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Back to work

Friday, February 12, 2010

I am suddenly finding myself overwhelmed at the workload and starting
to doubt that I can actually get it all done.

I started learning a monologue (for drama) and found it is too short as it
has to be 3 -4 minutes and now am stressed to find a new one to learn and that makes me go into emotional eating mode.

Stop there lady and don't get so negative. Just one thing at a time.

Went to see the play last night and because Iwas so tired can't think of anything to write about it.

Never mind, I am going to switch off the tv and buzz around and do some physical activity and the housework is a good place to start I suppose.

I have made a decision that lunch will be the biggest fresh salad I can muster and try to be a bit more positive and not dwell ona any one thing and just take a deep breath and just start on one thing, take a break and do something else.

Any other study tips from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

I feel working, study and the volunteering is getting on top of my time and have to make some changes, but I don't want to give anything up.

Advice please as I feel I am going to fall into the downward spiral of helplessness again and start eating, getting depressed etc and the ever ending circle of never getting out of it.

Oh my God I finally put it down in writing and will now take a good long, hard look at myself and already I am thinking that the meditating deep breath has helped.

Am I making any sense?
Ah well I feel better now and will go and have some of the nice sald and work it off,

Thanks for listening everybody.


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    I often struggle with similar problems. You need to set limits and make a schedule. Don't allow activities to consume your life. Allocate your scheduled time to that activity and more on.

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Had a good week but am sore because my shoulder is playing up and
cannot move it from side to side or upwards.

Must've been the weeding, so now have to rest I suppose.

Last night was so muggy and humid and it is now as well. Unbelievable
really after all the rain we've had. I have just done a load of washing and am debaing whether to get my son to hang it out or just put it on the airer inside.

Terrible to think that I won't be able to use my right arm but I think it is one way of getting DS to do some work around the house.

Let me see: vacuuming needs doing, as well as windows and of course the blinds...
Poor me but on the other hand I can just do treadmill and watch him burn up his unwanted calories.

It is going to be a good weekend after all

emoticon emoticon

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ANEPANALIPTI 2/11/2010 4:59PM

    Thanks for the support girl! WELL GET THROUGH IT!

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KLEONIKI 2/7/2010 10:48AM

    dear Goanna,
take care of your shoulder
i am sending you an information i found more than useful and more than once.
Is an EXCELLENT book with rehab and prev. pilates exercises and at least it helped me cured my sore shoulder a few years ago.I have bought it at Amazon.

Sports Pilates: How to Prevent and Overcome Sports Injuries by Paul Massey MCSP
Permalink: http://amzn.com/1903116988


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    Sorry about that shoulder. Rest and a heating pas should help.

I push my son to help out here all the time. It's good for him. LOL.

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KISHEGER 2/5/2010 8:27PM

    Hope your shoulder gets better soon. Yes, make the best of it. DS can help. You need it.

All the best,

emoticon emoticon

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SHIRLEYSAUL 2/5/2010 8:25PM

    I hope your shoulder feels better soon!

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SLIMMERJESSE 2/5/2010 6:38PM

    Have a wonderful weekend and hope the shoulder feels better soon.

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End of the holidays

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tomorrow is a big day as I have set myself a goal to start tracking food and to help my son eat healthier.

I may not be online too much as study starts to get serious again and I want to keep up with the Honours marks, and that means working hard. I will hopefully motivate my son to work hard as well in his business studies.

Am enjoying the rainy weather and some are saying the monsoonal rains are here and there have been some places with flooding.

I can now hopefully get into a routine and focus on other things and hopefully stay on track with food and exercise.

I have still not posted photos so hopefully we can work on that new skill.
Have a good week everyone.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MUSIC66 2/4/2010 12:09AM

    good luck with your studies.

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    I want to wish you luck with the food tracker, your son's diet, your studies, and your son's studies. If you have time drop us a line and let us know you are okay. I will miss you.

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ANEPANALIPTI 1/31/2010 4:42PM

    Looking forward to it! :D

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PATTYSH 1/31/2010 8:31AM

    Good luck to you! Try to post when you can so we know how you're doing!

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THOMS1 1/31/2010 6:59AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Emotional Eating ( Again)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today was fine at first. I was happy and enjoying the rain and somehow I lost it
and became very depressed.

Then the merry- go- round of the" zone" of comfort eating set in. emoticon

What's done is done and must move on tomorrow. I did not even go to the Food and Wine Expo. It probably would have been a healthier option!

Why do I do this when I have so much to be thankful for?

Anyway, tomorrow has to be a better and more mindful day. I will start my new exercise DVD. I actually did 15 minutes and loved it but then it just kept stopping so I don't know if I can return as I bought it from Amazon online.

I so much want to do this, so will get on to them to see how a faulty DVD can be replaced. I paid $7.99 postage and that is stressing me out. But no, I do not want to dwell on this. Things will be better after a good night's sleep...


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ANEPANALIPTI 1/30/2010 5:40PM

    Etsi bravo Anna mou.... Koitame to aurio kai xamogelame! Because tomorrow is FULL of potential.. HEY!!! This next moment is full of potential... ANd YOU are full of potential.. .Remember physics? *HUGS* WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT

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MORTICIAADDAMS 1/30/2010 12:30PM

    emoticonIt's okay, girlfriend. We all do it sometimes. But today is a new day and a good day and you can have a fresh start. I hope you can get something done about the bad DVD.

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SLIMMERJESSE 1/30/2010 10:55AM

    Yes, we humans ride that merry-go-round more often than we'd like. But you're doing great, so keep up the good work. Have a wonderful day.

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KMIRANDA2000 1/30/2010 8:19AM

    Yes...somehow the start of a new day brings new beginning s all around. You'll be okay.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

I had my hair cut really short as I found it was too thick and I needed to cool off

Have been trying to upload some pics onto my page but still no luck. Maybe as this is a new computer and my son has not loaded Office and other programs, so hopefully we can get it up and going this weekend.

We had the storm 2 nights ago but it did not rain here yesterday and temps are lows of 22 and highs of 27 - 29 Celsius. We still ahve February to go with this heat and we are waitng for the cooler weather. I sometimes wish I was back in Canada to experience some cold weather right now. Anyone want to swap??

I was very good so far and had my fruit and cereal and now am going to do an exercise dvd and then who knows, may go down for a swim..

Yesterday I went out to the back of the garage and turned on the outside shower and just stood under the water as it was warm ( I had been weeding and got so hot). Actually I must get there more often to cool off. Can you imagine a wet drenched oldie in a wet t-shirt... Well don't as my son took one look at me and said I looked like a drowning rat and to please take off that t shirt...

Oh well, it was nice to dream for a while that I was young and beautiful. Hey I said to son, I am still beautiful aren't I? He just looked and muttered something like "my mum's going bananas".

Have a nice weekend everyone. I have been going to bed earlier and found that I am catching up on sleep because I have been up late watching these 5 set tennis matches.

The women's final is on at 6 30 tonight so hopefully it won't go later than 9 30p as I really need my sleep. emoticon

emoticon emoticon

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GERPAT 1/29/2010 9:52PM

    I'll swap you!!! It's -22 here in Ontario Canada!!!LOL!!

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    I love the way it feels after a hair cut. So light and fresh.

I hate extremes in weather. Don't like cold or hot. LOL.

I wish we had an outdoor shower. i could use one after gardening.

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JAZZIELORI 1/29/2010 8:33PM

    Drink lots of water when you are outside in that heat..the water shower sounds great!!

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22PHAT 1/29/2010 8:11PM

    It starting raining here yesterday followed by sleet. It has been snowing all day today. It would be nice to be able to do some gardening or at least have the weather for it.

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MCCALI59 1/29/2010 8:01PM

  Where I live it is just the opposite- it is freezing. emoticon

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