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Monday, March 17, 2008

Well...the day started OK...I did my upper body workout, showered, spent waaay too much time on my hair (It wasn't behaving!) and didn't have time for my normal breakfast! It's all down hill from there. Because I didn't have my ole faithful Fiber One Bran cereal, I was hungrier mid morning than my fruit could handle, and I had pretzels (Not so bad...BUT..) I ate my lunch and was ok for about an hour after that...that's when the second salt craving of the day hit and I had a Cheez-it 100 calorie pack. I could see where this was going so I decided I would eat the clementine that was in my bag and maybe that would stave off the rest of the evil beings that want me to put food in my face! It didn't lunch was lacking in fiber also hence the Cheez-its...and the 10 or so Mars Minis itty bitty candy bars (Not the snack size, the little 1 square inchers or less...enough normally to take the edge off, if I had ONE). It doesn't help that I have a visitor coming soon....but I should be able to resist...sometimes I disgust myself! I'll eat a good dinner tonight and start over tomorrow...what else can you do? Ugh!

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GINNY70 3/18/2008 7:15AM

    Thank you InfoGoddess...on my honor I will do my best to not stuff my face with empty calories today!!!

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INFOGODDESS 3/18/2008 7:01AM

    You seem very aware of what you are doing, and that is a good first step toward developing new habits. Keep it up, girl!

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My Statistics:

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Basal Metabolic Rate (The amount of calories my body would burn if I lied in bed all day) is: 1399.6 (Couldn't make it 1400...that would be too round a number!)

My Harris Benedict Formula (The formula used to determine the total daily calorie needs of a person based on activity level) is: 1924.45 (Yeah, 1925 would have been nice!)

To burn 1 lb. per week I would have to decrease my daily caloric intake by 500 calories. So by food intake alone I would have to limit myself to 1425 (I rounded calories per day, or I could always eat 1625 calories and burn 200 calories with cardio...this would still give me a 500 calorie deficit. Well, you get it, I'm sure.

Now that I've put it all right here in front of my face in black and white (Or blue and green, or whatever colors I chose for my blog)...I need to stick with it. I'll try to post whether or not I passed or failed for each day, if anybody cares...

03/12/08 Passed
03/13/08 Passed: I actually turned down an invitation to lunch...and it was Chinese food. I also resisted donuts and muffins everywhere I looked at work today.

Although, I can do fine all day in work...I only bring good stuff with me, so I can't misbehave...once I get home, all bets are off and dinner is usually not so good for me...but VERY VERY

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INFOGODDESS 3/13/2008 6:21AM

    You've got a good handle on how this works, m'dear, and now all you have to do is apply it (easier said than done). Drinking the water helps, too.

You can do it!!!!

~~ Info ~~

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