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Diet isn't a dirty word...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The word diet in Latin means way of life. This is how I will look at that word from now on. It isn't a deprivation of one food group or another, it isn't starving you until you are crabby and ready to eat a horse. It is what I am doing now, creating a somewhat healthy, very portioned controlled way of life. I can eat everything I want, just not all at once and not as much as I want. I am not worrying about following a specific eating plan but just watching what I am eating and making sure I stick to my caloric allowances for the day.

This, way of life, has given me a tremensoud amount of freedom and a wonderful feeling of normalcy. I went to two parties over the weekend and didn't need to ask for anything special, have people ask me if I was on a diet etc. I just chose the things I wanted to eat in moderation and accounted for them at the end of the night. Knowing I was going to have to type those in my food log kept me aware of what I was eating. I had such a great time at both parties and didn't feel deprived I couldn't have a drink or a small piece of cake ...if I wanted to. The interesting thing is I didn't want to and didn't need to have cake. This was a very interesting revelation to me.

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FLY0NTHEWAL1 5/8/2012 6:24PM

    "The word diet in Latin means way of life."

That is perfect, and I will keep that in my mind too.

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NOTBLUSHING 5/5/2007 1:13PM

    You are so strong! Very proud of you Tina!

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PHEBESS 5/4/2007 1:00PM

    Go Ms. Glimmer! It's all about the mindset, isn't it? I know, I don't tell people I'm on a diet - I'm on a fitness program - a campaign to become fit and healthy! And this is a program for life! Totally positive!

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Talking myself through walking

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've never had that wonderful feeling people claim to get when exercising. My husband who is very athletic raves about how great he feels during and after a heavy/hard work-out. I don't understand this. I hope this comes with practice or success some time. For me, I dread working out. I am not really in love with any form of it. I do like swimming, I do like tennis but haven't the stamina to do it for any length of time right now. My work outs usually consist of a grueling fight in my head until completion. I make deals with myself and pray it will be over soon. I will admit to being proud of myself for not quitting or giving up but I wish I could say I loved to work out.

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SUNROSE1 10/16/2007 9:01PM

    I can sure say that I understand what you are saying. I walk on a treadmill at home. Every day I have to say (in my head) "You are a fit and healthy woman" ..and then I think ....if you get this done and over with you can sit back in front of the computer and watch videos on YouTube. Then I get on the treadmill!

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AMIEINTX 4/27/2007 3:27PM

    You are not alone! You know, there's a big side of me that doesn't enjoy working out at times too. If I had one of those bodies where I didn't have to, I probably wouldn't! However, after developing a consistent pattern (baby steps!) it is amazing how much better I feel about myself. Once I start to see my body change, it keeps me going. Sometimes I just don't want to workout, but I find when I push myself to do it anyway, I always feel better afterwards. Hang in there, it will get easier!

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EMSCHICK9 4/27/2007 12:28PM

    Honey I don't feel it, either! Where is this euphoria I am supposed to feel? To me it's like another chore. The only thing I like to do is strength training and even that sometimes is blah. You are so not alone on this one!!

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Natural Wonder

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It is amazing what you see when you get outside for a walk. I live in the Cleveland suburbs and while I love to complain about the winter weather, this area is very beautiful year round. I live very close to a National Park, the Cuyahoga Valley National Parkway. Today I took a short hike on the Towpath trail that follows along the canal and river and came across a natural Bald Eagle nesting habitat. It was soo amazing. I saw many eagles and tons of nest. This is not something I would have ever seen had I not taken a hike through the park. You don't get views like this in the gym and especially not in the house. I feel very blessed to be able to enjoy nature in this way. I keep thinking about what or where I would be (unable to walk or leave the house or on the other side of the grass) if I don't keep up with my healthy lifestyle. Even though I am still obese I know if I keep doing what I am doing I will get there. It seems like it will be a lifetime to reach my goals..but I am okay with that as long as I am reaching them!

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NOTBLUSHING 4/25/2007 4:49PM

    Thanks for this blog! I felt that I was right there sharing it with you. Bravo on your committment to your health, I'm right there with you on THAT too!

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SECRETFUN 4/24/2007 10:40PM

  Ditto Magda! Glad you took the hike and had such a wonderful time! You are a special lovely person.

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SMURFETTE0725 4/24/2007 10:07PM

    Such a beautiful post Tina! Congrats on your progress! And much strength to you as you continue to reach your goals! Hugs! ♥ Magda ♥

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