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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eat to Lose Before and After Workouts

Eating just the right thing before lifting weights or jumping on the elliptical trainer can keep you energized until the end. What you eat "depends on how hard and how long you're exercising," says Elizabeth Somer, RD, author of Nutrition for Women. Here are her surprisingly easy ways to fuel your muscles before different workouts and--pant, pant--help you recover after you've worked your butt off.
A solid aerobics session--30-60 minutes

"A small liquid snack 5 minutes before a run, step session, or power yoga class turns into fuel almost immediately," says Somer. Let these rules be your guide:

1. Keep it light (under 200 calories) for faster digestion.

2. The less time you have to eat before exercising, the less you eat. You don't want stuff sloshing about in your tummy as you move.

3. Skip juice blends or energy drinks that list high-fructose corn syrup or glucose gels on the label. Both heavy-hitter sweeteners can make blood sugar levels plummet mid-workout.

A few 200-calorie-and-under suggestions:

A make-it-yourself 8 ounce fruit and low-fat yogurt smoothie or one of Dannon's Light & Fit ready-to-drink fruit smoothies
Carnation No Sugar Added Instant Breakfast drink made with a cup of skim milk or light soymilk
A 6 oz. glass of OJ and 2 graham crackers

To re-hydrate and keep your blood sugar stable, have some water and:

A low-fat granola or energy bar
A cup of low-sodium chicken noodle soup
A piece of fruit or a small bunch of grapes
Hit-the-wall aerobics--60 minutes or more

You want a snack that keeps muscles supplied with a steady flow of glucose. "Just as a car sputters to a stop when it runs out of gas, you 'hit the wall' or 'bonk' if your glucose supplies are drained. Once that happens, no snack will fuel you fast enough to finish the workout," warns Somer. Before you go all out, have some:

1. Water to ward off dehydration, especially when it's hot.

2. Easy-to-digest, high-quality carbs that leave your GI track quickly and supply enough glucose to fuel a long workout.

3. Protein from yogurt, milk, soymilk, or nuts to offset a rapid drop in blood sugar from eating those carbs.

4. Foods that are light (again, 200 calories) and low-fat to avoid digestive problems. If your energy dips or your legs become shaky, eat more the next time until you hit on the right amount.

Good carb-protein combos:

Half a 4 oz. whole-wheat bagel with 1 tbsp. low-fat cream cheese
A small slice of last night's vegetarian pizza or 2/3 cup leftover spaghetti with marinara sauce
1 stick of low-fat string cheese, 1 medium pear, and 3 whole-grain crackers

Recover with more water and a 100 calorie, all-carb snack, such as:

50 pretzel sticks
1/2 cup Breyer's Double Churn Fat-Free Caramel Swirl ice cream
Half a baked potato topped with 2 tbsp. salsa
Up to 60 minutes of gentle yoga, stretching, or tai chi

A pre-workout snack isn't essential for low-sweat activities--say, an hour of yin yoga or a stretch class. But if you're hungry, try a banana for potassium and 2 graham crackers for carbs. Wash it down with some water.


All you'll need is more water.

Semi-tough strength training--30-45 minutes

Carbs with a dash of protein is your fuel of choice. Only serious body builders and weight lifters who pump for more than 45 minutes at least three days a week need extra protein--"most people get plenty," says Somer.

If you're borderline hard-core, try these 200 to 250 calorie protein-laced snacks:

Half a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread and a piece of fruit
A handful of trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, and seeds)
3 whole-grain crackers with 1 Tbsp. peanut butter and 6 oz. of V8 juice

Re-hydrate with water and have the other half of that turkey sandwich--the protein helps repair and build muscles.

For the average gym rat who does 30 minutes of weight training two or three times a week, just have a high-carb snack 10 minutes or so before you start:

Plain, nonfat yogurt mixed with berries or applesauce
1 tbsp. nut butter and a sliced 1/2 banana on a 10" whole-wheat tortilla, all rolledup burrito-style
1 small (2 oz.) carrot-raisin muffin and a 6 oz. glass of OJ

An all-day hike, cross-country ski or snowshoe trek

To build your glycogen stores, plan ahead.
1. For a day or two prior to your outing, eat high-carb meals of whole-wheat pasta or brown rice dishes.
2. Drink ample fluids, too--at least 10 cups a day. Before setting out, have a substantial high-carb meal of pancakes or waffles with fruit.
3. In addition to lunch, pack a couple of energy bars, dried fruit-and-nut mix to nibble every 2 hours.
4. Regularly sip water or sports drinks; don't wait until you get thirsty.


(Soak in the hot tub!) And keep drinking water. Have a high-carb snack such as a muffin, popcorn, pretzels, or hot cocoa and a graham cracker.


Not only will exercising regularly burn off all those snacks and more but it can make your RealAge as much as nine--yes, nine--years younger. And your body inches trimmer.



Finished the Iditarod trail

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 9th I offically finished the Idirarod trail. I did'nt think that I could do it. I have many health challenges, but I have not let that stop me from trying. Everyone seemed to zip by me. But the word of God said that the race isn't given to the swift or the strong but to those who endure. He also said faith without works is dead. I gave it my all and he gave me strength to complete the race. With God all things are possible. I pray that he keeps increasing my faith in him. Jesus has never let me down he is faithful. Thank you Jesus.

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SAILLE 10/11/2007 7:30PM

    Good work!!!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I did the 3 miler with Leslie last night. It was a very challenging session. I thought that I would have to quit because I grow tired before the 3 miler was up. But the Good ole endorphines kicked in and I was able th finish the dvd with the help of the Lord. The Ladies were having so much fun it helped to motivate me to keep going. Leslie is my favorite!! I probably will still need to kind of creep around the 3 miler. I dont want to go over board (asthma). I will invest in some new dvds. I have the newest one fast start& fast miles. I brought it at Walmart. I'm not brave to try the 4 miler for now. But I do have a 4 miler dvd. That is for the future when my endurance is builded up farther.
http://3 miles with leslie sansone


updating my blog and it has been a while!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have increased my cardio to 40-45 min on the stationary bike, also I have begun to use the Leslie Sansome WATP, Walk Slim etc dvd more. I have been doing the 2 milers but because I have asthma along with diabetes I will have ease into the three miler with caution. But I will get there with time. I have also have been lifting weights (hand weights) I started out with the 2 pounds (for over a year) so this past 2 weeks I purchased a 3 lb weight. Hey it is a beginning. I will look into some articules and vidoes here on sp about strength training.I will increase my strength training with time also. The pilates that I use are great and I love them. The only thing about them are they make me sleepy and relaxed after I do them. I will look into purchasing some new ones(that probably will be tax time). I have noticed that for the week since I have increased my workout time that my blood sugars have gotton better and are in more range. Usually they run around 90-120. I want them down and they have been down so far. Yesterday in the morning it was 72(GREAT). I will keep moving inspite of asthma and anything else the enemy want to thur at me. THIS IS WAR and I am declaring war on diabetes. I may move like a turtle but I will keep moving. Still I am grateful for being able to have a dr who will listen to me and work with me )I praise God for that. I also am grateful for Sparkpeople. My water intake was awful because the water from the sink was nasty but I brought a water filter thingy and I have no excuse for not drinking water. I am currently drinking 5 glasses. Yes I know that I should drink more but this is a beginning. So there is life after diabetes and I believe that I am living proof that you can manage it with hard work and prayer.

I will look into some vitamins etc to help myself. Until next time.......

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PARIS2009 9/26/2007 9:35AM

  Hello! Thanks for the encouraging words.~ On exercise and diabetes,
a couple of my family members have diabetes, and I'm amazed at how
exercise helps regulate their blood sugar. It's one of the most
important things for them. So, great job keeping working out! ~
You're such a faithful teammember, by the way. It's wonderful to
have your steady presence on the challenges. ~ Keep going! Take care, Shawn

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A-STRONGER-ME 9/23/2007 7:18AM

    You are absolutely correct - SLOW AND STEDY wins the race - keep up all your good, hard work!

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~MEGGERS~ 9/20/2007 5:37PM

    Hey there, it sounds like you're doing great! Just remember in then old fable....the turtle beat the hare! I have asthma too, so sometimes exercise can give me trouble. Keep up the great work, and let God be your strength!

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A Weight loss prayer

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A wonder friend posted this prayer and I want to read it when I grow weak or weary.


Father God, I come to you in the precious name of jesus that you will perform a mirculous healing in my life concerning my desires to lose weight.
Thank you Lord that nothing is impossible with you and that you can help take away my desire to overeat, and fill the voids within me that cause me to seek food as a substitute.

Lord, touch my mind right now, help me to see what causes me to overeat, give me a strong desire to want to take care of my body and see it as you Lord. help me to make the right food choices and touch my mind with creativity concerning food and what I eat. May I be restored to divine health again.

As I strive to do this Lord, please bless all within me-my cells, and my metabolism- that they will function properly so I can lose the weight. and let me take it one day at a time and not worry about anything else but cares of the day that I woke up to.

Thank you father for loving me enough to help me through this.

AMEN Posted by spiritangel37. I sure needed to her this after the day I had.

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BOPEEP 9/17/2007 5:48PM


I just want to add Thank the Lord for Spiritangel isn't she just a special person. She deserves the best. I love her little inspriational messages on my sparkpage. I'm so glad I found a friend in her.

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