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Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Today I had like 4 cups of coffee. I set the pot to trigger at 8:30 this morning and it brewed while we slept in. Nitz didnt drink much of it, so I greedily chugged the stuff. I love Sunday coffee. I usually have a cup a day at work (along with 2 mugs of green tea, water, and an ginger tea at bedtme) but since I havent been to work in 5 days, I havent had caffiene at all. I find it very cleansing, as well as recharging and empowering to drink. I hate the taste of some coffee, but a gourmet cup makes me feel invincible. Sorry, guys, but Tim Hortons can't do it for me. I find it tastes burnt. Not sure why. Guess Im not really Canadian, despite my family being here for 7-8 generations. I love maple syrup though!

So after 4 cups of it and an hour and a half chat with my mother, (she calls every other sunday, without fail) I felt super jumpy awesome!! I grabbed the mister clean magic eraser and proceeded to clean the entire bathroom. I just got up mid-blog to dust. Awesome.

We are having a friend over today to watch the super bowl. This will involve pizza and beer, but our friend is a vegetarian so the food is usually quite healthy. He's been working out a lot and very food concious, so we try to support him as best we can. He's a vegetarian because of his background mostly, but he's developed a dislike for the taste and texture of meat anyway. He's not one to shun us for embracing our inner carnivore, it's just a preference he has. I admire that. Nitz will be cheering for the Packers today and his friend will be cheering for the other team (honestly, I cant remember what the name of that team is.....Steeler? Forgive me, since it has been Packer mania here for the last month) just to make things interesting. Nitz has a cheesehead he's gonna wear (I acquired it from Joe at work) so he'll look incredibly ridiculous. I intend to take photos.

I am not a fan of football, but this game I watch because there is so much enthusiam behind it. I honeslty dont understand the game. The concept eludes me every single time! I have tried very hard to understand the nuances, but I suppose in the end I dont care too much. I put my energy into other things. cleaning the bathroom ;-)

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KTTYK713 2/6/2011 2:28PM

    Hahahah awesome! I'm worried for today and that I might eat too much. We'll see how it goes!!! :)

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Friday, February 04, 2011

Ab spectacular!!!

Today is productive and it isnt even noon! I did all my core exercises and I took out the weighted boxing gloves I recently bought and did some arm and back toning. I love these gloves. Dante was trying to catch them as I sat on the floor and flung my arms around, but it's okay, he's cute and cuddly.

I threw on a jacket and ran out and did the recycling, Then I grabbed my wallet and ran back downstairs and darted across the street to buy milk. I found a few magazines I wanted to read and bought those too.

As I was Jay-walking across the street, which I hate myself for, I noticed a man who looked like a cop. I think I died by a cop's hand in a past life, because no matter how innocent I am, they make me nervous. I went in the building and proceeded to get my mail and the cop came in. He was so chipper! He said he saw me come in and didnt realize that all our buildings werent connected, so he admitted he followed me in. My buildings are independant from all the others (three buildings: A, B, and C), with a common courtyard in the centre we all face. I saw him starting to tape something to the door, so I asked him what was going on. I thought they were going to force all the cars off of the street to plow (I wish!!) but that wasnt the case.

He explained they were doing an audit of a building nearby and if we had issues that the manager has failed to address in our unit that we were welcome to stop by. They exist to make sure apartment dwellers have the best living experience imaginable and we arent taken advantage of. I asked if our window would get looked at. It was installed upside down or something and its drafty. He said thats exactly the stuff they look for. The only problem is that the audit is next thursday between 10am-2pm and I have to work. I called Nitz and left him a voicemail to see if he'll be off that day. I doubt it, but it's nice to have this opportunity. We should bring up the leak too. If the rain is really bad, our window in the living room leaks because it isnt sealed right somehow.

I assure you, I dont live in squalor! It's just an old building, built in 1920. Movies were shot here. Jennifer Lopez walked these halls. That's kind of neat.

So it has been an exciting day so far, and it's not even noon!!

Im going to do a few more workouts and then read my magazines. Work is done for the day. Excellent!

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GOLDCHOCOBO 4/16/2011 6:39PM

    Actually, it was! Good guess!!

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FANCEEG 4/16/2011 5:16PM

  Oooh, Jennifer Lopez eh?? Was it from Angel Eyes?? I remember there were some apartment scenes in that movie I think!

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Snow? Bah!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

I decided to book wednesday, thursday and friday off this week. There are a few reasons for that:

1) Toronto was calling for snow, and I personally couldnt be bothered to drive to work in it. My boss thought a vacation day was fine for this.

2) My boyfriend has this weekend off, so I will get no me time. It's superbowl sunday, so I will sitting on the couch with a glass of wine pretending I know what the hell is going on.

3) I hate February so much I need to get away from it for a few days.

Honestly, no one knows how much I hate this month. The storms find us, the cold finds us, the nights seem extra dark and the days are short and bitterly cold. It is the shortest month on paper, but in my eyes it is the longest month of the year. I get seasonal affective disorder to some extent, so I just wasn't ready to face this month yet.

Yesterday we woke up to snow and I wish Toronto would shut up about it. I shovelled for an hour yesterday, though I didnt have to, I wanted to be very thorough and the exercise was thrilling! I would just like to take this time to apologize to the USA. Canada, well Toronto at least, has dodged winter quite effectively thus far, and to complain about this storm is ludicrous. My father told me that the plows were pulled off the road yesterday but Toronto got off easy. The USA is truly the one suffering this year, and I hope spring comes very soon for them. I too know what this is like, but we have avaoided it......for now. February is very good at ambushing me with snow when I think Im okay.

To occupy my mind and body through this terrible, icky, mind-numbing month (even Valentines day cant save it!!) I have taken up kick boxing and studying french. There are quite a few jobs available that are high earning if you pass a french proficiency test, so I am bettering my language skills. And kickboxing, well, tres formidable, non? I am taking a break today because shovelling really beat me up yesterday so I am taking a day of rest. I look forward to better both mind and body as the days progress. Who would have thought I would LIKE studying? Certainly not me! I think it's because the pressure is off and I can go at my own pace.

Well that's all for now. Enjoy your day, sparkers!!

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NIGHTPOET00 2/3/2011 3:39PM

    That's awesome! Care to teach me le francais, por favor? Uh oh, I think my bilingual-ness is doomed before it begins...

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New Year and Already I Feel Better

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I feel quite proud of myself in sticking to a decent floor and cardio routine. I was even thrilled to buy a kickboxing DVD that came with weighted gloves. The gloves arent heavy but a little resistance is better than none at all. Im going to try the cardio portion when Im done on here!

I actually feel excited to work out when I get home now, so to me this is a great feeling! I like feeling productive like that and cooking meals I know are good for my body. I hope it's an addiction!

Speaking of addiction, I am drawn to reality TV on weekends. It's distressing but a good lesson come out of it!

I was watching a show called "Holly's World". It's about former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison (ex girlfriend of Hugh Hefner) and her adventures in Vegas as she does an event called "Peepshow". She a very grounded woman that likes to have fun, so she took off to Miami for a week while her assistant filled in for a getaway.

When she came back she met up with the creator of "Peepshow" and she regaled everyone with tales of how she ate grilled cheese sandwiches every night and drank red one and generally enjoyed herself. She was a very happy girl! Her manager told her she needed to lose weight, post haste, because grilled cheese sandwiches arent what a Bunny eats.

Holly's face fell. She looked utterly deflated. Then she got mad. "You're saying I'm FAT?"

"No," he insisted carefully, "You just need to tone up a little."

"But I have curves! I cant look like those twiggy backup dancers! They're shaped like boys."

"You are on a 10 story poster on the side of the hotel. We feel that you dont look like the poster anymore."

"Yes I do! You want to turn me into a BOY!"

"No I --"

"A BOY!" She looked defeated again and muttered "Fine..." before leaving. Later that day she was seen eating a salad while her friends were eating chicken wings.

I felt bad for Holly. Her ego took a major beating, and she honestly felt great about herself before that guy opened his big mouth. He really got under her skin, and she felt forced to resign to the fact. I loved that she loved her curves and felt that's what made her feel confident. Even Bunnies have insecure days. When I feel less than 100% I think of Holly and know that no one is confident with their body 24/7. We are all human.


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mine was good too! Very busy but good.

I woke up on Christmas day and had my first ever christmas day with my boyfriend. For the past few years, Nitz would go to his family and I would go to mine, mostly because Nitz`s family are `Christmas Nazis`, people who need Christmas one way and a change is very upsetting. I put my fit down this year and said Nitz was visiting my family because they miss him and I was going home on Christmas day. His mother was upset at this, but she warmed up to it and eventually was thrilled that I could join them. We would leave and go to my parent`s house after we visited them. Unfortunately it is a 2 hour the deer country. She didnt know this and let us go early. Fine by me. We all get sick of each other at the 2 hour mark anyways, as with any other family.

Nitz gave me PJ`s (I was angry to find mine had gotten ruined in the wash), a bluetooth headset, an expansion pack for Sims 3, and Dante gave me necklaces. Nitz also gave me all the Shrek DVDs. I gave him a DVD season of a show he likes and an HBO series, a book, a belt he needed badly, and Dante got him cute little Super Mario tins full of candy.

My brother got me DDR for the PS3, but it has a dancepad I am not used to at all. We also found the Move for the PS3, a motion activated controller, similar to the Wiimote. So we have some active toys too!!

I bought a bunch of clothes on boxing day for work.... Im the only person at work tomorrow, which annoys me a little (I volunteered in the sense that everyone looked at me and I felt pressure to volunteer, our patient service centres need coverage and our office is closed. Why me...)

But no one wants to hear about my work woes (there are more than enough of them right now, and I would rather not revisit the bullcrap at the moment). I hope everyone has a great holiday and a safe a happy new year. Please dont drink and drive! And be very careful!!


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