard that can be. Keep up the great work!!! Good luck with you test and school! emoticon

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M.A.C. 11/2/2008 10:49PM

    Good for you!!! Keep up making those great choices!

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