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Day 7

Monday, July 11, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

7 / 137 / 38.44 / 851.56

4.32% of total (890 miles)
29.12% of July goal (132 miles)
93.56 miles left in July
100% of runs scheduled, ran
15 days left this month = 6.24 miles/day

3.56 miles behind bench marks. way closer. yay!

I haven't ran yet today (Day 8), so these numbers are really from Saturday which was Day 7.
Also, I went for a walk with my boyfriend yesterday, which was not a day scheduled for a mileage workout (I take Sundays off). That cut right off of the miles I was behind. He walks really fast, too, where as I like to "stroll." Then he even made me jog ("I believe it's called yogging... silent J.") the last quarter mile, and it felt really good. Woot.

After that I had a (small) bowl of ice cream. Cooled me down real quick.

The 8 miles on Saturday morning... SUCKED. I hate being on the treadmill that long, and because my gym doesn't open until 8 am, all the good news was already over about half way through the workout. So, I had to watch local news with the weather every 6 minutes. Seriously? I'm a cable news junkie, so I rarely watch the weather... mostly because I know that I can just look outside. (Red sky at night, Sailor's delight. Red sky at morning, Sailor's warning.)

Anyway, back at work for a full 5 days this week... yuck. Along, last week felt so long with only 4 days, this won't be that bad. Also, I only have 5 days of running scheduled this week. That's awesome. I'm sure that I'll be walking with my boyfriend again next weekend (cheating on my scheduled), so I am less worried about catching those 3.56 miles I'm behind where I should be.

I'm going to start tagging the US map I have in my apartment tonight. Good stuff.

I think I need to bring my own coffee maker to work. I only drink one cup in the morning, but I hate how strong everyone makes it. Even though I water it down and add some creamer, it's just gross. Or maybe I can start drinking tea again.. but there's just something really comforting about a cup of GOOD coffee. But this... gross. And they always complain about how fast they go through the coffee! Well don't put 12 scoops in the filter for 1 pot! This is what I have to work with... haha.

Recall elections tomorrow... yay. I'm way into politics and self-governance, so I'm excited. I hope we get a pretty good turn out. If you live in Wisconsin, you can find out if you have a recall primary tomorrow and who will be on your ballot, here:

28. I donít really know about sports.
a. I love to play sports. I love to watch sports. Yet, I do not know what player plays with what team. I know that the Brewers play in Milwaukee and Ryan Braun is cute. I know a higher batting average is good, but I do not know how one gets these numbers.
b. Learning more about how baseball works is a minor goal.
c. After that, Iíd love to learn more about players and especially the Brewers.
29. I am not ďlow maintenance.Ē
a. I just prefer to spend my ďbeauty timeĒ on things like sleep or exercising, not primping myself.
30. Iím horribly bad at doing my hair.
31. I donít pray enough.
32. I do not need to shave my legs to wear a skirt.
33. My feet are not ugly.
34. I lie too much about things that do not matter.
a. And is it even okay to lie about things that matter?
b. No.
35. My shoulders are not ugly.
36. My thighs are strong, not fat. Theyíve been carrying me around my whole life.
37. My worth is not based on othersí worth.
38. I do not understand how a combustion engine works.




Day 6

Friday, July 08, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

6 / 138 / 27.4 / 862.6

3.08% of total (890 miles)
20.76% of July goal (132 miles)
104.6 miles left in July (I calculated yesterday's numbers wrong for this.. it was 112.76 miles)
100% of runs scheduled, ran
16 days left to run this month = 6.54 miles/day
(this was wrong yesterday, too)

8.6 miles behind bench marks. getting closer! :)

And reasons/bad ideas/bad attitudes/lies.. etc, that I haven't been posting for a few days.

8. I am not a on a journey that is destined to fail.
9. I am not here alone.
10. I am here for a reason.
11. I can survive on my own.
12. I am on the right path.
13. I will succeed (at running, at life, at everything).
14. Not everyone hates me.
15. I do not need to be right every time.
16. My differences do not make me unlovable.
17. I am worthy of love.
18. I can take the LSAT.
19. I can find a writing job.
20. I cannot dictate the course of my life down to every minute.
21. Itís okay if I am not in control of every minute of my life.
22. I have made mistakes. I will continue to make mistakes. I am human.
23. I do have regrets, and I would go back to do some parts of my life again.
24. I have learned from the bad and the good parts of my life.
25. I am not just the sum of my experiences.
26. I am hypocritical about many things. I try to remember to thank God every day for his infinite mercy.
27. I donít like video games. I donít like when my boyfriend screams at the TV while heís playing them.

Geographically, I'm in and/or around Fond du Lac, Wisconsin... if I had been running outside. And, you know, not going home every night to sleep in my bed. Mmmm... bed.

I so don't want to be at work today (or nearly anyday, haha) because it's so beautiful outside. Wonderful weather. Love it.

Very happy.

I'm also icing my leg... the tendon from below my calf on the outside that connects to my ankle. (The tibialis anterior, if you know about muscle structure.) I don't know what's wrong with it, but it hurts. On both legs, but much more on my right leg.
So because I have to sit up right in a chair at work, I'm pushing my leg against my desk with a bag of ice in between. It's working. Genius. :)




Day 5

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left

5 / 139 / 19.24 / 870.76

2.16% of total (890 miles)
14.48% of July goal (132 miles)
109.76 miles left in July
100% of runs scheduled, ran
16 days left to run this month = 6.89 miles a day

10.86 miles behind bench marks.

After work out #2 this afternoon (or 3, depending on if I go for that break walk or not), I'll only be 7.76 miles behind. I'll probably run/walk about 3 miles again tonight.

So far it's looking like I'll have to break up my workouts into 2 per day, which is ok with me.

This morning I woke up 50 minutes late, but still made it to the gym and got 3.15 miles in. My goal was 3... I had a late night obligation that kept me up until nearly 11, when I normally am sleeping by 9. Yikes, it sucked this morning.

All else is well.

10 days until my Army Anniversary... a day all of us in the military both celebrate and sulk about haha. I can't believe how much I"ve changed in the last 4 years. I am so different from when I signed. Wow... Army. I'm so proud of myself for making it. :)




Day 4

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left


Yikes. :(

9.92% of July goal met. (If I run 7 miles/day days 5-15 and 6 miles/day after that, I'll catch my goal.)

1.47% of Atlanta goal met.
Not that depressing. Especially because when I'm on an elliptical, I feel like it takes FOREVER to get to another percentage.

I have ran every day that I had planned to run, so that's good. The hard part will be running tomorrow (Thursday) which is usually my day off from running and then running again Friday and Saturday. I'm hoping to use Saturdays as my catch up days.

Also, I completely skipped my afternoon walk yesterday, which would have added to my goal. Everything counts - well, walking and running for my Atlanta goal. I decided not to use elliptical miles because it's too easy to "relax" while on one of those machines. Anyway, the afternoon walk route we take is over a half mile. 5 in one week, and I can cut 2.5 miles off my catch up day on Saturdays. Nice.

All else is well, and I am still trying to make it through the summer without complaining about the heat. It doesn't accomplish anything or add to anything.

Did the dishes last night and ran a mile and a half, though I was praying it would rain (to cool it down) so I wouldn't have to run. I felt good afterwards, though. Exercise always does that for me.



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LRK4CHRIST 7/6/2011 8:34AM

    Glad ur making ur goals. I don't have goals like urs but I am coming along with my present system or rather lifestyle change.

Anywho...Stay focused! I pray u meet all ur goals.

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Day 3

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Current day/Days left/Miles tracked/Miles left


I have 23 scheduled running days in July.
My goal is 132 miles (6 a day) by the end of the month.
I'll be around Zion, Illinois, if (WHEN) I hit that goal.

I've already shed these 7 bad attitudes:
1. It is not selfish to do things "just for me."
2. I am not my abuser.
3. I do not need to hold myself to higher standards than I hold other people.
4. I will not turn into my father.
5. I am not a product of my abuse. I am a survivor.
6. I am not an outcast.
7. I am not a single-word definition.

Obviously, I'm already behind. I skipped the gym on Friday afternoon to clean my apartment before my boyfriend came over. But no, sweat. I got this.




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