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Monday, July 09, 2012

Well, gotta say I'm impressed so far w/Nutrisystem. I've been hungry, but I think it's only mental at this point and I'm sure the first week will be hardest. But, it's been pretty easy to stay on course, the first day is behind me. I can't believe how filling those little portions have been and so far the food is pretty easy to prepare and not to bad. I've grabbed some salad fixing and veggies to snack on and it recommends having a salad with their soup or other lunches. I've got 5 long 10 hr work days starting tonight and I've got piece of mind knowing that my food will be easy to prepare and I didn't have to really cook anything but blend some things for my salad. I'm sure after a while I might get sick of the NS prepared food, but by then I'll be adjusted to good portions and gradually work to make my own healthy choices.
Also, I went to the gym yesterday! I joined it about 2 months ago and due to an injury haven't been able to go yet. I had planned on working out but my morning plan got moved up 2 hrs and there goes my gym time. However, I did get a tour of the place, get a schedule of the group classes and WILL start going every day before work today. I have a free session w/a trainer Wednesday after work so have my stuff already packed and will change at work and go there for an introductory session. Depending on how I'm feeling after working out tues pm and wed am I might go again as planned on wed pm and just do some cardio or the pool/jacuzzi.
Things are looking brighter and it feels good.



Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ok so the items arrived and guess what, they also have their own website w/a blog and food tracker. And, since all their food is already loaded into their system, its much easier to log. So, in effort to not be too redundant, I won't be in SP much for a while. I plan to use the NS site and give it a real go.
I'm close to making my next trophy so might come back a day or two more to get that done then will be off SP for however long.


nutrisystem 2

Saturday, July 07, 2012

So, it should arrive today in the mail. I hope it doesn't taste like cardboard!! I plan to start it tonight (my morning) & get fresh grocery things to add, like salad, fruit, veggies.



Friday, July 06, 2012

So, I need more help and decided to try nutrisystem. It's about one of the ONLY things I haven't tried so far. My first order should be here by this weekend and I'm excited. I plan to use it for a month or so and get better at my portions and knowing what to cook then kick up my working out and hopefully it'll all come together and be just dandy.


nothing much

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Another fun day in paradise

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