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Day 17 - over 10% done!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

17 / 127 / 92.73 / 799.27

10.19% of total (890 miles)
68.73% of July goal (132 miles) (77% of days done)
41.27 miles left in July
100% of runs scheduled, ran
5 days left this month = 8.25 miles/day

Miles behind: 11.27

Location: Milwaukee, WI (approximate)

I am so excited to be 10% done with this! And I made it below 800 miles! Woohoo! Awesome! I'm so happy. When I was doing the math in my head after I got off the treadmill this morning, I was just smiling, smiling, smiling. It was awesome.
I even laughed when I took off my shirt to shower and saw that I had sweat spots from my boobs. Yeah, that's why people were giving me weird looks. Or maybe it was my huge smile. LOL.

Then I even got a better notice of how good all this running (and walking) is for my body... I ordered a new tee shirt for a company wide event we're doing here... I ordered a medium, usually what I wear in guys sizes. The shirt looked WAY SMALL when I got it earlier this week... but when I put it on this morning, it looks good.

I even got a compliment about my hair this morning when I walked into the office. He said it looks nice AND smells nice. Haha. I love it. I'm so happy. Seriously, you (yes, you... lol) should try running. It just lifts your whole spirit. Plus, meeting this 10% of the total run mileage is awesome. I want to jump up and down and wave my arms! But, I won't. Need to look professional and all that, haha.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about and want a little history, go here to read about the start of my journey.

And join me if you want.

PICTURES... will be up Monday night, possibly. Maybe Tuesday morning. I'm excited to take them and compare. I hope everyone can tell some change in my appearance.
If I keep getting compliments and being happy, though, I'm really going to get a big head. :)



Man imposes his own limitations.


Day 16

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

16 / 128 / 82.26 / 807.74

9.24% of total (890 miles)
62.32% of July goal (132 miles) (73% of days done)
49.74 miles left in July
100% of runs scheduled, ran
6 days left this month = 8.29 miles/day

Miles behind: 13.74

doing better. I got in a few extra miles yesterday (2 walks during work, .8 and .5, then a walk in the evening 1.5). I'll catch up.

Also, this morning, I got 70 minutes on the treadmill. I've been getting to the gym right at 5 (sometimes a few minutes before), so I have all that time. I love it. Yesterday I got 5.25 in 57 minutes. Today, 5.57 in 70 minutes. An extra .32 in the extra 3 minutes. Love. Very happy.

My apartment cleaning is going well. Moved my gear out of my spare bedroom closet last night and will finish that room (completely!) tonight. I need to vacuum (I put baking powder down last night), wash the window and sill, wash the doors and closet shelf, and clean out the heating vent. Probably vacuum again before banning everyone (including my cat) from that room. Then I can't fully pack up and empty an of the other rooms in my apartment, though I pack up the things I don't use often (winter clothes, baking pans, books). My living room is about to be overflowing with boxes, but that'll be easier to move to the truck than pulling them from each room. Yay. 10 days until I'm fully moved out of this place (in the ghetto) into my new place (in practically suburbia).

Went to dinner with my best friend last night. I had 2 root beer floats. Seriously. And I don't feel bad about it at all. One meal every few weeks that goes overboard is fine. Besides, I had a side salad instead of fries, and a turkey burger instead of a hamburger. That should even out... ish. I really think that all this running and me being hungry all the time, I can eat pretty much anything I want. I didn't even drink all the soda, just the ice cream, if that makes up for anything... LOL.

I like that I'm not worrying. It's nice.
More carrots, less fruit snacks.



Man imposes his own limitations.


Day 15

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am WAY!!!! behind!

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

15 / 129 / 73.89 / 816.11

8.3% of total (890 miles)
55.98% of July goal (132 miles)
58.11 miles left in July
100% of runs scheduled, ran
7 days left this month = 8.3 miles/day

Miles behind: 16.11

Let me explain... On Friday, I locked my car keys in my trunk. So instead of going to the gym and hanging out with a treadmill for an hour, I pried open my car door. I barely made it to work. So, that's was a missed near 5 miles.

Monday, I didn't go to the gym. I signed my lease for a new apartment (in a new city). I didn't even get a whole mile in. :(

Yesterday, I got the gym and had a good run. Nearly 5 miles. I had REALLY good intentions for going for an afternoon walk (or evening) at home. Didn't happen. Like the rest of the country, it's steaming hot outside. So I took a nap instead. (After packing up and cleaning a whole room in my current apartment.)

So what's my game plan? Or, as Uncle Sam and the Army like to say, what's my course of action?
I don't know. It's scary to look at that 8.3 miles/day needed to reach my goal. But I have a couple phone calls to make, so I think I can walk and talk tonight. That'll help. Especially if I get another 3 miles in (that's four laps around my block loop at home).
I want to make it to 89 miles so bad so I can post pictures! I'm not weighing myself this week because I had a pretty unhealthy weekend nutritionally. Next week. I'm also skipping the measurements. I didn't have any goals for weightloss/inches lost this month anyway.

I also need to catch up on strength training... I've done 1 DAY so far this month. Ugh. Even if I work out everyday the rest of this month, I won't catch my goal. I'll do a short circuit tonight before my walk. Right in front of the biggest fan in my apartment.

Hope everyone else is doing better with their goals!
Let's stay motivated!



Man imposes his own limitations.


Day 11

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

11 / 133 / 60 / 830

6.74% of total (890 miles)
45.45% of July goal (132 miles)
72 miles left in July
100% of runs scheduled, ran
11 days left this month = 6.55 miles/day

Miles behind: 6 (which is just one day of running)

I beat my time from yesterday (again) this morning. Here's a recap.
All workouts in 55 minutes:
Tuesday: 4.08
Wednesday: 4.51
Thursday: 4.63

Yeah. So that means I'm running more than walking and/or running faster.
It makes me so happy to see that mileage on the treadmill tick up. LOVE IT.

I should be at 50% of the miles ran, though, because I'm half way through on the days. Close... 4.15% behind on that. No sweat, really.
Especially because I'll be walking this weekend, and that's probably where I'll pick up that 6 miles I'm behind (and maybe some extra) and start next week on track.

Now if I can just make sure that Monday afternoon, I actually get my whole workout in and don't hurt myself like this week.

I fixed my vacuum 2 weeks ago, but haven't used it since then, just too busy or too hot or too many excuses to vacuum.. haha. But I did last night. Wow. So much better. I had cut all the hair that was wound around the cylinder at the bottom, changed the belt and emptied all the filters. I was so impressed at the self propulsion (again, thankfully, like it's new). I'm going to vacuum again tonight and see what else it picks up, because I haven't vacuumed in 2 weeks. I'll probably have a full canister again, because I've been leaving my windows open and have fans running nearly constantly.

I'm moving on 1 August (yay) to a different city.. can't wait. So that's part of why I need to clean up and start packing soon. I really don't have that much stuff, but I still need to pack. I hope the weather is good when I need to move. I've never lived in the same city/town for more than 4 years, and I've been here for 3 years. So it's time to go. Also, I'll only be adding about 10 minutes onto my commute to work and will be paying about $45 less a month in rent. I won't be spending $45 more in gas. The best part, I'll be about 30 minutes closer to my boyfriend.

I haven't been cooking that much this week, and I miss it. I'll be cooking a lot this weekend, though. And I might even try to make some "batch" dishes so I'll have hot meals to bring to work. Yesterday (and today), I brought about a half a cup of cut up chicken that I made the other night with a salad. I warmed up the chicken, topped it on the salad and added Caesar dressing. Yeah the dressing wasn't the most healthy, but that protein at lunch (I usually just have a salad w/o protein) pushed me through until much later at night. I didn't immediately eat something when I got back to my apartment. It was nice, I'll have to remember that. A warm chicken Caesar salad. Awesome.



Man imposes his own limitations.


Day 10

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

10 / 134 / 51.57 / 838.43

5.79% of total (890 miles)
39.07% of July goal (132 miles)
80.43 miles left in July
100% of runs scheduled, ran
12 days left this month = 6.7 miles/day

8.43 miles behind bench marks. ugh...

I only got 1.35 in on Monday because I didn't warm up and decided to just get on the treadmill and run a quarter mile at 6.5. Never again. I don't know if it was a serious shin split or a repeat of last week's injury. But it sucked. So I got off the treadmill. So, now I have to catch up on that.

Yesterday morning, I did 4.08 in 55 minutes.
This morning, I did 4.51 in 55 minutes. SO HAPPY.
Instead of walking 1/4 mile then running a 1/4 mile, I warmed up for a 1/4 mile then ran for 11 minutes (I was originally going to do 10, but I lost track). Walked for about 4 minutes, increasing the pace 0.1 every minute. Ran for 10 minutes. Repeat walk. Ran for 9 minutes. Walked for 3 minutes, ran for 2 minutes. Cooled down. It was great.
Tomorrow, I'm going to try to beat that too.

I can't seem to get to the gym any earlier than 5:15 am, mostly because I have to pet my cat for a nice long while in the morning, haha. Seriously, everything is packed. All I have to do is get dressed, fix pony tail, eat cereal, and lock door. Shouldn't take that long, yet it does. Also, I got stopped by the train this morning. Damn it. I hate that. (BTW, I may be conservative, but I still shut up car off at a train stop. No sense wasting gas. Not at 3.64 a gallon. Eek.)

I looked in the mirror today in our bathroom at work. I look really happy. My skin is clear, my hair looks good, and I have no circles under my eyes. I may not be seeing the scale go down (yet), but I am definitely noticing everything else all this running is doing for me. It is changing my mood all day. I'm not going to say that "I love running" yet... but I could see me getting there. Some day. Eventually. And actually, this morning, after my 55 minutes on the treadmill, I honestly wished I could go a little bit longer, maybe a half mile more. Because it felt so good. But I had to shower and get to work. Oh, and stretch. After my issues Monday night (ouch), I am never skipping warm ups or stretching again. NEVER. At least not for runs. Walks are different.

Anyway, back to work.


"Man imposes his own limitations."

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LUXITTA 7/13/2011 6:11PM

    Wow, sounds like you've got your plan down pat! Keep it up, it seems like you are doing some good changes, and the positivity is showing. emoticon


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