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Saturday Music Motivation - Sometimes You Gotta Work Hard For It!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here is today's motivational song. Sorry the original version of the video would not work on YouTube.These lyrics really resonate with me and have gotten me through some difficult workouts. Also, if I am ever feeling like I don't want to work out, all I have to do is listen to this song and I get pumped up!

Gotta Work - Amerie

Some of the lyrics that resonate with me:

Sometimes you gotta work hard for it
Because when u feeling low
And u cant get no lower
That's when u know your close
Sometimes u gotta work hard for it

I woke up in the morning
It's another cloudy day
But that never mattered too much to me
'Cause it's still a new beginning
And I know I got it in me
Had my share of ups and downs
But now I know I can do anything

Show me some body with no goal
Show me some body with no control
'Cause life is for living
So go and get it
When times get rough remember

Sometimes it's gonna be days like this
Sometimes it's gonna be rain like this
Sometimes you're gonna feel pain like this
Sometimes you gotta work hard for it

Sometimes the road may seem too far
You never really know for sure
If you're ever gonna make it
Sometimes the end may seem so far
You never really know for sure
If u got the strength to make it

But u gotta remember

Sometimes it's gonna be days like this
Sometimes it's gonna be rain like this
Sometimes you're gonna feel pain like this
Sometimes you gotta work hard for it

Because when u feeling low
And u can't get no lower
That's when u know your close
Sometimes u gotta work hard for it

Do it cause I love it
Feel like this
Gotta work hard for it

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TWOSWEET504 8/23/2011 10:58PM

    Ok this is going on my Ipod...thanks for sharing the words are awesome and so true!!

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SHAWNEDA 8/21/2011 10:46PM

    Love it! Keep sparking. You're doing really well. emoticon

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Met my weekly weight loss goal!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So I'm excited to report that I met my weeky weigh-in goal! Today's weigh-in put me at 244.7lbs which is a weekly loss of 2.4lbs. My goal was to hit 245lbs this week so yay!!! I did really well with eating this past week with only a couple of small splurges. While I didn't get my 30 minutes of cardio each day, I did log quite a bit of exercise. Work has been nightmarishly busy, so I'm going to have to recommit myself to 30 minutes of cardio daily - no excuses.

I'm down 12.3lbs since I reignighted my spark. 64.7lbs to go. My goal for next week's weigh-in is a loss of 1.5lbs which would put me at 243.2lbs. Here's to working it out!!

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SHAWNEDA 8/21/2011 11:04PM


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CBAILEYC 8/20/2011 8:28AM

    Hey there! Congrats on making your goal!
emoticon emoticon
I read back on your blogs a bit, seeing that you're working the paleo plan. It's piqued my interest, and aside from a few cookies emoticon I'm wondering if you found it hard to adjust your eating to the plan?

Here's to reaching your next goal!

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TWOSWEET504 8/19/2011 7:53AM

    emoticon emoticon
Very Proud of You Honey...Keep Up The Great Work!!

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LINDAJ0621 8/18/2011 8:00PM

    Good for you!!! With all the changes in your life, it is so great you are back on track. The cardio really does help, especially with relieving stress I am finding. I am going to the gym more frequently now to "work out my kinks" from sitting at a computer all day more than I do for the calories.
Keep up the good work!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Not defeated and pushing on...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So this past week I did relatively well following my paleo eating plan with the exception of a couple of meals. I splurged with a few cookies throughout the week, however. While working out on the elliptical Monday night, I had one of those "a-ha" moments. These cheats, small as they seem at the time, are likely causing a cascade effect that is limiting my progress. I find that I'm telling myself in these moments of weakness that "having this cookie is OK... I'll just work out harder later" or "I'll be really good tomorrow". I know that this journey is going to have its ups and downs. Good habits are hard to indoctrinate and slip-ups are going to happen. An occasional treat is important to overall success - one can't deprive themselves of everything. I've just got to find moderation and consistency.

I realize that I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I also realize that I can't change the past or predict the future - I can only control the moment. I've used this mantra in times where I don't really feel like working out but remind myself how great I feel and how proud I am each time I complete a good workout. This has helped me with the motivation to keep moving.

So this week's weigh-in has me at 247.1 lbs. This is a weight gain of 1.3lbs over the last week. As frustrated as I am with the numbers, I must use them constructively to up the motivation and keep doing what I've been doing - but do it better.

My goals for the next three weeks are as follows:

8/17/2011 - 245.0 lbs - 30 minutes of cardio everyday
8/24/2011 - 243.5 lbs - 30 minutes of cardio everyday
8/31/2011 - 242.0 lbs - 30 minutes of cardio everyday

Aggressive goals but I have aggressive wants - 1.5lbs per week. I will also start logging my food again on SparkPeople to hold me accountable. I am also going to weight train at least 2 days per week with focus on the upper body.

Here's to sticking to the Spark and hopefully a more cheerful weigh-in next week!

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GOINGBACKTO180 8/10/2011 4:55PM

    Thanks! I do need to start measuring the inches - I could be building muscle for all I know. I will go buy a measuring tape :)

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SHAWNEDA 8/10/2011 4:50PM

    Awesome for you and please start measuring your inches. If you have an off weight loss week but become smaller in inches that means you're building muscle. So happy you're back with us. I missed you! Keep sparking. emoticon

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Weigh-In and Update to Goals

Friday, August 05, 2011

So I had my weigh-in on Wednesday and the scale said to me "You weigh 245.8 lbs". That represents 11.2 lbs lost since I started this journey back in February (with a couple of months of not following the plan thrown in). I've lost 7.2 lbs since moving to Portland 3 weeks ago. I am pleased with my progress thus far, although I'd like to be seeing more progress faster as everyone always does, but big changes take time. I'm really trying to focus on the small changes and goals at the moment.

My clothes are fitting better and aren't nearly as snug as they were a few months ago. I can also definitely tell a difference in the love handles - they seem to be shrinking. Eating Paleo is going well, although there have been a few meals where I've gone off the band wagon. Building healthy habits takes time and can be difficult.

Last week I posted my goals for August. Having settled into a new routine, I realize that I need to reevaluate some of them. Here are the core goals I am going to follow for August.

- 30 minutes of cardio daily. Goaling myself at 1 hour of cardio on 3 days of the week was a bit excessive, so I will strive to get 30 minutes a day. If I have the time and energy I will work past the 30 minutes, but I'm not holding myself accountable to anything over 30 minutes.
- Weight-train at least 2 days per week with emphasis on arms and upper body. This is important since most of my cardio is focused on the lower body.
- Weigh-in every Wednesday and discuss successes/failures via blog.
- Eat breakfast every morning before leaving the house. I have been really dedicated to this and can tell there's a change in my energy level. I used to hate breakfast, but now I look forward to my 2 eggs scrambled and apple/chicken ausage in the mornings.
- Eat Paleo 18 out of 21 meals a week. So far I'm doing pretty well with this.

I won't be logging my food in SparkPeople for a while because I feel like I have that aspect under control. I will be logging exercise to hold myself accountable and checking in with others on the SparkTeams pages.

I want to be at 236lbs by August 31. That would require a weight loss of approximately 2.5 lbs per week - very aggressive but we'll see how close I can get. I have a feeling that the changes I've made thus far are helping my sluggish metabolism and I'll see a weightloss burst at some point this month.

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SHAWNEDA 8/9/2011 8:08PM

    Good plan and congrats on making it achievable. Achieving goals makes you want to make more and achieve them because you achieved others. You will be back to 180 soon. Keep sparking. Remember the slower you lose the less your skin sags emoticon

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TWOSWEET504 8/6/2011 9:35PM

    I still say...Good Plan!! At least you know what you can realistically do and you adjusted. I think you can do it...you got the tools to do so!!

See you at August Finish Line!!

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August Goals

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seeing as I really didn't stick to my June goals and July was a blur with the cross-country move, I'm going to reincarnate a few of my June goals with a few additions. I have to be focused and determined to reach my 236 goal by the end of August. Breaking 240 will be a hurdle I have not met since 2008.

- Log into SparkPeople and track food consumption everyday. Since I am doing Paleo the numbers may be a little wonky.. especially in the carbs vs. fat category.. but it will give me accountability if I track my consumption.
- One hour of cardio on Mon/Wed/Fri and 30 minutes of cardio on the other days for a total of 5 hours of cardio a week.
- Weight-train at least 2 days per week with emphasis on arms and upper body.
- Weigh-in each Wednesday and post my weigh-in results via blog.
- Eat breakfast everyday before leaving the house. Scramble those eggs!!
- Eat Paleo 2 meals a day 7 days a week.
- Walk when possible - to the grocery store, work, and other places. If I can't walk all the way there, then I walk to public transit and take that there. Driving is the last resort.

I hope that by following these goals I can get to 236 lbs by the end of August. The plateau I had been experiencing seems to be breaking a bit. Hopefully Paleo will help as well.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TWOSWEET504 8/6/2011 9:31PM

    Good Plan... As They Say If You Fail To Plan You Plan to Fail!!!
You Will Get To Your Goals & Your Goal Weight For August Cant Wait To See That Blog!!


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SHAWNEDA 8/2/2011 9:34PM

    emoticon you're doing great so far.

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LINDAJ0621 7/31/2011 10:15AM

    Sounds like a great plan to me!!! And, now that your ch..ch..ch..changes have been accomplished, your body might have the chance to settle down a bit!

emoticon emoticon

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TURTLERAE55 7/28/2011 12:57AM

    emoticon emoticon

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