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New Shoes! And an Earthquake.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's been a little while since I posted on here but I just wanted to let you guys know life is chugging along just fine. My old keyboard was acting up and blogging would have been quite difficult. It wasnt capitalizing the letter A and capitalizing all sorts of other letters that shouldnt be and it was a lovely headache. So now any typos I make are my own. This post may be a bit longer because I need to catch up!!

My boyfriend has gotten sick these past few days so I've been helping hjim out a little. His cough has lessened but he still came home from work early last night because he couldnt keep up. Boys and girls are different when they are sick. I just lay in a corner for privacy and wait until it passes. Nitz complains. Boys complain about all sorts of aches and pains. I just tolerate them. He still insisted on going with me to fix my car. It was only a brake job that it needed, and it cost less than I though, but still, now I have a credit card bill to pay....

Yesterday I met up with a good friend of mine and we went shopping on Outlet Row. You can find all sorts of awesome deals there, and it's all good stuff! Since we both dont have a ton of money, we toured up and down the Row. My friend found a nice dress for $20 (retail $110) and a three cute tops for $10. I think she probably spent about $40, but got $300 worth of stuff. I was a little more restrained. I bought heels for work ($30...I think they were $70...) and a crochet wrap for summer nights for $10. I wanted to buy everything. I have a thing for shoes. I work in an office but I love sky high heels. I truly believe a sexy pair of high heels boosts confidence, corrects posture, puts a little wiggle in your walk and drops 10 pounds from your frame. Want to dress thin? Wear a cute pair f dark jeans and pair it with heels. You'll feel so sexy. My friend opts for ballet flats (she's taller than me with weak ankles so heels arent a good idea for her, at least not high ones.) She wanted to come home with a air of cute shoes too but didnt find any. Either way her boyfriend is getting a fashion show when she sees him next.

The other day Ontario had an earth quake! I was at work (in cute shoes!!) and trying to type something very fast. I was concentrating pretty hard because I was on a deadline. My coworker, June, asks me if I felt that.

"Felt what?"

"My monitor just shook. My chair just moved."

I stoped tpig and took the time to become aware. chair just bounced under me! It freaked me out. June asked if maybe someone a bit bigger walked by the cubicles. Sometimes we feel footfalls like that. No one had walked by. We shrugged and June got up to photocopy something when someone from IT said "Did you feel the earthquake just now?"

It didnt "FEEL" like an earthquake to us, just a weird hiccup of some sort. I went online and saw my brother sent me a message. He lives 2 hours north of me and he said his whole apartment shook and his fridge moved. So it was an earthquake! In Ontario! Turns out it was a 5.5 one at the Ontario/Quebec border. A friend of mine in Ottawa said that his whole office shook and ceiling tiles fell down. I cant imagine how he got back to work after that....

I feel thinner. Im sure how I mean that. I just feel it. Like my stamach stays in better and my 'pooch' is smaller and everything just fits better but I dont know if I lost weight. I have been walking a lot, so Im sure that helps. Tomorrow we have guests over so I will try to eat well and limit my alcohol consumption, especially since Im back to work on Friday (I had to chew up some vacation days). Today Im going to make banana cake but Im making a lighter version of it (I dont need to use oil if I double the bananas). I wont be able to bake when the next heat wave comes on Sunday (I mean, who wants to??) so I'd better do it now!

Well Im going to sign off and get my day going. I have to get gas because the Harmonized Sales Tax kicks in tomorro and I totally forgot that messes with gas prices. I can never just relax!!! LOL


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JOONYBABE 6/30/2010 9:56AM

    Congrats on the bargain deals and feeling thinner! It's great to see numbers drop on the scale but I find it even nicer if you can physically see the changes (yesterday i had an old pair of pants on that looked three times too big in the thighs - fantastic! I really don't need an excuse to go shopping but thats as good as any!) K-W felt the earthquake too, I didn't where I was but a lot of higher buildings did, crazy!
Keep up the good work! emoticon

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Blue Jays Won

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a day yesterday!

We got up and made some coffee and breakfast, and we met Nitz's boss at the store at11:30. We got in Boss's car and drove to the Skydome, had a hotdog before the game and went inside. The food is so overpriced inside the dome so it's much more practical to eat before you go in. We settled into our seats and Nitz got me a beer. Because Boss cant drink due to his meds, Nitz also got some peanuts to snack on so he wouldnt feel left out.

I dont know what it is about ballpark peanuts, but they taste so much better than regular boring peanuts. Realizing they are likely drenched in salt, I only ate a dozen of them or so.

The Skydome (now named 'The Rogers Centre' but no one calls it that, at least, no one I know of does because it just sounds so commercial and un-fun!) wasnt crowded, and the day started out ridiculously cloudy, but they opened the dome anyways. The stadium has a huge cap over it that can open in two parts. It takes 15 minutes for it to open completely. So of course it started to rain. Nitz chose seats just inside the overhang from the higher seating, so we didnt get soaked. The rain cleared out and then the sun came.

I was prepared. I wore my cap and I brought sunscreen. I offered it to everyone around me (Canadian hospitality, there were some americans there, you know!) The sun beat down so badly. I was sweating, and uncomfortable. I had another beer in poor judgment. The game was very boring for a while. Then in the eighth inning, 3 runs were scored and the Giants couldnt match that, so it ended half and inning early.

As we left, I could see that I was sweating a lot and I just didnt feel well. We went to the local mall and sat in the airconditioning for a while but I still didnt feel quite right. Nitz noticed he forgot to put sunscreen on his knees and now they were very red. We decided to go home.

It took a lot of walking, so I decided to buy some vitamin water, thinking this would help me a little. It must have, if not for the placebo effect. Toronto is hosting the G20 summit next weekend, and all of the core is closed down, making it look like a scene from "I Am Legend" but we managed to find a subway station and get home. I laid down and closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I slept two hours. I felt groggy and dopey. I drank as much water as I could, had a cooling shower and wet my hair, and went to bed early.

Today we had to run the A/C in our small apartment, as we could feel the humidex starting to rise for the first time since late May. I noticed as we were hooking it up (it vents's a stand-alone unit and not a window unit so we can place it in any room we need it, so nice. I'd recommend it to anyone. And it was on sale when we needed it most!) that I had tan lines. I didnt get burnt, but I looked at the bottle of sunscreen and noticed it expired in April, so I wasnt as protected as I thought I was! We went out and bought new stuff, Now we are sitting in the apartment with the blinds closed and enjoying the breeze.

The A/C unit is the best investment we have made in a long time. I worry about Dante in the summer. Our apartment has no airflow. He wears a fur coat all the time! Now he 'skulks' less and is out where we can see him. He used to hide under the bed a lot, now he comes to see how we are doing. When I was younger, I would tough out all sorts of things. I'd be too proud to say I was hot or cold or in pain. Who am I trying to impress? Why should I tolerate pain if I can remedy it? It makes no sense now. Im glad that if I see an issue I can correct it now without feeling weak in doing so.

Today is father's day, so I am going to call my dad tonight and wish him a happy father's day. He'll be interested to know how the ball game was. He follows the Blue Jays too.

Wish your daddies a happy father's day, no matter where they are emoticon



Friday, June 18, 2010

Tomorrow I am going to a ball game.

It's the Toronto Blue Jays Jays versus the San Fransisco Giants. The dietary fare isnt exaclty good there. Plus, Im going with Nitz and his boss. Im the only girl!!

I know, it sounds weird right? But Nitz is good friends with his boss. Plus, his boss is suffering from depression (the initial stages) so Nitz wants to take him out to do something non work related. Im going because Nitz bought three tickets, but his brother was unable to attend. Im the 'place filler'. I told him to find someone else and not to hold the place because of me, but his boss thought I was coming anyways. No one else could go, and I enjoy live baseball games and Nitz encouraged me to come.

I consider myself a cool girlfriend. I blend in well with the other guys, to the point where the guys forget Im someone's girlfriend. Sure, I paint my nails and wear eye makeup, and try to co-ordinate my outfits, but I can hold my own in a conversation in a variety of topics, and I drink the occasional beer. I can't hold my booze as well as the guys, that's my downfall, so I dont even try anymore. It's for the best anyways.

My boyfriend cant stand a girlfriend of a friend of his, to the point where it damaged their friendship. I told myself that welcome all of Nitzs' friends into our home. There's not a single one I dont like. I have all of their blessing. But none of them like this other girl. She's thirty years old and still clings to her parents for structure. I live 2 hours away from my parents. I talk to my mother every other sunday. I cut that umbilical cord years ago, but how can you be independent when you dont let yourself truly be independent? She hates Nitz because Nitz stands up to her. Maybe I will write a blog about Nitz later...

So tomorrow I will have a hot dog and a beer, but I will have a good breakfast and a good dinner. We'll be walking around a lot, which is good exercise, and I will drink plenty of water.

Oh well, I have to go. I feel really proud of myself this week! I met my goals!

Keep Sparking! ^_^

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JOONYBABE 6/19/2010 8:10PM

    emoticon Way to go meeting your goals!

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METALLICAT1 6/19/2010 9:20AM

  Ejoy the game. If you eat at the game, think of how often do you go and consider it a treat. I can't wait till I can go to a Cubs game. And it's good that Nitz stands up to the girlfriend. Too bad it straind the his & his frineds relationship. Naybe someday his friend will get the hint?!

Have fun at the game! Cain's pretty good, don't know anything about the Bluejays, I'm National League. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Oh, Dante.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You know, I didnt think I was working that hard, until the cardio was done and and I was sweating. It was like running down my back, seriously. Dante actually let me work out this time. He stood by and watched, patiently waiting for me to finish, then he escorted me to the shower, waited outside the bathroom, and escorted me to the bedroom to sort laundry and tidy up a bit.

Dante is a different breed of cat. I've never known a cat quite like him....well, that isnt entirely true. I had a cat named Sugar, and she died weeks before I went to her favorite box in the basement, curled up nice and cozy. She was the gentlest cat I know. Always there in the background, happy to be a part of things. Our action figures crawled all over her (she was the rancor when we played 'Star Wars', we'd dangle a string to make it look like she was attacking Luke). She was very a good cat, and I miss her every single day, even now almost 10 years later.

I found Dante in an Animal Shelter. My boyfriend said it would be fine to have a cat in the apartment. I couldnt have one in my old apartment (no specific rule, really, but it was out of respect for my land lady's wishes). Nitz didnt care either either way. We didnt get a cat right away, but I eased the idea into his head and we agreed to visit the shelter.

Dante wasnt there the first time we went to ask questions. We actually went back the next week to find a tabby named 'Thunder', but he was already gone, a ginger tabby now in his cage. So I took him out and held him and noted how quiet and...well...*polite* he was. Like he was on his best behaviour. Nitz urged me to take that one (I dont think he wanted to be there anymore, we had hung out there quite a while without me realizing it). The kitty had no name, just an ID number, so we chose him.

They put him in a box with a blanket inside. We got to the car and Nitz set him in the seat in the back, choosing to ride behind me to calm the cat. He was indifferent to the cat for about 4 city blocks, then he was begging to let the cat out so he could cuddle him. By the time we got him that late September day in 2008, he had his name and he had made a friend. We took him into the apartment and he sat out the couch like he owned the place. Not once did he run and hide. He used the litter box like he'd always lived there.

Not much has changed since. We bought him a tree to perch on and claw, but he never claws the couch, he never pees outside of the little box, and he's only ralphed up like 2 hair balls. I got him a pet fountain too, which I clean every couple of weeks (what a chore but I dont mind) and we've actually had to upgrade his litter box a size bigger because he's so large!

Every day Dante greets me at the door. If Im home alone and reading in bed, he sits on the bed and faces the door. He sleeps on my pillow at night. Never Nitz's pillow! I think he plays favorites.

The other night I woke up and felt pressure on my chest. Turns out Dante decided to sleep across my chest, like a seat belt. He looked at me all happy like "Oh hai! SRY!"

Dante is a big part of my life. He charms everyone he meets and everyone asks about him. I tell my coworkers stories about his antics. You'd think I was speaking about my 2 year old son! Nitz loves him to death, he's been concerned for him and coddled him and played games with him. They love sparring.

However, he's an exercise saboteur, so Im surprised he let me work out at all. I gave him treats for letting me do my thing.

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METALLICAT1 6/19/2010 9:26AM

  That's sweet. Sorry to hear about your first kitty, at least she went easy which is important.

He's such a cutie with his head on the pillow and paw outstretched! It's awesome that Nitz really loves him too. You were all made for each other!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FICTIONRUNNER 6/18/2010 10:17AM

    He's a beauty!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My boyfriend's mother is mentally ill. No, honestly, Im not just saying that, there's something in her brain that's clogged and keeping rational thoughts from getting the oxygen they deserve, then those thoughts just sink to the bottom of the tank and die. She calls my boyfirned at work asking if he can take a day off work in July to babysit his 12 year old brother. Nitz says that Brazil won a game so everyone's buying booze right now (he works in the booze business) and if they could just talk about this later...

Then she rounds on him, a complete 180, telling him that they dont ask him for much and blah blah blah and hangs up on him. All Nitz said was if they could talk about it when work died down! WTF?

She doesnt like not being in control. I find this very odd, because she has no control of anything. A meticulous planner, she wants everything penciled out to the letter, months before anything goes down. This day in July is just an overnight trip to Niagara Falls, it isnt A trip to Mars, relax lady.

As I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone, I was trying to calm him down. "You're AT work, and she's throwing a tantrum, so just deal with her later." But he says I dont have to deal with her so I dont understand. But if he just stopped letting her get to him, he'd feel better. I can predict with 100% accuracy that she will be sooooo mad for like a day and then STILL require his services, so she will try to talk to him again. Fine. Just apologize to your son. But no, she is never wrong, and therefore she never learned to apologize. This is what I least respect about her. This is why we will never be friends until she gets the counseling she needs. But no, my boyfriend is the a**hole, so heartless and cruel. If he's such a monster, why did he bring me flowers last night "just because" and told me not to do the dishes?

My boyfriend is a kind man who loves me and my family. I hardly think being busy at work warrants complete alienation from his family. I dont even want to know how she justifies half of the things she does in life. Not my call really. Thank goodness I live across town.

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GOLDCHOCOBO 6/15/2010 7:14PM

    It is VERY difficult sometimes, but I try my best to keep it all in perspective so my relationship doesnt suffer. She has to be good if she ever wants a grandchild from me emoticon

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  Just remember that for all the bad she is his mother and will always be a part of your life as long as you and he are together. I had a domineering and manipulative mother-in-law and it took a toll on my relationship. Good luck.

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