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Whiners vs. winners

Sunday, October 03, 2010

This blog is dedicated to the folks out there who want to moan and complain, but don't actually want to do anything to CHANGE.

I have some overweight friends who love to whine about how much they hate being "fat", and yet... won't do anything about it. They've asked me for weight-loss advice, and I give it, but that's not good enough for them. Because it's not a one-week solution or a magic pill.

My one friend, a guy, eats Taco Bell every day and drinks like a fish. I told him, dude, if ALL you do is cut the chalupas and the booze, you WILL drop weight! But apparently even that's too difficult.

Another friend, a girl, has been struggling with weight since high school. She emailed me one day and this is what she wrote: "I've been eating nothing but plain grilled chicken, broccoli, and brown rice for a week. I've been working out two hours a day. I haven't lost any weight. What should I do?!?!" OMG, seriously? Even if ANYONE could keep up a diet of chicken and broccoli indefinitely, who would want to? This is a prime example of all-or-nothing and it's just. not. practical.

A third friend, another girl, I can actually relate to. She likes to work out, but she also likes to pig out. I'm the same way. I am very sad to tell you that weight management is mostly food. Unless you're an Olympian, chances are quite good that exercise will not enable you to eat whatever you want (no matter how much you wish it would...) But a little willpower can go a long way. Promise.

But the one thing these people have in common is they'd rather complain than make changes. To quote my absolute favorite blogger over at How Sweet It Is...

Make changes, not excuses!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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THEWINNER33 10/3/2010 6:16PM

    Good blog. Whining is a negative activity. just get positive and you will positively win. emoticon

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    Great blog!!
Drop the chalupas and booze might be the best advice anyone could receive!!

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HEALTHYASHLEY 10/3/2010 5:47PM

    I have a friend who makes every excuse in the book and refuses to make any changes but whines and cries how miserable she is. She never listens to the advice she asks for from me on a daily basis and finally I told her I can't deal with her negativity anymore and if she wanted to be friends she needs to knock it off. (This has gone on for 4 years and she has yet to lose 1 lb) I felt bad but the reality is she was dragging me down and I am happier now without listening to her constant pity party. Some people just aren't ready to change.

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BELLALUCIA 10/3/2010 5:41PM

    I liked this blog. I was a whiner but it got me nowhere. Hope your friends see the light!

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Workout tip to PUMP UP your motivation

Friday, October 01, 2010

I've been using this trick for years and I can't believe I've never shared it with anyone.

When you're working out, pretend someone you'd want to impress is watching you.

Your boyfriend/husband, your mom, your unfit friend, Rocky, Jesus, Jillian Michaels, the hot guy in your virology class emoticon ...

WHOEVER you want... they're watching you. Wow them.

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VANESSAVOS13 10/5/2010 2:01PM

    This works. I saw someone at the gym who I used to work with a couple of days ago and I wanted her to think I was awesome at the gym (even though I couldn't care less what she really thinks of me, I haven't talked to her in months!) and I worked out SO hard and impressed myself. I pretend I'm racing the person against me on the treadmill, or on the bike and think of how I'm impressing them by beating them!

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JO2TOM 10/2/2010 3:17PM

    That's a good idea. I am at the point where I am not sure I wow anyone. There is a whole lot of huffing and puffing and deep breathing, and grunting. It seems like my personal trainer has no idea how old I am, and I seem to be following along, and getting stronger. Actually, I am impressing myself, because even though I alternate workouts, I still am getting stronger and stronger. emoticon

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Pumpkin's back! And the decadent dessert decision.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Last night Matt and I went to the store because I accidentally sprayed bathroom cleaner on our toothbrushes.

I also needed muffin cups, and while passing down the bakery aisle, something caught my eye. Something orange. In a can. It was PUMPKIN!!!!!!

I hate pumpkin.

No, really. I do! Hate it. But Matt loves it. So this means I can bake up some "delicious" pumpkin treats and not be tempted to eat them. I love to bake, but I try to bake things I don't love so I'm not so tempted.

Which leads me to another story of success or failure, depending on whether you're an easygoing soul like myself or a crazy raging all-or-nothing Type A. You decide.

A few days ago, I found a yummy looking spinach and tomato sauce recipe and we had raviolis in the freezer. I was in the mood to make dessert, so I closed my eyes and asked myself, "What's a good dessert to go with an Italian meal?"

The answer I came up with was mousse. Chocolate mousse. I've never made a mousse, so I started browsing.

And I found the perfect recipe- mocha mousse pie. I don't like coffee, see, and Matt loves coffee, so there you go. Perfect.

Now, on to Why I Hate Grocery Stores 'Round These Parts. Here in the Baltimore area, we have lots and lots of grocery stores. But they're little and often don't have things you are looking for. Back home, we only had a few grocery stores, but they were huge and had EVERYTHING! (Kissims- you know what I'm talking about! I MISS WEGMANS!!!!)

So I was at the store and I had all the ingredients in the cart, and I was scanning the ice cream topping shelf for the Smucker's mocha topping I needed to put in the mousse. Did my piddly-@$$ grocery store have this? Of course not.

I stood there wondering what to do. I really wanted to make this pie, but I also didn't really want to eat it- it's chock full of cream cheese and Cool Whip and SUGAR. Metric buttloads of sugar.

I pondered what to do as my cold foods got warmer and warmer. I need to start picking backup recipes, because this happens to me all the time now.

In the end, I grabbed a jar of dark chocolate ice cream topping and made a plain chocolate mousse pie. And when I say plain, I mean "OMG mouthgasm deliciousness".

I have eaten one piece, which is some kinda miracle because what I really want to do is dive into it face-first. But I'm not... and you know why? I have de-pressurized myself. Meaning, I chilled out. Relaxed. Told myself I can have it if it means that much to me. And you know what? It doesn't. It will be there, whenever I want it. And if the day comes when I have to throw it out (unlikely, since the boy would probably rather marry it than marry me), I can always make it again.

Calm down. Take the pressure off. Don't do the all-or-nothing deal. It never works and will just discourage you.

Bodypump today at 4:30. Feel the BURN, baby!

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    There is a Wegman's in Hunt Valley, MD...which I think would be a little far away for you. Maybe about 30-40 minutes? But it could be a fun day trip? :)

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BLUETIGGER33 10/1/2010 11:45AM

    oops about the toothbrushes :) I have a few pumpkin recipes somewhere that I can find if you're interested. One is for cookies and one is for cheesecake.

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KISSIMS19 10/1/2010 11:27AM

    *sigh* Oh Wegmans, I love it. No. Really. I LOVE WEGMANS. I think - and I'm being 80% serious here - I would refuse to move somewhere if it meant that there was not a Wegmans within a 15 mile radius. Seriously. THANK GOODNESS you will be getting one soooooon!

Also, you are hilarious. And my food resisting idol. Bravo!

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GALSMILEY7 10/1/2010 10:46AM

    Cute blog! I love to bake, but there's very little that I don't love to eat. I am so looking forward to the whole pumpkin thing. I'm looking to make pumpkin butter. It should be a way to get the yumminess without loads of calories. Good attitude about the pie and I wish you success on staying away from it. emoticon

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I Don't Do What I'm "Supposed" To

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I donít do some stuff Iím ďsupposedĒ to do.

I donít eat small meals through the day to ďkeep me from being hungry and keep my metabolism runningĒ. I know youíre supposed to snack and keep yourself from getting too hungry, but I just canít do it. I donít snack. I eat three meals. Granted, theyíre larger meals, but each one lasts me until the following meal. Also, I donít like never being hungry. I like feeling hungry and then satisfying that hunger with some food. And if Iím not hungry, then I donít get to nag Matt with my favorite whine, ďIím hungry!Ē

I donít count calories and I never have. Not even when I was losing weight. First of all, I find it to be a tedious responsibility and I donít want to get all obsessive about it. I donít want to think of my food as a number. I want to think of it as nourishment and energy. I know what foods are healthy. I know what foods are unhealthy. I know what a reasonable portion size looks like. Iíve always eyeballed it, and when I look at a brownie, I donít want to see a big evil ď200Ē on my plate. I want to see a special treat.

I donít weigh myself. I know this actually is recommended, but I also know a lot of you ladies weigh yourselves every day. That is such a horrible idea, I canít even tell you. It has the potential to make or ruin days. That little (often inaccurate) machine should NOT dictate your pride in your achievements. You drank your water, you ate your produce, you worked out, youíre feeling good, and you gained a pound. That scale reading is now going to destroy all the wonderful, positive things you did for yourself and you know what? Itís probably not even RIGHT.

STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF ALL THE TIME. Once a month, MAYBE. I donít even know how much I weigh. I go by how my clothes fit, how I feel, my food and my fitness, and so should you.

I donít set goals I am not in control of. ďI will lose one pound this weekĒ is a reasonable and achievable goal, but in going with my scale rant above, itís not really within your control, is it? A proper goal is to say, ďI will eat X food this week, and workout X amount of times, and drink X amount of water in the interest of losing one pound this week.Ē That is totally, 100% in your control. You can work out, you can eat right, you can drink your water. What you canít do is control how much water your body holds on to or the accuracy of the scale. When the week is up, instead of feeling discouraged at the number, you should be PUMPED about what you did for your body.

I guess what Iím getting at here is a secret of success. And that secret is, donít pressure yourself so hard. Let go of your expectations, because sometimes things just arenít going to go the way you expect them to. Donít be obsessive about numbers, because theyíre just numbers.

Live, love, eat, and move. emoticon

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GLUMBUMBLE 9/30/2010 8:03AM

    I hate counting calories. I always seem to go over and it's a struggle to stay under my max calorie intake without religiously counting every single calorie and putting food away even if I'm hungry. Granted, it's not always healthy food I'm eating, but I am trying to make the effort to change that.

I weigh myself about once a week. But I don't let the number effect my mood too much. I can tell by the way my jeans are fitting that I have to do something about my weight.

It is an inspiration that you've lost weight without counting calories or doing the recommended 5 a day meals/snacking. My mom also never counted calories, she just knew what she needed to eat (which in her case was simply eating 3 meals a day instead of just 1 or none at all) and that she needed to do some cardio.

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KISSIMS19 9/29/2010 3:22PM

    omg. I heart you.

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I Has Ouchies.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I guess I'm just lucky, but I've never suffered an exercise-related injury.

This week, I'm up to two.

My knee was really hurting Sunday and yesterday. That was a first. A scary first. I've never had any knee problems whatsoever.

And today my back hurts. My BACK. My LOWER BACK.

I'm TWENTY FOUR years old.

As most of you know, it ticks me off beyond all logical reason when people credit my weight loss to my youth and not to the actual hump-busting hard work I put into my health.

However... as much as ageism eats my toast, I fervently believe that youth should mean no ouchies.


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KISSIMS19 9/29/2010 3:31PM

    Rest my dear!!!! Rest, rest, rest!

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BLUETIGGER33 9/28/2010 11:23PM

    Hope you feel better soon. As far as everyone that says you got your health back because you are young...tell them to suck it. Sorry I have a dirty mouth and am generally a bitch.

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