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So here it is again...the weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekends always seem to be the hardest for me. I'm not sure why, maybe the change in routine from week to weekend? Hubby & kids being home all day-every day!?

Not much is really planned for us this weekend. I do plan on getting in my challenge walk (I have until Sunday) and continuing to work away at my other 3 challenges. Plus I need to stay focused on my two team challenges that I'm in for September. I have a lot of challenges going on this month! I'm proud to say I'm doing well on them and it's helping me to stay focused. Hopefully Mr.Scale will recognize my hard work this week and reward me with a pound or two loss! Fingers crossed, we'll see on Monday morning!

A few of my SP buddies have joined me in some challenges this week, so thank you!! You've helped me to stay accountable and on track! You guys ROCK! Thanks for the support!!! I can't wait to hear how you all did. Remember to update me on Monday!! emoticon

Here is to a fun filled and healthy weekend! Cheers. emoticon

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MISSMITSY 9/19/2010 7:57AM

    Hey there! Good to see you're doing well on so many challenges I hope you get your scale reward this week!!

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SPARKLE_SHINE66 9/18/2010 3:36PM

    I agree about weekends too. The change in routine kind of messes things up. It's definitely harder to stick to an eating plan and exercise on weekends. I've changed my weigh-in day to Saturday mornings. Not that I want to use that as an excuse to gorge myself all weekend. But I do want a chance to relax a little for at least one day and enjoy a treat or two without feeling any guilt about it whatsoever. Hope you have a
good weigh-in on Monday, no matter what the scale has to say!

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UCANGOME 9/17/2010 10:28PM

    I have a harder time on the weekends, too. I do think it is because of the schedule thing. I am so regimented during the week that I just want to relax on the weekend! Good luck with your challenges---you can do it!

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K8NJKSMOM 9/17/2010 3:03PM

    Have a great weekend - and good luck with your challenge walk!

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Another part of life - getting old

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This one is about my walking buddy, Bailey. He is a 13-year old mut dog and the best walking partner anyone could have. When nobody else wants to walk with me, I can always count on him to go. No matter what! He loves his walks. emoticon

I can probably count on one hand the times in the past 13 years that I've gone on a walk and he wasn't walked with me. He always goes. Lately his age has been catching up with him although he is a very fit dog, by dog standards anyway. Our "loop walk" (as we call it is 1.8 miles) seems to be really hard on him now. So the other day when we got back, I knew that one was going to be his last long walk. He was exhausted halfway through and by the time we got home he was walking really slow. I felt like I was dragging him to just get him home.

Well today marked my first offical loop walk - alone. It was a very sad moment for me. I've always had a walking buddy. He knows where he can walk & sniff & be a dog. I even caught myself pulling to the one side of the street where he likes to sniff & do his business (yes, I clean up after my dog!) He even knows my path and where I cross the street at. He is such a smart buddy & I'll admit a pain in the butt some days too, but he still is my buddy.

He still gets his walks in, now just on a shorter path & slower pace. We walked our street & back this morning (1/2 mile) and around the yard. It gave him a 23 minute "Bailey pace" walk this morning before I headed out for my alone-loop walk.

It was cute too. When I came back from his walk & was heading out for mine, he knew what I was doing & he tried to get excited like he does when we are getting ready to walk, just his excitement was very excited. So I told him (yes, I talk to my dog) that he can't go on this one and he watched me leave, but there he was at the door to greet me when I returned! emoticon

Here is a picture of Buddy. His eyes look evil from the flash, but he's a big lover dog!

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MISSMITSY 9/16/2010 8:32AM

    I'm so sorry that must absolutely break your heart... He's such a beautiful pup. You must miss his company, I'm sure he's there with you in spirit though... Maybe you should get a wagon and bring him along some days you can just tow him home when he gets tired...

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NAJENA 9/15/2010 2:44PM

  My Dog is my motivater to walk. I got him about three months ago and he cant wait for his daily walk. Sorry to hear about your Dog.

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MZSLEEPE1 9/15/2010 12:43PM

    He's gorgeous!! It is sad when they get older, it happens to the best of us! Unconditional love from our animals is amazing and special. I'm glad you talk to your dog. I talk to mine and all the other animals I see when I work outside. I know people probably think I'm looney tunes but I like to think the dogs, even the ones barking at me cause I'm in their yard, like being acknowledged! Good for you walking with and without your buddy! Keep up the SP lifestyle! Be good to yourself! Bailey's look is pure love!! You're very lucky! I miss my big dog! My kids each have a little dog so we're still surrounded by love!

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CTTAGENT 9/15/2010 12:37PM

    I am sorry to hear that he cannot go on your exercise walks anymore; that is hard after so many years of the 2 of you doing it together. I am glad he there to meet you when you get home.

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Are you up for a challenge?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Last week a sparkbuddy needed some motivation to get back on the workout path. So I challenged her to get in at least 30 minutes of fitness that day. She took me up on it and to my surprise so did two other buddies! I'm so proud of them for taking me up on it!! High five girls!

So that brings me to this blog. I mentioned that maybe I'd offer a challenge up for this week and I seemed to have some buddies interested so I thought why not. I could use the extra kick in the pants too! I've been accumulating my minutes, but not as much as I could be or at that high of an intensity! Maybe my challenges will help me and some others along the way!

Here are a couple of challenges. Feel free to pick one or give all of them a try! Just let me know if you'll take me up on my challenge. Then (on this blog) by the end of the week let me know what you challenged yourself to & how it went!! You have from today until Sunday to complete it! You can do it!!!

Go for it!! You can do it!!

Challenge 1 ~ Fitness Minutes Pledge
Pledge how many minues you'd like to accumulate this week and work toward that goal.

Challenge 2 ~ Avoiding the scale
If you are a weigh yourself everyday person, take the week off and pick 1 day and weigh-in on that day!

Challenge 3 ~ New meal challenge
I hate fixing/eating the same thing over and over again. So to avoid boredom I try to fix a new meal every week for my family. This challenge is to pick a new meal and give it a try! Check out the SP Recipes, they have lots of good ones out there just waiting for you to try! I recommend the Broiled Tilapia Parmesan. It is very yummy ~ if you like fish that is!

Challenge 4 ~ Hydrate & Fuel that body
We all have the problem of getting in our water and those important fruits/veggies everyday. For this challenge, pick an amount of each you'd like to get in everyday. I usually aim for at least 64 oz of water a day and 3 fruits/veggies. I do okay on the water, but sometimes lack in the fruits/veggie area. Am I alone on that?

Challenge 5 ~ New activity or visit an old one
For this challenge, pick a new activity or maybe even an old one you haven't done in a while and give it a try. I find I get bored doing the same routine over and over again, if you're like me maybe you need to add in a new one. Or maybe there is a walking path you've been wanting to try & haven't done it yet, well here is your chance ~ go for it!!

All right, there you have it! Five challenges for the week ~ Which one(s) will you choose?

Here is to a successful week emoticon!


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JESSABELLA23 9/14/2010 5:48PM

    I'm going to take the scale challenge. I'm not going to weigh myself until Saturday am...which is when I need to post for my team challenge.

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MISSMITSY 9/14/2010 8:14AM

    Nice challenges, I'm going to go with #'s 3 and 4... I'm all good with the water but I've been pretty bad on the fruits and veggies lately!
emoticon emoticon

Thanks for the blog comment too, not sure when he'll be back 5-10months if all goes well!

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SASSISAM 9/13/2010 1:14PM

    I'll take you up on that challenge, too!!

*** Weigh in only 1 time this week - this morning and not again until Monday morning. eewwww this WILL be hard!!!

*** At least 100 minutes this week. Right now. . it's been pretty close to ZERO, so it will be a challenge. emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 9/13/2010 1:15:09 PM

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GLMOM2 9/13/2010 10:20AM

    I need to kick myself in the pants so I can get off of this lovely plateau I've been on! I am going to do 4 of the 5 challenges! I am pretty good about weighing in once a week b/c my weight fluctuates so much I can't weigh in everyday or otherwise I'd drive myself crazy!

So here we go...
challenge 1 ~ I pledge 400 fitness minutes
challenge 3 ~ new meal of the week "Lemon-dill Salmon"
challenge 4 ~ to get in 64 oz of water EVERYDAY this week & 4 servings of fruit/veggie EVERYDAY (up from my normal 3 - baby steps!)
challenge 5 ~ new path; hiking on the local forest trails

Okay, there you have it! This is what I'm working toward this week!!! Go me... emoticon

I can do this!!! I NEED to do this!

Comment edited on: 9/13/2010 10:20:40 AM

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SNOWPRINCESS4 9/13/2010 10:06AM

    I am going to take you up on the avoiding the scale challenge
I am horrible with the scale, I am on it every morning.
I have picked saturday as my emoticon in day emoticon

Have a wonderful day emoticon
I'm off to accumulate some workout minutes with Tony Horton emoticon

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Weekends, they come whether we are ready or not!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thankfully this weekend I was ready for!

Saturday~ I began the day with a quick, brisk walk (as I had planned) with my old faithful walking buddy, Bailey. My 13 year old mut-dog! We got in the house just in time, then the rain let loose. It rained from then on, all day! Since it was a rainy day here in MI, my girls and I took advantage of the day and went shopping. I am proud to say I made a small purchase for myself. I bought a new shirt, a size smaller and it fits me perfectly. All of that arm work is starting to show! Woo~hoo! Well, after shopping I was too tired to come home & fix dinner, we went to dinner at Pizza Hut. I know, what on earth was I thinking! But, I ordered a personal pan veggie lover's pizza, came home and I still had 101 calories left in my day. I was craving something sweet, so I ate a fruit roll-up. I still ended the day within range!! So it is possible to eat out & stay within your limits!

Sunday~We headed off to church where I worked with the 4 year olds today. During large group, they had us moving & dancing, I felt like I got a bit of a workout after I was done in there! They had a little celebration for families today with the bounce castle & slide after church and some grilled hot dogs. So I splurged and ate a dog with bun. Then I had some for filling, healthy things when I returned home. Off to go boating we went. We were enjoying the ends of our good boating days. After a few quick turns, we were all soaked. My DH has way too much fun on his speed boat. I'm not much of a fan, but I go anyway!

We returned home to a wonderful roast cooking in the slow cooker with tons of veggies. I got in a walk with my buddy dog, 34 minutes, before dinner. The day ended with only 2 calories to spare...2 yikes! I guess I should have skipped that extra glass of wine!

All in all, I had a good weekend and stayed active & in ranges!! Woo~hoo! Tomorrow morning is weigh-in, so we shall see.

Tomorrow brings a new day and new challenges!

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SPARKLE_SHINE66 9/13/2010 4:30PM

    I think it's great that you were able to still track your calories even though you were very busy with so many other activities!

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MISSMITSY 9/13/2010 7:22AM

    Good luck with you weigh in, I'm sure after all that great work you'll do awesome!!

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A little "love note" goes a long way...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I began leaving notes in my daughter's lunchbox as soon as she started reading. Now that she is getting older, I leave her fun facts or little fun fact quizzes. (You can't be to lovey to a big 4th grader, you know!) It got to the point last year that her friends wondered what the fun fact of the day would be. She would read the fact & quiz her friends and even the lunch lady got in on it! What fun with just a little note!

Well now that my youngest (big kindergartener) is taking lunches, she wanted to make sure she got a note yesterday too. So I wrote out I love you with something she could read, I heart u!

Neither said anything about their notes until this morning. My 9 year old passed on having a note/fun fact, but my 5 year old wanted a "love note". This time I added a big smiley face along with the I heart u.

As she was running to the bus this morning, she made sure to ask "did you give me my love note?" I told her I did and she smiled and ran off with a big "okay!" emoticon

Awww. That not only brought a smile to my face but I knew when she opened her lunch later that she would know I was thinking of her & wishing her a good day!

Now see, a little love note can go a long way..... emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SASSISAM 9/12/2010 2:30PM

    Aawww... That was cute... It's too bad the older one doesn't want the same. I might still find ways to do that. I used to put stickies on the inside of the cupboard so that when my husband opened it, he'd see the sticky! (That reminds me... I should start doing that every now and again!) Maybe you could put a sticky on the bathroom mirror for her, or somewhere that only she might look, or might look first. The 'note in the lunchbox' might not be so 'cool' for her at school. I still think it's cool to get little messages like that, however, my hubby doesn't think of it too often!!

Find some other special way to daily tell that 4th grader you're thinking of her.

Keep up the good work on your weight loss!!!! emoticon

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DEBLYNN323 9/9/2010 9:57PM

    Awww....too sweet! My boys are in 1st and 4th grade, and the 4th grader looks around to see if anyone is watching before he gives me a kiss in the morning! But once he gets home, he is my shadow and can't be too far away from me! They grow up so fast...enjoy these precious moments!

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MISSMITSY 9/9/2010 8:01AM

    Aww that's sweet! Definitely no love notes for my boy though he'd be horrified at me telling him that in front of his friends, he made me hide in the bushes before he'd give me a hug goodbye the other day...

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GEEKCHIC7878 9/8/2010 4:54PM

    That's sooo cute! emoticon

My mom used to put love notes in my lunch box when I was little... Everyonce in a while she still does (and I'm a senior in high school, haha). It still makes me smile. emoticon

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BETHKK 9/8/2010 3:23PM

    OK, here I am being sappy and getting tears in my eyes at this story! Makes me think I need to send a card to my boy who is at college...I miss him tons!

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BJW-FARMGIRL 9/8/2010 3:20PM

    So cute! Makes us hate to see 'em start to grow up, huh. I sent cards to my kids sometimes when they were off to college, just so they'd get something in the mail sometimes. You'd never know when your card might get there when they were having a bad day, were lonely, stressed, etc. You're a great Mom! Keep up the lovin'! emoticon

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KLONG8 9/8/2010 3:16PM

    Well, that's just touching. Thanks for sharing.

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