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Found that Stride...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today's run was MUCH better. Maybe it was the caffiene I had or something, but I wasnt gaspy and groany this time. I think I found a good pace to start and I will increase it weekly from there.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to see "Cabin in the Woods". I really enjoyed it. It wasnt traditional horror, it border lined on horror satire, which is right up my alley. We had free tickets. The tickets came with popcorn and a ginormous drink. I did eat some popcorn, but I had a very healthy supper. The sprinkled donut I ate I cannot explain, however. I refuse to beat myself up over it. I havent had a donut in what? 8 months? A year? I think I can have this one icky donut. Also while we were out, we found an arm pouch so I can run with my house keys and cell phone. Thank goodness....I thought they only made that crap for iPhones as far as eBay went... And it was on sale! I felt like the luckiest girl ever.

After my run I did my full body exercises and jetted off to the grocery store to buy V8. Nitz panicked when we had none and he said he missed drinking it. I managed to buy a big ol' jug of it, and I have been drinking it as well. I hate V8. The key is to drink it when it isnt ice cold, but still below room temp. That way it doesnt taste like slime! Yay!

I managed to buy some frozen spinach too. Im sure I will find a good use for it.

Then I got my hair cut, which was long over due, picked up my pills at the drug store and Im making supper now. Baked porkchops, mmmmm. That will be the first meat I've eaten in like a week.

This morning when Nitz found out we had no more V8, I joked that could liquify the salad he decided to eat instead. Ummmm, no. Oh well.

Off to try my chipotle/greek yogurt veggie dip. It's hot! Love it!

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TEGOCHU 4/27/2012 2:34PM

    Personally, I don't ever watch horror movies 'cause I'm a total wuss.. and "horror" movies nowadays always just tend to be gore and torture fests. Cabin in the Woods looked interesting though! But I'm not sure if it's just that I'm intrigued 'cause it's written/produced by Joss Whedon lol.

I've done the V8 juice in the past, but just couldn't keep it up, bleh lol. I'd just say make sure you get the low sodium version!

That's awesome that you found an arm pouch! I usually just have my zip-up pockets or my fanny pack haha. I hate how my keys jangle when I jog though. x_x

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EXERTIGER 4/25/2012 6:01PM

    I've never been able to bring myself to try v8. I'd rather eat vegetables. I'm glad you found an armband. That's really handy and makes you look athletic just for putting it on.

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Try and Catch Me! LOL

Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't you love it when you turn it to the discovery channel and a show about hoarders is on, and you feel so grossed out you clean your apartment from top to bottom? File that under cardio 'Heavy Cleaning' on top of my upper body workout today. Yikes.

I served Nitz the Spark Recipe with the Black Beans and Quinoa I spoke about earlier. I was a little apprehensive when I gave it to him. I mean, I made so much of it. If it's a failure, it's a total waste of time, effort, and money. I told him it was vegetarian and gluten free. I shouldn't have. He got his back up over that, hahaha! But he tried and loved it. He even went back for seconds. I love it too. He said he didnt even miss the meat!

"Yay! Spark People!" He said as I served him another bowl.

He was eating it cold for lunch today and still raving about it. This is just awesome.

I love finding new, healthy recipes we can both eat, and look forward to eating. He's being so supportive, and he's encouraged to be active too. Yesterday he wanted to go to the mall. I had parked around the corner, so when we walked down the steps of our apartment, he started to jog.

"Come on! Keep up, I'm getting away!"

I laughed. I was hardly dressed for the situation: makeup, an underwire bra, jeans, ballet flats....not work out gear at all. But what the hell, I'm game! At the mall, I got new workout pants and a sports bra. It was so busy, but I'm glad I got something I set out to buy...

On Ebay I found a really cute dress, and these really adorable gothic punk-type leggings with bows on them. They are coming from Hong Kong, so in about three weeks, I will have them. Something to look forward to!

Have a wonderful day!

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CKMATHERLY 4/25/2012 5:01PM

    I love new recipes. I just don't cook. It's no fun for one! I hope you love your dress!

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SLAPTHEFATCAT 4/24/2012 1:12AM

    Sounds like you are having a good time!

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Really good shopping trip

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yesterday I waited for my boyfriend to come home so he could help me with groceries. I usually go during the week by myself, but he agreed an extra set of hands would help. We had no meat in the freezer and I was running low of frozen fruit.

I found this new store where our dollar goes further, it's closer to home, and the produce is really good. Nitz is going through an avocado phase. He eats one a day, instead of a salty snack. When we got our cart set up he immediately went over to seek out avocados. We bought lettuce mix, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, bananas, frozen strawberries, all sorts of good stuff.

I took Nitz on a tour, since he had never been to the store before and we parked in front of the bread.

"This is the bread/carb section." I pause and wait.

"Meh, we don't need any crap from there," we both laugh and push the cart onward. Normally I would check on the cheese bread, but it was best to walk away. Instead, we went and picked up some frozen shrimp, tilapia, extra lean ground beef, chicken sausages, and porkchops. I tossed some greek yogurt and salsa into the cart and we were good to go. I asked Nitz if there was something else he wanted. He took the cart to the 'garbage aisle'. You know the one. The one with the pop and chips and stuff. He parks the cart in front of the V8 and starts inspecting the cans. He ultimately decides he wants 2 cases of 6. There are 3 flavors: original, spicy, and low sodium.

Much to my surprise, Nitz picks up the Original flavor and the Low Sodium flavor and compares the two. Turns out the Original flavor has 13% sodium per can (yikes.... and thats your overall intake for the DAY) but the Low Sodium one is only 4%. They both cost the same so she throws the low sodium one in the cart. I hate V8, but Nitz says if I would just give it a chance....

Wow, he's starting to sound like me! I promise I will give V8 another chance.

Last night I made a Spark Recipe that was gluten free. Quinoa Black Bean Bake. The Sweet potatoes werent cooking through. I actually need to put it in the oven for and other 30 minutes today because the sweet potatoes (shredded into the recipe) were still kinda crunchy. VERY annoying, but not life threatening in any way. It's good, but preparing it was taking forever (it yeilded way more than a 9x9 pan they made a huge lasagna dish full!!) , so Nitz ordered a vegetarian pizza. I only had two slices and I was satisfied. Nitz Only has 2 as well, so I wouldnt call it a set back really.

Today was 20 minutes of DDR, as the ground outside is a little mushy for a run. Technically it was supposed to be a rest day but I felt up for it. It makes room for an end of the week glass of wine.

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THE_SHAKESHAFT 4/22/2012 6:53AM

    Sounds like you had a great day :)

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Nori as a Snack

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today there were temptations by my own hand, but I resisted them pretty well.

I did my kickboxing today and I ran up the stairs of our 4 floor walk up twice. I forgot something on the trip down to the recycle bins on purpose, just so I would have to run down again. My legs still felt like lead, but I soldiered through.

Then temptations started to come. I opened the cupboard and saw all my Easter snacks: chocolate eggs, bunnies, a chocolate bar, cotton candy. I keep it around to offer guests and enjoy the casual treat. I was staring at them pretty hard today, but I grabbed a handful of dry roasted almonds instead and forgot about them.

Next temptation was to not make dinner, but I thawed out some pork chops and made a marinade. By the time Nitz was off the phone, I had finished making the pork chops. I served them with a bit of canned beans for sweetness. Not ideal, but better than fast food.

Lastly Nitz needed to go out and cash a check I made up for him. We went to the drug store on our way back, and I really wanted a sugary drink, but I told myself I have a huge jug of water at home. Nitz grabbed a V8 and told me he wasnt drinking any beer tonight. I havent drank since Sunday. It's not a huge deal, but I used to drink every single day (not much but still daily) so distancing myself made me realize I dont really miss it....and it's expensive anyways! Nitz is having the tallest glass of water I could pour for him. He even suggested he could join me on a job soon. I feel like such a good example ^_^

It's 9pm and I had a case of the snackies, so I got out the Nori. Nori are those wraps made of seaweed for maki at sushi restaurants. They are decent in fiber content, low in salt, low in calories, high in iron and pretty darn tasty. Sometimes you can find them in asian food stores, but I just go to the international section of my grocery store and buy the sushi assembly ones. They're pretty cheap too. Less than a bag of chips. Sometimes the snacking ones have added salt in them, so that's why I grab the maki assembling ones. A few times I have put tuna salad in them and used that instead of a pita but it can get hard to tear with your teeth. I just grabbed two sheets and cut them up into bite sized pieces. I think it was a total of 16 calories (according to my tracker) and a huge glass of water and I'm back to being content.

I so need to drink more water. It never seems like its enough. Drink up!


Good Day Today...Damn Stairs

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So I did that pesky jogging thing. Man, did that suck. It was basically more like walking with intermittent sprinting. But I did what I could.

I was trekking through a ravine. There are lots of joggers there, so it was safe. You have to climb down into the ravine to start on the trail. No worries, there's a set of stairs by the bridge. I hop down the stairs (I love stairs! No lie!) and stumble around in my workout, wishing I looked professional but I know I look more like a bumbling idiot. I finish my 'jog' and I know it's time to cool down by walking home.

I forgot about those god awful stairs. I have to go back up them now!!

So I decide to 'hail mary' up the stairs. I got 2/3rds of the way up before my damn legs started feeling like lead bricks. I hauled my butt up those stairs and trekked home.

I live in a 4 floor walk up, so I had to go up 4 more flights of stairs, which was okay, because my cool down let me recover a bit.

Just now I did some of the weight training exercises Spark picked out for me, so I logged those too. Dinner was salmon patties, water, green tea, yadda yadda. The only sugar I had was a bit in my coffee this morning and a little baby Lindt bunny. He was only 50cals so it's all good.

Tomorrow: kickboxing

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Q8PRINCESS 4/18/2012 11:54PM


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