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"Won't Power"

Friday, April 09, 2010

I know, we all talk about willpower. I keep thinking of the concept of "Won't Power"

I Won't:
~ eat that brownie
~ sit down in front of TV instead of working out/ walking/ Wii-ing
~ let the bad/mean comments get me down
~ allow the "just this once" disease ruin a weeks worth of hard work
~ have fried food
~ drink soda, diet or regular
~ forget to drink my water
~ stop Sparking
~ ever shop at Layne Bryants again
~ forget about Me and My health

And the biggest Won't of all:
I Won't go back to being the overeating, overweight, less-healthy, ignoring of vegetables, not exercizing, lazy person that I was before joining SparkPeople
emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MEOWMMYX3 4/19/2010 2:30PM

    Very good philosophy! I think I'll try this.

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DRPOOH63 4/11/2010 8:02PM

    This is a great blog! Thanks for sharing - I love this!

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TODAYSAGIFT 4/9/2010 2:53PM

    emoticon blog!

Happy Friday!

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MATT425 4/9/2010 2:17PM

    I'm with You. I Never shopped @ Layne Bryants anyway, Unless it was for my wife. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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YAYSARAHC 4/9/2010 1:46PM

    Heck yes! Awesome idea! I like it and will use it, thank you!

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PEGGO45 4/9/2010 12:52PM

    emoticon emoticon

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EKKING 4/9/2010 12:47PM

    SOOOOO contagious! Thank you for the blog! I like the WON'T attitude. It's much better!

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CELESTIALAXIS 4/9/2010 12:38PM

    Awesome! Your attitude is so positive and contagious! *hugs*


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SWEETNEENI 4/9/2010 12:37PM

    Awesome! I love it. And you can add: Won't ever have to go through this journey alone thanks to SparkPeople. emoticon

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MABTE52 4/9/2010 12:35PM

    I should add your Won't power to my list...Good luck!

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**shhhh** can you hear that sound??

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's the Brownies... I can hear them across the room. emoticon

"We're over here"

"We're all chocolaty yummy home baked goodness"

"Don't worry, you can work it off tomorrow"

Their friends, the chocolate chip pan cookies are chiming in... emoticon

"What's the harm in just one"

"But you know how much you looooove us!"

"Your friend worked so hard to bake us for you to bring for your volunteers on your work trip. Honest, she's not trying to sabotage you"

And I say back to the chunks of chocolaty goodness..



"I have SparkPeople on my side. You evil hunks of fat and cottage cheese thighs! Producers of flabby arms and extra chins"

In the immortal words of Gandalf... I say to you Brownie, and you Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie...

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! ... my lips!!"

I am strong. I will Spark. I CAN!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MNSMOV 4/20/2010 2:53PM

    Love this blog!!! :) You did not get tempted!! Great!!! emoticon

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7777BEV 4/20/2010 1:52PM

    LOL - LOVE this blog!!! I will return to it often to read it for added inspiration for my own won't power. Great, fantastic job at doing it right!!! emoticon emoticon

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7777BEV 4/20/2010 1:51PM

    LOL - LOVE this blog!!! I will return to it often to read it for added inspiration for my own won't power. Great, fantastic job at doing it right!!! emoticon emoticon

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GOLFCHICK2-0 4/9/2010 12:24PM

    I did it! 4 days, 3 nights. 2 gigantic boxes of baked goods. I didn't even have a crumb.

Thank you SparkPeople and especially you, my SparkFriends!! Just knowing that you were watching helped me to fiind my "Won't Power". emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EKKING 4/9/2010 11:28AM

    You tell 'em! BAD food. Great willpower.

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CHRYS13 4/8/2010 8:05PM

    This is great! Smiles and encouraging motivation all in one! emoticon

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MEOWMMYX3 4/6/2010 2:09PM

That was hilarious!

Stay CAN do it.

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TODAYSAGIFT 4/6/2010 11:38AM

    I emoticon this!

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SWEETZMIX 4/6/2010 9:22AM

    That is some pretty powerful stuff. You are freaking awesome!

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CATE195 4/6/2010 8:05AM

    Just send a little of that control this way. PLEASE Thanks! emoticon

Comment edited on: 4/6/2010 8:05:34 AM

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MATT425 4/6/2010 7:59AM

    Smash Those Cookies & brownies with A Bat just Like they were Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go SOXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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VICD25 4/6/2010 7:33AM

    You tell 'em Sister!!
Punch Punch Kick Kick! You are getting stronger every day!


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SWEETNEENI 4/6/2010 6:35AM

    Yes you can! Stay strong!

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JBLINE123 4/6/2010 2:15AM

    I love it!!!! emoticon

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SHARKAR02 4/6/2010 1:43AM

    WOOHOO, So funny, but wonderful control and attitude.

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MADMOMMIEJEM 4/6/2010 1:15AM

    HAHAHAHAHA!! That's fantastic!! Way to go!! emoticon

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PAYDAY10 4/6/2010 1:10AM

  Getting self control over being out of control is the biggest part of being successful. Congratulations on making a good decision.

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Confessions of a Class "A" Pack Rat

Saturday, March 27, 2010

One of the things I am working on, beyond eating healthy and working out more, is de-cluttering my world. If you’ve ever watched the shows on TV, you now know that it’s more than just “stuff”. It’s emotions, attachments, hopes and dreams. Past, present and future all wrapped up in a big cluttered mess.

I read something today that gave me a huge “AHA!!” moment:

A Zen parable tells of a wanderer on a lonely road who came upon a torrential river that had washed out the bridge. So he built a solid and heavy raft, which carried him safely across to the other back. “This is a good raft,” he thought. “If there’s another river ahead, I can use it.” And he carried it for the rest of his life. How often do we hang onto things that served us well at one point in our lives but are no longer relevant or useful? Clutter is something that no longer serves you.
The memories that go along with the ugly out of date handbag that my grandma gave me are still there. I took a picture if I need to remember more. The handbag is in the Goodwill pile. The college sweatshirt that is torn and paint stained is now retired to the recycle bin (I couldn’t bear to use it as a rag, but no one else should have to look at it).

Another thing talked about in the article is the philosophy of SHED:
SEPARATE the treasures – identify the gems that are worth hanging on to.
HEAVE the trash – eliminate what’s weighing you down.
EMBRACE your identity – connect to who you are without all your stuff.
DRIVE yourself forward – explore the direction that connects your genuine self.

The ironic thing is that this advice came out of the January, 2009 House and Beautiful article. Do I really need to keep a magazine for over a year? No. I pulled out the article and recycled the rest.

Now, crank up the stereo and get back to SHEDDing!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DTSOBEL 4/8/2010 12:21AM

    Wonderful words of wisdom. Now for me to just follow it.

Keep up the great job!

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MEOWMMYX3 4/1/2010 1:48PM

    Amazing advice! Thank you.
Never heard the parable or the SHED before. Hope you don't mind but I copied and pasted it on my blog so I can remind myself.
Thanks again.

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GOLFCHICK2-0 3/29/2010 5:33PM

    I haven't had the chance to get my Podcasts updated, but I bet this article is a little something we pack rats could use!

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GOLFCHICK2-0 3/28/2010 2:44PM

    One of the things I have learned is to keep 3 bins ready for whenever I am cleaning

~ Donate bin (Goodwill, Dress for Success, homeless shelter)
~ Toss bin (recycle or trash)
~ Store or organize bin (I use the smallest bin for this one!!)

At least once a week I will empty the bins. Once something goes in the bin, DO NOT TAKE IT OUT!! If I feel that I may still have an attachment to something, I will take a picture.

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LUVMYTHREE1S 3/27/2010 8:45PM

    These sound like some great ideas to start off with! I need to de clutter too and any suggestions are welcome.

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VICD25 3/27/2010 5:50PM

    Spring has sprung in GolfChik's world! WTG!


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TODAYSAGIFT 3/27/2010 5:09PM

    GREAT POST! Thank you!

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MNTWINSGAL 3/27/2010 4:58PM

    Great blog--this hits pretty close to home with me!

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COWGIRLRED83 3/27/2010 4:56PM

  I am with u girl. keep working at it.

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GRAMPIAN 3/27/2010 4:39PM

  Very good advice - thanks! emoticon

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Hotels and conferences and restaurants... oh my!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday afternoon I headed to the airport full of dread. 3 days, little internet connection, no kitchen, lack of control of food prep. I knew I wasn't going to be logging all my food. It's just too hard to figure when your not prepping your own meals.

I ate smart. skipped the (white or sour dough) bread, skip the muffin, skip the cookies. I ate bacon, eggs, as much fruit as I could find. Extra veggies, fish with a little butter sauce, skip the chicken in cream sauce, salads when I could (WHY do they have to put nuts on everything!!, I am mildly allergic)

WOOHOO! 2.5 lbs gone on a weekend where I was traveling, hotels, conference, restaurants. All my friends kept offering me a bite of their fried... whatever, cookies, ice cream, cheesy creamy yummy foods. I kept smiling and saying "No thank you."

One of my friends finally asked me how I was being so strong. I just had to tell her that I when I look at that cookie she offered me for the third time... "I've been working very hard at getting healthy. I just don't think that cookie will taste good enough to see it's calories back on my a$$."

She stopped for a second. Looked at the cookie. Put it down on the plate and just started laughing.

I could hear all of my conference-buddies at the bar laughing it up when I was in the fitness center, walking on the treadmill, doing my upper body exercises, stretching and yoga. And on the next morning when some of them were hungover and not loving life so much, I was smiling and feeling great.

I did it! I conquered the beast! I was able to keep the Spark going when not attached to the internet. Today I am standing a little taller, 15 lbs. lighter than I was on Jan. 10th, stronger and filled with a sense of pride. I CAN DO THIS!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

VICD25 3/27/2010 5:52PM

    And you said you didn't have WILL power! You proved it to us, did you prove it to yourself?


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EKKING 3/23/2010 3:55PM

    That is so awesome! What a great success to keep you boosted and on track. You are incredible - I have NEVER worked out at a hotel. EVER. emoticon

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CELESTIALAXIS 3/23/2010 1:27PM

    Holy awesome Gretchen! Way to go!!! I am so impressed with you!

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NEENSTER1 3/23/2010 1:24PM

    emoticon to you on your 15 pounds gone for good!!!!! emoticon Keep it moving. Take good care. emoticon

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JMERLAU 3/23/2010 12:55PM


ROCK ON!! That's great that you were able to do that well with all the temptations around you!!

I too am traveling this weekend and I hope to do as well as you did, GREAT JOB!!!!

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Transitioning from Wii to a real live trainer...

Monday, March 15, 2010

So here I am after a couple of months with Wii Fit and EA Sports Active and I think I might be ready to put on my big girl panties and go to a real gym with a real live Trainer. Trouble is, I have started some bad habits. If my Wii Trainer is making me do an exercise I don't particularly enjoy or one that is making my muscles scream, I have a bad tendency to yell mean things at my tv. Bad words, words that would make my grandmother reach for the bar of ivory soap.

For the next three weeks, I vow to try really hard to not yell at my virtual trainer. It's one habit I'd best break before going out in public. I have visions of lifting some heavy weights, and my trainer standing there giving me the "Evil Eye" emoticon laughing, til I drop the weights on my head. I'll be safer if I just stay at home!! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GOLFCHICK2-0 3/16/2010 11:54AM

    Not bad... had to bite my tongue a few times last night, flipped her off once or twice. But most of the time I did okay! emoticon

Comment edited on: 3/16/2010 2:33:40 PM

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REDHEAD582 3/16/2010 11:01AM

    I think you could just warn your live trainer beforehand and pick another word to use to let him/her know what you are thinking instead of yelling & "Giraffe Giraffe"!

Or better yet, why not try that at home first! Let me know how it goes. (LOL)

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VICD25 3/16/2010 10:50AM

    Start with simple things, I use "doo doo head", and "ya think, duh?". . .

Just remember, a real trainer can add reps if you act out!!

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SWEETZMIX 3/16/2010 10:16AM

    You can do it! Just make sure you are comfortable.

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CELESTIALAXIS 3/15/2010 8:10PM

    You can do it! =)

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