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Monday, September 01, 2014

I call this blog potpourri because there is lots to say none of it really huge.
It is the first of Sept. and I am looking at what I need to get done this month. I need to be calm and not feel overwhelmed. Lots to do and very little is optional. I'll mention some of them and if you get bored just feel free to not bother with my ramblings.
No. 1. There needs to be a new front door bought and put in. The wind damaged the frame, outside door and the inside door should be replaced at the same time. This means a long drive and then buying it at a price we can afford. Then the transport home which may be on top of our vehicle. That is dicey. A 3.5 hr. drive home with a huge load on top of our car is scary. What about the wind resistance? Then we need to remove the old doors and frame and insert the new. Hubby is still on crutches and refuses to hire a contractor. Hope he does not think I can do this. The dogs refuse to help too.
No. 2. I am going to the city (3.5 hr. drive away) to visit with an old dear friend as she is coming there to visit with her mother. Long drive, costly and I just hope I get enough sleep the night before.
No. 3. I really need to do a better job of tracking food. I just like eating whatever I want and I don't gain but I am not losing anything. I need to lose 20 lbs. more and better do it soon.

Well, I am commited to blogging every wk. so will expand on all these subjects at a later date. I have spent all morning on Spark and better do something else for a while.
Just one last thing: All the bears that have hung around town have been shot except one. The citizens don't really like this as we are all kind of soft hearted but they were getting bolder and bolder. The bear I mention in the last blog about my dogs is dead. I was phoned about this as the bear was going into people's gardens and compost. It was a young grizzly with a different colored hump and was known.

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COMPCHIC52 9/2/2014 2:00AM

    you mean you have not trained them dogs to put a door up yet? emoticon that made me laugh out loud. I would be scared of the wind with a door on my car too. you may to fly away with the door . Mary Poppins. please be careful.
At least you are not gaining so you are doing something right. emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon . I think I can anyways.

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QUEENIEBELLE 9/1/2014 8:16PM

    Take it a piece at a time and you'll meet your goals and challenges without being bowled over. You've got a lot on your to-do list so don't be too hard on yourself. The whole door thing sounds like it will take several people. Maybe someone can refer a good handyman and they may be cheaper but just as good as a contractor. Pretty big job! Take care and have a good September- emoticon

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GODS_TEMPLE 9/1/2014 7:16PM

    I think you've got it made...except that first one. That sounds like a job for several people...not just you...even if the dogs and Charlie would help! Just getting the door off the top of the car would be impossible for one person alone. Do you have a Lowes around there that will deliver and install???

Sorry to hear about the bears, but you can't take chances.

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WALLAHALLA 9/1/2014 6:27PM

    Plan well and keep organized so that you can accomplish all your goals!

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MICKEYH 9/1/2014 4:59PM

    emoticon I like the title of this blog. It express very well on what you've said. So glad to see your blog again. You get me excited you've said you are going to keep up your blog. Way to go! Drive safe to your friend place 3.5 hr is a bit long drive. And good luck on your food trucking. emoticon emoticon

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PATRICIA-CR 9/1/2014 3:58PM

    Well organized + good work = success. Have a healthy and successful month!

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2BDYNAMIC 9/1/2014 3:53PM

    You have all your thought well organized ........... One at a time and you will do great! ............. Best wishes for a successful September .............. emoticon

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A Grizzly and My Two Dogs!

Monday, May 05, 2014

I don't usually post this often but my life has been exciting and not in a good way.
Because I had a lot to do today I thought I would take the dogs out and walk them early and get that out of the way. They nag if the day progresses and they have to stay at home. So I took them out to a remote area where the only traffic I ever see is a lonely Fisheries officer in his truck. I walked along and the dogs stayed with me till I came to an area which is a deep dip (gully) with steep hills on the side. It is well treed except for the area at the bottom of the gully. I kept on going till the dogs hadn't joined me for a while so I thought I'd better go back. When I got back to the gully area I heard my little poodle cross Chica barking up a storm. Not a sound out of the Rottweiler cross, Otto. I called and called her for a long time and she just ignored me and kept on barking steadily. Then I heard the unmistakable sound a bear makes. It is kind of a grunting sound. My heart sank. I tried hard to see what was going on and eventually I saw Chica. Her white fur and bounce is unmistakable. Well, if there is a bear there chances are that this is an adversarial situation. After about an hour of this along comes the Fisheries officer and I asked his help with getting the dog or dogs back. In my mind I was very afraid the bear had killed Otto. Bill got out his binoculars and looked hard at the situation. He immediately saw the bear and he said it was what was probably a young grizzly. He also saw Chica and eventually he saw a pile of dark fur which probably was Otto. Chica was standing beside Otto and was still barking like a fury. We both whistled and called and after a while Chica started to come towards us. And lo and behold very stiffly the pile of fur got up and headed our way as well. Chica finally got to me and I gave her her favorite treat but Otto just looked very dazed and got into the car and wouldn't take a treat. There were a couple of marks on him but nothing too serious. I can tell you I am very glad the bear did not kill either dog but do you realize that the bear had done something to our big dog and the little one stood by him and would not leave him. She is a huge dog at heart. I think he owes her his life.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CAROLJ35 7/18/2014 8:48PM

    A very interesting account of your walk!
Hope both animals continued to do well.
Thanks for sharing!

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IMEMINE1 6/22/2014 3:18PM

    I do hope everyone is good.
I can't even imagine how you must have felt. emoticon

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2BDYNAMIC 6/1/2014 2:35PM

    Oh my goodness! This story is hair raising and thank the Lord no harm came and your precious pet is back home safely! ........... emoticon

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1SALMON1 5/27/2014 2:01AM

    Wow - what a great story! Probably not great while you were going through it, tho! I hope Otto's OK and hooray for brave Chica!

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FINNLANA 5/12/2014 5:59PM

    Wow, thank God nobody got seriously hurt! You have some very special dogs there and so glad everything worked out ok. Gina be careful out there, don't take any chances

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GLORY- 5/7/2014 4:34PM

    Wow that was quite a challenging situation to be in! Thank the Lord YOU are ok and your dogs!

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GODS_TEMPLE 5/6/2014 11:56PM

    So glad both dogs, AND YOU, are OK. Chica must think she's Otto's mama...That's the way any mama would act.

Just thankful nothing really bad happened. I think you are doing right to stay away from there for a loooooong time.

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PATRICIA-CR 5/6/2014 11:05PM

    Gosh, my first thought was your safety!

What would we be without our beloved pets-companions?! emoticon

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JENNEINAZ 5/5/2014 10:05PM

  A big brave dog in a little dog body. Way to go!

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MICKEYH 5/5/2014 9:38PM

    So glad everyone is ok and safe. Way to go for Chika that fight for Otto. Yes, Japanese dogs are very protective and Royal just like" Hachiko" who Wait his owner at train stations even the owner has died long ago. What an experience and kudos to you Gina. I'm sure this not first time you saw a grizzly bear, since Where you live is very known for the nature, but please be careful in the future. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WALLAHALLA 5/5/2014 6:14PM

    Whoa! emoticon So glad the bear didn't turn its attention on you!

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NEED2LOSEN2010 5/5/2014 6:06PM

    So thankful all survived. You're right about heart & loyalty, it's a lesson people could learn from. emoticon


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VICKI-B-N-FLA 5/5/2014 5:30PM

  What an adventure. Glad neither dog were really hurt and certainly glad the bear didn't come after you ! emoticon

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CELEST 5/5/2014 5:07PM

    What a frightening experience, thankfully your dogs are ok and so are you. Wow!!

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ALICIA214 5/5/2014 4:59PM


Our pets are loyal friends and very brave too aren't they..? I am happy they are both O'K. emoticon

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Fabulous Northern Lights Dancing!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Early this morning Annie and I and the two dogs set out to drive to the city 4 hrs. away to visit with my husband Charlie who is in the hospital after having knee replacement surgery and then a stroke. The surgery was April 7th and he is still very ill. He's been moved from the surgical ward to Rehab to continue to recover and finally after talking about the amount of pain he is in and them not understanding this at all they decided to do an ultrasound of his leg and he has a huge blood clot from above his knee to his groin area. They are not sure what to do with him now. This is a disaster. He already lives on blood thinners.
After I gave him a hair cut and a shower we left.
Then we went shopping and out for supper. We walked the dogs lots of short walks all day. Then we went out for a really nice supper and started the drive home. It was awful because we were driving into the twilight at first and then the pitch dark. When we'd have the dim lights on it seemed terribly dark and it was not bad with the brights on. Both Annie and I are old (71 and 67) and we found the conditions for driving awful. Turns out my dim light on the left was burned out. Then we were driving the last leg of 50 kms. ( 30miles) and suddenly the sky was lit up with bright dancing lights. We pulled over and got out and watched as the Northern Lights hummed and danced in the sky. It was spectacular. What a sight.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GODS_TEMPLE 5/7/2014 12:01AM

    That is something I would love to see one day. I've seen videos and pictures...but I know it must be SPECTACULAR to see them in person.

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PATRICIA-CR 5/4/2014 10:14PM

    Best wishes for a full recovery of your DH. So happy you found something beautiful in middle of the difficulty. emoticon

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MICKEYH 5/4/2014 5:48PM

    I don't really understand what's northern lights dancing means but glad you saw it. One time I was driving from Canada to United States in between in the mountain it could be in Northen NY. I saw so any of the stars I have never seen in my whole life, that looks just like one in the planetarium's Milky Way. It was spectacular. Hope your DH's condition get better.

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WALLAHALLA 5/4/2014 5:35PM

    I would love a view like that. Maybe someday...

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CELEST 5/4/2014 8:38AM

    Im so sorry to hear about your husband....I hope things will get better with time.
The northern lights are on my bucket list of things to do before I die.
They fascinate me beyond words. You were so privileged to get to see such an amazing sight.

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KANOE10 5/4/2014 8:07AM

    I am keeping you and your husband in my prayers. Thank goodness they finally listened to him about the pain.

What a lovely surprise to see those beautiful lights after a difficult drive. I have always wanted to see them.


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PEZCATHY 5/4/2014 7:46AM

    Oh, I hope I get to see the Northern Lights one day! I haven't any interest (or money) to travel overseas. We have so many beautiful sights here in North America that we don't need to go anywhere else. Even I, at 60, get freaked out driving at night. It is good that you weren't alone! What a special treat that God gave you, knowing how stressed you were driving at night, by sending those lights to you! I am so sorry about your husband. It stinks when healthcare professionals refuse to listen to what you are telling them. I hope he gets better soon. I will keep him in my prayers.

Comment edited on: 5/4/2014 7:46:43 AM

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100,000 Spark Points Plus

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today I hit a milestone, the last of the trophys to be won. When I started at Spark in 2011 I had high hopes for the journey and Spark has never disappointed me. I have learned so much and progressed a great deal. Especially I have met on the computer so many wonderful people. I cannot even remotely thank them enough.
True, I still need to lose about 20 more lbs. but I finally feel I can do this. No one has ever said 'why are you still not at goal?' And I appreciate that immensely. Somewhere in my subconscious mind I am still using that last 20 lbs. as a buffer to being all I can be but I am working on that even as we speak. There was a lot to overcome. The loss of my first marriage and the grief this caused me and my children was not easy to reconcile. The loss of most of my siblings and the parents whom I loved so much was also not easy to overcome. But their loss was nothing compared to the realization of their extreme unhappiness in their lives. There is nothing to do but say prayers for them. So, in the meantime am I allowed to be happy? I really have to understand that no one ever promised me all the best in life. I have to be the author of my own story and will it read like an adventure or a tragedy?
So now to list the great things in my life:
I have a wonderful husband who is in hospital right now finally getting better in a very holistic manner. He had a broken body and his spirit was very affected by this. I feel so confident that he will improve mightily.
I have a lovely home, several loving children, 9 fantastic grandchildren and two dogs that are just the best.
I only have 20 lbs. to go and I have all the tools needed to get rid of them slowly.
My health is excellent and I love to walk.
What more can I ask for?
Thank you Spark for being such an amazing site which has taught me so much and given me such happiness. I love you all!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GODS_TEMPLE 4/30/2014 2:18AM

    “What day is it?"
It's today," squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day," said Pooh.”
― A.A. Milne

Congratulations on hitting that milestone!

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GLORY- 4/30/2014 1:50AM

    Thats truly amazing! The highest trophy! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MICKEYH 4/30/2014 1:00AM

    emoticon emoticon congrats on earning the last of spark point trophy . You've been so diligently with spark good time and bad time. You've learned a lot and achieve your groove. I so love your Positiveness and you've been cheering me up with your wise advice.
Thank you for your support and friendship. Glad to know your DH is on the mend. You are so light, you've got got everything you need to your 20 lbs to melt down. You can do it!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KAYTIE22 4/29/2014 8:48PM

    You are an amazing person and your positive attitude and spirit are always an inspiration to me. i know you will continue your journey and reach all your goals. Continuing to send good thoughts and prayers to your husband. Take care.

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ALMOMMY10 4/29/2014 4:29PM

    Bravo!!!!! What a lovely testimony. Keep Sparking and counting blessings. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CELEST 4/29/2014 3:59PM

    I love the spirit you have while recounting the good things in your life. Yes, bad things will always also be a part of life, sadly there is no way to separate one from the other. But to answer your rhetorical may be happy in the mean time. You not only may, but deserve to be happy. Keep your spirits up and look forward to the next era of your journey.

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WALLAHALLA 4/29/2014 1:40PM

    Now that is the kind of positive testimony that keeps me sparkin'.

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VICKI-B-N-FLA 4/29/2014 1:22PM

  emoticon Gina !!! You Rock !!

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NEWLITTLE1 4/29/2014 1:17PM

    emoticon on your milestone. I am glad that you have found happiness in the successes you have

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HMBROWN1 4/29/2014 1:05PM

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing. Best of luck with the last 20 pounds.

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My Vacume Cleaner

Saturday, March 29, 2014

28 years ago I had to leave my first husband and about 4 months later I lost my job. There I sat on unemployment insurance (pitiful) in an apartment with 2 children in their teens and was able to pay the rent, utilities and had minimal left over for food. I had no vacum cleaner and certainly no money to buy anything with. A salesman came to my door and said he would sell me this lovely vacum cleaner (and it was a good brand and worked wonderfully) for $1200 and give me $600 up front for I forget the name but it meant that I would have payments for 3 yrs. but I really needed that $600 up front. Foolish me I signed up for it and got the $600 and made 3 yrs. of payments. It sounded like a scam but it all worked out and I had an excellent vacum cleaner for over 28 yrs. What I liked about it was that the cone filter had to be replaced once in a while but it did not bag me to death like certain other brands had. In the end I often felt rather smug because when you divide about $800 by 28 years that is an excellent deal. I married my present husband about 9- 10 yrs. later and he took over a lot of the vacuuming and I just thought things were great all round.

Fast forward to the last couple of years where DH's health has been up and down and one of the problems he has is temper. The dogs always move very close to me when he is in a rage over something. They get very afraid, poor things. He never would hurt me but he does get mad at inanimate objects. Today I went out to walk dogs with a friend and came home to find DH in bed. He had been vacuuming and flew into a rage at the vacum cleaner. He broke a piece that cannot be repaired and I am not very happy. He is not very happy. We will try to replace that piece but I am not sure we can. The vacuum cleaner still has great suction so it is worth looking for that piece of pipe with the floor tool at the end. It looks like I will have to take over the cleaning completely. Thank God DH never loses it in public but it is getting worse steadily. I told him this is not acceptable, he should walk away from whatever he gets angry with after all a pc. of furniture cannot get away from him. But I don't know what will happen. In the meantime 'my poor vacuum cleaner'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GINA180847 4/29/2014 12:31PM

    By the way when we went to the vacume cleaner place in the city the fellow had the piece we needed and he told us that for $150 he can replace the engine with a brand new one. This worked out very well and I am relieved.

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MICKEYH 3/30/2014 6:15PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KANOE10 3/30/2014 8:00AM

    I am sorry about your vacuum cleaner and hope you find the part. It has served you well all of these years.

Have you considered taking your husband to a doctor for help? It could me a medical reason!


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TORTISE110 3/30/2014 7:26AM

    Tough. Sorry about your vacuum too. emoticon

You may want to suggest your husband get professional help. It makes me sad to think of you and your dogs being frightened.

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GODS_TEMPLE 3/29/2014 10:53PM

    I guess duct tape wont work?

Have you consulted the doctor about these episodes? It would be bad if he did that when the children are around. It may be a hormonal imbalance or something.

I'll be praying for your situation...and your poor vacuum!

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WALLAHALLA 3/29/2014 10:32PM

    emoticon bummer emoticon so hard when we can't help those we love most...hope things don't get any worse

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