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A time of testing. I passed!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

This morning was was ver busy. We had to take our little boy to the dr. out of town. On our way he always wants a sausage biscuit and hash brown. Well today he decided that he wanted to wait and eat them. Can you guese who stuck a biscuit under my nose. MMMMMMMMMM the smell of those biscuits. I paused for a woment ..... and gave it some thought but then I said no thank you to my hd. Next I was offered a hash brown.My mouth started to water. I told him that I was trying to do right and that he wasn't helping tempting with those kinds of foods. Later my little boy decided he would eat them after all. Another victory for me!!!! I told my hd that I was going to post in my blog about him tempting me so. Thank you Jesus!!! The old me would have devoured both biscuit and hash brown.
http://a time of testing. i passed!!!!

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CROTTY 12/12/2007 11:25AM

    That was a good test and a good passing grade. Why do men do that to us. Maybe theh are the insecure ones?

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SAILLE 12/11/2007 4:14PM

    That was a good show of willpower! Doesn't it feel so good to be strong!?! Keep up the awesome work!

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UGOGIRL51 12/11/2007 9:17AM

    Yes I second that congratulations.....You shall be rewarded for you are faithful even in the smallest of littest of things.


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BONNIE627 12/11/2007 8:14AM

    Congrats Do...you are doing great... keep up the good work... hugs, Bonnie

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GREATCOP0193 12/11/2007 2:31AM

    Hey, Congratulations, Do. I wasn't that good. I went to a supermarket that sells pizza and I got a pepperoni, canadian bacon and pineapple pizza. Thank God, I only go there about every three or four months.

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Cookies, cookies, cookies

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I bet by that tilte you thought that I was cramming my face with them Not a chance!!! It is my HD who keeps buying them . If he wants to sabatoge what I am doing lets just say he isn't making it easy but I have decided not to get even GET a crumb. I'll let him stuff his face and gain not me. Who can resist cookies??? I CAN AND I WILL.

Greater is he who is within me!!!!! I can overcome cookies with Christ help. He made me an overcomer. I am claiming victory over the cookie monster and not sesame streets either!
http://cookies, cookies and cookies

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GREATCOP0193 12/8/2007 3:19AM

    Do, you have come this far and I know that you are not got to give in. Keep up the good work. Bunny

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UGOGIRL51 12/7/2007 10:41AM




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The new me next year!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

That picture is a picture of what I will strive for. It has been a rought road the past few weeks. I am making a vow to myself and my family espcially my mother and sister. They brag on how I fight this disease. I must admit that I have slipped for the past few weeks. There is no reason to blame this on the holidays. I for one know what diabetes will do to you if you don't fight against it. And I am a fighter. My goal is to put diabetes on the run. So inspite of the holidays the fight is still on. No way I am giving up. I have saw first hand twhat this disease can do. That is just not an option for me. I have come too far to stop now. The enemy is defeated and Christ is my helper with him I can go forward.

Of course I have found some more info. If anything this disease has caused me to be a researcher to help myself and other who want help on how to step on top of their diabetes.

An estimated seven percent of the U.S. population has diabetes, which in recent years has been linked to diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, due to insulin resistance in the brain. While there's no cure for diabetes yet, doctors say maintaining a proper diet is one key to controlling the condition.

Taking advantage of natural compounds in foods is an alternative to prescription drugs, says Richard A. Anderson, lead scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Beltsville, M.D. "We shouldn't be relying on drugs if we can alleviate or prevent diabetes simply by changing our eating habits."

Food Fixes

Add these sugar-stompers to your shopping list:

Tea Chemicals known as polyphenols found in black, green, and oolong teas boost insulin activity.
Cinnamon Less than half a teaspoon daily increases sugar metabolism in fat cells.
Buckwheat Traditionally used to make soba noodles, buckwheat contains chemical compounds that reduce blood sugar levels.
Cherries Contain chemicals called anthocyanins that increase insulin production.
Guava Extracts from apple guavas lower blood-sugar levels.
Cocoa Decreases insulin resistance.

http://food that can help fight against diabetes

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BONNIE627 12/6/2007 1:15PM

    way to go Do.. love the new you... and know you can do it too.. keep up your good work.. it will come.. hugs, Bonnie

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UGOGIRL51 12/6/2007 8:49AM

    Thank You Do,

As one who also suffers with diabetes, I applaude anyone that can shed some light and help educate us to better help ourselves to fight this disease.

I am with you all the way! ONward!!!!


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GREATCOP0193 12/6/2007 3:48AM

    Good going, Do. I know you will beat it. I'm with you in the fight. Praise God.

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Awesome time!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Today I had an awesome time in the house of the Lord once again. The youth sang a song and the spiirit of God came down. The youth in the church begin to worship. All I can say is praise God for his presence!!! I have gained strength once again and I believe all things all possible with the Lord. I may fall seven time but the Lord will pick me again. I had ahard timestaying in cal range this week.. But tomorrow is the start of a new week and I will go forward. Thank you Jesus for tomorrows!!!

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SUPERSHE 12/3/2007 2:21PM

    Thank you Jesus, for todays, too.

I feel your love, Patty Grace... God is good, and shows it to us in so many ways. Yea, Lord....


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UGOGIRL51 12/3/2007 1:36PM

    Thank God for his tomorrows and His blessings. Through our weakness HIS strenght can be shown. You always have such an uplifting spirit and voice unto the Lord.

Beautiful Do....HUGS...Annette

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BONNIE627 12/3/2007 9:18AM

    I always feel the same way after attending church...just lifts you up and makes you able to face the week..

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GREATCOP0193 12/2/2007 9:47PM

    How true, Do.

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The Magical number of 177

Monday, November 26, 2007

I guses you could say coursity got me again. I wondered how long I could say at 177 pounds and not see results. Well today I was proved wrong. I am down to 176.1. A loss is a loss and I give God praise. This road hasn't been easy to travel. But as I know with God ALL THINGS are possible to them who believe and faith without works is dead. I am giving Christ my savior thanks for each and everything he does for. This is no time for to quit now I am going on in Jesus name victory is ahead and I see it!! Praise God the emeny lost another battle!! And I get to lose my weight ticker.
http://the magical number of 177

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GREATCOP0193 11/30/2007 2:26PM

    Do, you are right without Him and Faith you are dead. The book of James is so powerful. Love it.My favorite.Have a great weekend. Bunny

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