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Took the Back Road

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I have to report today that I went out this morning and had an amazing run.

At first, I was thinking about doing hill repeats because I have this "great" hill at the start (and end usually) of the route I take that would work perfectly.

But when I got to the bottom of jogging the hill, I just didn't want to turn around. (If there's anything I hate more than running, it's running hills.)

I went. Past a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall (don't get me started). Past a country boy in a beat up pick up. Past... corn fields? Milk weed? Grass thigh high?

Where had all this been? All this... nature? And quiet? Wow... all this beauty had been hiding past my old 10 minute turn around point.

Fresh air that didn't even bother me (allergies) for a while. It was AWESOME.

I felt so great especially after the horrible "run" yesterday. I wanted to keep going, but I kept with my goal of 26 minutes and turned around at the 13 minute mark.

Then I added some fartleks in on the way back home. Great. Keep going.

On the way back there were a couple more cars, too (after only seeing the pick up on the way out). I was going to take a walking break (just 1 minute), but a car was passing. So I kept going... then another car right after that. I ended up walking about 35 seconds after when I told myself I would walk.

That... hill. Right at the end. Why??? Why???

But I kept going. Run up it. Sprint at the flat part when I get to the drive way. Over shoot it. THEN slow down.

Whew! And! I beat my time out there by 16 seconds on the way back! I love it when I do that!


Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm sticking to my food plan (even though my bf STILL has girl scout cookies I could raid... thin mints... mmm). I really have to surround myself with good things to eat (veggies, chicken, fruit, dips) if I have any chance of staying away from the not-good-for-you-but-still-delicious food that is not on my menu/meal plan.



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MARTINIGAL413 6/25/2011 5:18PM

    Love that you "ran into" a beautiful new route! Love it when that happens. Enjoy your new find!

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Run Around Sue

Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's Friday! Yay! Finally! It's been a long week (I used to think this was cliche, but it's pretty true).

So what was my deal this morning when I stopped running on my 2 mile route (Friday mornings are timed 2mr, always) at 1:45?
Was it because my abs hurt at every step because I added a bunch of incline sit ups yesterday?
Was it because a bug flew into my mouth and I think I swallowed it?

No... none of that. Although, all of that matters. But the real reason is that... it was only 4:45 am and my mind was already full of distractions.

I'm one of those girls (yes, even at 24, I still refer to myself as a girl, and I do not find this derogatory at all) that needs a clear head to really focus on anything. FACT.

I can not seriously write anything (an article, a short story, part of my manuscript) if something else is pulling my attention. Take a few nights ago (maybe it was last week, whatever)... I started writing. And I had all these ideas and characters running through my head, and it was great. Until! ***SNAP!*** oh, Jade, you need to do those dishes... UGH. So no more writing got done until I washed the dishes.

I'm the same way with exercise. This morning, I knew I had to get cat food before I went to work because my cat would be home alone for a while. As my feet started hitting the sidewalk, I tried to push that too the back. But then I started added other things to this to do list. Hey, Jade, don't forget to bring your running shoes with you. And, hey, Tot (what I call myself in my head... LONG story), don't forget all the recipes for the weekend dinners with your boyfriend. And... it continued.

So I quit. (Yeah, yeah... we never "quit" -- Warrior Ethos and all that jazz, but I stopped.) And then I started playing with my watch to see what time it was... because I had somewhere to be at 4:45? I don't know. And I reset the time. That really made me mad. Ugh, I was so mad at myself. It was bad.

I reset it and started running again. I should say "running," because according to the tracker, a 13 minute mile is "walking" not "running." Ugh, I feel so SLOW.

While I was feeling this great sense of de-motivation (not motivated, not dedicated...), I walked. A lot. Which is really what brought my time down. Becuase a 27 some minute 2 mile? Uh, no. Not if I had run straight through.

Yikes, yikes, yikes.

Tomorrow is already another run day (5 days a week awesome). Hopefully that'll be better.

In other news, I lost a half of pound. I already found out about my lost 1% BF earlier this week, so this is no huge celebration, but it is an affirmation that I'm doing something right.
So, even though I had a terrible "run" this morning, I'm not going to let it drag me down. It's all about attitude, really. Because it does all add up. And if I'm in a bad mood, I know I won't get up to dance when my favorite songs come on the radio. And then I'd have missed those opportunities to lose more calories.

Because I can't upload photos to my page for some reason, here's a picture of my cat that makes me smile:




Work, work... work

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I absolutely hate meetings. It doesn't help that I am pretty near the bottom of the chain of command at work, so I just sit there and listen to things that I don't even need to know about! Ugh. Please, just let me work and shoot me an email when there is an issue or something I need to know.

While I was in our production meeting this morning (50 minutes of pain... weekly), I think about time that I use that could be used more productively. Here's a valid example people can probably relate to:
I park VERY far away from any door when I'm going to a store so I get those extra steps... but does it really help if I just meander to the door? Well, sure, everything counts. But, could I make a better use of that time by picking up the pace? Oh, yeah.
Another example:
I cook and bake. A lot. All the time. There are probably tons of ways I could make my recipes healthier. I already use low fat/no fats products when I think about it, but am I trying to cut sugars and processed items? Cocoa is better than chocolate chips because of this. These are all ways I could make my eating habits healthier, if I just put a little more thought into time I already spend in my kitchen. Add to that, how I organize my fridge. Veggies up front? Usually, but they often get pushed to the pack when I'm in a hurry with some leftovers that need to get in there. Too often I find limp celery or wilted broccoli in the back of my fridge. A waste of money and food... and it adds more time in the long run! There has to be a better way to organize a fridge. Ugh, I'll get there. Today it's one of my 3 goals for the Just Do It! team, so I'll report back how it goes.

Besides being super irritated at work though by wasted time, I am in a very good mood. I got my 3rd day of strength training in this morning, and the soreness is slowly melting away. I was still sore from last week, and I even looked up some new stretches (WebMD has a great resource for this). My hips were killing me. It's getting better now, but still my quads and hamstrings. Yikes. But it's worth it. It's not "pain," it's just soreness, so I know it's okay. I won't strength train again until Monday, so I'll be alright.

I also excited for this weekend. Since I have no cable, tv, or internet at my own apartment, I often freeload on my boyfriend's when I'm there. So this weekend, I'll be able to do some of the SP videos that I love. I also love Tae-Bo, so much, I'll be doing that off of YouTube, probably 4 times this weekend. Seriously, I love it that much.

Perogies turned out great last night! Now that I know how EASY it is, I'm going to be a little more adventurous when I make them next time. So many ways to add veggies and healthy nutrients.

I continue to fall off the menu when I get home from work (yesterday, from the gym). I am so hungry and I turn to whatever's there. I know I crave protein then (not carbs... I'm not really tired after work, just sluggish.), but I don't keep that around for snacky food. Next week's menu I'll plan that better. Meat and protein as snacky food. Maybe some turkey roll ups with cream cheese? Oh, yeah.

Here's a long story, sorry. Not about weight/fitness though. :)
The check engine light has been in my car for nearly 2 years. (Laugh here.)
I just kind of ignored it:
1 because I couldn't afford to take it
2 because I didn't realize how bad it really was
3 because I couldn't afford it (yes, again, this is the real reason)

But since I started working here at the end of January, one of my coworkers is an auto mechanic. He kind of wants to open a business doing that. So I told him about my car, and he's been working on it... for probably a month now. He did a couple of diagnostic things, that worked for a while. Then it started rumbling all over again...
Anyway, he's had my car since Tuesday down at his place tearing apart my engine. I've been driving his truck (thankfully I had some transport).
But it's back today, and I'm so excited to have a car that works like it's supposed to finally.
I can't wait to drive it after work. Yay.



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SHEILA-45 6/23/2011 12:40PM

    I've heard of the dreaded Power Points that go on and on. As a teacher, we have to attend endless mind-numbing meetings too. My daughter (at Ft. Hood) just told me the Army is changing things up tho. They brought in actors to do a live simulation instead of using PP to get the message across, it was successful. She just returned from the sandbox and was required to attend these classes.

Have you tried Truvia, being a diabetic I rarely use sugar anymore and Truvia hits the spot.

from an Army Mom

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Reward system

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stayed on track with my menu plan again yesterday. However, most days I go for a walk with coworkers on my afternoon break and thus do not go to the breakroom for my snack... so by the time I leave work an hour and a half later, I'm famished when I get home. I end up snacking on something not as healthy as the carrots and hummus I had planned... yesterday it was just a ground turkey burrito, so that wasn't that bad, and I think I needed the protein. I need to walk a little faster with the guys so I can get back in time to run to the break room to get carrots. That'll help.

Last night I also made the Mexican Jumping Bean salad... and a dressing. First, I have to tell you that yogurt completely disgusts me. I know you can use it in place of sour cream in some recipes and there's no noticeable difference, but if I smell it, ugh... no. Gross. No matter the flavor, it just grosses me out. Can't stand it. So the tomato dressing I made from a blog online that I LOVE, it had sour cream and yogurt... well... I upped the sour cream but still added some of the yogurt to correct proportions. Ugh..... yuck. Didn't work.
To give that blog credit, though, I do not have a blender, and the dressing recipe was supposed to be blended... ok. I'll try again at my boyfriend's place sometime when I can use his blender.
Until then, I have a huge bowl of the salad - mostly cabbage - and no good dressing for it. :(
Too easy, though. Because I'm a genius, I just whipped up some corn bread (from a mix... yeah, I fail on that point. I hate mixes. Next time I'll make it from scratch because I am so thick of super thin corn bread!). Now I have a cabbage/bean/corn salad with barbecue sauce and corn bread. It's going to be delicious for lunch.
And perogies tonight. Wish me luck!

** Reward System

Since I measured my self this morning (besides weight, because that makes me upset) and found out that I lost a half inch on my waist, resulting in a 1% decrease in body fat percentage (by Army standards), I have decided to create a reward system for myself based on body fat lost.

Current BF%: 36%
Goal BF%: 32%

Yes, 4% might not seem like a lot, but it takes a lot to lose that. Especially because my hips are stubbornly not dropping anything. This will all probably come off of my waist. Thankfully, I'm skilled at making my neck big, which helps.

35%: new belt
34%: new pair of my favorite running shorts
32%: at home pedicure (I don't like it when other people touch my feet)

And here are some weight markers:
176: new running shoes
166: new cookbook
156: new swim suit :) **goal weight

Maybe this will motivate me even more! Yea! haha...

Strength training tonight at the gym and about 30 minutes of elliptical.
And tomorrow is a non-run day so my toes can recover (long story).



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JANC7223 6/22/2011 11:49AM

    Good job creating a reward system. Hope this helps you stay on track.

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BAILEYS7OF9 6/22/2011 10:46AM

    I felt the same way about cottage cheese for years and now I can eat it. odd.

Great job on the rewards program! emoticon

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Full Menu.. check

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here's what I'm eating:

B: coffee, apple, fruit bar
L: peppered steak leftovers
D: Stuffed tomatoes
S: bowl of granola

B: oatmeal, peach
L: Leftover stuffed tomato
D: might be going out.. if not Mexican Jumping Bean Salad
S: carrots, hummus

B: oatmeal, orage
L: Mexican jumping bean salad
D: Polish Perogies (ethnic night)
S: carrots, hummus

B: oatmeal, peach
L: leftovers (perogies or jumping bean salad)
D: Thai coconut shrimp & rice (crock pot) (ethnic night)
S: carrots, hummus

B: oatmeal, orange
L: leftovers (salad, shrimp, perogies)
D: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes & parsnips, gravy
S: carrots, hummus

B: frozen waffle w/ peanut butter
L: BLT, fruit
D: Potato, sausage (crock pot)
S: cream cheese peanut butter dip w/ celery

B: frozen waffle with cream cheese
L: Caesar Chicken panini
D: pesto, chicken, pasta, side salad
S: dip and veggies

I'm excited to get back in the kitchen and start cooking new things, and I'll post photos as often as possible. Maybe I"ll even get back to my recipe blog and update that with all these new recipes I'm trying.

The stuffed tomato last night was awesome. I didn't add spices because I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but next time, I'll add something because it was bland. I added some sauce after it was done to turn it up. Salsa probably would have worked, too.



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RAC1027 6/21/2011 10:07AM

    Sounds like you had a good week! Keep up the good work!

Army Strong emoticon

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