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It's Been Nearly a Year

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today 8/23 is nearly one year since I have gotten super serious with this weight loss thing . I say serious, because I have tried all my life to lose weight all without a plan. And all without success. For the past year I have been active on Sparkepeople tracking and interacting. I also increased my exercise amount and intensity and tracked that as well.

So after a year, while I have not gotten to my original weight loss goal of losing 100 pounds, I have made a lot of progress. I have lost 25 pounds, I have lost several clothes sizes, I feel great. I have gotten so strong from weight lifting and my blood work has improved. I have gained so much knowledge about healthy foods, weight loss strategies, exercise techniques and more from Sparkpeople. The list could go on and on!

So today I have re-evaluated my weight loss goals and am ready to begin losing weight again and to recommit to getting super serious.

By the end of November, I will have lost 30 pounds. That is 10 pounds in September, 10 pounds in October and 10 pounds November. It is reasonable to lose 10 pounds per month!

I will reach these goals by religiously tracking my food on Sparkpeople. I will increase the intensity level of my exercise and really watch my zones, trying to stay in zone 2or3.

I will not let negativity or negative people interfere with where I want to go...healthy, fit, and thinner!

I will do all I can NOT TO EAT OUT OF EMOTION ......this has been a lifelong struggle and I really need to find a way to deal with emotions other than with food.

I am going to do this and I can't wait!

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NWLIFESRC 8/23/2012 1:28PM


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It was a good week with NO weight loss!

Friday, August 03, 2012

A great week with no weight loss...that sounds a little weird!

Two good things happened.....

1. I went to the doctor for a check up and all of my numbers are very improved. She did have to adjust my thyroid meds though. Hoping that will jump start my weight loss. I have lost 27 pounds, but it is happening slooooowly...it's been almost a year!

When the doc saw me, she said you look like a different person....immediately followed by "why don't you get a tummy tuck". She went on to say that with changes in my body that my stomach doesn't belong to my body anymore, it just doesn't go with mt legs, arms, and back.

I have to say I agree, because I have been hitting the gym hard and have developed a lot of muscle. I still have over 100 pounds to lose though so I didn't think a tummy tuck was an option at this time? I did leave her office and immediately made an appointment for a tummy tuck consult. It would be so nice to get this hanging skin removed....hate it.

Does the skin ever reall shrink back to normal after weight loss?

2. I was taking a Zumba class today and the teacher was a sub. Not a great teacher and I couldn't get my heart rate up. So I left the class after 20, because I wanted to get the most out of my hour.

As I was headed to a treadmill on the gym floor, I noticed a group fitness class about to begin. I asked the trainer if I could join in, and did. WOW..what a great workout.

There were about 8 people in the class and after a treadmill warmup, we began weight lifting and squats. I noticed that every time I went to a particular machine, the trainer would increase the weight, but I wasn't sure why. So I asked him what are you doing. Yep, he was totally increasing the weight. I asked why....his response


I have to say that really made my day and I keep repeating those words in my head.

I think it's going to be a great weekend

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    I work for a doctor that does mini tummy tucks and for those she recommends losing all your planned weight first because she just removes the skin. I know docs that do full tummy tucks often do them alongside liposuction and do them when all weight is not lost, but I don't know about 100 lbs. At least have the consult and see what the plastic surgeon says...I don't believe most would do one until they thought it was right for you.

Great job with good numbers. There are many non scale victories to celebrate!

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YELLOWDAHLIA 8/3/2012 6:22PM

    Your doctor suggested a tummy tuck now?? What will you do after you lose the other 100 lbs...have another tummy tuck? I would seriously question that if I were you. Just my 2 cents worth...

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MYSTERY-LADY1 8/3/2012 5:47PM


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DRKYASHI 8/3/2012 5:04PM

    emoticon! emoticon

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Maybe It Really is About More Than the Number on the Scale??

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

So, I have been on this weight loss journey for most of my life......at least as long as I can remember and I'm 48 years old. It has mostly been an up and down yo yo and oh so frustrating.

I was already a member of Sparkpeople, and I have always exercised with the result being gaining more and more weight. Obviously, I wasn't really doing what is necessary on Sparkpeople to experience success and as for exercise, I was going through the motions, NOT MUCH MORE! Having to lose nearly 130 pounds just seemed so overwhelming to me.

On July 4, 2012, I was at a 5k with many friends, my husband and tween daughter. They were all running. Me, I WASN'T. I was holding their stuff and that did not make me very happy at all. I thought, with all the time I put into exercise why can't I run, I should be able to RUN? Then I thought, but the problem is the weight. With so much to lose, it was just to much on my joints to run and so difficult. So, I decided to get serious with my weightloss.........

I began faithfully tracking on Sparkpeople and working out harder. I made a little progress, but then fell off the healthy wagon again. I would lose 5 or maybe 10 pounds, and then stop tracking my food and exercise. I would gain, I would lose and on and on......then in September when school started again for my daughter, I had a little more time to myself and again.....it was time to get serious! Enough already.....RIGHT!!!!!

So, I began faithfully tracking on Sparkpeople again, I hired a personal trainer, and started exploring more classes at my local health club. This has been a hard road and the number on the scale isn't moving very quickly, but it is moving.


Here's what I'm talking about.....

1. I began to feel really good, more confident, lighter, happier, less agitated and more.
2. I was actually able to sit in a movie theatre seat and not have my hips get squeezed.
3. I started to run a little bit....sprinkled with my walking. Still not "really" running though.
4. All my clothes are very loose or DO NOT even fit at all.

Then, in March I went to the doctor for a check up.

Her student in training took my pulse. When the doctor came in she said I have to take your pulse again. Immediately, I thought...."Oh goodness, what is wrong? NOTHING WRONG, the student couldn't figure out why she was getting such a low pulse rate. My doctor re-took and proudly told me I have the heart rate of a trained athlete. YAY me. That was a great day and made me feel so good.

WAIT.....there is more

Today, I went to my health club for a health assessment update. The results were excellent.

1. My cardiovascular fitness is that of a 25 year old???? (remember, I'm 48)
2. I have lost 27 pounds...I know I already mentioned that, but I like the sound of it;)
3. My BMI has gone down substantially.
4. My flexibility has gone from poor to good

Can you tell I'm super excited. Now if I can just convince myself to keep doing the right thing, convince myself that I can do this and that I'm worth it.....and mostly take the focus off the number on the scale.

Thinking I need to set some new goals.....wondering if I can train and maybe, just maybe I CAN RUN that same July 4th - 5k this year?????

That would be awesome and certainly better than holding everyone else's stuff.

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PINKNFITCARLA 5/12/2012 1:00AM

    emoticon I started by walking 5K's, then decided to run more. Found while I like the races, I'm MUCH more a walker than a runner. I always do walk/job intervals. I find for me that my time is better when I can run for a minute, but then walk for 2. During that 2 minutes of walking, I get my breath back and recover and then am able to go faster for the next run interval. Many of my friends do the same, although some at different intervals. One friend runs 8 minutes and walks 2 minutes the entire race. Recently I did a half marathon for the first time. I signed up with a group of friends, MONTHS and months in advance, plenty of time to train and get ready. Ended up with several medical issues the 3 months prior to the race and got NO training done. I still went and I walked the entire 13.1 miles. I was still super proud to cross that finish line. I didn't care how I got across it.

I agree, the scale is just a number. I feel better, look better and am wearing smaller clothes, even though my weight has ranged in the same 10 lb radius for the past 2 years. It's not the number I'd prefer to be at, but I'm active, eat well and feel 100% better and to me, that's what counts! Good luck!

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SERAPHGYRL 5/9/2012 3:11PM

    YAY! Those stats have got to feel good. Congratulations! You're getting healthy in spite of yourself. I've been sparking since January and am a believer that SP works. Granted we do have to follow the gentle suggestions SP gives us and commit to it for longer than a couple of weeks.

Forgetting the scale and focusing on being healthy has been my eye-opening succcess tip. I'm making my success happen one day at a time...and it's working!

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Holy Crap, HE wants to weigh me everyweek....don't think thats going to happen!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Holy Crap, HE wants to weigh me every week....don't think thats going to happen!!! No way, no how....but he says I need to be accountable with my eating. True, but I told him a boy never asks a girl how much she weighs. His resonse "I'm not a boy, I'm a grown man and I'm your trainer".

Oh gosh, how am I getting out of this one?

I don't disagree that I need to be accountable with my eating, but really, do I have to weigh myself in front of someone else. I already weigh every week and record on sparkpeople. Admittedly, the past 2 weeks, the scale is going up and down, up and down.....very frustrating. I did recently reach one of my goals...losing 30 pounds. Then promptly gained 6 of it back over spring break!

Exercise is a priority in my daily routine, but maybe I do need to really look at my food consumption?

The problem is I do well for 2-3 weeks and feel AWESOME. I lose pounds, and my clothes fit well. Then something happens.....I GET SCARED. I start to think how am I doing so well, do I deserve this, what if I really do lose a lot of weight, what if people start noticing. What will I say, how will I respond.

Maybe I have to really think about this weekly weigh in accountability. It would not be very comfortable. Maybe I have to figure out why it scares me to actually lose weight.

Hmmmm....lots to think about.


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CRYSTALJEM 4/25/2012 1:05PM

    Only you ultimately know what is right for you, but maybe it's time to step out of your comfort zone a bit and try a slightly different approach. Instead of focusing on the parts of this change that make you feel uncomfortable, focus on the benefits that you might gain from adopting this method.

I agree with CeliaMiner - to a degree, but you are probably paying him to help you through the parts that aren't easy for you to do on your own. Facing a weekly weigh in that you have to share with some one face to face seems intimidating, but maybe it's exactly what you need to keep you consistent, and to prove to you that you can be and are a success, so you don't sabotage yourself after 2-3 weeks.

Consider working into the weekly weigh in. What about every 2 weeks for a month and then every 10 days and then every week. Or, what about saying you'll give a weekly weigh in a try for say a month or 2 months and then decide if you are willing to continue. You might be surprised to find that the results you get make the effort worth the while.

I wish you well in your thinking and decision making. CJ

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CELIAMINER 4/25/2012 9:34AM

    Are you paying him? Then you're the customer. If he won't agree to your terms, find a new trainer who won't cause you such anguish. Or I can come over and 'splain things to him.

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BOBINVA 4/23/2012 4:30PM

    Weigh in accountability is part of many weight loss and fitness programs. If he want so measure your neck, biceps, legs, stomach etc. then let him. This is a very safe way to start getting over you fears. Take a deep breath and let go.
You deserve to be the you that you want to be.
If you do start loosing weight it will be because you wanted it and worked for it. If you get noticed it will be because either people are happy that you are a success or because you are a great example.
Spark on!

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70LBSTOGO2 4/23/2012 1:37PM

    let him weigh you what can it hurt. This might make you more conscious of your eating for fear if you dont do something right he will know.

Dont be scared we all have our ups and downs and all arounds :)

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Reflections on Spring Break....the Good, the Bad, and way too much SUGAR!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well, Spring Break is finally over.....actually it was over about 7 days ago, but I have continued eating like a maniac as if I were still on break! Going into Spring Break, I was on a roll with tracking and exercising. In fact, I had reached a goal of losing 30 pounds and I felt sooooooooo good.

I was quite nervous as spring break grew near, because all of my family was coming to town...15 people that is and yes they all stayed with us. My family is awesome, but EVERYTHING they do is centered around food...more than likely the reason I have the bad habits I am so desperately trying to break. And their idea of exercise is changing the station with the remote.....no movement.

As the family started to arrive, I psyched myself out and said I was not going to succumb to their bad habits. Pizza everyday, cookies, candies, and cake all day, unlimited pop, etc. Well, turns out I wasn't as strong as I thought. I did well for the first day or so. Then my 85 year old dad fell and ended up in the Emergency Room with a separated shoulder. This just rocked my world, because all my life, my dad has been invincible...at least in my eyes. The stress of watching my dad in pain, combined with all the bad habits in my midst set me off into a ginormous binge that has lasted way beyond when the last guest left for home. Ughhhhhh!!!!!

So, as I look back, I wanted to reflect on the good, the bad and the freakin sugar....

The GOOD........................

Day one of company, we went to Mt Vernon and not only could I sit comfortable in the back seat of the car (middle seat), but I could actually buckle the seatbelt. That would not have happened a few months ago.

In the movie at Mt Vernon, I actually sat in the seat and my hips didn't get stuck on the arm rests....that was an amazing feeling.

Easily walked around Mt Vernon without getting tired or winded. Did have a little hard time breathing though....this time thanks to the massive amounts of pollen in the air and not my fitness level.

Since my exercise routine was totally interrupted, I actually went outside and ran on two different occasions. THIS IS A BIG ONE! I have never really run before, but on one day, I ran 10 minutes and on the second day I ran 11 minutes. I was feeling pretty proud.

The BAD.....

My dad going to the ER was just awful. I was so worried about him and didn't quite know how to handle it. Putting my parents back on the plane when they left, just sent me over the edge. Dad was in so much pain and I wondered then and still do if they will ever be able to come back to my house again. They are quite elderly and its hard for them to move around. I sobbed the entire day....so stressful!

My mom is 82 years old and in just awful shape. It made me really understand why I need to get my act together now. I want to first of all make it to that old age and more importantly, I want to be active and healthy at that age.

Having so many people in my house ranging from age 6 months to 85 years old was just really bad as bad can be. I love them all, but that is just way to many people with way too many different needs.

The SUGAR........and how ashamed I am!

I can NOT belive how much sugar I ate in one week. All my old habits just came rushing back into my life. It was like the person I have become was just gone and the old me was back and taunting me, daring me to eat garbage....and I did. The sugary treats tasted so good at first, but then, they were just sickening and I totally hate how bloated they make me feel.

So, now today is a new day and I am ready to feel good again. During the past 10 days, I have gained 12 pounds....seems like a lot, so I'm hoping a good amount of that is water weight. Been trying to drink tons of water to flush things out and also limited the carbs.

I am so looking forward to getting back track with my eating and exercise. I have goals to meet and things I want to do.

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OILMANDREW 4/17/2012 2:12PM

    Sounds like you are on the right track! For me, one of the most important things was the realization that I didn't have to be perfect to be healthy. I could really blow it, and catch myself and only need to pay for a few days. In fact, I learned to use my failures as motivation to push harder afterwards.

I think you will find the rewards you're already seeing will motivate you to achieve and surpass your goals...keep it up!

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