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Great Truths

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For the second time I have learned a truth that one had better get a grip on. When all the cars on the street are honking at you, you may be driving the wrong way on a one way street. Again this morning I did this. Thank Dog in Mexico you are allowed to make U-turns so I corrected as quickly as I could. This city has mostly one way streets and you'd better memorize them. Whew!!!Badi and Lala and I went for our great walk this morning . I always end up sweating on the way back so it must be a good workout. I will miss that when we go back to Canada. The movie Talk with a King is on so I want to see it while Charlie can go and see a thriller with Robert de Niro. I'd better get some breakfast and then get moving on cleaning the kitchen. I am about 1/4 done and that is the hardest room in the house. An excellent beginning to our return.

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ELIZRN 8/19/2012 7:40PM

  OH....did you mean "thank GOD"....actually Dog is God backwards. I truly feel God when I am with Dogs, so perhaps you didn't make a mistake after all. Anyway, you did get to turn around. If you lived in Florida the drivers would have just run into you. Most don't know where the horn is located in the car & if they do, they don't like noises that disturb their hearing aides.

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Bills for Utilities

Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 days ago we woke up to no internet. I felt sure it would soon be restored after all I had paid the bill in good time. The last time our internet got cut off was when mercy me I had not paid a bill I had not gotten. But a message flashed on our screen several times and the jist of it was "You are about to have your internet cut off". So I went to the Megacable bldg. or the "YOO YOO" place as I affectionately call it, snort! They have the words YOO YOO repetively up on the outside wall. After a lot of hassle they agreed to take the money owed though I said "You need to send a bill" and they said they did. I did get the bill about 4 days later. Anyway the computer churned out that we owed such and such an amount and I paid it and by later we had the internet back. The fellow made sure I knew that the bill should be paid by the 20th of each month wether we got a bill or not. Okay!! This time I paid the bill at a corner store which they assure you is the same as paying at the big bldg. In plenty of time too (we did get a bill 3 days before it had to be paid) so I felt smug that it was all taken care of. The day after the internet went down without warning again I went to the YOO YOO bldg. and this time I said "Here is the bill all paid in plenty of time". She let me know that the store hadn't informed them. Oh, Crap! There doesn't seem to be any reconnection charge, Thank Dog.

We went through this with the electric bill as well recently (no boring details) We had one very hot night with no fans or A/C available and then found where to pay it.

In Canada you get about 2 mos. notice to pay before they cut off any utility. I can pay them online too which is fantastic. It makes me a little crazy to have to outwit the utility co. each month but that is how I feel. Now when anyone mentions the utilitys we both say" When you get your bill run right over there and pay it and it might already be too late if you are not lucky."

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THINAGAIN66 3/24/2011 9:08PM

    I don't know if you can do this where you live, but I have my utility bills set up to automatically come out of my checking account. They don't come out until the due date which is
about the same every month. I still get a bill telling how much it will be, but it is never late getting paid this way. You might want to check it out.

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Back to Walking Mornings

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I had decided to take the dogs and walk with them on the bike path in the desert and then break the Fast with the dogs by drinking water the same time as them. That did not work out so well. Right around that time the local mountain bike club seemed to get more active than ever before. So I was encountering them far more often on the trail than I care to. They even had a competition on Sunday and they left a ton of garbage on what had been an almost pristine trail. That choked me up but like Charlie says "It is their country." So what to do? I decided to revisit the idea of doing it in the morning again and that is what I ended up doing. I am just a person who likes to have a plan and the plan must then be carried out. So again I am getting up at 5:00AM, eating breakfast and drinking a lot of water and off to the desert to take the dogs for a good walk. I have done it 3 days in a row now and it is working out okay. I really need to get to bed at a decent time every night though.
On another note Charlie is quite sick. He is on warfarin for a blood clot in his left leg he developed after surgery 2 yrs. ago. We get his INR tested in a lab here regularly and it has been low since we came. I was told to up his dosage if it got too low and that is what I did. The reaction seems to be that and artery broke down in his arm and his arm is black and blue. Also he is very weak and sleeps most of the time. He is just plain sick. Poor guy, the Dr. said we should be glad it wasn't in his brain or he would have had a stroke or in his retina which would have rendered him blind.
You would think that I would eat less with the Fast but I find once I start eating in the evenings I can't stop. I eat supper, then lunch and then snacks. I get very full and that is not a good feeling either. I know it starts in my head and travels to my mouth and hands. There is a feeling of just can't get enough and I don't usually feel that crazy when not fasting. I guess I just should pray more and be thankful that the food I have is so healthy. But too much of even healthy food is not good either.Got to think on this for a while!


The Fast

Friday, March 04, 2011

Life is good but I have to plan ahead as never before. My usual busy life is still so but we are not walking the dogs early in the day anymore till the 20th of March. Let me explain. Charlie and I are Bahais and we fast from sunrise to sunset from Mar. 2 till Mar. 20th. This means nothing by mouth (food, drink or smoke) from sunrise till sundown. So I have to plan to drink lots in preparation for those hrs. and of course the evenings are drink lots and eat healthy.So I walk the dogs from about 5:30 till 6:30 in order to break the Fast at that time and have a drink with the dogs. Me from the bottle while they have a little plastic bowl. Today I have to head for the kindergarten by 8:30 in order to start at 9:00 and then I will call Charlie to pick me up. If I could drink I would walk the 2-3 mi. home but it hits 25 degrees celcius by the time I leave and that could be dangerous never mind 'What reserves do I have for the rest of the day?' The Fast is a gift to us to teach us restraint something Sparkpeople are well acquainted with. Today I will go over the alphabet and the story of the 3 Bears with the children. I must remember to bring a cookie in my pocket for the little boy who is always hungry. He gets handed off a lot and often they forget to feed him. But he goes to a very pricey kindergarten so I don't know what gives. I really want to take some pictures of the school as all the children wear the same uniform and so do all the teachers. You guessed right I wear one too. Handy but not too classy. It makes for an interesting picture. Haven't managed to get to the Women's Refuge for a few days because of different things but looking forward to going there to teach English tomorrow.


5 yr. old Wild Things

Monday, February 21, 2011

It was so nice to read the comments from others that I decided to write some more.
Usually on the weekends (Sat) my friend Farideh and I go to the Women's Refuge and teach English for 2 hrs. These are young and older women who have gotten in trouble with substance abuse. We don't know their individual stories but sometimes it leaks out. One woman was in love with another woman and was extremely jealous and would get bent out of shape with alcohol. The family insisted she go into rehab and she is doing much better. This rehab center works with a lot of love and prayer and I would have thought more life skills would be good but a lot of good comes of it so I will just suspend judgement. I used to work in that area of expertise and I do slip in some lessons involving life skills and it is appreciated. This wkend Farideh was not feeling well so we did not go and she went to the Dr. instead. If she had told me her symptoms I would have told her her problem. She is PREGNANT! This is very good news and now we are all over the moon. She is 30 and an officer at a very good bank so her job is excellent but her husband had suffered with some spotty employment. The thing is that here it takes 2 people to keep a family going and she will have maternity leave and have to go back to work quickly. Her husband is employed at the new casino but like all Mexican jobs it does not pay too well. Between the two of them they earn less than $1000 monthly and it is not cheap here though better than in the US or Canada. They have a very good marriage though. We will be able and willing to help with childcare. We will see what her family can come up with. She really wants us to help out as then the child will learn English and that is highly prized here.
The other volunteer thing I do is to work at a kindergarten teaching the little ones English. At the best of times and I do this 2 1/2 hrs. a wk. it is very intense. Remember I speak English and they speak Spanish. I get it when they need to go to the toilet but I cannot get the finer points of who touched what and when and where and they should not do so, ARRRRGH! Today the little darlings were in a morning assembly and I don't know what they did there but they were animals afterwards. On Monday I assist Rocio, their usual teacher and on Fri. I am alone for one hr. This morning was the worst. We really need to maintain a bit more decorum in class. I know that activities should move quickly and seamlessly from one to another and that the teacher should have a tried and true method for getting their attention. The latter is not in place so how are we to get better attention. We definitely move quickly from one activity to another and I try to do one peaceful one and then a more active activity. Anyone reading this who can give any good advice should feel free to do so not only free but for GOD'S sake do it for my sanity!
I got up early and walked the dogs and was ready to go to the school when needed. So I put my purse in a drawer in the office along with my walking home clothes. We were late finishing as usual and apparently by 10:30 my phone started to ring, stop, ring, stop and ring again. I really must learn to shut it off. Very annoying for the office staff. Anyway it was my husband and Farideh wanting to go to lunch and of course we did. But for a change I chose where. I chose Pierda Kilos (losing kilos in English), These are the greatest restaraunts where everything is cooked with great care to reduce calories and weighed and measured portions. The kicker is that the food is excellent though not as cheap as a 2000 cal. taco. Yes, I have eaten those and lived but shouldn't do it. So Charlie and I had a late breakfast, Farideh had an early lunch and the three of us shared one of their to-die-for pcs. of ornge,/lime pie. For heaven's sake come and visit so I can go to lunch with you at one of the Pierda Kilos locations. The women have all gone through their program to lose weight and are lovely and never cranky. This is like a very cheap version of WW. Good night all! I must go and do other things but will post again.

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WENDY412 2/21/2011 9:02PM

    I just happened across your blog, and my, what an interesting life you lead! I'm going to check out some of your other blogs. I would suggest clapping out a rhthym that your students will need to echo whenever you need their attention. It works wonders with students of all ages! Good luck!

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