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Any changes you DIDN'T expect?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

various Posts that resonated w/ me ..

the following article made a difference for me as well ..

Maintaining a Healthy Weight - Part 2
Psychological Challenges: The 3 P's of Failure


As I get ready each day, I have more choices and I take more pride in my appearance, even let my hair grow out. I feel more confident. I'm more outgoing. I'm starting to like this person, extra weight and all. And the more I like myself, the more I care for myself. The less I sabotage myself and say nasty things about myself. I've started eating better and exercising more regularly and eventually, the pounds have melted off. Then I had fun shopping all over again as my pants got looser and looser.

I'm not saying that shopping or wearing cute clothes in and of itself is all you need to do to lose weight. But I do believe that taking pride in your appearance by dressing for the body you have today goes a long way to helping you feel better about yourself and love yourself. After all, you deserve to look and feel fabulous TODAYŚnot 20 pounds from now!

Read more:

1. I'm exercising and loosing my D cup. But I do need another bra because the back fat is going away..

2. I am much more aware of portion size.

I like the gym. Wait... I LIKE the GYM????? Who knew?

Feeling good about having a healthy day and strive toward the goal.

I am also surprised at how low our family's dining out bills are getting. Because I am making healthier choices (which I already know the calorie count to) I find that I am eating all of our left-overs for lunches the next couple of days too.

I definitely have noticed I am satisfied eating a lot less food than before, and am hungry a lot less often.

Some good, some bad. The good, the cravings I thought I would have forever, are pretty rare only a month in and I have a smaller appetite

That a water bottle would be my constant companion.

Besides the amazing change of taste buds from sugar to salty, is my body's negative reaction to overeating. I used to be "an endless pit," now I have definite limits that I know and respect.

I feel so proud of myself when I look in the mirror.

I know the experts say that you will have more energy if you exercise, but it still amazes me that it is actually true.

I am beginning to realize that 'shape' (inches lost) mattered more than the number on the scale, also what things I can do more easily now than I could before, like bending over to pick up something.

I didn't expect a change in my attitude

I didn't expect anyone to notice!

My OB doc explained to me that estrogen gets trapped in our body fat, and the more body fat, the more residual estrogen = worse PMS! I need very little pamprin these days.

How much support you can get from just talking to other women at the gym, so I know I am not alone. I'm beginning to feel like many there who have become fit, 'a gym rat'

The ability to wake up in the morning at 7:15 a.m. without an alarm clock. Thus find more time in my day.

I never thought my fingers would get so skinny I would be worried about my wedding ring falling off in the evenings.

I never would have thought I would look at my love handles naked in the mirror in the morning and smile.

I didn't realize how AMAZING my skin would look. I look like I glow, & don't find myself concerned to wear make-up! In fact I went to church on Sun. with just base/blush & gloss.

Waking up with energy is so nice, and unexpected. Also looking forward to working out. I'm also surprised I've kept up with exercise long enough to notice a difference in my endurance.

Soooooo glad I'm doing it and have made the change, for it has effected my whole life for the better.

I started at 223, and now am at 199 (lowest weight EVER!) and I never would have expected to feel so strange shopping in the "regular" section of the store. I haven't adjusted to my new (and still getting smaller) size and it makes clothes shopping a totally different experience. I thought I'd feel insanely happy when I wasn't relegated only to the plus department. Instead I feel a little out of place and I never expect anything to fit......but then it does, and I remember why I spend an 2 hours every day on that treadmill. That feeling of happy when something cute needs to be tried on in a smaller size than what I picked up.

I didn't expect to get addicted to working out! I love it!!! In fact, it's become my new habit!

Exercising gives me more energy. I didn't expected to be full of energy and play with the grand kids more.

The one thing I notice the most is, I am not as bloated

My other surprise was that I would enjoy exercising so much. At first, it seemed like such a chore, and I was too scared and insecure to try any classes. Now, I LOVE my classes at the gym.

I didn't think my body would get so firm. It's still strange to feel hard muscle where I have ALWAYS been soft and cushy.

I never thought that I would be interval running at park, or that I would actually like it! (205 pds.)

I'm learning to educate myself on ways to overcome degrading myself when I don't see a weight loss .. I'm finding new ways to overcome obstacles in trainer ideas to work around negative feelings on the route I'm headed & tweaking what doesn't work .. I am also focusing on positive lifestyle changes vs. what the scale, measurements, clothes fitting say about my progress as this is more intrinsic & self motivating to carry me through maintenance .. otherwise I would always think that I failed & regained before thus nothing will be different this time I am not focusing on positives along the way, relishing in them & giving myself credit where credit is due!

Maintaining a Healthy Weight - Part 2
Psychological Challenges: The 3 P's of Failure

I love how flat my stomach feels lying down.

I'm looking forward to taking grandson's swimming!

I now longer feel ill all day, as when I was eating unmindfully & sleeping more during day I had less energy to do anything else as I felt bloated .. my heart had pains in it.
my mood was grouchy, & I felt unhappy .. as well as the fact I was unable to travel via plane, to wk-end tournaments with being extremely tired & side tracking family as I felt ill & they had to cater their activity around me ..

3x last wk. I walked 10 miles a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I remember when it was an effort to just make it around the park 3m. a day, better yet when I could handle 500 steps on the treadmill last wk. of Jan. 2010)

I'm doing the Elliptical now on Level 9 Random walking 6m in the mornings at 699 cal. burned . . and then on some evenings to maintain at present, until The Biggest Loser contest starts back up at the gym, then I'll crack it back up after 24 pd. weight lost from last Biggest Loser contest that concluded last month.

The socialization at the gym is gradually getting me back into adult life since backing away from it after the war 7yrs. ago

My legs/hips just feel smaller whenever I walk and noticing I feel good walking doing errands instead of dreading it and limiting it when possible!

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OUTLIVING 5/5/2010 5:48PM

    emoticoni never thought i'd drool over healthier foods like fresh veggies!!!


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MARIADALE 5/4/2010 5:21PM

    The changes are indeed surprising...and wonderful

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102633 5/4/2010 5:00PM

    It sounds to me like another success story has taken place. Congratulations on your weight loss and your new ATTITUDE!! Keep up the hard work and keep on working toward healthy.

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LOG .. Why not start writing down little things you do each day, as seeing your positive steps in th

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I did not write the following but found it to be truly inspirational and have decided to begin a log on this Blog ..


Can't Do This On My Own

Have you been feeling like you are getting no where fast? Do you need a little encouragement to help you feel better? Seeing your positive steps in the right direction will keep those negative thoughts at rest. You will be writing about your little steps and you will be thinking about your positive actions.

Start writing and see those little baby steps or large leaps turn into a desired goal obtained.

This really works, I have done this myself!

It doesn't matter how big or small the step is. Even if you decide to start exercising first time, write it down.

The point is to help you see growth in small things. It is those baby steps that create an ever lasting path. WE CAN DO IT!!!


2/23/10 exercised after 10 days with bronchitis with another 10 days of antibiotics .. it was tough, but I did it .. 'because' I knew, as Beck says, "I'd care later" figured out I needed to not only record steps but cardio min. as well .. hadn't been doing that this past 3 wks. Ate breakfast of oatmeal and yummy SP fish recipe! weigh in in 2 days ..

2/24 made SP spaghetti sauce, did 20 min. Target Toner

2/25 earned the next gold trophy for reaching 10,000 Spark Points!

2/26 five wks. after beginning healthy lifestyle I decided to begin using the food tracker

2/27 spending a great deal of time on SP & losing as a result of it!

2/28 began taking vitamins, doctor placed on lam, & cel.

3/1 walked at the Park for first time in 5 wks. at 6500 steps!

3/2 My Goals:
To lose 10% [24pds.] of my over-all weight by April of 2010

began gym 1/25
Jan. 2010 223 pds.
Feb. 221 pds.
2/18 219 pds.
2/28 214 pds. FEB. -9 pds. & lost 4.5 inches DONE!
(began five wks. ago however had bronchitis all Feb. making workouts more difficult & doing less of them.)

Mar. 12th 212 pds.
down 12 pds. thus half way to short term goal of 24 pds. lost!
3/18 207 pds. (bronchitis back today)
3/25 206 pds.
MARCH -8 pds. & lost 3.5 inches DONE!
(bronchitis all Mar. & Oral Surgery in Mich.)

April 14th 210 pds.
4/19 205 pds.
4/29 205 pds.
APRIL - 5 pds. & lost -- inches DONE!
added aerobics class thus gained muscle

( unsure why I regained 5 pds. at start of month, 'strange')


3/3 entered 2nd group of measurements into SP .. set up GOAL wts. on S Page

3/4 Spring cleaned today mega, room & bathroom. as snowed in, thus made for a great workout

3/5 ordered Denise Austin's Pilates & Stephanie Huckabee's stretch band workouts today, YAY! ( a little weary of Target Toner)

3/6 steps Upped to 7500 vs. the 500 steps when I first started 5 wks. ago!

3/7 walked around gym during dd's game today with sleeveless net shirt over sports bra & didn't allow my self consciousness get the better of me in front of a slew of spectators!

3/8 no problem staying awake through a day of taking 2 yr. old grandson to Atlanta for a cast and shop all afternoon thereafter. I'm feeling able to last longer in an active day than I did 5 wks. ago when starting out on this journey!

3/9 loving how flat my stomach appears while lying down! also find I have more core strength after doing Denise Austin Target Toner!

3/10 face feels softer & not like sandpaper - dh says I look much healthier nowadays!

3/11 bought new t. shoes & it felt great to be able to get on the treadmill this morning at 8:30 while dh & dd did their aerobics class, & walk at 3 m. for 1 hr. level 3 only just because I remember first starting out & it being a struggle to walk 10 min. on the treadmill!

3/12 earned 500 S Pts. in Feb. & a Consistency Trophy!

3/13 went UPPED MY MPH. from 3.0 to 3.2 during 60 min. treadmill workout this morning from 9:00-10 .. It felt great & as though I could've gone longer once I got into the "Zone" after 40 min.

excited to see such quick results after just 6wks.!

3/14 Jim is gone for 2 wks. thus am motivated to use the gym in his stead, early mornings, to catch up with Ju and dh's weight loss competition! They usually do aerobics while I speed walk on treadmill.

3/15 we were out of lite Italian salad dressing so I had to use a little bit of reg. dressing on avocado & found it didn't taste as yummy or even satisfying now after 6 wks. of lite dressings! YAY! taste buds have more than adjusted and unhealthy foods don't hold the same glimmer any more! Whew! what a relief!

3/16 today was 3.2mph Level 3 for about a 1/2 hr. of the 60 min. on treadmill. wore me out, but a good worn out. I noticed it kept me eating healthy by picking up a roast beef sandwich w/ spinach, no cheese .. half in the morning, 1/.2 later for snack. I find I'm very careful to eat no more than around 4 hrs. apart and find this keeps my blood sugar level. NO MORE wanting to pass out throughout the day, YAY!

3/17 noticed a nice rounded muscle in my thigh. I ate mac and cheese leftover from dd supper but only ate half a bowl and got right back on track without beating myself up over it.

3/18 love using the Beck rolodex cards daily as it helps to keep me motivated and on track with tips that are applicable daily!!!! (bronchitis back, will cont. to strive to not allow it to affect 4x wk. workouts

3/19 very active on SP which keeps my fingers busy from eating at night.

3/20 bought new pink T. shoes, sports bras, net shirts & T.-shirt with funds saved for that purpose .. it was fun and exciting and what's more, exciting to reward myself after a 16 pd. weight loss!

3/21 blood pressure numbers excellent!

3/22 planning a trip to Michigan for 4 days then a wk-end. dd basketball tournament & then d brother's visit .. feel as though I don't need to be concerned that I can't handle all that activity without becoming exhausted! I HAD ENERGY TO DO IT ALL which would've been unheard of back when I started last wk. of Jan.!!!

3/23 finding that I look for ways to add extra exercise to my day by wearing my pedometer consistently ..

3/24 I don't mind bending over several times a day rather than dreading it .. smile

3/25 been consistent with vitamins & breakfast thus making me feel energized & lacking in hypoglycemia crashes... eating frequent small meals every 2.5 hrs. helps immensely as well as staying away from sugar!

3/26 picked up dd's chocolate cookie dough candy last night, tasted it and it was sickeningly sweet to me .. it was the first time in a long time that I left chocolate sitting out all night without wanting to eat the whole box! GREAT FEELING of power over food!

3/27 walking 8000 steps 4/5x a wk. now WHOOPIE!! .. making real progress!!

3/28 this time around, this is a healthy lifestyle and not about how fast I can drop the weight .. thus far it's averaged at 2 pds. wkly. and I am ecstatic about that!! .. as I know it will lead to permanent weight loss & won't return quickly.
new motto: FIT NOT FAST!!!

3/29 back home from Michigan & Oral Surgery .. proud of myself for striving to get in workout time 'before' leaving' & during Michigan stay, the very day after surgery walked treadmill 9000 steps! (ttom)

3/30 found that given the choice of 'any' restaurant to eat at in Michigan I chose
Apple-bee's & had their 500 cal. peppercorn steak meal! .. treated myself with a shot glass of ice cream sundae, thus did not feel deprived.

3/31 when I lie on my side I can distinctly feel a curve in waist area! I read 70 pds. of Beck Diet Solution on plane as a refresher course.

4/1 home from Michigan 7 though struggling with thought of working out today because of medication for teeth pulled, plan to get up soon & make preparations to go regardless, focusing on how good it will feel after-wards! .. and it did!!!

4/2 really encouraged how well under garments fit these days!

4/3 love that dh has lost 36 pds. thus far & is my workout buddy as the competition when he's on a trip keeps me motivated not to be out done by him!

4/4 find fiber tablets help

4/5 treadmill is upped between 3.1 & 3.2 at Level 3 this wk. .. I haven't ever gone over 3.0 on a treadmill ever thus it's great to be challenging myself, & seeing how far I've come since the first day of doing only 10 min.

4/5 plan to start up a Nutrition Class newly offered at the gym next wk, what an opportunity, and I really like the instructor.

4/5 it's rewarding to see 25 yr. old dd. learning nutrition & exercising along with dh & I! She is using this new nutrition knowledge this wk. to take dd to basketball game, & know what healthy snacks to take for her.

4/5 love having more energy, & no food coma's anymore, or feeling bloated, with jeans to tight..

4/5 went to a new beginner's aerobic/Nutrition class w/ dh this afternoon for 45 min. It was a great intro. & start to aerobics.

4/6 salesperson at Customized asked if I worked out - then commented that my legs looked like I did as they were so muscular!

4/7 took 30 min. of Kathleen's aerobic class, this morning, after 60 min. treadmill workout.

4/8 began including afternoon treadmill along with morning ones to compete with the 8 wk. Biggest Loser competition.

4/8 Jim says I look healthy & that before working out I did not, but rather was often sick

4/9 Treadmill upped Random every day & 1 day Hill at Level 4 at 3.3 mph .. 8500 steps, 3.3 m., 435 .. now have begun aerobics class each day for 30 min. at 3,000 steps

4/10 took measurements for March at 3.5 inches lost, lost the most in hips & waist.

4/11 tired from workouts, 'but' a 'good' tired, a relaxing tired. Love going on dates to gym w/ Jim as our bonding times together.

4/12 spray tan, nails & hair color reward this month for progress made

4/13 looking at heart rate monitor watches for next reward to look forward towards

4/14 oops, ate a small chocolate Easter bunny .. 'however' UP SIDE, is that I feel so yucky, up at 2 a.m. as unable to sleep helps me to remember what I don't want to go back to on a routine basis!

4/15 headed for a Missions Conference 2 hrs. away and for the first time in a long time don't feel as though physically I can't make it .. feeling so healthy and energetic these days!

4/16 dh is doing great on healthy lifestyle right along with me, thus no longer feel as if ither one of us might have a heart attack from weight gained and unhealthy habits.

4/17 so wonderful to be going 'down' on the scale these days, vs. continuing an upward climb!

4/18 have upped workouts to two a day, making for 16,000 steps nowa days! .. rewarded myself with headphones!

4/19 started taking a Beginners Aerobic & Nutrition class Tues. and Thurs. at gym using 1 pd. weights .. my arms feel comfortably sore. so it's nice to do something by way of exercise with them, stability ball, step, & mat

4/20 went for 2 month check up w/ Dr. D. today & he was impressed with my 15 pd. weight loss!

4/21 made a new goal to work up to 4mph. in the next few months .. Last yr. I would not ever go past 3mph. however now in April 2010 I am able to walk 3.4 mph. at Level 4.

4/22 rewarded myself with cute little med. purses., zune headphones, & cute little change purse to keep in i pod holder for change for drinks.

4/23 I am able to hugs my thighs closer than I ever have before, beyond 1/2 way mark.

4/24 my body doesn't ever feel clammy as I am in control of blood sugar with snacks in between healthy meal choices

4/25 I have boundless energy .. today I cleaned bedrm., showered, worked out twice, took dd & myself for doctor appts., & attended older d's soccer game! I could not have done all that in a day 10 wks. ago!

4/26 gave myself credit for doing 1/2 an afternoon workout as it was better than nothing & I am not striving for perfection.

4/27 tried on a once too tight top today & now it fits like a charm .. decided to yard sale or donate to church size 18 & 16 tops that once fit, which is a huge thing for me as normally I would keep them thinking I may one day need them again. ( as well as size 18 capri's)

I then bought some size 16 capris for Summer, at Kohls & a Niki black & purple sports bra/board short type bathing suit . . as I haven't had a new suit for about a decade! Jeanelle needed a tankini & a few Sun. .dresses .. so it was a real treat to shop in Atlanta .. I feel like a Little House on the Prairie girl headed to the big city for shopping and not being able to contain myself!!

4/28 I feel confident that slow & steady whens the race & that I will remain committed to a healthy lifestyle & not backslide .. this time it's different as my mind set is different, more positive.

4/29 needed to add another sleep med. due to so much energy.

4/30 enjoy times that we can go off as a family to week-end tournaments knowing I doubled up on workouts all wk. so that I can take time to now wear cute clothes & have some fun, while still fitting in a nice walk in between games!

5/1 My arms are sore tonight, I started using 3 pound weights and the back of my arms are screaming...... emoticon...I did not think adding just 2 more pounds would make that big of a difference , but think again.....

A weird and wild thought I had in the world did I carry around that much weight when 2 more pounds can make me any one besides me , who had 20+ pounds (45 to go) to lose wonder how we do it or did did I walk and do the things I did do... (on the Biggest Loser every season toward the end they make the people carry the weight they lost & its always hard for everyone.)
I had so much trouble sleeping, back then due to lack of exercise. I didn't want to 'do' anything due to lack of energy .. 'now' I'm able to attend evening kids & grandkids games, & wkend basketball tournaments, & long days out of town including shopping.

.. well enough for now I need to get in that hot tub and soak these sore muscles...

5/2 my once 'very heavy' gym bag seems easier to carry since lifting 3 pd. weights.
such little weight can accomplish so much in improving strength!

5/3 I just 'know' that my blood count numbers have improved which will serve in keeping any medical complications at bay!

5/4 just so 'thrilled' to get to walk w/ dh twice around the park (3m.) today, as at one time he couldn't 'power walk', this time I had to work to keep up with him, after his 48 pd. weight loss .. of course, before this healthy lifestyle change, I couldn't even walk around the park 2x & my pedometer only reached 500 steps.

5/5 You know I 'do' have so much more energy .. like I can exercise morning, late afternoon and yet take in Julie's or Isaiah's church soccer game, in the evening, or Jeanelle's basketball practice twice a wk.

I'm down 20 pds. in 2 months & 3 wks. avg. about 7.5 pds. monthly ..slow & steady wins the race .. this time it honestly is going to be a lifestyle change .. I do not deprive, thus slows weight loss down a little, so what .. I will not be going on any monthly binges this way! Ihaven't really gone on any daily binges ither!!

I 'do' just 'feel better' .. easier to breathe, move, stretch, body feels tighter, & I feel happier .. it has improved my quality of life .. walking an avg. of 16,000 steps now

5/6 rewarded myself with new purse, sac, reading glasses for hitting below the 199 mark

5/7 I'm hoping that this time I've found the golden ticket to weight loss is 'not to deprive' myself when I truly want something .. for ex: at the game I went to buy a water & saw the snickers bars .. I purchased one with the intent of taking a few bites & then storing the rest in the cooler for another day of munching here & there .. I tend to binge when food becomes to restrictive I've found from SP Binge Free study last yr. .. making progress in learning about myself through SP & SP diet coach!

5/8 treadmill is upped now to 3.6 & I walk at the park for an avg. of 130 .. today I had no trouble 'even' going up to 155 on occasion. I enjoy being able to walk quite a bit faster these days behind people at the park who walk just somewhat faster than me, rather than lagging far, far behind.

5/9 I used 4 pd. weights in aerobics today and my arms are screaming! .. beginning to start a new mantra of 'eating real food' more vs. 100 cal snacks and find that I feel better.

5/10 purchased heart rate monitor as reward to almost reaching 10% of over-all weight loss goal!! It's my new best friend in keeping me on track of exertion levels.

5/11 feels great leaving tracts under rocks at pavillions at the park .. today some people apparently picked up a few of the them.. this makes walking worthwhile for eternities sake.

5/12 ran up stairs at store in Atlanta vs. taking escalator which I would not have done 3 months ago without huffing & puffing!

5/13 at a plateau at the moment so tweaking by watching food intake, have upped to 3.6 mph. & taking a healthy supplement for energy..

5/14 gave myself credit for working out on treadmill today as I didn't feel well due to vitamins combined with new supplement & calves were screaming through half of workout .. the next half I seemed to feel better & calves stopped hurting as I worked through it without giving up to do entire hr. 3.6 workout!

5/15 giving myself credit for attending aerobics class with Jim when i really didn't want to

5/16 went to Book Store today and owner did a 'double take' at me, & then precededed to tell me I really looked look .. there I was in shorts, pony tail 23 pds. thinner since last he saw me.

5/17 started a water aerobics class today & got a trainer for an hr. lined up for this wk. .. just changing things around after feeling somewhat burned out on treadmill this past 3 mon.

5/18 my size 16 new swimsuit pants are too big, as I bought them 3 wks. ago & have lost more weight since then!

5/19 I 'feel better' .. smaller, lighter to walk, more energetic, social, & happier .. my XL nightgowns fit looser since I bought them 3 wks. ago

5/20 I 'feel' more in touch with my body & appreciate all that it can do for me.

5/21 ttom, for the first time, I didn't need to take pamprin. Reading a great Think like a Thin Person book at gym. It has been life changing for me, for ex: don't deprive which leads to a binge, which does more damage (math wise) than does eating a little of what I want daily.

5/23 Elliptical Level 4 90 min. daily 4x wk. -- Water Aerobics 2x wk. 60 min.

5/24 Trainer Jen for 1 hr. on weights, last wk. Jen for 1.30 on Elliptical & answering questions .. really excited with her knowledge imparted to me

5/25 showering noticed bust is smaller & in mirror body love handles have diminished dramatically

5/26 dinner with brother, talked about Fitness for 35 min. It was fun to be 'in' a fitness conversation with him, vs. not being 'fit' enough to want to even talk about it!

5/27 I accidentally forgot to put the vitamin B12 under my tongue for it to disolve first before swallowing it and when I went for my workout all of a sudden I felt dizzy & ill .. thus I had to come home and sleep it off .. at any rate I felt much as I did in the olden days, 4 mon. ago, 24 pds. heavier .. my heart even started having similiar pains to what it used to have when I was unhealthy in my eating and exercising habits .. it was just the wake up call that I needed to remind me of how good I feel now, and how I don't ever want to go back to that. I choose to continue my healthy lifestyle throughout my lifetime that my body might be used for the Lord's glory.

5/28 when I use the treadmill, nowadays the Elliptical, I find I no longer yawn through the workouts in that I have learned how to breathe all the way down to the my lungs now. It's a welcome relief finally knowing how to combat that habit.

5/29 the gym is offering a Pickel Class which is much like ping pong on a diminished sized tennis court with a bigger paddle and ball .. Can't wait to try something new! That's progress for me as usually to afraid of failing

6/1 learned to go to bed my 10:30 as this best fuels my workout the next day!

6/2 I can 'run' now between arm ladder equipment all the way to water machine~ I could've even gone longer had Jim not trailed behind due to injured knee .. I can't believe that I've progressed from just running from picnic table to picnic table .. I attribute this progress to the Elliptical at Level 9 on Random

6/3 reading fitness book, Spark Diet, and magazines really helps with head knowlege to conquer personal challenges of living a fit life .. I also save helpful articles in a folder

7/5 came out of my comfort zone and tried I new sport of which I LOVE .. Pickelball!
It feels so good to finally find a sport that I actually love to play!!

7/18 entering a new Biggest Competitor competition at the gym, thus purchased smaller (L) T-shirts & Sports bras at Dicks today .. along with a visor for Pickelball on Fridays. This is my motivation to begin losing again in that I regained 5 pds. (of the 23 I had lost) this past month

It felt so good to be able to have gone down from size XL in T's & sports bra, as well as Victoria Secret size 38 D from 40 .. that I can't even begin to tell you .. It made me feel as if my shopping was justified, not just to get new stuff .. (though that's what it felt like after purchasing the XL's just 6 mon. ago.)

Dress To Impress
Not just other people but yourself.... If your clothes are too big for you, don't wear them. You'll feel frumpy. Putting on a smaller size can be such a huge motivation. You have that voice in your head telling you 'I'm in a smaller size- the effort was worth it!

7/19 committed to begin,(last wk.), 2x wk. w/trainer for 2 months .. my goals are for
for strength & to improve bone mass, as well as lower blood pressure, cholesterol numbers body fat, BMI, & all the other good things free weights does for you. mot for vanity, as I still have 39 pds. to lose before one actually sees muscles. My hamstrings & thighs have been screaming at me today. I can lift 12 pd. wts. now for an exercise for the arms, whereas when I began months ago I could only work with 3pd. weights!

7/20 Have ST 4x now and am noticing a difference in my derriere, and leg muscles as they are becoming firmer .. my arms feel stronger to carry the boys or bags. I am only somewhat sore and don't have my muscles screaming at me as I thought I might. Muscles in my upper and lower stomach are now such that I hold my stomach in throughout the day, just naturally from practicing it so much during Elliptical.

7/21 playing Pickelball 2x beginning this past wk. after only playing 1x per wk.

7/22 Entered THE BIGGEST COMPETITOR competition at the gym for these next 2 months to rack up pts. at the gym to win. This really motivates to go longer on the elliptical, even if I need to lower levels to finish, should a particular workout be a struggle that day .. it helps the remember, "It's progress, not perfection"

7/23 I love bringing the boys in the pool after Water Aerobics in that 6 months ago I would not felt I had the energy to!

7/24 have made some fun friends at the gym some of which who push me, like my Pickelball instructor and Jen my trainer to excel. New mantra, If I can't, I must!
Purchased new Pickelball paddles and court shoes.

7/25 reading a great book at the gym entitled Hungry Food Addiction by Dr. Mirmith that has been extremely educational and from a Christian standpt. which I love.
also reading my bible at the gym as well, using that time slot for consistency in my time with the Lord.

7/26 we found a new church which I really like and enjoy attending for which we will visit the next few Sun. and perhaps transfer over to I like be able to wear my Sun. dresses and not feel as if they I'm poured into them and I like that I'm now a Size 14 or 12 dress vs. size 18!

7/27 Improved on Elliptical Lev. 11 for 60 min 4 mornings a wk., Pickelball 2x wk. for 2.5 hrs., ST 2x wk. for 30 min. & swimming with the boys 2x wk.


8/4 opportunity to invite aerobics and Pickelball instructor to new church on Sun.

8/5 I've improved on my lunges (thus far using only body wt.) in that my balance as improved considerably than when I first started out, tipping over often, as well as I am able to go nearly to the end without feeling as though I'm dying.

8/6 I am learning to push myself to discomfort in that the last, anywhere from 3 to 6 reps. make me grunt to get them out .. Jen makes me push myself harder than I might otherwise, 'ever have' and see that I CAN do it! It builds such strength and confidence, not mention that great feeling of being wiped afterward .. feeling good deep deep down inside, a feeling hard to describe but very rewarding, as if I've done something good for myself that day.

8/7 I can 'now' fit into my older size 14 jeans, vs. the 16W I wore last winter til beginning of Summer! .. shooting for a size 10 jean, as that's what I wore when I came home from Africa 7 yrs. ago

8/8 I tried on my black/white peacock winter coat and it was HUGE on me, whereas last winter was beginning to get tight! My black coat from last winter was too snug to wear & now it is 'almost' too big

8/9 Today at the restaurant Sawmill, the waitresses were in a huddle and called out to me across the restaurant that I looked A LOT smaller!!! That felt great .. I don't look for compliments such as ( in that I'm most interested in a healthy lifestyle) however they seem to come mostly on days where's I could really use the boost!!

8/10 I fell down the stairs at home and found that by being toned I wasn't as injured at I might've been without having begun weight training 1 month ago.

8/11 I have cut back on Elliptical workouts by half and implemented in swimming 2-3x a wk. for 30 min. & jogging at the park 1.5m on straight paths and up some hills. This is like beginning all over again in endurance however in that my Elliptical endurance improved I know these will too.

8/12 The Winter is fast around the corner and I have decided to do something different this time & keep my trainer 2-3x a wk. so that I will be encouraged to get out to the gym, vs. stay home & eat comfort food ..

8/13 In that our treadmill no longer works I am praying the Lord will provide some type of machine for our home so that I will be encouraged to use it during the Winter vs. gaining weight, I'll just have to take the next Summer to lose again .. smile

8/14 We are now in a new Church in which we LOVE, & I am finally (after 7 Yrs.) back out attending Woman's Bible Study on a Beth Moore series .. & asked to do some small speaking parts during this .. losing weight & become healthy again has been instrumental in bringing me back out of my shell

8/15 God helped me to find my car keys at the park today during a jog, just before a huge thunderstorm was about to break way .. Praise His Name!

8/16 I can now see an upper arm & shoulder muscle, bicep, 'even' tricep muscle, & some strenthening in my core due to sit ups, & legs are even lovelier in their muscle outline .. my hips have come down considerably as well as backside ..

8/17 While jogging at the park now I can run from further landmarks than I have ever been able to do in the past, due to weight training, cardio and what's more hearing trainers words say .. even when you think you've had enough you can do more, go further .. YOUR BODY CAN DO MORE THAN YOUR MIND SAYS IT CAN DO!

8/18 Jules took some of my favorite mottos & made cartoons out of them, which I printed, laminated & posted on the bthrm. mirror, as well as shared with Dr. Matthews office.

8/19 Have learned that after weight training or jogging to do something to release lactose acid, such as swim, stretch, jor stationary bike, to keep from becoming sore

8/20 let my hair grow beyond shoulders during this healthy lifestyle endeavor.

8/21 pedicure/change of color on toes for monthly reward of sticking with it!

8/22 only eat half portions these days & box up these portions before I start eating full meal when I go out

8/23 I am more involved in grand babies lives, taking them to Sun. School now & not feeling like I ither don't want to go to HOP or feeling sick .. I love not having gas anymore and being able to travel to Atlanta without feeling sick. I love having more endurance and being able to accomplish more during the days than I ever used to.

Went to the big city yesterday to buy smaller shirts & jeans .. I went from a size 16w, to 16 .. Then 14w to comfortable 14 and now I purchased two, granted tight, but, size 12 jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!! I'm not 'even' believing it!!

I purchased tight jeans, in that I have a few older size 14's in the back of my closet thus the smaller 12's will give me incentive and inspiration to work to get out of my 4 months of maintenance & kick butt again & lose!!

I purchased tops ranging anywhere from size lrg. To medium & btw, shopped on the small side of the store vs. The ladies plus left side of the store! It was just a good feeling .. Granted the shirts are form fitting & show my roll, however, 'again' I will have incentive to drop 5-8 pds by Christmas .. This is a stretch for a goal however if I shoot for nothing I suppose I only will hit nothing, ey?

The thing of it is I don't know that I can do this, however I will tell myself I can & 'will' do this,
In that I want those tight clothes to fit like a glove to wear for the Winter months!

I had small size shirts in my closet, 3 to be exact that I didn't ever think that I could get into again & now I've worn them often throughout the Summer .. that's such a cool feeling ..further I cleaned out the Jeans in the back of my closet this morning & gave several size 16's away, kept older, in good shape, comfortable fitting size 14's. There:s one pair that I love, unique brown dark camel like color that were always way to tight, thus I excitedly put them on &, by George if they weren't too big!!
Man oh man, but I 'did' save those at the back of my closet in case I go back up to a 16 as I really have always loved them.
It was a great feeling, I found one size 18 & know that I had larger sizes, but surely have gone through my closet a long time before this & gotten rid of them, thus I don't recall my largest size .. I just wish I would've kept the largest pair so that I could remember what size I started out on this journey for encouragement/accomplishment sake.

My closet is now all boogie flinged with the old out and and the new in! Tonight I hope to get a few new tighter styled night gowns at Walmart as the ones I have are so worn & too large .. This will be the 3rd time I've gotten to purchase smaller sized nt. Gowns, Whoo, hoo!! It's fun to buy tighter ones as it doesn't take long before they fit well & even become too big! Maybe they will have fall colors out!

Yesterday was a FUN day as I haven't shopped for at least 4 months, longer I'm sure. Maybe since last Fall.
I've put all my larger, newer, shirts in the back of the closet if I ever need as

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BALBNOVEMBER 2/23/2010 10:09PM

    Great idea! Thanks!

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MARIADALE 2/23/2010 8:07PM

    good advice

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ZZYYGGY 2/23/2010 6:45PM

    What a great idea.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

(LIVE IN THE SOLUTION) my new mantra!

Write a Blog from a Message Board topic

Listen to your favorite music or find new Itunes podcast/music

Watch a sunset

Read bible.

Play your favorite instrument

Tell one person how you feel

Take a long hot bath

Go berry picking

Hug someone

Take a long drive

Go to a church or local event

Visit a neighbor

Rent a new movie

Take a trip to the toy store

Go to a movie with someone

Call a family member or new friend


Spend time with your pet

Wash your car

Teach a child to play a game

Paint a picture w child

Go to the pet store

Have a water-gun fight

Play Hopscotch

Throw nerf balls, koosh balls or bean-bags at a wall (available at most toy stores)

Have a snowball fight with somone

Have a race.

Have a pillow fight or punch a pillow

Play your favorite game as a child

Color in coloring books

Redecorate or paint a Room in your house

Read a book with Spark people group/bible study or a friend

Take a day trip or vacation

Clean out a drawer

Remind Yourself "It'll be Ok"

Take a deep breath, count to 10

Ask your therapist to make a tape with you that you can use during difficult times

Go to a favorite "safe" location (yard, park)

Think of advice you'd give someone else... & take it!

Say something good about yourself

Post (make) your own affirmations (use index cards, post-it notes, blog)

Meditate, use Relaxation

Spend time with brother or family member

Blog feelings

e-mail supportive SP friend pal for support & to express feelings

Stay in touch with others through contact - don't isolate yourself!

From Ellen's site:
Alternatives to Eating Disordered Behavior BINGE EATING;

Below is a list of things to do instead of engaging in eating disordered behavior. Keep in mind that not everything on this list will work for everyone, pick and choose what is most helpful to you. Some of these choices are difficult and you might want to discuss them with your therapist or support system. Recovery is not a process that can be walked through alone... don't be afraid to reach out for help.

Learn HALT signals (Hungry, angry, lonely, tired)

Identify what is causing you the pain (other than the food)


Ask yourself inside, what YOU need

Blog/read or rework a blog

Listen to music/relaxing things

Pay attention to your breathing

Carry tokens such as biblical items or gifts to remind you of peaceful comforting people/things

Get out on your own, get away from stress

Take a different perspective (different vantage point)

Make affirmation tapes inside you that are good, kind, gentle (reverse the negative thoughts and physically rewrite them into positive statements

Recognize and acknowledge the choices you have NOW

Make a phone list of people you can call for help & support, and allow yourself to use it
(W. W. teacher, email Jules)

Lose the "would-could-have to" words.

Try "what if"

Choose your way of thinking, try to resist following old thinking patterns

Put memories in air tight containers with air tight lids

Notice black and white thinking

Beating yourself up only makes it worse

Do something FUN!

Make yourself as comfortable as possible (without using food)

Get to know neighbors, church friends,

Leave the room

Leave the premises

Write a letter, NOT mailed, to the person or problem upsetting you

Play a musical instrument/ key board

Plan regular activities for your most difficult time of day

Connect with others around you. Call a therapist or friend

Notice "choices" versus "dilemmas"

Keep in touch with others who are fighting the same fight

Check in with yourself and other frequently (try not to isolate)

Take a bath or shower

Clean the house

Get out a fine tooth come and vigorously brush the fur of a stuffed animal (use gentle vigor)

Pull weeds in the garden

Plant flowers

Reality check old messages

Play with a pet

Take your dog for a walk

Write a blog, email

Organize something

Hold dog

Call supportive group (WW. teacher, SP buddy, dh, friend (Ava) )

Listen to a comedy podcast, dvd or T.V.)

Repetitive reality checking ("It's January 31, 2012, and I'm going to be OK")

Negotiate with yourself

Offer options

Create and use mental safe places (the beach, a cabin in the woods, etc.)

Help someone around you

Pay attention to the changes needed to make you feel safe

Count yourself down (10...9...8...7..)

"I'm aware" repeat 5 things that you see, smell, touch, taste in your present surroundings to help you ground you in the present

Pay attention to the rhythmic motions of your body

Move to music

Touch something familiar/safe (bible)

Put your feet firmly on the floor

Make something

Accept a gift from a friend


Accept where you are in the process.

Take a break from mental processing

Take a SAFE risk

Honor your present anger

Pull weeds/scrub floor/toothbrush baseboards or grout/hose down car mats/

Edit SP Blogs

Give yourself permission to.... (keep it safe)

Hold a soft pillow or pet

Make a list of 'help needs' to ask WW teacher, buddy, or doctor in near future

The best way to utilize this list is to print it out and keep it handy. When the eating disorder urges hit, we are often easily overwhelmed. This is not the best time to try & remember what our healthy choices are. If they are already written out, & on hand, all one has to do is read down the list until we find something safe & helpful.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHEBE65 4/13/2010 12:29AM

    I really liked all your other options. I feel like I can be a kid again. Something fun to do with my kids. Its been a long time since I had any fun.

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DANAE22 3/6/2010 12:40PM


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FREELADY 2/10/2010 8:23AM

    Several of these are really going to bail me out! Thanks for sharing!!

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MOV4WARD 2/9/2010 8:16PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticonLove the mantra! Love the solutions!

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CHATERJOY 2/9/2010 8:10PM

    Thanks for sharing this! emoticon

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BLUEIZ07 2/9/2010 7:59PM

    Gee!!! So many choices I should be busy for a long, long time!!! Thanks for the reminders that there are soooo many other things to do! emoticon

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I keep a lot of snack friendly items around that I can grab readily, due to Hypoglycemia.. LISTED be

Monday, February 08, 2010

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 POSTED BY A SPARK PEOPLE MEMBER
Eating on plan can be very challenging at times. Temptation is around every corner. Sights and sounds and smells can trigger cravings. The best way to achieve success is to be prepared.

I am prone to snacking as my hypoglycemia warrants it. I eat 3 meals a day plus 3 snacks.

I'm on a diet that is halfway between low carb and South Beach and it works well for me. I keep a lot of snack friendly items around that I can grab readily.

Below is my snack list that I just posted to one of the message forums. Maybe it will inspire you to make your own list to post on your fridge.

Sugar free Jello
Sugar free, fat free pudding
Sugar free popsicles
Sugar free fudsicles
Sugar Free Hard Candy
Sugar Free Jelly, Jams, Preserves
Light Whipped Topping
Ricotta cream with extracts, cocoa powder, sugar free chocolate syrup, or sugar free syrups
Laughing Cow Cheese
Cabot 50% Reduced Fat Cheese
Other legal cheeses like mozzarella, gouda, American, Cheddar, cottage, provolone. Swiss, FF cream cheese
Hard Boiled Eggs with legal dressings
Nuts and Seeds
Pork Rinds
Peanut Butter Stuffed Celery
Low Carb Tortilla Crisps and Salsa
Low Carb yogurt
Serving of dark chocolate
Raw Veggies - especially radishes, cauliflower, pickled cucumbers, pickled peppers
Olives or Sugar Free Pickles
Pepperoni chips
Canadian Bacon
Sugar Free Deli Meat
Leftover meat
Sugar Free Cocoa
Decaffeinated Flavored Teas
No caffeine, no sugar soft drink
Rarely - a serving of whole grain cereal or a whole grain "bread" exchange or popcorn - I can't eat this stuff on an everyday basis due to hypoglycemia

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

OUTLIVING 2/8/2010 2:48PM

    have you ever tried roasted garbanzo beans. Or hummus? a dip made out of garbanzo beans? really easy to make to your own taste preferences! found one at Costco I liked but I don't care much for some of the other store bought ones. Made one at home with roasted red bell peppers and not so much olive oil... yum!

Comment edited on: 2/8/2010 2:49:17 PM

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DAYHIKER 2/8/2010 10:54AM

    I have this challenge, too, and sometimes it is a challenge! That's a good list; thanks! I rarely go past our mailbox without a cooler of water and snacks "just in case!"

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MARIADALE 2/8/2010 9:53AM

    Great list

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CWAITES 2/8/2010 8:06AM

    Great list! I have hypoglycemia, too, and it can be a challenge to deal with. Thanks for sharing this!

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This is how I lost 65 pds. .. no T.V - or 'inside biked' to a favorite videoed for me, by a state

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I agree with this POST, written by another, as:
This is how I lost 65 pds. .. no T.V - or 'inside biked' to a favorite videoed for me, by a stateside friend, show.. at night & I walked in Africa .. also was in bed by 8 as there's nothing to do in Africa after 8

Thursday, July 23, 2009
I agree to make sure one's food plan meals are composed of a Complex - high fibrous - grain/carb, being of low numbers of carbohydrates in general, a high protein, and 2 portions of quality nutritional veggies or fruit (also low carb). 1 c grain per every 2 v and 1-2 p. This keeps the blood sugar levels even and long lasting so there isn't a CRASH for munchies in the first place.

Because in my Experience strength and hope, my problem being succumbing to temptation in the late night, really didn't have that much to do with actually being hungry. What I have learned to call Of-Hunger, is when the blood sugar comes down off the relative high from DINNER (usually the biggest meal of the day) and one gets the munchies for a Sweet / Salty / Starchy, type mindless munch snack food; popcorn, cake-n-ice cream, pretzels, chips, cookies, chocolates, etc. If/when one goes to high in carbs/sugar/starches one automatically goes too low, so to live in the solution is to do what it takes to keep it steady and prevent the SPIKE in the first place. Abstinence from our trigger foods.

Munchies do not happen IF: One's mind or body (if not both) is fully engaged.

So the real winning "trick" is to do something ELSE besides watching TV or other mere alpha wave activity. (What people call disciple isn't a magic ability to ignore, but a wise choice to replace.)
Take a walk or jog, log into spark people, write in your journal, go to a OA meeting, go to an IRC or Java chat channel "Recovery" online meeting, visit the gym, teach a loved one how to dance or crochet or something, ask a loved one to teach you something, take up a detail cleaning spree, anything.
WHATEVER IT TAKES TO LIVE IN THE SOLUTION rather than trying to deny, ignore, or remove the problem on our own. When we live in the solution our Higher Power is the one to remove our defects for us, let go of the defect and let God take it away.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LOLLIPOP62 2/11/2010 12:39AM

    "When we live in the solution our Higher Power is the one to remove our defects for us, let go of the defect and let God take it away".

Wow..this will stay with me!

emoticon emoticon

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BOTECCHIA 2/7/2010 11:58PM

  That's terrific

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