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My Unintentional Offroading Adventure

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I havent been on here in a while, so I thought I would update!

Jozza's wedding went fantastic! I had a wonderful time, however, I have an adventure to share:

I drive an ivory while PT Cruiser. Actually, the color is described as "Cool Vanilla". It's a 2008 car. Look it up on google image search. I'll wait. See it? Yeah, that's the one. I love my car and it's paid off this year and did I mention that I love my car? Yeah, I really do. Anywho, the car isnt an SUV. At. All.

So I get up on the wedding day and Nitz and I get dressed (I will post a pic when her wedding photos get back. All I have right now is a pic of my legs, which look incredibly pale but fantastic!) and I tell Nitz we have to be out the door by 10:30. The wedding in is London, Ontario, 2 hours from Toronto at 1:30pm, but I want to be early, not late. Plus, I need to get gas, so Nitz complies. Usually, he drags his feet a little, but he's all good that day, and we head out.

I set my trip counter after I fill up (it's a habit, Im not sure why exactly) and I get on Hwy 401.

For Americans that dont know, Hwy 401 is one of the busiest highways in North America. For a small town girl, it's scary at first!! I know exactly what Im doing though, and hop on Hwy 401 West. I drive exactly 7.0 kms, and I come to a complete stop.

It's Sunday. Traffic shouldnt be like this. "What the F---?" I say (Yes I swore!). Nitz turns on the radio, just as curious as I am. There is bridge construction, and it's running late. The highway is closed both ways until noon. I cant make it to the wedding in time if the highway opens at noon!!! I start to panic. I cannot turn around. I cannot go anywhere! Im stuck! I text my friend, Fancee. I tell her I may not make it. My heart sinks so low. Jozza was counting on me.

Nitz calls his dad, who is in travelling sales and a super whiz at highway driving. He says I need to get on the 410 North, go to Courtney Park Drive, and hook back up with the 401 that way. I am moving like maybe 6 feet every five mintues, how do you think Im gonna do that?? I thank him and hang up and Nitz points at something.

I look over and see SUV's and sedans jumping a small curb and taking a service road (used for tow trucks and ambulances in case of emergency) to hook up with highway 410. Yeah, that's great, but my car is built so low it cannot jump the curb. I have no ground clearance to cover that! I told him I cannot risk my undercarriage for it and we creep on, hoplessly slow, until I see cars accessing a different service road, this one without a curb. So I cut in front of a truck (Sorry!!! This is a matter of life and death, my friend needs me!!!) and I take the exit.

Keep in mind I cant see where Im about to go, but I decide it HAS to be better than waiting 2.5 hours for highway to open ....and they might delay it further, like they normally do. I heard this highway did not open until 5pm after everything was said and done. I follow cars, SUVs and vans through a very deep puddle (I still have mud on my bumper from it) and over a hill, which was very sttep. I remember yelling at the sedan in front of me to hurry up because I didnt want to get stack in the mud. Suddenly Im perched on top of an unpaved road, on a hill, with rocks jutting out (not craggy just very apparent) on a steep incline. Cars are lining up behind me. There's nowhere to turn around, or even tuck off to the side to call for assisstance. I sigh and look at Nitz.

"Your knee," I say.

"What about it?"

"Please hold on to the granny bar (PTs have an assistance bar on top of the glove compartment of the passengers side). I dont want you bumping it. Hold on, okay?"

Nitz shrugs and I swear I see a small smile spread to his lips. Offroading anyone?

The incline was very steep. I went 2 mph all the way down, and it still rocked my car. I didnt scrape anything, but I swear I came close, not that I could do anything about it at this point. I got to the bottom and hooked up to the 410N using the shoulder as an acceleration lane. I hooked back onto the 401 using the advice Nitz's dad had given me (and detour signs, thanks, OPP {Ontario Provincial Police}!) no problem, but I will never forget the ride. I should have brought my Flip Camera to document it, for it was quite dramatic.

Jozza got married on time. We were slightly early (I drove a little fast) and she hugged me so tight. She was so happy I could be there. All the other guests, save for Fancee, a childhood friend of mine, and our respective significant others, couldnt make it. But you know what? Everyone that cared was there. The best wedding ever, hands down!

I told her I broke like 5 traffic laws, but it was worth it. And it was a great day to have a wedding. I had a fabulous time, and I have not seen a happier bride. She leaves for sweden today....right this second, actually. I wish her nothing but the best.

My poor PT Cruiser did his duty and then some. But I think my next car should be a Jeep O_o

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GOLDCHOCOBO 7/16/2011 8:59PM

    The PT Cruiser was discontinued in July 2010. I was so sad to hear it was taken off the line, as my father and I both love our cars, but it's nice feeling unique :-) My car is very strange and completely recognizable. My friends all see a white PT Cruiser and look to see if Im the driver. My mother sees one and is instantly reminded of me. I admit, it's not so great on gas, but I love the storage capacity, the look, and the safety rating. I plan to drive it for the next 5 years, but that day, I wish he transformed into a Jeep Compass, LOL!!

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CATLADY52 7/16/2011 8:43PM

    Now and then we all have to take a road uncharted. Glad you were able to make it in time. emoticon emoticon

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KARIDIAN1 7/16/2011 8:41PM

    I like the PT Cruisers, but my Subaru Forrester is still #1 in my list for winter driving. Hubby has a Subaru Outback, his second one.

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A Wedding

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today is going to be a busy day for me, in the form of primping and prepping. Im a perfectionist, so I want to make sure I look my best.

Why, do you ask? My friend Jozza is getting married tomorrow.

We met in highschool and I didnt like her. She was a friend of my friend, so we hung out in the same crowd. Like she always does, Jozza worked her way through my barriers and we became friends. We spent 5 long highschool years together (Grade 13 has since been discontinued in Canadian highschools. We only took it because we didnt feel like going to college yet anyways....) and parted ways. We got together occasionally when I was home from college, but she went to live in London, and I schooled in Kitchener and Toronto.

Then I got a boyfriend: Nitz, and Jozza took a weird shining to him. She'd talk to him when I wasnt present. Nitz always told me what they spoke of, and she was always a bit shady about it. Then she told our mutual friend Fancee that she could have Nitz if she wanted him, she just chose not to.

As a young, insecure 22 year old, I took great offence to this. I told her that this is not what friends do, and if she wasnt going to be a supportive friend then I did not want her in my life all. GOODBYE! I deleted every aspect of her life from mine, and I lived 4 years without her. Not even a thought of her crossed my mind. Fancee would ask if I had spoken to her and would always tell no, and I never will.

Then she found me on facebook. She reached out to me, and said she missed me a lot. She sounded like she didnt understand why we had a falling out (she was joking, didnt you know?) and wanted to reconnect again. She was dating that guy from Sweden who we all knew and she loved him a lot. She wrote me a note every once in a while, she was going through some health problems, she was getting gastric bypass, she hated her job, she had matured quite a bit.

And then Mr. Sweden proposed to her and she was planning this wedding, and she wanted me and Nitz to come. She got diagnosed with MS and glaucoma within weeks of each other, and within weeks of her wedding. So I told Nitz we were going. We were driving to London, because she was going to leave forever. She was moving to Sweden in July.

And she wanted to say goodbye to me. She wanted to see me...physically see me before she left, because she might never see me again. She wanted me to see her happy and smiling before she left too. How could I say no to that? She wanted no gifts, no money, just to be surrounded by 30 of her favorite people. I protested, but Fancee told me that's how it's going to be, and Jozza was so excited to see me. She's changed so much. I want her to be happy now. Mr. Sweden will help her with that.

Fancee and I are meeting up so we can sit together. It'll be great to see her too. I havent met her husband before, so I am looking forward to going out to dinner with them afterwards. Guests are attending the ceremy and then there is a private family function afterwards. Her family and his family will be meeting for the first time (that whole ocean seperating them was a bit of a hinderence before) so they want privacy. This I completely understand. I would have really liked to see her get married anyway instead of attend the reception, so it all works out for me.

So here I am, holding up nail polish bottles and wondering what would work best with my purple sundress and grey belt (should I use my polish stamping plates? Or Silver Shatter polish??). Should I wear the black Guess heels I own? Or the black Aldo ones with the closed toe? I even tied Nitz new tie in advance so he just has to put it on and forget about it. And I'll wear my purple glasses that I got earlier this much to do....*sigh* And I have to get gas tonight too! Should I cut my hair? Or will I just tear it out? Im not even the one getting married, how will I cope when Im the bride? I hope I dont get lost driving there!!

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VELVETCATT 6/25/2011 11:36AM

    Congratulations to your friend - I hope everything turns out perfectly!

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The only thing that's shrinking is my bank account....

Monday, June 06, 2011


I finished another dentist appointment today. It was covered under insurance, thank goodness. I have one more visit then we "worry about the wisdom teeth some other time" so I guess that's a good thing!

I also ordered new glasses online. I got an eye exam done on saturday, as I had not had one since I was 19 or so, and June pointed me to wicked website to buy lenses and frames from. I bought two pairs of glasses (it was a BOGO sale) for a fraction of what I would pay for one pair at the store, with upgraded lenses. I also found out I was a candidate for laser eye surgery, but I wont go into that just yet. Im still thinking about that one, as there are risks and it is incrediby expensive.

I have made a new goal: save some money. It'll be easy, Im sure. I just wont buy all sorts of crap. During my one week vacation from work, I ordered a Konad kit and a Bundle Monster nail art kit, bought a few polishes, treated my brother and boyfriend to a visit at the museum, bought booze, went to Anime North, ate at all sorts of restaurants, bought aran oil for my hair and discovered Sally's Beauty has all added up to an itty bitty bank account, which I much nurture for it to thrive. Shopping has bored me now. I dont need 'stuff' and Im so over collecting polish for a while and ready to get creative with the lovelies I now own.

My car will be paid off soon, I just paid the insurance on it (not cheap in Toronto, lemme tell you!!!), I get paid this week, and my dental work will all be covered under my benefits. I only have my eye exam and my glasses to worry abouton my credit card (on top of my car payments, which are fixed auto withdrawl until October 1st, then I am free!) and the incidentals of food, rent and fuel. EASY! Well, that's what I tell myself. But I have to save lots of money between now and Christmas so I can buy lots of awesome presents. I can do this!!

I shouldnt complain, or worry. A lot of girls my age did not think ahead like I did and saved money for vacation, or car insurance, or even money to buy a car. I do not have a child, so I only think of myself... Nitz would never let me cry poor, just like I would never let him cry poor. I just announced to him Im not buying crap and he waved off my concern with a grin, saying "as if you're broke, Candy. You're fine." But I want a cushion. It will give me something to shoot for. Especially since I need my wisdom teeth done next year or the year after. Car insurance and wisdom teeth are a good goal. Ready, set, go! I'm actually excited to meet the challenge ^_^

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CATLADY52 6/6/2011 10:21PM

    Sounds like a good plan to me, emoticon

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EDELWEISS33 6/6/2011 9:27PM

    good goals.

70% bills
10%playmoney for myself.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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    Oh my goodness!...Cute kitty! emoticon

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ILEANA77 5/31/2011 9:38PM


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ILEANA77 5/31/2011 9:38PM


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ILEANA77 5/31/2011 9:38PM


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ILEANA77 5/31/2011 9:37PM


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GOLDCHOCOBO 5/31/2011 8:05PM

    Im just testing my new camera, and Dante was an unwilling subject.

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Happy Face!!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

I know my blogs havent been the cheeriest, so I have an uplifting one for you guys today!

I sat down with my boss for my final meeting with her. I've been calling it Purgatory, neither heaven or hell, not sure what to expect. I have done everthing she has suggested, taken all of her advice, crossed every T and dotted every I...

So when I sat down and she asked me what was up, I had my questions, outlined a problem I had that week, and she was all smiles.

"We have no more meetings but if you want to talk dont be afraid to say so. I love your attitude. This has all been great. Thanks so much!"

I got an awesome feeling that I was doing the right thing, and I get what she needs from me now, so I even though my job is still really tough at times, I know I have the tools to make it through.

I have a huge announcement to make in my personal wellness journey!

Since I was little, I bit my nails, the cuticles, the skin around them, everything. I bled on things a lot. Coat pockets and mittens mostly because I didnt know my hands were bleeding. My hands were ugly and raw. I hid them a lot.

I stopped chewing my nails last year. I found the determination to let them grow, and I found that I liked them longer. But because this issue was to relieve anxiety, I found another outlet. While I still picked my cuticles, as my nails were too long to chew, I started seeing imperfections on my face. So I started popping zits. I loved popping zits, but like any addiction, though it felt wonderful at the time, I had remorse. I discovered makeup, but I didnt know how to stop picking!!

I saw a skin specialist and he helped me. My face actually became infected, and I had to go on antibiotics to stop the damage from further occurring. It took a year, maybe longer, but my face slowly healed. It was really difficult at first, but I managed to find what worked for my skin and what didnt after lots of trial and error. But I started picking my nails more than ever. Last Christmas I hid my thumbs in bandages so my boyfriend's family didnt think I was in an accident. My fingers hurt, my face was healing but still 'ugly', I felt awful about myself. So I said STOP.

I directed my anxieties outward with blogging and talking more to my friends and family. I ate better, worked out more, slept better. Sure these past few weeks at work havent helped...... I have a chew mark on my left hand but it is healing. I have no urge to chew my nails anymore. The though disgusts me. I feel cured.

I went out without makeup today and looked fabulous! I painted my nails and felt great!

I now have a new obsession with pretty manicured nails. OPI makes so many shades that I love! I have bought quite a few and look forward to painting my nails with pride and a sense of 'normalcy' because I was never able to do this before.... Now I cant stop! It's an awesome feeling ^_^

I just wanted to share because I have turned a huge leaf this year! So HAPPY!!

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JOONYBABE 5/8/2011 5:40PM

    YAY! Congrats! It sounds like you have put in a lot of hard work and it has really paid off!

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