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Running? Me? Ugh.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I was with my boyfriend at Mark's Work Warehouse today. I hate Mark's. All the clothes are lame and they cost too much. But the best pair of ballet flats I ever owned came from there, so I always look at the shoes when we go.

Do you guys find running shoes at the mall an insane price? Nitz was at FootLocker the other day. Because of his knee and feet, he needs a shoe with really good support, so he bought this crazy-cool greeny-grey running shoe for too much money there. I replaced my ballet flats with new ones, as there was a buy one, get one for 50% off sale. But I had no good running shoe, and I cant run in ballet flats, even if they are sporty looking. There was nothing for less than 100 bucks that wasn't a sandal.

So I noticed at Mark's there's hiking shoes that don't have laces. That was great, because laces wear on me faster than the damn shoe. These shoes were also well ventilated and had a good grip on them. There was a sale, so I was really surprised when I found my size. I tried on a Wind River hiker. Yup, these are awesome! And for under 60 bucks. Totally affordable. Nitz didn't even buy the steel toed boots he was looking at. They weren't in his size. Go figure....

I hate running, but DDR and resistance training isn't enough, and I can't afford a treadmill (also, where would I put it?), so it looks like I'll be jogging this week. Sometimes strength training doesn't make me feel like I worked out, because I didnt leave the house. I'll try to do it three times a week. Maybe the change in scenery will bust me out of my funk.

A few night ago I was suffering from a bit of belly bloat. I looked back on what I was eating, and yup: beer and biscuits. So Im drying up and cleaning out. I had a fruit smoothie for lunch today and green tea, ginger tea, and water for fluids. I did my kettle ball and planks yesterday. I'm trying really hard to set a good example, and Nitz asked me to teach him how to use the kettle ball (kettlebell? whatever...) for a workout. I'm happy to help!

But running.....ugh. I joke that I won't even run to the bus. I used to run a while ago, and I was pretty decent at it, so we'll see if I can get up that way again. As motivation, I asked for an MP3 player for my birthday, since that is about a month away. Anything to drown out hearing the blood pounding in my ears...


Because You Never Know How Your Day is Going to Go!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yesterday was me shopping and running errands, followed by a three hour webinar for career assessment. All that and I managed to make a healthy supper and do dishes. I was super awesome! No work out though...

So today, my boyfriend gets up at 7ish to get ready to go to work. I usually don't get up with him. I am not a 'leap out of bed' person. But as he hopped in the shower, I forced myself out of bed, made the bed, put the laundry away and I was dragging out the DDR mat when he found me. I told him I was determined not to waste the day. Why should I sit around watching TV while he has to work?

I gave him his lunch and watched him go out the door, then proceeded to do 20 or so minutes of DDR on Difficult Mode. Then I showered and made a pot of coffee and had a nice breakfast of whole wheat toast and 1 egg. Just as I sat down, I got a text from my friend.

I had emailed her the other day to offer my car to help her get a decent haul of groceries. Buying stuff, especially large stuff, and bringing it home on the bus is not fun. I told her I had no job to tie me down and if she needed me to drive her somewhere she was more than welcome to ask! So she took me up on the offer today. Im so glad I did all the stuff earlier so I would have no excuse to not work out or clean or eat healthy. This way I could look after me and make time for her too. You never know, so seize the day while you can :)

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Q8PRINCESS 2/22/2012 12:15PM

    I'm not a morning person but after I got the dog, well now I HAVE TO get up earl.

Really nice to take your friend for groceries!

Sounds like a great day.

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Workin' Out Like a BOSS!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Today I did all sorts of floor exercises with my kettleball. I hated it, of course, but I felt so good afterwards. Noodle arms! LOL. I followed this up with a spinach/corn/sausage/brown rice meal. I could have had a BBQ pork bun but I walked away!

I have no scale, no full body mirror, no measuring tape... The only thing I have is the feeling I get of doing a good job. My clothes will tell me how I'm doing. I'll go with that. I'm flying a little blind but that's okay for me.

I found out what the problem was. Beer. In excess. The stress I had with my job lead to a beer every night, sometimes two. Im so done with that. If I crave a boozy drink I will make some ginger tea. Done deal.

Tomorrow: DDR!



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SLAPTHEFATCAT 2/17/2012 11:51PM

    DDR is awesome! BTW how much did your kettlebell cost? I was thinking of getting one.

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What Happened?

Thursday, February 09, 2012

It's a bit of a shock.

This fell off the radar, and took a back seat for a number of reasons I am not proud of. I suppose I let my health slip. Never again!

I apologise. I feel like I have lost a few friends on here due to my lack of motivation. It's shameful. But I have had an epiphany!

During the second half of last year I struggled with my job. A coworker got let go, and I I had trouble keeping up. This left me miserable. My acne got worse, my nails I were so proud of regressed to what they shamefully once were. I drank more pop, worked out less, drank more alcohol, and felt all around awful.

Yesterday it came to a head. My company let me go. They gave me a package and spoke briefly with me, helping me understand. If I was no longer a good fit, I totally get that. I hated my job. My heart wasn't in it. I felt under appreciated, which lead to a vicious cycle of poor performance. I wasn't happy. I was suffering more than I possibly knew.

As I drove home, I felt better. Sure, I was sad, then angry, then happy, then relieved, and I'll get through all of that. But 2012 is going to be better for it, because now I am free to pursue something that makes me extremely happy! It couldn't have happened at a better time. I had five years in that company, the longest I ever spent in one place, so I feel like I'm coming out of a really bad relationship and back in the market for something new and cool!

And you know what that means? Me being here more! Me loving myself. I think people will be happy to see the old me back, not the new me that was tearing her hair out from stress.

Today, as I aimlessly sat on the couch at 9am ("I feel like I am skipping work....kinda feeling guilty here...") I was watching a cooking show. The host was a happy go lucky italian sprite, Nadia G. She chipperly announced as she was making a pie "Remember STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!"

I was like "Yeah!! You're totally right, Nadia! It really does!!" and then I was like "What else have I been missing?? This is totally a glass half full moment!" So I went on Spark People and started looking at recipes. My boyfriend asked what I wanted to do today. He is VERY supportive of me and my ambitions, and and I told him "I am on Spark People!!"

"Spark People? You haven't been on there in a long time..."

"Nope, and I have some 'splainin' to do. AND I want to cook something healthy tonight! Off to the recipes section!" TRIUMPH!

So here I am, humbly begging your forgiveness and acceptance. I was a sheep that strayed from the flock, but I know where my place is now.

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VAILIEN1 2/13/2012 2:33AM

    Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you the best of strength and positive energy as you pursue your goals.


Jeff> emoticon

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CATLADY52 2/9/2012 6:19PM

    Welcome back! emoticon

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Heat Wave 2.0

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tomorrow is supposed to be crazy!

Nitz is off tomorrow, so he will be doing laundry (possibly) and looking after Dante (definately). This is crucial because tomorrow is supposed to be 48 degrees CELCIUS. 118F for my American friends. That is WITH the humidity, and I hope they are very wrong.

We have been really good at keeping the apartment cool, but I hope people dont run their A/C so much that it causes transformers to give out. I really dont need a power outage while Im at work.....I really dont. My car has AC, but it'll be with me. Nitz will probably buy ice and dump it in the tub, like we almost did last time.

On Sunday, I had to go out to pick up something I had on back order at a Beauty Supply store. Nitz wanted to come with me. He finds my nails fascinating. I have purchased so many polishes over the last few months that he wants to see them all on my nails. He'll even pick them out for me to wear when I cant decide. Im good about it. I tidy up my area so no polish is laying around and I keep everything in two boxes by the couch. In any case, Nitz and I hop in the car and start driving. It was hot....very hot.

Somewhere between the liquor store, Sally's Beauty, and Jane St, the traffic lights went out. I had to practice 4 way stopping (what a laugh in's basically about dodging and on the fly decision making!) and contiuned to do so all the way home, which was roughly 10-12 lights, a fair stretch of road to be sure.

We discover the power is out in our building too. No fans, no AC, no TV, no computer to check my ebay bid because the auction is closing in 2 hours, YUCK. Nitz grabs a 10 dollar bill and takes off. He comes back with 10KGs (22lbs) of ice. The kind of bag the service industry people use. I make a plan. Dump the ice in the tub, salt the ice (this makes it colder due to SCIENCE!), add a layer of garbage bag for sealant, and throw an old bedsheet on top. Now the cat has a cold sanctuary. I never worry about us in these situations, it's always Dante, Dante, Dante.

Just as Im about to execute my plan, the power came on. We both "Yipee!" and realize we have pounds and pounds of ice to use up.

So I sarcastically say "Why not just clean out the recycle bin and put our booze in it? Then we can top it with tons of ice and drink outside!"

Nitz "Yippe!s" again and takes off. So that's what we proceed to do. I put on my bathing suit and we make it a beach party.

If the power does go out tomorrow, I think this will buy us about 3 hours per bag of ice. I will tell Nitz to be ready.

Of course, this is just me envisioning the worst case scenario. I hope and pray it does not come to this, but I cannot stop people from using power excessively to the point of overloading the system.

In other news I bought a kettle bell! An 8 pound one to be precise. I cant wait to use it, but it is far too hot to try right now. I cant seem to find the kettle bell exercises on sparkpeople, and I accidentally deleted my email about them. Can anyone help me provide a link? I would be so grateful!! It was on sale....50% off. A deal! I love deals :)


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