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Poor Bedside Manner

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Doctor is a jerk.

I took today and tomorrow off as a vacation. I decided I was going to pick up more birth control pills because I was on my last pack. Oops. So I go to my Clinic and eventually get called in and I see my Doctor. Dr. N. I HATE this guy.

I was hoping he wasnt working today so one of the other doctors could write my prescription and push me out the door like they always do I was stuck with this D-Bag. He has no bedside manner whatsoever and he calls me out right away:

"It's been 3 years since your last pap, you need to have a pap. It's serious stuff..." and he launches on a lecture about having pap smears every year and I just look at him and wait for him to finish. This man doesnt realize I tried to book pap a couple of times before and they fall through one way or another. I levelly tell him that Im booking one on my way out, actually.

"You need one every year," he says again. 'We could be feeding estrogen to a cancer and not know it. This is serious stuff."

I have estrogen in my body anyways, and the smartass in me bubbled up to make this comment known but the sensible side pushed it back back down. "Yup."

I ask him what his schedule is, so I can book something around that time (actually I was going to book something opposite of his time. I hate him so friggin much....) and he pompously says "The girls at the reception know my schedule, have a good day," and he disappears to probably pick on a Somalian woman which made me mad to think that he likely treats all his patients in a callous and bullying manner. I told the receptionist that I was wanting to a book a pap for Dr. N. The receptionist says "Who? In this clinic?" Yes, and I guess he thinks he's a celebrity but they didnt recognize his name. That made me laugh a little and feel a bt better.

I got my oil changed too (IF YOU DONT DO IT EVERY THREE MONTHS YOUR CAR WILL GET CANCER!!!!) and went home, feeling frustrated and annoyed but much better now. But now I have to leave work at an inconvenient timeon monday and deal with this procedure, then wait for results and then deal with him one last time. Bleeeech.

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Bugger I hate Pap tests. I don't care if they save my life there's nothing good about having all sorts of instruments poked into orifices they don't belong.

I never get the male doctors to do it either, always the females, at least they know what it's like to be perched up on the table waiting. You ever thought about the fact that they don't make the guys go through this with a prostate exam. I don't see a speculum the size of Texas being shoved up their whatzit!!

I'm glad you are looking after your car, can't have that getting cancer. emoticon

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METALLICAT1 10/1/2010 2:07AM

    Glad you're better after that stupid Dr. appt. It's a pity that a lot of drs nowadays are real jerks. They should take a course in people skills. The only good dr. I really know is my chiropractor. Hope you can get a new dr. or just don't see him again. Glad the car is better too.

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5 Years

Friday, September 24, 2010


Today is our 5 year anniversary. My previous relationship was 3 months. Yeah, definitely a new record.

In order to commemorate it, I bought him a watch to celebrate the passage of time. I thought it was very symbolic!

I gave it to him a bit early but he loves it! I gave him a watch for christmas too, but this one is so classy! He's going to wear it to dinner tonight. Im looking forward to it a lot. The weather is a little iffy right now, it's 37C (hot!) and very windy but the rain is holding. Today is a great day indeed!

Nitz and I met on the internet. *shifty eyes* I kinda feel like a loser saying that because 6 years ago, not many people did that stuff. I met him on Yahoo Messenger and I was dorking around in a chatroom and he messaged me out of the blue, saying he saw my profile said I was Canadian and he knew I wasnt a bot. (Yahoo chat is FULL of bots now. I don't use it at all anymore. I rarely chat come to think of it, but back then that's all I did.) We were both bored so we chatted that night. Mostly because he didnt ask to see my boobs.

I added him to my list but I thought he was a bit of a grump and one day I was teased him about being Peter Parker ("A journalist? Like Peter Parker?") and he snapped at me a bit. I decided he was lame and blocked him (chat buddies are a dime a dozen, I trade them like texts there's so many!) and went on with my life. He was still on my list, but he never knew I was on. One day I unblocked him and he messaged me. We started talking and he was much nicer. I decided he was cool after that.

We talked a fair amount. I started to really like him. He was from the city and I really wanted to meet him. I started talking about him to my parents so they'd know who he was. Humanize him if you will, so they wouldnt think he was some nobody. I started to flirt a little and I thought he was flirting back. Then I saw he updated his profile and I asked what this one cryptic statement meant:

"It's a count down until I go visit someone, a girl." This was his girlfriend I found out. I guess we'd been chatting for a month or so then. Please, dont misunderstand, this wasnt deception. This was a new friendship we were exploring and he is a fairly private person. I felt really sad. But something in me said she wasnt competition. I dont know how to explain it, but didnt see him as a conquest, more like a person I felt I had a connection with and now I cant fully explore that connection because there was a girlfriend boundary. Okay, fine, whatever. Somehow I knew I'd be with him eventually and she'd go away.

Girlfriends come and go.

And she did. I didnt like her, (not because she was with him but because she treats people like garbage and expects them to be okay with that) and when they broke up I was a comforting friend but deep down I felt she was never good enough for him. I got accepted into a Toronto school a few months after that and he said he would meet up with me and show me around the city.

I just moved into Rez the day before and I met him at the bus stop near my Rez. I blurted out "You're tall!" and he laughed as his hugged me. I still can't live it down. He took me to the CNE (a fair to our lovely non-canadian readers) and escorted me back home (even though my rez was on the East side of town and he lived on the West side) and he called me every day. There was comfort and chemistry there.

One day he called me in the evening like usual and we talked for 2 hours. At the end of our convo he said:

"What are you doing this weekend?"

"Meh, nothing. Why?"

"Wanna go out?"


"I mean, on a date?"

We had been out before but always as friends. I got so excited all of a sudden but I wanted to sound cool so all I said was "Sure." I still wont live that one down either. Our first date was Sept 15 2005, and we decided to 'go steady' as my father says (lol!) on Sept 24. We have been inseparable since.

Since then we have been a unified front and though there are bumps on the way we try to approach them with understanding and empathy. I find stepping out of yourself and listening to what the issue is outside of a personal space grounds everything (like why shout at someone for not doing dishes?? Just do them and remind them that it is important. He understands.) Having a level or trust and letting each other know they are appreciated and cherished works well too.

These last five years have been an adventure, and I cant wait to see what the next five years brings! And the five after that! So exciting!

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EUPHRATES 9/26/2010 7:52AM

    That's awesome!
I met my mate on livejournal on September 17, 2006 - I was poking around profiles bored at work one night, and he looked interesting so I friended him. He commented on a post on my LJ the following day (and friended me back). I called him the first time on his birthday (Oct. 16th) while we were both at work, and we haven't missed a 4am phone call since. We met face to face for the first time on December 17th (2 days after MY birthday - he was in town for a concert), he drove 4 hours from Kent *just to see me* on February 17th (yeah, there's a bunch of 17s there), and the longest separation after that was about 4 weeks (which nearly killed me). He moved here and we moved in together on August 4, 2007 and it's been a glorious adventure ever since. :D

YAY for internet romance!

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I bet you're glad you unblocked your Yahoo. emoticon

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MARYMAC45 9/24/2010 10:34PM

    Congrats on 5 years. I hope all goes well for you both and are celebrating 5 years from now.

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I need a vacation....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I frigging hate this week.

As the only ops person at work I am swamped and I know I cant possibly do everything and I HATE that feeling. My boyfriend is feeling the same at his job as well. Im honestly thinking we should book a weekend in Niagara Falls or something. I hate hate HATE work right now. I have 2 more days to go before June returns but I still have to help her out on Monday and get her caught up on everything. Im getting a lot of sympathy from people I work with, but it's not helping because it makes me feel like a failure for their pity.

I had to stay late tonight. Not a huge deal because Nitz is working the night shift, so I was going to do late today and a late tomorrow, but they changed Nitz shift to 9-5 and now I still have to clean up at work so the numbers reflect the sales at the end of the month. I am so mad at myself because I'll probably have to stay SUPER late just to get it all done while Nitz is at home and I could be with him. I should have anticipated this. Nitz's boss has a million personal problems right now and I should have known he'd flake. UGHHH!

I admit though that the time after 5 was bliss. I was alone to crunch numbers. No phones, no emails, no one bugging me, no meetings. I was actually enjoying myself, and encouraging myself to keep going.

2 more days and then it's the weekend. Good Lord, please deliver me! I am just so annoyed and frustrated with everything and if I get a zit because of this someone is going to pay!!! I just recovered from a year long break out and to undo it all because of a few crappy days at work.....I wont even contemplate it.

On top of all this (Im sure it doesnt help any....) it is that dreadful time of the womanly cycle....and that came early! I ALWAYS get it in the morning on tuesday (I am on the pill so I can pretty much predict this with 100% accuracy) but it showed up monday at 4:45pm, when I was about to get in my car and tackle rush hour so I caught it in time. Dodged that bullet. ANNNND because of TOM, I feel fat and bloaty and I cant stop glaring at my midsection and feeling undesirable. I question everything I put in my face, and judge myself for it. I really dont need this too!!!

So needless to say Im taking one day at time because that's all I can do. I hate to be compliany, but I dont want to bottle this in because that isnt healthy at all. Please forgive me in this rant, but I truly needed to get it out. I just want to find a hot tub where I soak in it for an hour and just forget about numbers and status updates and bookings. *sob!!*


Busy week over, busier week ahead.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A week down. I was without June and so much is going on without her there!! It's quite stressful at times. I have to book random appointments, organize collections, answer questions, fend off my boss, maintain accounts, set up accounts and approve invoices. I am getting a bit of help from my sales team/partners but it's a LOT and I know I;ve dropped a few things. June is off for one more week. Maybe then I can take a few days off...

Next week is a big week! The 20th is my boyfriend's birthday, and the 24th is our five year anniversary. I bought him a 'super present': one that is both budgets of birthday and anniversary (I will post a picture of it when the day finally arrives). He said that it wasnt fair to give him 2 presents, and it's his fault he asked me out when he did, lol. I saw a restuarant close to home that we havent tried that looked nice and we decided to go there on the 24th at night. He has the 24th off, but I cant take it off because June is away and Im covering. We arent people that HAVE to celebrate on the day anyway it it comes to that. I look forward to trying the restaurant. It looks really nice! I told Nitz his birthday dinner is on me. I dont know what he'll decide to go to but I doubt it'll be fancy.

Nitz is a terriffic boyfriend. He does chores without complaining, he works hard, and he lets me know he appreciates me. We both have the same outlook on life and even though I have a day or two when he annoys me (I like to be alone sometimes) we mesh together quite well. My parents like him and although they used to harp on me because he doesnt have a driver's license I just tell them that it doesnt keep me awake at night so why should it bother them? They havent mentioned it in quite a while, so I suppose they've made peace with it. If that's the most of my problems I guess Im damn lucky in the world of men.

So there are a few days that may be a bit higher in carbs, fat and sugar, but I will keep it under control the best I can.

Tomorrow is Nitz's birthday party at his parent's house. I havent seen them in a little while so we are due for a visit. It's funny because Nitz's little brother is starting puberty so when I come around he makes sure he's looking good all the time. I have been told I cannot visit at night because he freaks out and gets all self concious because he's already in his pajamas. Oh to be 12 again.... LOL The party will have cake an icecream and burgers and salad. It's easy enough to dodge the's practically the same cake every year and it's boring and safe so Im never even tempted to indulge in it. It will be nice to visit again, even though we dont all see life the same way.

Enjoy your friday, Sparkers!

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    He sounds like a great guy. They are few and far between and you are lucky enough to find a goodie.

Ah puberty, I may be 55 but I remember how self conscious you are at that age. Jammies are not the proper clothes for visitors!!
emoticon emoticon

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Busy Week, Complete With Food Landmines

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I have about an hour until I go rescue my friend at the mall. She has to return something and needs support and an opinion and I felt like I could lend a hand.

This week has been off and on. Nitz cooked for me and made a veggie stir fry and I had that for lunch one day at work, tuna wraps a few days, I've been doing my exercises and training, trying to keep the green tea to 2 cups a day and add an extra few cups of water here and there, but there are times that are trying for me.

My coworker Joe is a nice guy and he occasionally brings in treats when he feels that he has asked quite a bit of June and myself during the week. Last week he brought in cinnabuns, but he purposefully went out of the way to get the ones with the most cream cheese icing possible. I was a good girl for the better part of the week, since Joe had been hinting that this was coming, and I was prepared. He gave me my bun and I ate it over the course of the day (it takes me a good 3 hours to eat anything like that, but I was working so it wasn't a huge deal) using a fork so I wouldnt wreck my keyboard. The icing was very thick so I tried to shove it aside. It was darn good!!

...until June looked at the nutritional information.

June is a monster I created. She claims she gained weight after getting this job (she's been there a year before me) and I told her to start looking at the nutritional values of things and getting an eye for numbers when she can. So it's my own fault she she picked up the box and yelled "JOE!!!! This is 37% of our daily fat intake! EWWWWW!"

Joe told her to stop overreacting. "That means you can eat two and still be under your fat content," he rationalized aloud.

"They are 600 calories EACH!"

I lower my fork. Suddenly it doesnt taste that great anymore. Suddenly I feel bloated and gross. I pitch the remaining contents of my bun in the garbage, feeling carb guilt.

"SO? You can eat 3 of them and still be under 2000 calories," Joe is teasing June now. And June throws a balled up napkin at him. June is tiny. She's 5 foot 2 and her parents came to Canada from China when she was *This tall* (I assume she means the age of seven...) so seeing June throw a mock tantrum is really funny.

In the end it was only Joe that finished his bun completely and without remorse. I told June to take the remaining two home so she could share with her boyfriend, he's a pretty big guy and the impact would be less. She told me she split one with him on one day and had a bit the next day. No harm, no foul.

Yesterday I was organizing something because I have to be at an event on Sunday for the Lab. I dont really want to be, but Joe is up north and I agreed to do it as a favor. As Im working on gathering supplies I smell the heavenly odor of cheese bread. Great. Query team made bagels. She spies me, says I need one, tucks it in the toaster and takes off. So I rescue it and butter it and present it to June.

"Want some?"

"No, she gave me some already. Dont eat it all though. Looks like it's a lot of calories!" Yes, June is my own personal frankenstein. She wasnt always like this.

I nibbled at it, but I had to take a really long call and it went cold so it's a blessing in disguise that I pitched most of it.

Nitz and I havent had much time for cooking and we have eaten out a few times but I have the power to say no to him and he takes no offence. Yesterday we were at Swiss Chalet. I ordered a chicken breast quarter dinner with a salad (dressing on the side please!) a multigrain roll and veggie medley. Nitz ordered the same. We were quite proud of ourselves! We ended up taking our pie home and eating it MUCH later but it was more satisfying knowing you were really good about it and you could 'afford' to eat that.

On an unrelated note, I went ahead and changed my cell phone plan. My contract was up and wanted to take my handheld in another direction so I called them and arranged for a contract heavy on the dataplan and minimal on the voice plan. I dont really 'talk' on my phone, so I might as well use it for getting directions, showtimes, double checking addresses, etc etc, I feel I can get more out of my phone this way. It gets delivered next week sometime. I think it might come on Monday, here's hoping! I'm very excited. I wont have to be tethered to the PC anymore get online/networking updates. Yay!

Well I guess I should head to the mall. Enjoy your weekend, Sparkers!


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