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Monday, June 25, 2012

I'll admit, I havent been very active on here. I have ran a couple of times, but this awful heatwave hit and I just couldnt. My body is having a hell of a time adjusting to the heat this summer.... I have to take it really slow. The other day I had dizzy spells. Am I drinking 'too much' water? We buy the bottles and I drink about 4 a day, but I'm sweating too so I feel like Im losing water too... I just need to listen to what my body is trying to say I guess. I actually enjoy drinking water. Some people don't, but when we get the bottles it's so easy to measure your intake. I just count the bottles when I recycle them at the end of the day, instead of figuring out how many times I refilled a bottle...

It's nice today so I am going to work out! I want toned arms, dammit! I miss them ;) I actually don't think it'll be a huge deal to get them back. I feel confident they are within my reach. Post work out relaxation is the BEST. It makes you feel uber productive and happy and disciplined! ^_^

The other day I put on a button-up blouse. The buttons in the chest were stretched but the rest of the shirt fit fine. I realized that my new birth control medication (it's stronger than the last one I was on) has been giving me boobs since February 2012. Like more boobs. I don't really want more boobs. In fact, they have been annoying me lately!! It's puberty all over again!! I turn corners and I hit things with them. My spacial awareness is off now.

I am a 32D. As you can see, I dont want more of that! They make me feel cheap as it is, LOL.

I don't know. Guys might like them, but I'm the one they are strapped to all day. I told my boyfriend that the novelty gets old really fast. They are fun some days and other days I just wish I could hang them up and not think about them, LOL.

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TEGOCHU 6/27/2012 12:54AM

    Believe me, I know the frustrations of big boobs!! Why can't they make shirts that are proportionate everywhere! Just be glad you were blessed with them, I guess lol

You should get a big nalgene bottle! I have one that's a litre, so you only have to fill it twice within the day to get your 8 cups of water! :)

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CKMATHERLY 6/25/2012 3:15PM

    As a cosplayer, looking like a cartoon character isn't a bad thing all the time. wink wink

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GOLDCHOCOBO 6/25/2012 2:12PM

    LOL before the medication change I bought 2 'super bras' too! I wish I could take them back because I look like a cartoon character when I wear them!!! LMAO.

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CKMATHERLY 6/25/2012 1:49PM

    As someone who has lost a cup size, poo on you! emoticon

I'd kill to be a D! I'm a 34B. I now own 2 of the super bras (adds 2 cup sizes) LOL. My BF complains, "THEY LIE!" It's hilarious

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Let's Not Lie...

Saturday, June 09, 2012 does us no good.

And these images go to show that even those blessed in the figure-department are just like us.

Kim K wore a tight black leather dress to a talk show a short while ago:

Love or hate her, she knows what she's got.

She also is slightly delusional in thinking we believe her antics. She still insists she's a size 4. Well her 'Size 4" dress ripped up the back and they had to sew her back into it:

This is a great lesson: If we really aren't a 'Size 4', we shouldn't squeeze ourselves into one. It just results in heartache and poor self esteem later. I stopped kidding myself, as I was super guilty of wearing smalls instead of mediums because I was in denial. Let's dress to look good and feel great. A size is a number and that is ALL.

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CKMATHERLY 6/12/2012 9:14AM

    I agree, and I try, but I'm still a little obessed with being a size 4 again... emoticon

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We've All Heard it Before....

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

...So I'll spare you. I miss running, more than I will care to admit. I cut back on my running, because my brother was in town for my birthday week and the weather was H.O.T. (humid, hot, gross....I got a touch of heat faints...I can't puch myself so hard.) We ate crap, but we walked a LOT. I don't actually feel bad about that stuff, but I feel bad about the drinking. In excess. I had a hangover at one point. Oh well, you only turn 29 once right?

So the weather is cooler now (but for how long?) and I have a run scheduled tomorrow. I did a cardio blast today. I was poking myself and thinking "this isnt changing fast enough" but whose fault is that? Totally mine. Stop with the snacking, Candy! Eat a carrot for god sakes. I accept full responsibility and all is not lost. I was just hoping to look a little more of a hottie before I saw my Mother in Law again. To sock it to her that my regime is successful. That, and snarky relative that commented on Nitz's weight will also be at a barbeque coming up. Kinda wanna sock it to him too.

And of course I was gifted a bread maker by my father when I visited home. I was so excited to use the breadmaker. It's like an Easy Bake Oven for adults! And the bread it makes is amazing. So I made a deal with my boyfriend: this breadmaker makes preservative free bread. Lets use it to make a treat once in a while only! Once I found out it worked, I put it away, but thanks to talking to someone on facebook and wanting to surprise Nitz, I made homemade Pumpkin Loaf with Chocolate Chips. What a lame time to turn into Betty Crocker... It's friggin' delicious too, lol. Damn!!

Watching the Top Chef Canada Finale last night had to be done with a glass of Rose as well. Just one though. It was a nice treat after a shrimp veggie stir fry I made. Today is a day of herbal teas, water, and getting the excess water weight off me from last weeks T.O.M. I think that's what's really annoying me today. Water weight. Yuck....

When the heat wave was here, I had zero appetite. Maybe this will be my secret weapon. Hmmmm...

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CKMATHERLY 6/5/2012 5:35PM

    Yea, it's cooler here this week too. I going running everyday till the NC summer kicks in. Hopefully it won't be raining. The greenway floods when it rains.

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RICU1952 6/5/2012 2:43PM

    I know and I can relate, it's happened to me a couple of times.

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What I'm Discovering

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I have discovered so many great things about myself this past month..

1) I'm not as lazy as I think.

This isn't meant as a put down to myself. I just mean that I feel like I can put my mind to ANYTHING and I can get it. I feel great when I complete the tasks I set out to do. I love contributing in any way I can. In fact, when I get an interview for a job, I am going to point this out because I feel so great about it and I know it will translate into the workplace seamlessly. It's an addictive feeling! I'm genuinely surprised at this realization, and know now that my old job was sucking the life out of me.

2) I'm fitter than I think!

This isn't to toot my own horn (I have a long way to go *squishes a jiggy part*), but I think I just didn't push myself very hard before. I ran a few times, but stopped when it got difficult. Now, with the help of realization #1, there is light at the end of the tunnel. That burning muscle sensation in the beginning was my muscles adapting to the strain of a jog. Once they realized I was running for more than 5 minutes, they switched modes from short term to long term burn. I can feel my body becoming more efficient. My boyfriend and I are informally training for a 5K. Warriors! How did I find the motivation now instead of before? I think I revel in the smaller victories (yay, I ran consistently, yay I recovered faster, yay I ate a salad) instead of focusing on the future as a one lump sum. The shift in perspective really helps.

3) Out of sight, out of mind.

Nitz told me that he doesn't want sweets in the house. Next week is an exception: my birthday. But I found this to be true to myself as well. If there are cookies out, I will eat them. If there are no cookies, I reach for melba toast and salsa instead! When I think about cookies, I refuse to go to the variety store to buy overpriced cookies just to sit an eat them. I'm cheap that way. I eat a few beets instead. Not the same, but they are sweet, so it satiates me in weird way, LOL

4) When I slip up, it's totally okay.

Every choice can be the better choice. A day isn't over if I eat a chocolate bar. The Drill Sargent in my head thinks it is, but I get so angry with her. I'm still trying to block her out. But the rational side of me says it's okay. I don't use Ms Rational as a justifying mechanism, but it's comforting she's letting me know it's not the end of the world. It's not about that pair of jeans, she says. It's about listening to your body and respecting it. I think I can live with that.

Speaking of jeans,

5) I feel like the new jeans I bought a few weeks ago don't sit as nice anymore, for all the right reasons. I am scared to try on the 'tighter' jeans I own, for fear of being discouraged though. Maybe soon.

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GRATEFUL-DAD 5/16/2012 2:42PM

    Your head is in the exact right place. Keep up the great work.

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CRISM82 5/16/2012 2:34PM

    These are great! Thanks for sharing your list. It's great when you start to see how much strength you really have and start to figure out that you really always had it.

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Cathartic Post.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nitz is very ambitious lately. He made the suggestion to run father yesterday. So we got up (he literally pushed my off the bed LOL) and we donned our running clothes and away we went. We ran about 3K. At one point, I caught up to him, LOL. At another point, I felt this feeling of zero suffering. Suddenly, this pace wasnt even hard. I could go forever. My legs were absolutely fine. The reason we took a small break was to get our breathing under control. It's weird. My legs are fine, my head was fine, and Im pretty sure my lungs would have caught up to me in about 100 meters, but I was worried for Nitz's knee so we stopped. That turned out to be out only break (except to cautiously wait for a car to make sure they stopped) and that included a hill on our journey and an extra bit of track to run. Are we friggin warriors or what??

Since I started this whole jogging thing, I have surpassed my own (low) expectations. I'm actually enjoying our runs together. We had set a pace where we could kinda talk in the beginning too, which was nice. We are not seriously training, but we just wanted to actively enjoy our day and we are totally loving this cooperative weather. It's so...cathartic!

I was posting junk on pinterest the other day and I saw this phrase: "I love running (when I'm done)" But I loved the whole process, not just being done. It's not like I want to get it over with and on with my day or anything. Okay I lie, sometimes I do, lol!

Nitz told his mother (miss negative...) how we are jogging and enjoying it. And she like "Well that's one way to do it." Oh? And what'd YOUR way to lose weight? Nitz asked her this in a tactful manner.

She said (like she was a snotty fitness guru!) that she wanted to buy this program that uses resistance bands and works in 10 minutes a day. I'm sure it IS combination with cardio and proper eating habits, which are currently missing from her life. I hate how she thinks she knows everything! Nitz told her that we've been eating better. He loves avocadoes. "Ewwwww" Seriously? Do you hate everything healthy? Sweet potatoes are gross. Fish is gross, rice looks like 'maggots', dips taste better with copious amounts of mayo and sour cream and cheese. What does that leave? Steak and potatoes. Burgers. Pizza. Manufactured lemonade from the carton (she's never seen without a glass of it). Turkeys are baked in an entire stick of salted butter. I cannot force people to eat what they don't want. Not my style. But to give advice on a lifestyle you do not embrace....that's what annoys me I guess.

I was so upset when a few months ago Nitz and I went to visit and Nitz was told "that there was certainly more of him." I wanted to slap the person that said that because it was so rude and disrespectful! (Yeah and you look like Ryan Reynolds, buddy...) I love Nitz no matter what, but I hate to hear rude things said about him (and to his face! So tacky!). It makes me so protective of him. Sure, we love to play our video games and have a fondness for beer and pasta, but we are making steps towards correcting that a bit, and the results are starting to show, and they look VERY encouraging.

So when I don't feel like running (and there are days that I don't) I think of that family member, and I want to show that we can do this, because we have commitment and drive. And we do practice what we preach!!

The negativity bothers me, but I'll take motivation where I can get it somedays. I feel like most of us have had a similar incident, so let's all rally together.

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WINTERHARTT 5/14/2012 6:23PM

    Ya, I can relate. My ex's family were like that. His brother told him when we got married that I was at least better than a hand. It isn't like my ex was Mr. Fit, more like Mr. pot belly. Grr... What really irritates me though is when my daughter and I are out riding our bikes (I'm not allowed to run with my bad back) I get some flaming idiot yelling rude comments out the window about me being "fat enough to pop the tires" kind of thing. My daughter yelled back one time that he should have his truck checked for broken shocks with the weight it carries in the drivers seat. LOL She's my spit fire! Also the "toothpicks" who try to give you nutritional advice in the grocery store and it is eat too much. And how the heck do they know what I eat? Considering my cart is 3/4 full of veggies & fruit with the other 1/4 of the cart is lean protein. Hugh..wonder if that is why they are toothpicks...because they starve?

You and Nitz are doing great! Keep up the good work!!

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TEGOCHU 5/14/2012 12:55PM

    Gotta love those mother-in-laws! My boyfriend's mom has the tendency to be super nit-picky as well, she always has something to say about everything. ~_~ Like you said though, best to take whatever motivation's thrown at you lol. Glad to hear that the jogging's getting easier and even enjoyable!

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