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Jumping on the A-Z bandwagon...

Friday, February 05, 2010

A is for Age: 42... and counting
B is for Booze: Beer, wine, vodka, rum... just nothing served with pop!
C is for Career: Manager of Handicapping and Course Rating (Golf Courses)
D is for Dad's name: Norman
E is for Essential items to bring to a party: Artichoke/Spinach dip
F is for Favorite song or music: anything I can dance to!
G is for Goof off thing to do: ROLLER COASTERS!!
H is for Hometown: Marshfield, MA
I is for Instrument you play: Cello
J is for Jam orJelly you like: Grandma's strawberry rhubarb jamMmmmmm.
K is for Kids: none
L is for Living arrangement: just Me and an orchid I have somehow kept alive for 3 years
M is for Mom's name: Pat, Patsy
N is for Best Friend's Name: DNise
O is for Overnight Stay in a Hospital: Hysterectomy (almost 6 years ago!!)
P is for Phobias: Serious fear of public speaking
Q is for Quote you like: "Do or Do Not, there is no try!" ~Yoda
R is for Relationship that lasted longest: 6 or 7 months... *sigh* (I don't get it... I'm a catch!)
S is for Siblings: 2 older brothers
T is for Texas, ever been?: Just the airports ;-)
U is for Unique trait : I love to go to the movies alone!
V is for vegetable you love: zuccini
W is for Worst traits: Not good about finishing things. I have so many projects started...
X- is for X-rays you've had: broken collar bone '87 when I tried to fly instead of riding my bike
Y is for Yummy food you make: chocolate chip, oatmeal cookies *sigh* now it's veggie soup.
Z is for Zodiac sign: Gemini

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DIAMORROW1 2/5/2010 4:35PM

    COOL... emoticon

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Another one bites the dust...

Monday, February 01, 2010

And now I have Queen running through my head. Although I have changed the words to "Another *Pound* Bites the Dust". Yep, one more pound never to be seen again. A little off the belly, a little off the legs... does it show in my face yet???? emoticon

"and another one gone, and another one gone... another pound bites the dust"

Celebrate every pound, my fellow Sparklers! Be proud of what we have earned. Health, fitness, better clothes. One pound at a time...

Because emoticon "We are the champions... " of our bods! emoticon

We CAN!!

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GOLFCHICK2-0 2/20/2010 5:45PM

    Well, I did it. I just finished re-writing the song and posted a new blog...

Tee hee hee!! emoticon

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GOLFCHICK2-0 2/3/2010 3:34PM

    That's it... I'm going to reword the whole song... New Blog Post to follow. I'll throw the link up here when I'm done.

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IMJAMS5 2/3/2010 12:34PM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! You know this will be in our heads now! THANK YOU!!!

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GOLFCHICK2-0 2/1/2010 4:52PM

    I keep hearing the song running through my head. Before that I was thinking of it as it was "only" a pound. Shoot, it took weeks and months to get that pound on my body and ONLY one week to burn it off.

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DELAWICKED1 2/1/2010 4:30PM

    Your blog was cute. I like that, Another Pound bites the dust. I will probably never hear that song the same way again.

Congrats on the weight loss and continued success to you.

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    Now you have me dancing at my desk. Good for you!

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Hehe. I love emoticons.

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DUMBELLE 2/1/2010 3:56PM

    Way to go girl!

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Diet cola it's got no calories... can't be that bad... can it?

Monday, January 25, 2010

I was never a purist... diet soda, Coke, Pepsi, ooohh the new Peach Fresca mmm... but it was diet, it had to be good for me.

It's been 2 weeks since I've had a drop. WOW, my taste buds have changed! I heard the tales about how the sweeteners in diet products make you crave more sweets. Never mind the possible side effects of the chemicals and the fact that the carbonation leeches the calcium out of your bones.

Here is my little tiny take on that. I used to only eat the "light" version of yogurt. It has no fat, fruit bits, not a lot of nutrition and fake sugar. I hadn't had any in a while and now I can't even eat it now. YUCK! it's like eating sweetened slime! My taste for sweets has gone down so much since not drinking the "fizzy diet killer in a can". I have even had to cut back on some of my favorite protein/snack bars. (Which, by the way, all had more sugar and fake evil sugar in them too).

I am trying the real good greek yogurt which can have fruit added, have more savory ingredients added or be used as a sour cream substitute or in recipes.
what it does to your teeth!
and heart risks..

Goodbye and good riddance Diet colas! Peach Fresca, I will miss you the most.


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MAMATOONE 1/26/2010 8:12PM

    I've been trying so hard for so long to ignore all of the negatives about diet soda, it is my first true love...but I am going to do it too, and I hope that kicking it will decrease my yearning for sweets too. Good for you!!

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CELESTIALAXIS 1/25/2010 8:31PM

    A little bit of white wine will hit the spot. ;-)

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GOLFCHICK2-0 1/25/2010 8:23PM

    Funny thing, I'm actually drinking less alcohol too. No rum or Captain Morgan with the diet cola, no vodka with the peach fresca. Even less empty calories... and liver damage!

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CELESTIALAXIS 1/25/2010 7:14PM

    Just trying to get my 8 glasses of water a day has left me drinking diet soda maybe twice a week, instead of twice a day! I always have a water bottle with me. We bought some Poland Springs sparkling naturally flavored water. Very yummy, and no evil fake sugar! I just don't have room to drink soda after I get thru all that water.


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MPRESS56 1/25/2010 7:13PM

    Good for you. Another reason not to drink any carbonated beverages is that they stretch out your stomach so you want to eat more. I haven't had any in 3 years. Once about a year ago I took a sip of my husband's diet coke by mistake, boy did it taste yucky.

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MARJIJANE 1/25/2010 7:04PM

    Well, you certainly have turned a corner! You can see a strong correlation to your hunger and the "diet craving" drinks of your past. Oh, you can have one on occasion, but if you're like me, you will opt for a different drink, 99.99% of the time!

Best wishes on your continued journey!



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It could have been a whole lot worse!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

This weekend I went to visit a friend in CA. I knew we would be going out to a sporting event, eating out a bunch, going to a bar to hear a band, and heading into San Francisco. I was very worried about losing (or rather gaining!) all that I had learned and worked for in the last two weeks.

With SparkPeople at my side, I was able to make better food decisions, better drink decisions, even get in some walking as well as have a great time, drink a little bit, and eat well. Even managed to get my 8+ glasses of water in every day!

Stepped on the scale this morning (still a little worried...) and still lost 1.5 lbs!!

Monday is my normal weigh in day. I set it there specifically, because I was doing WW a few years ago, and learned how to cheat the system (cheat myself!). I would weigh in on Friday, eat a little more than I needed, drink a little more than I should all weekend long and then start half starving myself all week till Friday again. Not a good cycle. Monday morning keeps me honest.

Thank you SparkPeople!! emoticon

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CELESTIALAXIS 1/25/2010 12:41PM


You did awesome! Moderation is key. I had pizza and cake at Rena's birthday yesterday and still didn't go over on calories. We can do it!

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Big weekend ahead!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've been Sparkling for just under 2 weeks. And now, I'm going away from the weekend. Heading to see an old friend and her family, see an AC/DC cover band and wander around San Francisco a bit. I am a little worried about computer access, eating out, and I know, there will be a little drinking too. Here's what I'm going to plan on doing... NOT go near Ghirardelli's Last time I had a hot fudge sundae I could take a bath in. No sourdough bread bowls full of full cream clam chowder or other over the top seafood.

I WILL write down everything, but I may not get it in the computer till Monday or Tuesday. I am a little worried... but I'm going to do my damndest to stick to the program.

May the Spark follow me on my journey!!

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GOLFCHICK2-0 1/25/2010 12:09PM

    WooHoo!! I made some good food decisions, better drink decisions, still drank most of my water and got in some walking... All in all still lost 1.5 lbs for my regular Monday weigh in!!

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GOLFCHICK2-0 1/21/2010 8:46PM

    Yup, I've been doing some logging on my blackberry. It just takes too long when I should be visiting with an old friend. It's the posting and blogs and all the extra stuff I'll be missing. Along with the fear of controlling my eating.

Comment edited on: 1/21/2010 10:33:14 PM

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CELESTIALAXIS 1/21/2010 8:22PM

    Do you have an iPhone? Or some sort of smartphone? There's a SparkPeople app for iPhone, or you can enter online on a Blackberry.

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