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A realistic goal

Sunday, March 04, 2012

My husband and I have started back on here and it's as if we never left, for me anyways.
I'm finding that weighing and portioning out my food is no big deal and it's like I never stopped in the first place, which I'm thankful for.
Since I was last on, which was about 2 years ago, we've welcomed 2 babies into our family. We had Nyla in July of 2010. With her I gained about 30 pounds and lost it in six weeks plus another ten pounds after that. I quit tracking not too long after that but continued to lose a little. When Nyla was 7 months old I got pregnant again with Naomi. She was born November 2011. With her I gained about 40 pounds but lost most of it. Since her I've struggled getting back to my lowest but I haven't gotten frustrated and I haven't given up. Daniel said he wanted to get back on SP on March 1st and I told him I'd do it as well.
So here we are!
I'm doing things a little different this time in terms of my weight loss goals. I have about 80 pounds to lose but I'm not really thinking about that. I bog myself down in that big number and it's overwhelming, so I'm not thinking so much about it. Instead, I'm concentrating on losing 10 pounds at a time. After those 10 are gone I'll readjust my eating and exercise habits as needed to lose the next 10. I've set to lose this first 10 pounds in 6 weeks. That is realistic for me and the crazy lifestyle of raising 2 babies right now. I don't have time to work out 2 hours a day and burn tons of calories but I do have time to burn about 1200+ a week and stay within my calorie range.
So that's my realistic goal, 10 pounds.

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2DAGGERS 3/4/2012 10:14AM

    GOOD for the both of you. I need to get my hubby going on her too. But then we might fight over the Good luck and congratulations on the babies too.

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Getting Back in it

Thursday, September 09, 2010

A little over a year ago (June 2009) I started my weight loss journey. I had the most success over those few months that I've ever had in trying to lose weight; in about 4 months I lost 20 pounds. And with those 20 pounds gone, I finally felt like I had accomplished what I'd been trying to accomplish for years, yes years!

Then in November, surprise, I'm pregnant! Now if losing 20 pounds isn't life-changing, finding out I'm pregnant sure is! The pregnancy was a bit unexpected and earlier than planned, but God always has other plans for my life and for that I am thankful.

I had a wonderful pregnancy, well mostly. I never got sick and for only about 4-6 weeks, I occasionally felt nauseated. I continued to walk when I felt like it, even though I had slowed down tremendously. I even walked in a 5k at the beginning of April when I was almost 6 months pregnant.
Toward the end of the pregnancy I started having some problems. At 36 weeks I went on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection that supposedly got to my kidneys. For 6 days I went through a great deal of pain for about an hour at a time, 4-5 times a day. The pain was so great, there was nothing I could take or do to ease the pain and give me comfort. Daniel held my hand and sat with me and just gave me support. I know he felt absolutely helpless that whole week. I felt helpless that whole week. I had to gut out the pain for the hour and when it was over I was so exhausted from it that I slept. I barely had an appetite and was exhausted for a whole week. When I got through my whole course of antibiotics and was virtually pain free, I worried the pain would come back at any time, not knowing if the pain was from the UTI or back labor. I talked to a Pharmacist friend who said she thought I had so much pain because my infection spread. Thankfully just as quick as that pain started, it was gone.

My eating habits were another story. I did gain 30 pounds which isn't too bad in my mind. It was too much for my current weight, but I wasn't too concerned.

Now, looking back, 30 pounds is a bit much. I'm thankful for the 20 pounds I lost prior to getting pregnant so 30 pounds gained wasn't so hard on my body.

Pregnancy is funny in that you can immediately drop half your pregnancy weight as soon as the baby is out. I had a 9 pound 8 ounce baby, so I lost close to 11 pounds in a matter of seconds, that's wild!

By 6 weeks postpartum, I had lost all 30 pounds and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I'm thankful for breast feeding and burning 500 calories a day, by basically sitting there and not doing anything. Awesome!

And now, our sweet daughter is 8 weeks and 2 days old and I have lost another 2.6 pounds (as of this past Saturday).

I am walking every weekday morning pushing baby girl in her stroller. She loves being pushed and I enjoy getting out with her and us both getting some fresh air. On Tuesday's and Thursday's I do more cardio when we get home from our walk and also some weights, through a DVD called Core Secrets. It's one of my favorites and keeps me interested.

My goals until the end of the year (and then I'll rework them again):
1. lose 30 pounds; that's 2 pounds a week
2. walk Monday through Friday with baby girl
3. on Tuesday's and Thursday's do a Core Secrets DVD, for at least 15 minutes
4. eat a balanced diet since I am breast feeding
5. don't count calories too much since I am breast feeding
6. take my vitamin everyday

I think these are great goals and since I've already been doing them for about 3 weeks, I'm already on the right track.
I'm glad to be back on Spark People. The encouragement and help is overwhelming and I'm so thankful for that!

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    Congratulations on your new addition and way to go on losing the baby weight!!

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The Biggest Loser???

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Okay, am I the only one that thinks "The Biggest Loser" is crazy and dangerous?

I watched a taped episode at a family members house today and found it to be very alarming. I was speechless when I found out they only eat 1200 calories a day and burn 6000!!! Does anyone else that find unreasonable???

You have to create a calorie defecit everyday, I know that. You can create a defecit (which is good) even when you don't workout depending on how much/what you eat. Example: My body burns around 2,300 calories on its own, each day, with no workout. On Thursday I didn't work out, took the day off b/c my back was hurting, but still had a defecit of -442 calories b/c I only ate around 1800 calories. I worked out only 3 days this week before weighing in and lost 1.2 pounds. That is a big win to me!

My problem with 'The Biggest Loser' is burning 6000 calories a day and eating only 1200 calories; seems and is VERY unsafe. 1st: I would starve; as I'm sure most people have and do. I've tried 1200 calorie diets and they didn't work for me. I'm finally being realistic with my weight loss and goals and eating 1200 just wouldn't work for me. I like to eat. But now I watch what I eat. I measure and weigh everything so I know I'm getting all the right stuff.

And 6000 calories to burn, that's unreasonable. I would never want to burn 6000 calories in a day. I wouldn't be able to walk the next day or do anything. I would feel too worn out to workout the next day and it's just stupid and dangerous. I have a lot to lose too, around 80 more, at least. I know they have hundreds to lose in a short amount of time whereas I have all the time I need to lose my weight, but I just don't see how those trainers and doctors can support that calorie burn.

From what I've been reading, what's going to be effective (affective?) is to lose 1-2 pounds a week. You have the best chance of keeping it off, which I think to most people is more important; it is to me anyways. Being a "yo-yo" dieter is very unsafe for you and can be even more unsafe than carrying that extra weight around.

But everybody and every body is different. I know I just wouldn't want to be a part of something like that.

Spark people is what works for me! I tell anyone and everyone about my experience from it and it's all positive!!! It's the most effective tool I've found on my weight loss journey. I tried more times than I can count on one hand (maybe both) at "dieting" and weight loss and have failed b/c I'm not a calorie counter, I need someone to do it for me. Spark people takes care of that. I want to know my defecit for the day too. Am I working out too much, too little? What about eating, am I doing the right things? It's taken care of. I don't know enough about how my body works and what I need. That's why I've been so successful with my weight loss b/c I don't have to think about it. I plug it into spark people and it does the rest.

I'm so thankful for this amazing tool!

But really, am I the only one that thinks The Biggest Loser is nuts?

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BUSYMOM22 9/28/2009 12:20PM

    I agree with every word. I know these people are desperate...and even though I know these people are CLOSELY monitored by health professionals...I just can't think it's safe OR healthy.

Honestly, it makes me sad to watch it. People going to extremes like that always do. Sparkpeople has been easy compared to what they go through. :)


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ERIN1022 9/28/2009 11:58AM

    I watch the show, but I know it's only a show and that it's not reality. I used to listen to Jillian Michaels when she had a podcast, and she said the reason they keep the contestants at 1200 calories while they're burning so many calories is because they are so overweight and their bodies have so much fat stored that they have plenty of fat to prevent them from going into starvation mode. I couldn't do that, though. I watch the show because I am inspired by these people who are making changes to their lives. Last season contestants ran half-marathons and full marathons, and that was so encouraging to me as I was beginning to run myself!

You definitely aren't alone in your dislike of the show; I have read several articles by nutritionists or trainers who take issue with the way the show approaches weight loss, and the long term success of contestants is definitely a mixed bag, as some have gained back almost all of the weight they lost while others are maintaining slightly above their end of show weight. So it definitely has its problems, but I still like it anyway. :)

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THEDCG83 9/28/2009 11:30AM

    It's reality TV. I'm not a big fan of reality TV, so I've never seen an episode of BL. I definitely agree that this seems unhealthy.

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MARBLEKISS 9/26/2009 8:42PM

    This is the first season I've ever watched. I caught glimpses of it a few season ago and had the same issues with it. Not only is it extreme, but their trainers are ridiculous. I can guarantee that if someone yelled at me the way they yell at those contestants, I'd be out of that gym in seconds.

I agree with the calorie thing... I mean, even if those people who weigh over 400 lbs burn 3000 calories on their own, burning an extra 3000 calories every single day seems unhealthy. I would also worry about the leftover skin from such an extreme loss.

But I do think there are some good points to the show, which are the only reasons I'm watching it this season. Their experts share some really good tips about nutrition and fitness. I think the contestants do a great job of supporting each other. And I think it's kind of inspiring to see people changing their lives, even if it's done too extremely.

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Bible Studies

Friday, September 25, 2009

I've started reading Genesis again. I'm sorry to say it's been quite awhile since I've picked up my Bible other than on Sundays for church. I can't let it get me down though. I've picked it up again and that's what is important. And I love Jesus!

I've always been a reader but for some reason I couldn't sit down and just read the Bible. I never thought it would work. I never thought I could just sit down and read it like a book. I've heard a lot of people say that you can't/shouldn't read it this way. But I was so wrong. They were wrong. Hubby told me, "Sit down and just read it. If you have questions write them in the margins or in your notebook." So, that's what I've been doing. And it's been working. And I'm loving it. So far I've read through chapter 11 of Genesis.

And another great thing, I've taken 3 pages of notes on these 11 chapters. And it didn't feel like I was pushing something to happen, it just came naturally. Does that sound weird? I don't think it's coming out the way I want to. But it feels good to back in the Bible again.

This whole weight loss journey has really improved my skills in other areas. I'm learning how to live a more balanced life (most of the time) and put myself first in (some) situations. I'm not being selfish about it but I need to lose weight for my health and that has to be a priority, so I've made it a priority. Just like I need to make spending time with God a priority. It helps my well being and I'm able to give more to people without it feeling like a burden. It isn't a burden to help others and I know that but if I'm not prayed up then I can't help people.

So I'm feeling encouraged. I hope you know Jesus as your Savior. He is there for you and He loves you. Get to know Him!!!

What are you reading in your quiet time?

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THEDCG83 9/25/2009 11:25AM

    1 Timothy, but you already knew that =)

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LOOSEINGIT 9/25/2009 10:32AM

    2 yrs ago the Lord reached down his mighty hand and Blessed me with a life I had never known..My bible time and prayer time I have first thing, I can relax and have my coffee and talk to God with out interruption (most days). I have a yearly bible that I am reading thou for the second time..God is so Gracious, with him by my side I am accomplishing my goals, to be a better person to get healthy and stay active. Good luck on your priorities..

Jesus is Lord

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Sports Bras... Help!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I came across an article on SP about sports bras and most women not wearing the proper fit and size.
I then thought to myself and told my husband, "I am one of those women."
I promptly found our measuring tape and got to work on figuring out my correct size (as the directions tell you in the article). Happily I figured that I am wearing the correct size bra, for everyday use. From what the article says on sports bras, I'm definitely wearing the wrong size for my size.
So I went out today and looked for a sports bra. I went to Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penney, Macy's, Ross Dress for Less, and Sports Authority. It was quite a bust (lol) at all places. I did end up buying 2 from Sports Authority. They aren't the style I was looking for but they are better support for the moment. I didn't want to spend an absolute fortune on 2-3 sports bras that (hopefully) won't fit for another couple of months as I continue my weight loss journey.
But it's still not the best support for my body. And I know that.
I will however spend a bit more money on sports bras when I'm down to the size I want to be so I know I will be getting the support I need. I hate that I'm not now but I couldn't find any good ones anywhere else.
Has anyone else had this problem?
And where do you buy your sports bras?

Here's the article on sports bras if you didn't see it. It's very informative.

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THEDCG83 9/18/2009 7:34AM

    Your pun halfway through about being a bust made me laugh.

But I'm glad you found a couple!

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JOY_JOY 9/17/2009 9:54PM

  I totally know that I don't have the right sports bra...but I'm too lazy and too skint to look into a new one. Good for you, though! I'm glad that you got out there and looked for some good ones!

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