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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I am just tired.. plain and simple tired. My husband says I need to eat more, my mother in law says I need to eat drinks of wheat grass etc like she does. Ick! I am eating my calories and over and above them, mostly protein. I wish weight loss was not as difficult as I am sure many of you feel also. However I know if I hang in there I will reap so many benefits, like new clothes, or at least fit into the ones I bought 2 years ago. It will be fantastic when those clothes become to large for me!
Last time I lost weight I often went to the tanning bed. I admit, I love the way it makes me feel inside and out. To feel the heat radiate against my skin etc... however I do realize all the dangers involved and my husband consistently nagging at me not to go. He is a little on the paranoid side of everything. Anyway... yesterday I bought a far infrared sauna. I have been told the benefits will be the same as the tanning beds. The difference is, in the tanning bed I never sweated to remove toxins etc. I have studied and read so much about the benefits of this sauna and decided I would get one. Last night I tried it out for the first time. Not sure yet that it is giving me the same results. I did sweat a gallon of water (hopefully toxins) from my body and I was warm the rest of the night. I can see this being an exceptional benefit this winter when I am so very cold. I will keep you up to date on the progress of it. I never recommend a "product" to anyone, so if you are reading this I am not saying it is a weight loss miracle, Im saying I bought one to use for myself and telling you what I think about it. Nothing more.


Mexican and Margaritas

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I love love love Margaritas, salsa and chips, to the point I just don't know when to stop! A big obstacle for me. Then on top of that a beef burrito covered in cheese sauce with a side of mexican rice makes for a perfectly rounded out meal in my opinion. I crave this just about on a daily basis. Thank goodness I live a good 30 minute drive from any Mexican restaurant. As you can probably tell I am craving it now, however I know in my heart that it was my last downfall to gaining back the weight I was down about 2 years ago. Is there a solution? Can I indulge in my sins and not regret it another day? Who knew a margarita would be detrimental to my psyche. I probably should hunt down the person who introduced me to a GOOD margarita. No, they are NOT all the same. I can pass up a bad margarita in a new york minute, but the problem now is, I know where all the good ones (margaritas) are made within a 60 mile radius of my home. I have been on the search for them over the past 2 years.
So, tell me, whats a Margarita lover to do? Untl next time... Cheers!

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GIGI041812 9/19/2012 11:59AM

  Ok, to further this post. I did, on this very night go with my girlfriend and we had margaritas and mexican. I overindulged which is often the case. However, I did become slightly turned off from the margaritas for awhile. We had only 2 jumbo frozen margaritas with salt. 24 oz each I believe. My girlfriend evidently cannot hold her tequila! She was so drunk... she vomited all the way home. Yes, I drove, NO I was not drunk. It takes mucho tequila to get me tipsy. Vodka does nothing for me, I can drink martinis all night long and they effect me the same as water. I dont care for the taste of vodka but I do love the taste of a lime margarita, with salt. So, I am nixing the margaritas for now... maybe until my trip to Vegas... maybe. I did look up the calories of my favorite drink... it ranges around 450 calories. NO... I wont drink the skinny margarita, those are awful and if you like them you basically have no taste. :-) Till next time!

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