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New Plan

Monday, June 06, 2011

Actually, new-ish would be a better term.
I'm switching up my workout plans, not my goals.

I talk to my boyfriend a lot about how easy it is for him to lose weight, even though he eats whatever he wants and works out way less than I do.
Of course, men typically have more muscle mass, so they burn more calories doing the same activity.

I had assumed, incorrectly as per usual in my case, that he was hitting the weights and strength training a few times a week.
He corrected me on this idea this weekend. No, usually once a week.

He just got on the elliptical for an hour every time he went to the gym.

Hm... ok.
So I started adding up my cardio minutes and pumped some more in on Saturday. I felt good.

Then we talked about it more, and he said he "ran" on the elliptical. I find this hard to believe because it's hard for me to "run" on one of those. But, whatever. He's pushing it the whole hour.

Do I really put every ounce of my energy into the current moment when I'm working out?
The more I thought about this, the more I realized that I did not.
I was not putting my full effort and energy into it the whole time. So, really, while I'm not wasting time, I should be getting a lot more out of my workouts.

Here's my new ideas, and I've already started to slowly change.
Instead of getting up at 5, get up at 4:30 so I can be at the gym at 5 (when it opens). I got up at 4:45 this morning. Everything is already packed, so I just have to get dressed and go. No sweat. I'll be up those extra 15 minutes early by the end of this week.

Then get a solid 30 minutes of HARD cardio. On my running days, pump it up harder, and if I am not specifically running a two-mile timed, then keep working out for the full 30 minutes. Then I'll hit an extra 10 minutes rowing (which I love) and 20 minutes on the elliptical or stair tread machine (or whatever it's called).

I'll still have time to stretch out and cool down afterwards before I need to take a shower.
Instead of doing strength training twice a week, I'll only do it on Thursdays, my "off" day of running.

I am also going to start keeping better track of my workouts. Yes, I track the minutes in the fitness log here on SP, but I'm not tracking the distance, intensity and workout plan (like hills on the treadmill, etc). If anyone has a tracking system that they use, a spreadsheet or something, let me know your hints for making it.

I have a busy weekend coming up, some ARMY field days and whatnot, so we'll see how it goes. I know next week I'm going to be ultra-tired.





Friday, June 03, 2011

Went out last night.
Had a couple friends with my friend who bartends.

and when I got home, not that late, I decided I could just skip the gym in the morning and go after work this afternoon.
but right now, I'm so sluggish. I know this is partially because I stayed out later than usual and because of the alcohol, but it's also because I'm used to being up early and out the door. I'm used to a good 30+ minutes of cardio in the morning to wake me up and keep me energized.

I have a pile of work on my desk because we're swamped right now with a new project. I know it's going to take me at least 2x as long to get through some of it because of my sluggishness (and bad attitude - again).

So I just wanted to record in this blog how a few drinks and not enough sleep make me feel. I'm sure this is going to reflect poorly in my workout this afternoon, too. Lack of energy and all that.

Yeesh. I feel terrible - physically. I'm not hungover, either. This is just a complete switch in my normal workday routine, and it's hurting.

Any advice on getting my energy back to put in at least 2 miles on the tread mill this afternoon?
I have my shoes and clothes in my car. The gym is on the way home, I know I'm going. I'm just worried that somewhere between 0.0 miles and 2.0 I'm going to get sick or too headachy to continue.

Hooah. I'm sure there's some ARMY line about sucking it up, but I have zero motivation right now.


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    i have been like that all this week...PMS. i have been doing my workouts, but i never wanna start them. i just think...ok, put on workout clothes - check. put one foot in front of the other - check. the rest takes care of itself. at least i'm still doing it! i think to myself - oh, i'll just do it for 20 min today, but once you get started, you get into it. that's how it works for me.

and thanks for reminding me not to get stuck in the same routine all summer. oh, i know...but i gotta keep telling me to keep a routine at the beginning or i'll get lazy, sleep in, and not work out.

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Cause I had a Bad Day

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Yesterday was horrible.
I was coming down from the "high" of the long weekend, had an hour drive back to work because I didn't drive home Monday night, and had a irritating coworker do something crazy and leave it on my desk to complete. Ahhh!

So, as per usual, I took my bad mood (the product of my own actions, by the way) on every one else. I didn't talk to anyone I share a room with at work, and when I went to talk to another coworker outside my area, I got worse news.

In some kind of awkward/weird segregation idea, the operations manager of our office sent an email to that coworker saying workers on my project shouldn't be hanging out around workers on other projects. Yeah. So, even during my breaks, I can't go talk to people that are also on break in their cubes. This doesn't make sense.

When I just wanted to vent to someone that wasn't working on the same project as me, I was flat out told I couldn't (via that email and then word of mouth).

Yesterday went downhill.
After work, I had a dentist appointment. No sweat. That didn't bother me, and my dentist is kind of funny.

The day started to get a little better when I went to the gym (everyone there is really nice). Until, my stomach started hurting around mile 1.5 on the treadmill. I think it was a mix of the injected/topical numbing stuff they put in my cheek at the dentist and the peanut butter bar I ate before heading to the gym.

But I pushed through on the treadmill. Then I did another 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer.
And as the sweat poured down my face and back, I felt better. I forgot about that email, I forgot about my [idiot] coworker, I forgot about work. I just ran.

And I realized how wonderful the human body is. I thought of all the things my body can do, naturally. I thought of all the power it holds. Strong.

When I got off the elliptical, I was smiling. People thought I was weird, but that's ok. Look at my body! It works the way it's supposed to work! Sure, it's not the size I'd like it to be. But it's getting there. I can move!

I took an empty corner to stretch out and tried to place my thoughts in order.
I'm going to get religious here, so watch out if you're not into that.
We really are perfect. We are made in God's image. Our bodies are supposed to sweat. We are supposed to work hard. We are supposed to compete against ourselves.
We are not supposed to put ourselves down.
We are not supposed to let things like other people's habits make us angry.

Life is great. My body is great.
I'm not trying to punish myself here (or at the gym). I'm trying to get my body to do what it's made for.

And about not being able t o go visit other people around the office...
ADAPT AND OVERCOME. There are ways around that new "rule."




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VICKYGSTRAND1 6/1/2011 10:05AM

  Only WE can change our days for the better! Nice job and Great thoughts! emoticon

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BLACKROSE_222 6/1/2011 9:53AM

    Way to take a bad day, and make it into a good experience. Congrats, and thanks for sharing!

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Eating Habits of Effective People

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I tried to read that book once, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I didn't get through it much, but I got the point.

I consider myself highly effective... on most things. Certainly not weight loss, but in military matters, finishing my degree, getting a job. I'm not bragging, but I'm a success story in those categories.

I wish weight loss was as easy as I find shooting a rifle.

I'm not really an emotionally eater. I don't eat when I'm angry or upset. I don't find specific foods comforting when I fight with someone.
But I do eat when I'm bored. I do like to snack when I'm watching TV or reading. These are my pitfalls.

I plan for this, sometimes, with healthy snack options - I'm a snacker, not a meal maker, usually - but when the fridge is empty, I turn to the cupboards. Any snack from the cupboard is not as good for you as something from the fridge (as a general rule, of course).

Another habit is my inability to keep portions in check. It's sooooo good. Just a little bit more.

the first step, of course, is defining your weaknesses. That's the only way to really look at them and determine how to climb over them (adapt and over come, hooah).
So. What is my plan then? Well...

Keep planning weekly menus - including many snacks - for shopping trips.
Find create ways to control portion sizes - create meals in muffin tins, keep measuring cups handy, divide my plate with veggies and good proteins and carbs.
It'll help too, if I get into the meal making mood, especially for dinner.

Conscious decisions are the only way to move forward if I want my weight loss journey to look more like my military experience.




Weekends Suck.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't get me wrong. I love weekends. Sleeping in, catching up on chores, shopping, friends. I love everything about weekends.

But I don't love what it does to my diet. I don't love that the fridge is calling me every time I walk past it to the laundry room.

Yeah, I already worked out today. Even that run this morning won't combat the ice cream, the oreos, the beef jerky and the drinks I'll consume this weekend.
Monday through Friday, I do alright. I drink at least 8 glasses of water, get in my fruit and veggies and start every day at the gym. And I feel good during the week.

So, this morning, when I woke up (4 hours later than I wake up during the week) and put on my shoes to go out for a run, I was feeling good, too. I thought I'd stay on track this time (I think this every Saturday morning).

It didn't work. I didn't have good, healthy choices for a post run snack. Oreos... yeah, bad choice.
And I'm going down hill from there.

Still drinking water, and I'm writing this blog post because I don't want the rest of this afternoon and tomorrow to follow the same pattern.

To better decisions making.



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    I must admit, I never really had it get completely out of control on the weekend, but it was definitely worse over the weekend than during the week. I think I've figured out a way to combat it (mostly). Weekends typically lack structure and therefore lack planning. It's easy to get wrapped up in something completely unplanned and then realize you're starving and you don't know what to eat so you grab the first thing (which is bad more often than not).

So I've made it a point to have something planned during the weekend that will revolve around a healthy activity. A hike, a picnic, playing softball, kickball, etc. And since that usually has a particular time involved, I plan my eating (and meal plan) accordingly. It's not fool proof, but it has helped tremendously.

Hope this helps.

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