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Aha moment

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Woke up 5 30 am and looked outside. A beautiful day and already hot and humid. All of a sudden I thought how lucky I am and decided to enjoy the day, do my best and focus on the good things around me-like having my son home from overseas and not to be such a nag.
Enjoy life and with this frame of mind, I am sure I will be fine.

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ANEPANALIPTI 1/12/2010 3:02PM

    GREAT way of looking at it!

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    Have a wonderful week, Anna. I am glad your son is home.

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WORKINGOUT12 1/10/2010 8:09PM

    This morning it was 15 degrees here near Austin, TX.

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CAF132 1/10/2010 6:07PM

  Hot and humid??? Woke up to 6 degrees with high of a whopping 21 degrees. Very sunny though and inspirational!

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DBELLE39 1/10/2010 5:42PM

    Hot & Humid???? Send some our way, the high today was 37!

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Enjoy life

Friday, January 08, 2010

Firstly I want to say sorry to anyone I did not reply to. I did not have a very good internet connection, but now that my boy is back we can share the cost of the unlimited. I think Australia has the highest cost for internet connection.
It is great to have my son back and now must get stuck into the healthy eating as he needs to lose weight too.
The summer vacation is flying and in 2 weeks I will be back at work. darn but I do need to have an organized structure as I don't function too well.
One of my friends treated me to a lovely mini holiday at the Hilton Hotel and I had such a ball. She is truly a great friend and we have known each other since 1968 so we have fun when we get together.
She is so inspiring too as she has finally gotten her health to a good place and considering she has 3 pins in her back and a double mastectomy, she is living her life each day to the fullest.
She is in remission and thinks that life is so precious and is truly an amazing human being so I have said to myself to not give too much emphasis to trivial things and learn to appreciate all I have, do the best I can, live simply and be the best person I can be.
So spread the love and joy to one and all as life is too shortto squander.
Peace and a happy 2010

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KLEONIKI 1/9/2010 3:35AM

    Happy New Year to you too GOANNA2 ,
I hope this Year to be the moment you reach your goals, and acquist inner calm and happiness through wisdom and health.
It is so important to have friends,so much more important to have good friends, with whom to tune together in perfect harmony.This is creative and soothing.Good luck!

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TIME4AFITME 1/8/2010 7:38PM

    Sounds like a great friend and a nice time away. Missed you around here. Send some summer this way I have had enough of all this snow.

Thank you for all your support as always. You are such a great friend. I am also glad that the holidays are over to get back on track. Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy 2010.


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    I am glad to see that you have better internet again and that you go to enjoy yourself with your friend.

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FREEBIRD1018 1/8/2010 12:29PM

    Sounds like you have a very special friend. I'm glad you can share and enjoy her outlook.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Just a short entry to say I am sorry if I have not kept in touch with everybody but I have been studying and have just got my results. 4 honours 1 credit and I am halfway through my Certificate course here at TAFE. Still, the hard work paid off and am proud of my efforts when I think that I finished school in 1960 and I feel that I am not just an old fuddy duddy after all these years.

My son is going back to College next year and i told him my aim is to graduate with him.
Nothing is impossible and now that I have started, nothing will stop me.
So to all of you out there, remember life is too short and if you have a dream, just follow it as anything is possible.

I love the new confidence and am looking forward to a wonderful old age.
So Merry Christmas and happy New Year to one and all.
Take care and God bless all my spark friends who have been my inspiration. Thanks

Anna emoticon

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ANEPANALIPTI 12/15/2009 5:10PM

    Merry Christmas to you darling! You're not going anywhere, I'm glad things are going well for you *hugs*!!!!!!!!!

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MORTICIAADDAMS 12/14/2009 10:12PM

    Congratulations, Anna!! I am so proud of you!!!

Merry Christmas to you too!!

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SAM60SUMTHINK 12/14/2009 8:14AM

    emoticonWhen I look at your name I always chuckle because I so often find myself thinking "Go, Anna!" !!! As the young'uns say, my friend: you rock! It's no easy accomplishment to go back to school, but to do so AND get honors?!? Well, that's fantastic to say it mildly!!

Hope you have a mavelous holiday; you've sure earned it!

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SERENEMOM71 12/14/2009 3:55AM

  C0ngrats on all your hard work at school. As I am new to this group, what are you majoring in? You should really be proud of yourself. I am really glad that you have been able to realize your dreams!

I have thought of going back to school but have been on disability and unable to work for so long, the thought and even the "mechanics" seem impossible. I am on so many medications for so many medical problems - including pain medications - that many days I am unable to drive or even move very well. I am doing my best with alternative methods of healing - yoga, trying acupuncture, meditation, plus doing various water exercises, etc. but so far nothing has really clicked for me.

So I just keep putting one foot in front of the other! and praying the solution of healing my body imaging myself whole and healthy knowing that someday I will be healed in God's timing - not mine. I just would like it now!! LOL

Peace, Joy, Love, Serenity

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MUSIC66 12/14/2009 2:13AM


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Feeling good

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It is a relief that I am starting to feel more confident as compared to my last post,
At TAFE today one of the other students made a comment that I looked nice and happy. Maybe my decision to tell myself "I am worthy each day", is starting to pay off.

I do feel better inside and not as edgy. Yesterday, my Human Movement class went to the Gym. We got to do an hour's spin class and I was ok. I did not drop out but was able to keep up. I was proud of my achievement as a few girls who are fitter and at least 40 years younger than me, actually sat out and took a break, citing thirst!

Even the scales were kind this morning which goes to show exercise needs to be a part of one's life, along with good nutrition.

We got to try the kettle bells at the gym and I really liked those weights. If and when I go back to the gym, I would like to try the kettle bells. Interesting.
Except for not being able to sit down properly because of the bike saddle, my thighs are not hurting.
I am looking forward to my journey now - study is back in the forefront, woo hoo.
I don't doubt myself and I am confident this feeling won't go away.
Have a good day everyone...

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SAM60SUMTHINK 9/9/2009 8:04PM

Maybe having to work and wait harder than some makes the success all the sweeter! I'm soooo happy to read this blog, Anna!! And oh! to have more stamina than the sweet young'uns is so totally kewl!! Way to go, indeed!!

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    This is a wonderful post!! I am so happy for you. You are a terrific person and you deserve the best. And you should be confident about yourself because you are beautiful inside and outside.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 9/9/2009 9:34AM

    sounding very positive! Way to go.

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DBELLE39 9/9/2009 5:24AM

    WOOHOO! Glad you are feeling good about yourself & seeing the results an exercise program can bring.

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MUSIC66 9/9/2009 2:31AM

    yhat is good that you are feeling good about your self.

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Second thoughts

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I don't know why I feel like this and as keen as I was about returning to studying, I am now scared to get a student loan and commit to getting a degree.
Do kids feel like this when they finish school and don't know what to do with themselves?
I feel as though all my confidence is gone and I just need to get myself out of this anxiety and get back into it.
Maybe because my son is going away and I am jsut getting a little depressed and can't think straight...
I am hoping with the new day, I will be back to my optmistic self. I will pray taht I don't go backwards.I have come such a long way and I have to keep positive.
Yes, I can do it....

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    Fear of the unknown and fear of failure are what hold most of us back. But those who are the most successful are those who are willing to risk failure. Many of them did fail many times but eventually they succeeded. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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SAM60SUMTHINK 8/30/2009 12:56PM

    I doubt kids have these feelings as intensely as we do, Anna: they have less behind them and our past experiences clutter our thinking with projections.

My grandmother stressed that we must, repeat MUST!, keep learning until we can learn no more. The dearer the cost (not necessarily money), the more value we add to ourselves.

Continue nurturing yourself. You're a diamond; keep polishing yourself, and don't worry about the direction the luster will go. My guess is that you're going places wonderful!

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STORMIEE 8/30/2009 12:15PM

  Hi, I'm new to Sparks, reading your blog I can understand......I am back in school as well after not quite getting the job done as a teenager. I have been back in school for some time now, and can now really begin to taste how close I am to earning my B.A..
I can tell you from experience its been a long hard road, but when thinking of the personal satisfaction of accomplishing something so wonderful! I can pat myself on the back for a job well done, and will have a degree to boot. That means the kind of job and security that my children and I deserve.
Its the mere thought, of being able to say "I did It!"
I look forward to that day........good luck!

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