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Day 36 - blisters

Friday, August 19, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

36 / 104 / 154.24 / 735.76

17.33% of total (890 miles)
26.54% of August goal (152.14 miles)
111.76 miles left in August
9 days left this month = 12.42 miles/day

This is the 2nd time I'm trying to post this blog... so I don't want to type that all over again. You know how I like to ramble in these things.

I left my usual/current running sneakers at my boyfriend's on Monday. And haven't seen them since (or him, actually). So I found an old, old, old, horribly worn out pair to use this week. I've ran/walked 27.99 miles in them.
I already had a tore up toe (I have hammer/claw toe issues), so I started Kentucky-windage-ing it to compensate for that in my old shoes. This caused multiple blisters on both heels. On the bottom, on the sides. Ugh. Horrible. (Then I wore some socks that haven't caused problems before and they gave me blisters on the back part of my heel/ankle region that doesn't have a name.) So yeah, that sucked.

I had already needed new sneakers regardless of leaving the current pair at my bf's place. So I had a couple coupons ($10 off and 15% off) to my favorite store... waited for pay day and... bam! forgot to print the emailed coupon. So instead of having them last night.... I just didn't get to the gym. (But I did clean my kitchen and organize my cupboards.)

And because my feet were in such sore shape, I didn't get up at 4:30 this morning to go outside either. I didn't get up until 5:30 and it was glorious! Ahhhh, an extra hour. I could tell when I woke up, that I needed that extra sleep, too. A good decision to take it easy last night and this morning. But I'll be back at it tonight. In fact, I packed gym clothes to head to the gym right after I buy those shoes. And yes, I just printed the coupon. And I have my cards. I will go home with a new pair of running sneakers today, and I will have probably 6.8 miles today.

Which means....
Only 11.75 miles/day on average, with 3 extra "off" days where I'll probably get at least 2 miles a piece, if not more. Yep, If I get 4 this Sunday, 6 next Sunday, and 3 on the 31st (on vacation), I'll be down to only 10.3 miles/day for the scheduled 9 running days left this month.




Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
- Thomas Jefferson


Day 32

Monday, August 15, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

32 / 108 / 126.65 / 763.35

14.23% of total (890 miles)
8.41% of August goal (152.14 miles)
139.35 miles left in August
13 days left this month = 10.71 miles/day

Not to worry though!
I have a plan!
I includes getting back up early in the morning to go outside for a run (and/or walk) before work, then hitting the gym after work. NO SWEAT!
I mean, yeah, I'll be sweating, but... ha

It also means... not missing afternoon walks with my group like I did today. Oops!

Anyway, today, I'll have miles that aren't in my spreadsheet right now, so that avg miles/day will drop significantly when I post again. I'll have 5.22 miles in today, with my new route and walking to the gas station during lunch that I already did.

I am still not fully unpacked... my bedroom is 85%, bathroom about 90%, and kitchen 95% (because I had that bake sale last week, that was a priority).
But my kitchen is a baking mess from that bake sale, so cleaning it is priority now, rather than finish unpacking the rest of my apartment. I just left the mess over the weekend, which, yes, I know I will regret. Oh well.

I also have a plasma donation appointment tonight... but I'm partially hoping my iron is too low again so I can get more cleaning done in my apartment. I have yet to be able to give, and I think it's a scheduling thing because I didn't bone up on iron this weekend, because the meal plan was already scheduled. I need a supplement. I was 6 points too low on Thursday. Blah. I'll eat spinach before I go... haha. Won't help but at least I tried. :)

School is starting soon, and even though this will be the second semester since I graduated, it still feels weird in August to not get ready for that. It makes me want to go to law school even sooner. Someday. Maybe when my loans are paid off... I'll get new loans to pay for law school. Yeah, great idea. Perpetual debt. Ugh...



Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
- Thomas Jefferson


Day 26

Monday, August 08, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

26 / 118 / 115.49 / 774.51

12.98% of total (890 miles)
1.07% of August goal (152.14 miles)
150.51 miles left in August
20 days left this month = 7.52 miles/day

August Miles Behind: 4.98
Total Miles Behind: 20.47
Total Miles/day: 7.52

The math is starting to get complicated... oh man.
Let me explain the new stats and then let me tell you about my awesome run last night. And, then, maybe I'll get to telling you about my FTX and shooting rifles.

Because I have monthly and total goals, there are two different percentages that show my progression. To finish my August goal in the remaining 20 days I have scheduled runs, I need to run 7.52 miles/day. It's complicated because I have those extra miles I didn't finish in July tacked on to this month, and not all months are even in the mileage split. One of these days, I'll create a full calendar for the remaining months and snap a photo to put up here. It's not complicated once you seen the numbers laid out.

Last night I got back to my apartment from the FTX feeling gross and dirty and sweaty and all things nasty. Yeah. It was awesome. So I immediately dropped trow and took a shower. I ate and bummed around my apartment for about 45 minutes before I grew restless (even though I was SO TIRED!), so I threw on my sneakers and a running bra, my mp3 player, and my keys. I wasn't planning on running more than a couple blocks, maybe one song, just to get my heart rate up. Then I was going to walk and see my new city (yay).
But I got into it. And I apparently have a pretty good play list created because the music kept me going. I ran for 16 minutes without even trying. I did get dehydration (fat kid) cramps on my right side, but nothing I couldn't forget about at the next song. It was amazing and felt so good to be out in sneakers and not boots. I loved it. SERIOUSLY, I just said that I loved the run. Wow. It took a few days off (okay, SEVERAL days off), but I missed it. I missed the good kind of sweat and the racing heart. It was also very cool to see the city from the sidewalk instead of my car. I will make this a new habit to run at night. Got home and took ANOTHER shower. But worth it. So worth it.

If you're not military, FTX stands for Field Training Exercises. Basically, it's a lot of time spent in "the field" (as in, not at home, not sleeping in a hotel, sleeping in barracks or tents and being outside a majority of the day). Typically, I'm not going to lie, the suck. They are an energy drain and exhausting. This one, not so bad though. Yeah, it was a 4 hour drive out to the fort for it. That was the worst part.
On Friday, we SHOT RIFLES ALL DAY LONG. I love shooting. I love it, I love it, I love it. It's so exhilarating. We even did a night fire. Wonderful. :)
Saturday, we had driving training (in hmmwvs) on a rough terrain course and also a night driving course.
Sunday was the drive back and cleaning rifles, and I got to eat real food (I went to Qdobda, but felt sickish afterwards because of eating so much after eating so little in the field for a few days before it). Then home.
I didn't get any running in like I planned while I was there, so that was a partial reason as to why I went last night when I got back.
Good stuff.


Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
- Thomas Jefferson


Day 24 - a single battle lost but not the war

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

24 / 120 / 113.86 / 776.14

12.79% of total (890 miles)
Missed 3 of 24 days = 87.5% runs scheduled, completed to date
Miles/day average left = 7.36
Miles behind: 28.28

I'm one big fat jar of FAIL lately.
Here's my excuses, then I'll give the final July update.

Well. I had to pack up my apartment last week, so I didn't run on Wednesday. I only got 1.6 (total) on Thursday and Friday. Nothing extra all weekend. BLAH.

Miles ran = 113.86
Average mile/day = 4.74
Mileage goal was 132
Missed mileage goal by 15.92 miles (this will be added on to August's goals)

So far this month, I haven't done ANYTHING. I haven't even gone for a walk! What a slacker. Ugh. I've been unpacking, and I have to get to the Y in a new town and figure that out. I won't be doing anything later today, either. I have an interview (yay), so I'm not even going home after work. Jeez.

It's not going to get better this weekend either. I have field exercises (AGAIN UNCLE SAM!) Thursday through Sunday.... I don't want to... ugh.

I'll get in 2 miles on Friday though. Bonus.
Starting 8 August, I'll have to hit 7.5 miles/day to meet my monthly goal of 152.14. No sweat, though. I will get to the gym next week, and I'll start walking again on my breaks at work.

I know I promised pictures, a while ago. I'm sorry. I did take some... and didn't see results. So there was no motivation to put them up, then I was so busy packing and moving and even camping this weekend, it just got away from me. I will probably just wait until I finish the next 10% and post all the pictures together. There better be some serious changes!

My new apartment is great! Still chock full of stuff and boxes, but I'm getting there.
Also, there were some seriously dirty parts that I need to contact my landlord about cleaning before I can finish unpacking.


Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. - Thomas Jefferson


Day 19

Monday, July 25, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

19 / 125 / 100.33 / 789.67

11.27% of total (890 miles)
76.01% of July goal (132 miles) (82% of days done)
31.67 miles left in July
100% of runs scheduled, ran
4 days left this month = 7.9 miles/day

Miles behind: 7.67

Location: Milwaukee, WI (approximate)

I know I promised some pictures... but I forgot my camera when I left my apartment this weekend... so maybe I'll get them up later today. I'll have to run to a café to get some internet (yes, my apartment is COMPLETELY technology free... no internet, no cable, NO TV!... but I do have a super smart phone, and thankfully a lap top).

I had a great weekend. Went to the gym in another town (the YMCA has the AWAY (always welcome at the Y) program... really nice. Just takes a few minutes for a phone call and etc. But it works. So that's how I got 6 miles in on Saturday, when it was so boiling hot still.
Today feels like it'll be cooler, thankfully.

I have to finish packing BY THURSDAY NIGHT! Yikes!!!
I'm going camping Friday and Saturday night, picking up a rental truck on Sunday and moving everything either Sunday afternoon/night or Monday morning. Ugh. So this week is going to be really busy. But I need just under 8 miles a day this week. I can do it. I'm going to the gym tonight after work, then I'll pack up my clothes and ARMY gear tonight. Tomorrow is my kitchen. Wednesday is my bathroom (simple) and the taking all my picture frames down... I have this tendency to get really sentimental about those things and have to re-examine all those old family photos. Hopefully, I can bypass that mood until I'm rehanging those pictures in my BRAND NEW APARTMENT in a BRAND NEW CITY! I hope that my capitalization of words emphasizes how EXCITED and HAPPY I am about moving.
I seriously do live in a pretty un-safe neighborhood right now. Frequently (as in more than once I week), I see a police vehicle in one of the drive ways on my street. I do not (anymore, I learned my lesson) take walks/runs outside after dark. I try to walk away from my street toward a nicer neighborhood and only loop back to my street when I'm heading home. It's bad.

I talked about strength training with my boyfriend this weekend (while we were on a walk last night that I begged him to go on with me). He does once a week (at most) and not much of it. I told him that I've only lifted one time this month and probably wouldn't get anymore days in of that. He say not to let it bother me because I was still seeing the effects of my massive uptick of running. Once I plateaued, then I could add some strength training again. Until then, don't stress. It's true. I do feel like I get more out of my hour+ of run/walking at the gym every morning. If I spent that time (or half of it) lifting weights, I would not feel as satisfied after leaving the gym. So I'm going to follow that advice. I'll strength train when I stop seeing the effects..... OR when I finally catch up to my goal/benchmarks on the run. If I get ahead of my mileage, then I can take a break and lift weights. Otherwise, it's not worth the stress.

I have field exercises on Wednesday night... so that might cut some of my evening walk... forgot about that when I was planning my exercise time this week. Shoot. I usually hit above 5 at the gym in the morning, then walk somewhere between 1.5 and 3 in the evening. Also I sometimes get an afternoon walk during my break at 0.8.... hmmmm. I need to figure this out. Spreadsheet time.

Back later with PICTURES. yay.


Man imposes his own limitations.

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MRSMAGISTRA 7/25/2011 10:07AM

    I am so happy for you !! It is so nice to be in a new place, and it sounds as if you are really happy about the move. GREAT job on the run, you are amazing, and you really motivate me to do my beat. Have a great day, good luck with Wed. night and the move !!!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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