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I Dislike Mondays

Monday, June 14, 2010

I dont hate them per se, I just find Mondays a nuisance. They are necessary but hardly welcome.

I just finished my bout of core exercises today along with a few leg and back reps. Now my butt hurts. I had a light dinner, freeing myself up for a snack tonight. There's no icecream in the house, and that's a crying shame. Maybe I will make some peanut butter cookies. I still have to make some meatball soup for lunch tomorrow, but that can simmer away while Im watching the Bachelorette. Im using as Aztec Blend from the Bulk Barn (a blend of wild rice, lentils, and a bunch of other rustic looking stuff). Im not sure how to track it exactly but I will find a way.

When I watch reality TV, I drink from a huge reuseable Venti cup from Starbucks. It looks like a typical drink cup if you ordered a jumbo drink from there, but it's made of double walled plastic and has a durable straw made of hard plastic too. I know it's durable, because I have this habit of kicking it over by accident because the cup goes to every room in the house. It holds 20oz (hence the name Venti, oh Starbucks, you are so clever!), so I try to drink two a night, on top a steaming mug of ginger-peppermint tea right before bed. I find the ginger tea - or cranberry herbal tea, whatever I'm in the mood for really - calms me and prepares me for sleep. I look forward to it. If it's uber hot out I'll just suck back some more lemon water.

I never realized how important water is (or never really listened) until you start drinking more of it.

A year ago, I had terrible acne. I felt so awful about it I went to a doctor. He told me I had infected acne and put me on antibiotics. I hated taking them. Im on the pill, and was terrified of getting pregnant. I also didnt like the warnings on the label, threatening I drink more water or the consequences could be dire. I took the pills for two months, then decided I could fight it on my own with medicated creams. It's been a year and I can finally say I feel 1000% more confident in how I look without fretting over concealers and foundation. I still wear a light powder over the last of the red marks, but no longer fear over what people will say about them. The urge to drink lots of water stayed with me. It seemed very important for me from then on out to flush the toxins away. Now that Im not picking my face, washing it properly and drinking lots of water, Im much better!

There was one thing my doctor said that has always stayed with me. He is a very wise, spiritual man of the Jewish faith with kind eyes and a good word for everyone. He helped me through a very difficult time. And although I am not religious, his words always stay with me:

"Every morning wake up, thank God for another glorious day and love yourself for who you are. Don't worry about things! You know what's important, you know what's not. Everything works out wonderful when you have faith in God and yourself."

And you know what? He's totally right! Worrying gives you zits. Zits and wrinkles and belly fat. Just let it all go. Enjoy the little wonders and keep it all in perspective.


So even though I dislike Mondays, I cant hate them. They are gift. I will take this Monday in stride.

Besides, it's almost over anyways...

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JOONYBABE 6/14/2010 9:34PM

    Here here! Darn Mondays... they are most definitely a nuisance and I only have "real" mondays every other week because i work every other weekend. Since I have started drinking more water I notice when I start to get dehydrated because the bottoms of my feet start burning... weird but when I drink water it always goes away! It's amazing what not having enough water in a day can do to you and make you feel. We have a Brita water filter at home but I think this summer I will play around with flavoured waters (lemon and lime, cucumber etc) to have something with taste for when plain water just won't do. Monday is almost over..... but yes every day we get on this earth is a gift and should be treated as such. Still, have a happy Tuesday :)

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Two in one day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

....Thats what she said!

Anywho, I got most of what I wanted done. I got a new swimsuit, just in case. It's really cute, and its extra motivation to look good in it! I bought almonds and quinoa at the bulk barn. Quinoa is such a pain to prepare but I love eating it. My boyfriend loves it too. Im glad he's an 'adventurous eater'.

I have on a dead sea mud mask I got on sale at the body shop. It has algae and wasabi in it. It burns!! Okay, not really, but it is a VERY intense warm sensation. It clears up the redness in my face a lot. And I find it a bit relaxing.

I may have cheated a little today on my food (I think I forgot to document a snack here or there) but I dont think any damage was done. The work week will be the real test as to how well disciplined I am. My boss bakes treats and sells them for her pink ribbon foundation things, and she is a VERY talented baker. But I will choose to wear jeans on friday for a donation to the same cause instead. Im still helping breast cancer research, just not contributing to diabetes at the same time.

So this weekend was kind of a bust. Though I got a lot done, I didnt feel like I had much of a weekend! Here's hoping this week goes by a little quicker than the last one.

Until next time!!


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WADINGMOOSE 6/13/2010 10:03PM

    Have a great week! My workweeks are always harder than the weekends too, but for a different reason - I'm bored so I eat.

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Busy Sunday

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I hate how nothing is open before noon on Sundays. Im awake and I want to go out and nothing is open, UGH!

Today is pretty busy for me. Since Nitz is working 10-6, I'm going to go out and cash my HST cheque (Canadians gets taxed in any way possible, and this is the government's way of halfheartedly apologizing to us) go to the outlet mall and buy a small book so I can track my food better on here, buy pet waste bags, look at shoes, look at purses, drop by Winners and see if they have good workout stuff, go to the grocery store and buy food that is good for us, buy kitty litter, buy cat food, buy healthy snacks at the Bulk Barn, then come home and do some fitness.

*Catches her breath* Phew! I think I'm gonna sleep well tonight! I will be logging my walking as fitness points, that's for sure. We shall see how much of that gets done, but I hope it's most of it. My weekends never feel like weekends. Im taking three days off at the end of June to kill some vacation time that won't carry over, but it will certainly be put to good use.

I'll probably post again later. I like posting.

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JENMCALLISTER 6/13/2010 10:03PM

    Sounds like you had a busy day today. I hope you got it all in!! That sounds like a workout in and of itself.

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JOONYBABE 6/13/2010 9:09PM

It's nice to meet someone who's new to spark people as well! Zumba is hugely fun, it was nice to have an alternative for a cardio workout rather than just biking or running. It's like an aerobics class but with latin dance moves, and the music makes you want to keep moving, even if you're exhausted. It was nice in the group atmosphere because there are moves that you don't get right so you feel a bit foolish, but everyone messes up at some point, it's all about having fun. Good for you for having the discipline to follow fitness DVD's at home, keep up the good work!

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And here we are.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello! I love blogging, and when I saw this site and how friendly and useful it is, I wanted to join! This being my first post, I thought I would introduce myself.

Im Candy. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. No, Im not *FROM* Toronto. Actually, I dislike Torontonians (they always have to be somewhere and always make me feel like Im in their way!!), but I enjoy city life in general. I live in a one bedroom apartment 20 minutes or so from the downtown core with my boyfriend, who I will call Nitz on here, and my cat Dante. He gets to use his real name because he doesnt have a credit card or a social insurance number. Dante joined our little family in September 2008. He's a Ragamuffin I adopted from Toronto Animal Services, and spoiled rotten, which is exactly how I love my cats. I'd get another but the place is too small for 2 spoiled cats and Dante would get jealous.

My boyfriend and I will be together for 5 years in September. We have been living together for a little over 2 years. I wanted to live on my own first, which was great, because Im a fairly private person (oxymoron I know because I like blogging) and I didnt want to miss out on being truly independant and looking after myself. Nitz did the same. I dont mind that his shifts dont coincide with mine sometimes (he works in retail so he works late somedays). I take those times to blog and do my nails.

I work in the health care industry, but it's a desk job: that's why Im here. I want to keep track of my food and learn how to make good food choices, even in the worst of times. I've already learned a lot from watching shows like "Bulging Brides" and "The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp" but I can always learn more.

I love video games: My ID (since GreenTeaLover was taken....ugh) GoldChocobo is from Final Fantasy 7, quite possibly the greatest story ever told on a console. My cat Dante was named after Dante Sparta in the Devil May Cry series. I play Tomb Raider, DragonAge (another wonderful story!!), Crash Bandicoot, DDR (I have the good dancemat and everything, and I can play on the difficult settings I love it that much. You work out and you dont even know!!!), Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy and Little Big Planet. I dislike First Person Shooters. Especially Modern Warfare. Dont get me started on that!

Hmmm, what else? I love to read. I'll read anything, rag mags, newspapers, the signs on the subway.... I am currently finishing up Harry Potter, and intend to go on to books like "The Lovely Bones" and "Let the Right One In" to get away from fantasy for a while. I love Harry Potter to pieces (my brother looks like him, so funny) but after 7 books I think it's time to dive into a new universe, maybe I romantic one. I think I have a Nick Sparks book in here somewhere...

I drive a PT Cruiser. You either love or you hate it, and I LOVE it. It kinda squeaks....maybe I should fix it. I'll do it tomorrow. Im also a procrastinator. A sarcastic, sardonic one with a strange sense of humor.

I think that's all for now. This post is getting long enough. Thank you for letting my join your lovely organization, Spark! And good luck to all the Spark People out there. You are doing fantastic work :)


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