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what do I say to myself

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I have been thinking of my internal dialogue alot lately. Are my comments negative or positive. I believe I am a very positive person but when it comes to my self talk - well I could be kinder and I for sure could be more positive. I know all the buzz information on choosing how we look at things in a positive light and choosing how we want to see things can change how you feel. Putting this into practise is the key and even as I was writing this - I wanted to say it isn't easy and it can be difficult ha ha caught myself again.

I usually say I am tired, I am sore, I am struggling financially, I am fat, I need a new hairdo, I am deprived of my food "goodies" , when i hit my weight wall - I can't knock it down or at least never have, everyone must notice I am not doing very well, I am not a very good housekeeper, I am not a very good cook - omg are you bored of me yet lol?

Ok now from today I change this dialogue - I have alot of enery, I am happily feeling the strengthening of my muscles, I have money and will find ways to make more, I am aiming towards my wight goals and will be there before I know it, I will fix my hair today and look at pics to pick out a new one, I love eating healthy foods and am satiated, everyone must be looking at me and saying wow she looks great lol , I am a terrific housekeeper and am comfortable with my home space, I an a terrific cook and am learning new recipes from spark and have options at my fingertips.......

Just doing this made me feel better lol - o i forgot - I am a goofball lol - spark on.....

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DANCINTEA2529 3/10/2012 8:07PM

    We have literally grown up together. we have been sisters since you were born .....hmmmmm let me see a few years ago. We both have another birthday coming up and won't it be great to celebrate it together feeling healthier and 15 pounds less??? My guess is your answer is yes. Looking forward to the summer and seeing you and growing up together some more.............and laughing and having some fun. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PJBONARRIGO 3/10/2012 2:14PM

    WHOO HOO!! Great blog- thanks for reminding us all to be more positive and kinder. The last paragraph that you wrote really showed the power of the positives- something I need to remember and I'm sure we are not alone. here's to a great weekend and more positive self-talk! emoticon

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AMY430602 3/10/2012 2:08PM

    Good on you!!! XD

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LILETHISKIND1 3/10/2012 2:04PM

    Good for you!Keep up the good works.

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CHARLIESGIRL69 3/10/2012 2:04PM

    Sometimes the hardest part is to be as kind to yourself as you are to others. By recognizing your self talk is the first step to doing better for you!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mmmmm - finding it extremely hard to stay focused with my food choices. Just when I think that I have it under control - I bounce back to bad habits...

The messages I have been saying to myself are not good - and kinda harsh - and even tho I know that - I am finding it difficult to stop....

Want to stay positive.....looked at my September rewrite goals and well lets just say that not much happened on that front either.....

Checked on my Spark friends and didn't say anything.....

I'll come back tomorrow.......

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KIMBER1984 10/14/2011 8:23AM

    You are not alone. I too am still struggling. I am my own worst critic. We can do this, you and I. I think we need to challenge each other again. What kind of challenge should we do?
Keep positive and remember that you are worth it!


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ALIHIKES 10/13/2011 12:06PM

    We all face struggles with past bad eating habits. I think the most important thing is to not let an occasional lapse become a binge, or even worse, don't slip back into the old bad habits! GOOD LUCK! emoticon

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MANDIETERRIER1 10/13/2011 11:59AM

    We have to change our internal dialogue and love ourselves. So that we will stick with this journey

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summer fun...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Well I am finishing up a contract job in about 2 weeks and am so looking forward to some time to have some summer fun - I plan on doing all kinds of activities that in past summers I didn't feel I could do. This time - I even am able to put on smaller sized clothes that haven't fit in like seems forever...

This being thinner than I have been for a very long time - really does feel wonderful .... so all my friends out there - don't give up - stay focused....

Played golf today - only 2nd game this year - what fun to wear a short sleeved top and shorts and feel like I look good and know that I am a healthier me...

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SUEINTHEPARK 8/13/2011 10:12AM

    So true! Glad you can revel in your new and improved shape!

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penalty for binging...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well I was right - I skipped my weekly weigh-in because of my bottomless pit binging weekend and sure eneough - I am up 3 lbs.... I refuse to add it to my weight loss progress ticker - because I truly want to be my goal weight - so this 3 lb penalty is a wake-up call. I wish I could drop it as fast as I put it on .....but then losing weight would be easy wouldn't it?

Past the lips for a second - sugar high - for a second - extra lbs for probably a month - is it worth it? I am writing this to get the guilt out of my head and move on and also so I remember this to hopefully stop before it becomes a huge gain ever again.

STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP - food doesn't do what you want it to do - momentary pleasure just isn't worth it....

If I could kick myself right now I would....
The fact that I am a member of Spark tho - has helped me bigtime - there was a time that a weekend like that would just give me permission to say forget it.... Now it truly is different - a bump - big one mind you - but a bump that isn't going to be a mountain...

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KIMBER1984 7/20/2011 8:29AM

    you are not alone, I too have gained lately. I have been out of town too much and not making myself a priority to exercise.
But not today, I just finished 30 mins on the elliptical trainer! So if I can get my fat butt moving I want you to do the same.
Chill out, love yourself and remember you are worth it sister!

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DANCINTEA2529 7/19/2011 11:31PM

    Hi Sis

It is great to see you back on track now "no kicking yourself in the pants" nurture yourself back on track.

love ya
Heather emoticon

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GLC2009 7/19/2011 4:21PM

    i hear ya--i gained 5! pounds this weekend. what a drag.

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GOCELTICSGO 7/19/2011 4:10PM

    It happens to us all!

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STINASTEW 7/19/2011 4:05PM

    I feel the same way sometimes, when it comes to the weight loss ticker, but you have to be honest not just with yourself, but your SP friends. I'm glad, though, that you are picking yourself up from this & that it's a wake up call. You can get back on track!!! :)

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GONEWLIFE 7/19/2011 4:04PM

    we all have bumps... I have been at it for a year and my graph is FULL of bumps but the trend is down and that's what counts ! Keep the spirit ! emoticon

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The bottomless pit....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Omg I am so mad at myself - I went away for 3 days for my hubby's birthday and I ate and ate and ate and drank and drank and drank - funny thing was - I ate a ton and drank a ton but really never was full.....I think I have a bottomless pit ....

When I got back from this hiatus ...of course I didn't want to know how much I gained - there was no doubt tho that the scales would show a gain....I figured I would give myself a week off weighing myself and look this upcoming Monday....

I am shocked tho that after 7 months of eating right and excersising right - that in 3 days I not only went back but overindulged to the point of insanity.... What is in me that would do this when taking off those pounds is so slowwwwww..........????

I have to figure this out at some point in my life....I am back on track .... but wholly - why is that bottomless pit still there????

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DANCINTEA2529 7/15/2011 1:38AM

    You gave yourself permission to have fun and it included all these foods and drinks you have done without for some time.
Next time maybe plan for the snacks and the drinks ahead of time and try to pick those that are lower in calories and healthier.....and allow yourself to have fun as often as you can.

you should be able to celebrate your success it has been great!!!!!

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PINKHIGHLITES 7/14/2011 2:20PM

    The pit will always be there until you are able to find a replacment for all the yummy foods and drinks. It takes time and there will be a lot of those days where you become a teenage boy and eat and drink everything in sight. Dont beat yourself up about it. Just sit down and look at what you did and how you can change it. When you are out celebrating something and you know thats a trigger, remember how you felt the last time and start to think about what to change. BUT dont let it ruin your fun. Eat what you want but in smaller portions or share a plate. Drink a large glass of water between drinks. When you get back to your exercises add in a couple reps and go on an extra walk. Im in the same boat with you so I always try to drink just water or a starwberry lemonade and I always try the yummiest healthiest foods.
Keep up the hard work and stay positive!!!

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STALEYK 7/14/2011 2:11PM

    I struggle with this too! Guess it's part of this journey to figure out what our triggers are and learn to deal with them. I enjoy food and trying new things and eating out...UGH! Hang in there friend - you aren't alone! We will get through these hurdles one at a time!

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