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On the Menu 4/26/12

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today's lunch was anything but a 'plain cheese sandwich.' Sautéed about a cup shredded cabbage in about 1 tsp of olive oil. Then added some sweet chili sauce, about 1 tbsp & 1/4 tsp of dijon. Placed 1 deli sliced piece of swiss cheese on whole wheat bread, top with the cabbage & second slice of bread & voilà! a delicious cheese sandwich! Add crudités & fruit & there's your lunch! Switch out mango with more berries & you've got a lunch less than 400 calories! (altho' less potassium)

CAL: 440, FAT: 15, CARB: 66, PROT: 17, CHOL: 25, POTAS: 671

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GINGERVISTA 4/27/2012 10:48AM

    Thanks! emoticon

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RINA2002 4/26/2012 11:29PM

  Mango's my favorite thing to eat. What a great lunch you put together.,

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FLAMENM 4/26/2012 10:40PM

    Very, very nice. Great nutritional balance and lots of plate appeal!!!

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MSGO72 4/26/2012 9:59PM

  That looks yummy!

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Question re: 7 Key Nutrients Vegetarians Need to Watch

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being (mostly) vegetarian, finished reading the above article by Sarah Haan & Becky Hand with Nicole Nichols, I added the nutrients to my Nutrition Tracker to keep tabs on them, but I don't see where I can add Omega-3 Fatty Acids, or ALA. Anybody else know where they might be hiding?

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FLAMENM 3/27/2012 9:15PM

    Best of luck! Omega-3 are doable for vegetarians, you just need to pay attention!

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STEPFANIER 3/27/2012 3:19PM

  Hi! I think I can help. We don't offer the option of tracking Omega 3's because most food labels don't include them. Food manufacturers don't yet have to include them, so they don't. Some companies do (yay!) but most don't. If you're tracking Omega 3's, you have to do so on your own. We wish it were easier! (Also, one of our nutrition experts told me that there is no defined recommendation for Omega 3's at this point. Correct me if I'm wrong on that one!)

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BABYSTEPS84 3/27/2012 2:21PM

    Not a clue, sorry!

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CLWALDRO 3/27/2012 11:39AM

    I think that will be a question for the coaches as I have not seen those either to track.
Best wishes as you continue your journey to better health emoticon

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On the Menu 2/16/12

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tonight's meal was Crustless Spinach, Onion & Feta Quiche

Roasted Fennel with Parmesan
and corn bread (forgot to add the chilies)

Talk about filling & satisfying!!!

CAL: 434, CARB: 46, FAT: 21, PROT: 18, CHOL: 88, SOD: 432, POTAS: 1,028

Been listing last three items to make sure cholesterol #s are within ranges, sodium's not too high (which many people's are, especially if they eat fast food) & I eat enough potassium, which most people don't--including me before I started tracking it.

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BABYSTEPS84 2/20/2012 11:12AM

    Oh! I'll add that to my 'try it' list!

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On the Menu 2/9/12

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Tonight's dinner was mashed cauliflower & potatoes, Coach Nicole's Vegetarian 'Meat Loaf,' sautéed Brussels sprouts & cantalope.
It was a bit on the high end, calorie-wise, but I logged everything into my Nutrition Tracker ahead of time, so was within my limits. Still, you could eat half the cauliflower/potatoes & meat loaf to save almost 190 calories. It was good, tho'! emoticon

CAL: 420, CARBS: 84, FAT: 11, PROT: 19, CHOL: 7, SOD: 600, POTAS: 1841

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BABYSTEPS84 2/11/2012 9:24AM

    Always love your blogs! Thanks for sharing!

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GINGERVISTA 2/10/2012 11:31AM

    EVERYTHING was delicious!!!!

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FVH2012 2/9/2012 11:55PM

    Was the 'meat loaf' good? I've been wanting to try it.

Comment edited on: 2/9/2012 11:55:43 PM

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TAMPATINK67 2/9/2012 11:37PM


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Monday, November 21, 2011

Am leaving this afternoon for Portland, OR to visit my son, whom I haven't seen since last Christmas. He recently moved there; I've never been, so we're both excited for the visit. Should be a busy time: visiting a few high school classmates, celebrating a vegetarian Thanksgiving after running a 5K turkey trot & celebrating BOTH our birthdays--his tomorrow, mine Sunday.
And my friend/landlady has a daughter there, so we're both flying out together. And the FINAL kicker: found a Bloomspot coupon (like Groupon) for a limo ride to airport, so instead of taking trains/el into O'Hare, we'll each pay under $20 for a ride there. emoticon

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BABYSTEPS84 11/23/2011 4:08PM

    Safe travels! Have a great time!

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YELLOWDAHLIA 11/21/2011 10:41AM

    So sorry about the weather here in Portland....massive amounts of rain predicted for the next couple days.

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