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Official Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge

Sunday, March 18, 2012

so the first week of the challenge requires you to state the reasons you want to cut back on sugar intake.
off the top of my tongue:
tooth aches- my pearly whites visit the dental chair too often for cavities though I brush and floss. Too much sugar hangs out on my molars all day.
I don't even like candy/chips so why am I eating something I don't enjoy as much as a brownie?
skin complexion.
lack of self control sends me into a spiraling funk. not a pleasant mood.
lack of real energy derived from processed ingredients.

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BESEVEN 3/20/2012 8:08AM

    For me, the more sugar I eat, the lousier I feel. More tired, drained, weak, etc. I truly believe it's not significantly different from an addictive drug. There's no other reason I wouldn't be able to stop myself from eating something that makes me feel so bad.

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Rewards and Punishments.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

In September I reached my 10% goal.
However, the college semester was in full swing so I didn't have a chance to celebrate with the predetermined rewards of ice skates nor a trip horseback riding.
When the end of the semester rolled around I had gained a whopping 1.2 pounds. This has put me a pound over from the 10%. I was no longer eligible for the splurge I had earned as the criteria (of being 10% down) had expired.

I know someone who isn't getting something, let's say it's new clothes and a much needed haircut, until she loses a certain quota of weight. She's miserable. She hates the way she looks and feels like a humpback whale (a feeling I know all too well).
I feel sad that my friend was depriving herself of confidence by not dressing up and stuff. I was so glad when her husband finally convinced her to splurge.

The thing is that if we wait to live once the weight melts off- we will be wasting some awesome years.
I don't believe you have to be thin or a healthy weight to be beautiful or 'worth it'. Obviously, being healthy is the most glowing, vibrant, energetic-inducing, productivity, intoxicating state as is being thin because you'll feel good because your body feels healthy and you look hott.

But you can and should look good/ put together no matter what weight you're at. Obviously you won't look your ultimate best because your ultimate best would be at a healthy weight. But for this moment of time- you will be perfect. You can prepare for that intoxicating state of looking spectacular right now at your current weight. Take care of yourself. Spoil yourself. Wear dangling earrings. Buy pretty bags. Go horseback riding. don't wait. Prepare. Maybe we'll look back and say we did this when we weighed 35 pounds more and look so much better this time around.

What all this rambling leads to is this: I know I gained back that 1 pound that technically makes it irrational that I should be rewarded. But I did lose it originally and keep it off the 2 prescribed weeks (I only reward after maintaining 2 weeks because it fluctuates so I like to know it is a more permanent loss).
Though I gained that 1.2 pounds back, I still earned the prize and while losing weight, rather BECAUSE I'm losing weight, I'm preparing for the ultimate goal weight by embracing life and embracing myself. Failures and all.

Reward yourself even if you deserve it slightly. Don't fool yourself if you don't deserve it but don't punish yourself either because that negative energy does nothing to invigorate a healthy mindset nor a healthy body. At least it didn't for me. Encourage yourself. Wear pompoms. Do a cheer.

Over winter break I went horseback riding while on vacation in Massachusetts. When my family and friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told them iceskates. They all chipped in and I now own a beautiful pair of Jackson Artiste Skates. Which I happen to be able to use in a fun, healthy way.
But I didn't get them because they are a recreational activity I got them because every time I put them on I know I'm 15 pounds down. They are a symbol. They are a badge. And that is awesome.

Get your own symbol. Get your own badge. You deserve because you signed in today. Your read this post. You are being mindful. Doing research. Whatever. Celebrate because this is a journey. A total unpredictable adventure. Full of new people and new experiences.

See you at the rink!

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THINRONNA 1/31/2012 4:27AM

    What an excellent blog! You are absolutely right and I am so glad that you have this attitude. Living is happening right now for all of us and wasting well...a waste. So is punishing ourselves. Life does not get good in one golden moment when we weigh a certian amount...we all have to build a good life one day at a time. I am so glad to know that you have gone horseback riding and have new skates. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

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    I love your ideas!!! Now I have to think of something to reward myself with! Have fun skating, Gitty!! emoticon emoticon

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Life is Good by Junk.

It's exactly how I'm feeling. My new goal of transforming my life by being proactive and having positive visualizations has had amazing results.

I volunteered to do the first teaching demo for my Ed2 class because I wanted to get it done before I started work: I got an A!

I'm not so stressed about school work because I refuse to procrastinate and am being proactive about getting my work time way before it's due (for the most part).

I take an active role about planning my food day instead of just leaving it up to chance. I'm taking this slowly and have focused first with food/snacks for work and school. It's really made a difference.

I actively seek support on Sparks and other places in all aspects of my life.
One thing I'm working on is talking slower because I tend to be a speed talker and it greatly inhibits my teaching/networking/socializing abilities when people can't understand what I say. Any tips?

So thank you spark people. for helping to make life 'good'.

ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND and shabbat shalom

oh and here are me with 15 pounds down- 145 lb:

oh, and for the record I am NOT that short. I don't know what it was about these pictures. maybe the angle? I'm 5'4

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THINRONNA 9/19/2011 4:26AM

    You are just the cutest thing! Truly! I love your energy and your outlook. Your blogs make me smile and I am so proud of how well you are doing. Many people could learn a lot from you lady! Great job on all of your amazing sucesses!

Advice for not speaking quickly? I imagine it is because you are so excited and bubbly but if you want to slow down, I suppose it is like the rest, slow down and think a moment before you speak. I never knew my biological mom but for some reason on the information I do have about her it said that she "thought before she spoke". I always imagined her to be a very calm person because of that and although it doesn't always work for me I try to do it too.

I hope you have a great week! emoticon

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GOLDIES1 9/18/2011 6:13AM

    emoticon emoticonCongrats on your weight loss.

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon So glad they have all these emoticons!!! You are looking wonderful!!! Congrats on your SP success and on your teaching demo!!! I wish I had joined SP earlier when I was struggling to attend school while also working. I was so stressed out that I didn't feel like doing anything, then rushing to complete homework assignments right before the deadlines. Oh, well, better that I joined late than never and I do feel less stressed out than prior to joining SP. You are doing all the right things. I am so happy for you!!! emoticon emoticon

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1MIN17SECB412PM 9/16/2011 9:57PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
WOW, girlfriend, YOU are fan~da~bid~o~zi (super, marvelous, wicked, phat, fabulous, mint... etc.)
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
and, ALWAYS... Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 9/16/2011 10:02:22 PM

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knowledge versus understanding.

Monday, September 12, 2011

here's what I know but need to really UNDERSTAND:

I won't always reach a goal by the given deadline, but that's okay. I need to remember this journey has no clock, only a compass. As long as I'm journeying in the right direction I'm doing great. I won't miss the grand finale because I AM the grand finale.


I'm pretty nervous about tomorrow's weigh in. Which makes no sense because WHO CARES? If I don't get to my 'start of the year goal' tomorrow, I'll get there Friday. Yet, I feel on edge. like i'm racing against a clock, though there is no clock. only the one I create and therefore I control so I'm not racing against anything. does any of this make sense?


I'm anxious because I know not to give myself defined due dates with weight loss. however, I did because I figured summer was a long enough period to leisurely lose 10 pounds.

I like the way I lost weight this year. I know it was S.L.O.W but I know that it will stay off because I didn't crash diet or go to any extremes like I've done in the past. I've implemented healthy habits into the every day. Which I know is good. yay!


I've pretty much given myself a pep talk in case things don't go as planned tomorrow though I really think they will.
tomorrow's schedule:

6:15- wake up, prep for day, put on running clothes
6:45- go walking/running
7:20- get back, shower, dress
7:40- WEIGH IN followed by breakfast
7:50- go to public school to do field work for Ed Class
8-1 observe
1:15-2 travel to college
2-5 classes
5-6 library for essay
6-7 travel home

It's gonna be a great day tomorrow (iy'h). 145 lb. or not. I'll be doing so much to reach my various goals (going walking in the morning, getting field work done, going to school). It's a great step toward the finale ;) i'll let you know how it goes. sweet dreams

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THINRONNA 9/13/2011 4:10AM

    I am so proud of you and your excellent attitude. You are really doing it...and doing it your way. I think goals are good but you are may not reach them but in the long run it really doesn't matter as long as you are going in the right direction and working on a better you! You have been at this for a while and have never given up that is one of the things that I think is so great about what you are doing. I don't know if you realize this but you were one of the first people who wrote on my page back on 2009, way before we were even Spark friends. Anyway, I am glad that we are now friends and I am so enjoying being a part of your wonderful journey!

You have a great day no matter what!

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    You are doing all the things that you should be doing, so it's all good. I actually weigh myself too often and need to be more selective about when I weigh myself. No matter what the scale says, as long as you are doing all the healthy things and feeling good, keep going in the healthy direction. That said, I still hope that you will see what you are looking for. emoticon You are emoticon emoticon

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SLENDER_Z 9/12/2011 9:50PM

    The scale can be so dumb sometimes. I weigh in stark raving nude, first thing in the morning (well, first thing after using the bathroom!). I always have to give myself a little pep talk before weighing ... "It doesn't matter doesn't matter doesn't matter" -- but I'm still disappointed if I don't see the results I want. However, over the long term, I am getting where I want to go. The scale has been hovering at 201 for what seems like FOREVER, but today, at last, I'm at 200! I've been exercising so much that I've actually had to eat MORE in order to get the scale to budge. The main thing is that I feel better, and look better, and I know from the way I feel during workouts that I'm much stronger and more energetic than I was two months and 15 pounds ago. Here's hoping you get the results you want, but keep your chin up no matter what that stupid scale says in the morning -- you're doing GREAT! emoticon

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It's almost September 13th! ahhhh! 1 year nearly ___ pounds

Friday, September 09, 2011

Hey everyone,

It's my weekly update. Guess what Tuesday is? It's the day I thought would be orientation by work, but it was switched to Wednesday.

Other than the start of the school year, Tuesday is significant because it's my goal day of my losing my 3rd set of 5 pounds. eeeee

Some history:
I officially went back on the sparks wagon and super glued myself onto it October 2010 (this past year) when I got back from my year in Aussie and had gained a whopping 10 pounds. That brought me to my highest weight: 160.4

This was really not good because BEFORE I had gone to Australia my doctor had advised me to lose 30 pounds. That was when I weighed 150.5. So ultimately, my goal weight is in the 120's.

So from October 2010 to this October 2011 I would like to reach my 10% goal of 144 pounds. (3 pounds away).

But I want to reach 145 by this Tuesday because:

1- I ADORE the thought of being under 145 for the new academic year. The idea is intoxicating. emoticon

2- My holidays are coming up (read: tons of holiday meals) which means for October my goal will be maintenance. Practically, I just don't expect to lose weight but I will maintain by having tons of fruit around the house and continuing my running program. emoticon

3- This way I will end off October weighing 144 (10% goal) and then spend the weeks up to my birthday (November 27th) reaching my NEXT goal of 144- HEALTHY BMI in honor of my birthday and in celebration of MOI!!!!!!!

So that's the schedule. I know techinically you can't give your weight goals definite lines because weight loss isn't that definite a science. However, I am taking it really slow so ensure that I can meet my goals at a healthy pace.


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THINRONNA 9/10/2011 5:38AM

    Great job! I love your attitude and your plan! You can totally do this! Whoo HOOOO on the 13 pounds lost so far!

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DONNAEDA 9/9/2011 1:25PM

    congratulations on being 13 pounds lighter than last year. Every bit helps

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