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What kind of body would you want?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When I was in high school, I wanted to be "skinny" like the other girls. I have long since changed my mind about that. I was in Bodypump the other day, and there was this new girl. She had what a lot of girls would think is the perfect body. Slim, genetically blessed flat stomach, legs without a spot of cellulite. But when we started the workout, I couldn't help but notice she was really struggling to keep up. I'm not saying that's bad, in fact, it's awesome that she was there! But it made me think, how many women want a body like that, and don't give a second thought to fitness capabilities? How many give no thought to strength, bone density, organ fat, clogged arteries or any other health concern? How many women wish for a body that is merely pretty on the outside? That's called extrinsic motivation, and that ain't gonna cut it.

As I looked around the room, I tried to decide which body I would choose if I had to pick another. The one I admired most was a decidedly muscular woman with a big round butt, wide curvy hips, and an ample set of boobs. Her bar had the heaviest weights in the room, and she could obviously do squats until the apocalypse. She looked like Xena in a Nike tank.

Make the inside beautiful, and the outside will willingly follow.

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CHYRL_C 9/29/2010 9:36PM

    I just want one that will keep up with everything I have to do emoticon

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BLUETIGGER33 9/28/2010 11:26PM

    I definitely want the body that is hiding under all of my fat. Super skinny waist, flat stomach, some junk in the trunk~but not too much~ and strong.

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JO2TOM 9/28/2010 5:35PM

    I would really want less boobs and less stomach fat. Otherwise, I think I am getting what I want...more fit, and stronger by the day. Thanks for the blog... We might think that thin is what we want, but I have a friend who is anorexic, and that is not a pretty thing either. You have the best attitude about life and food. Enjoy. I certainly enjoy your always add a wonderful sense of humor to the mix. Glad you are my sparkfriend. emoticon

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TONYA_DIMPLES 9/28/2010 10:00AM

    I agree . I never wanted to be "skinny" , just fit , since I have a lot of fat on the lower half & 5'2 . I always wanted a toned , cellulite free body , flat tummy , shapely thighs , smaller breast ( A or B cup I am a DD now ) , and very small waist . Thanks for the blog.

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VAMANOS 9/28/2010 9:59AM

    I would choose the body nature intended me to have. At 5'2", I have a medium frame, so I never was and will never be the kind of skinny you describe. but I do have the ability to pack on muscle mass, even now. Ample boobs? I'm down to a D cup, and willing to go lower. A little less butt and a little less stomach would make me happy, as long as I have a waist. I have always been curvy, and liked it. I guess a size 8 would just about do it for me...

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ERIN4771 9/28/2010 9:51AM

    so true!!! i used to want to be a tall skinny super model, but the reality is, i am 5 feet 1, and not stick thin :).....i tend to admire muscular fit women and use that as my goal, there is more to life than just being skinny, be fit, strong and healthy!!!!! great blog!
erin emoticon

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Problem Treats vs. Solution Treats

Monday, September 27, 2010

I have a problem with treats that my BFF and I call the "portables". The kind you can just grab and eat, such as cookies, cupcakes, and candy. Well, not candy... I don't love candy for the most part. Except peanut butter cups. OMG peanut butter cups, right?!

Problem treat: Cookies. I previously posted a blog about how much I love cookies. I can DESTROY a whole batch of cookies by myself. I have no control, no willpower, no right state of mind when it comes to cookies. They are my worst problem food. As a result, I do not usually keep them around. I bought a six-pack of cranberry chocolate chip cookies at the farmers market last week and tried to trick myself into thinking I'd only eat one a day for six days. Instead I ate one an hour for six hours.

Solution treat: Ice cream. I can eat one serving of ice cream once a day and be done with it. It's because it's not portable. I have to get the carton out, scoop it into a bowl, use a spoon, wash the dishes... what a bunch of trouble!!! I got some Edy's Yogurt Blends chocolate chunk brownie somethingorother yesterday at the store. After dinner, I scooped some into a ramekin used a small spoon, took small bites, and thoroughly enjoyed it. And then I was done.

Problem treat: Cupcakes. Oh man. Cupcakes. I loooove cupcakes. It's because I love cake, see, and cupcakes are easier to eat! Again, it's the grab and go thing. I can grab a cupcake, eat it, and grab another, and another, and another... it's terrible. The most trouble I have to deal with is the paper cupcake cup. So worth it.

Solution treat: Cake. When I make a whole cake and want some, I have to slice a piece, put it on a plate, get a fork, and wash the dish. I am very lazy. I'm that jackass you hate who parks as close as possible to the gym. So when I have a piece of cake, I make it count.

Problem treat: Fudge. It's not ONLY grab and go, it's BITE-SIZED! Grab and bite, grab and bite, grab and bite. See the problem here? When you're a piggy like me, fudge is downright dangerous.

Solution treat: Frozen fudge. ... ... ...Nah, I'm just messin' with ya. Seriously, how many of you guys fool yourselves with the "I'll just freeze the rest" delusion like I do? Frozen fudge is EVEN MORE AMAZING than regular fudge! Last Christmas I told myself I'd freeze the leftover fudge I had from making gift fudge. Puh-leez. I cleaned out that freezer in about two days and ten pounds.

What treats do you keep around? Which treats are a very, very bad idea to keep around?

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AKIMBERLYQ1 9/30/2010 12:37PM

    I love cookies too. so Instead of cookies 150plus calories I eat a dark dove chocolate 42 cals

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VAMANOS 9/28/2010 1:28AM

    Cookies can be a problem for me, too, if I've baked them myself--so I either don't or I give most of them away. Otherwise, I'm pretty much ok. Like my grandmother, who always said she wasn't a bit afraid of work, I'm not a bit afraid of most snacks being around the house. Both of us can lie right down beside what we're not afraid of and go to sleep.

Just PLEASE, don't bring any fresh hot fry-bread here. Someone brought some over for DH last night and I had to clamp my jaw shut to keep from eating one with butter and honey...a 750-calorie treat!

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CHYRL_C 9/28/2010 1:01AM

    Chips, I can't allow them in the house or I will eat a whole bag my self. But the worst thing is pie. I love to bake a I make really good pie that I don't want to share I want to eat it all . emoticon emoticon

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THEWINNER33 9/27/2010 5:38PM

    Good problem solving. For me, I cannot keep any treats too close to me. If I have them within reach they are gooooone. Fig newtons, peanuts, dried fruit, AND YES, COOKIES ARE A,, ENDANGERED SPECIES WITHIN MY REACH.So now I sit alone in my chair with only a bottle of water near me. Unbelievable how often that water satisfies me.

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SUNRISE14 9/27/2010 5:13PM


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BLUETIGGER33 9/27/2010 5:06PM

    You're hilarious. I try not to keep any treats around. I make things and then send them away after I get rid of my craving. My husband always has junk around though. It is mostly candy, including your treasured peanut butter cups but I'm not big into candy so I'm not tempted.

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AIMIE32 9/27/2010 4:34PM

    Good ideas. I don't much crave those things any more ... IF i do it's usually ice cream and i'll get cone from mcd's or measure out the 1/2 cup and since i've been away from it so long it's really enough for me now! AMAZINGLY, i used to eat a whole pint!!!!

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FINDING_LOUISA 9/27/2010 4:33PM

    Awesome! I love the fact that you came up with manageble solutions to the problems. What a positive look on things. My turn to do something like that!

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Chicken Taco Soup

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It goes by many names.

Chicken taco soup. Mexican chili. Chicken tortilla soup.

Whatever you choose to call it, it's delicious and it's what's for dinner.

It's hearty and pretty healthy. A little high in sodium for a home-cooked meal, but you can ease it down a bit with some effort.

Also, it's just too easy. If you own a can opener, you can make this meal.

Just put some chicken breasts, a packet of taco seasoning, a can of chicken broth, a can of tomato sauce, two or three cans of beans of your choice (I love dark kidney beans and black beans), a can of corn, a can of diced tomatoes, and two little cans of chopped green chiles in the crockpot and cook that baby up. With about an hour left to cook, remove the chicken boobs and shred them, then put them back in and finish cooking.

The original recipe calls for diced onion, but I hate onions so I leave them out.

You can put a dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese on top, along with crushed tortilla chips. It's delicious just as it is too. If you live alone and don't mind eating the same thing for 5 days, I used to put a smaller serving on top of whole-wheat pasta to stretch the servings out.

If you leave the chicken broth out, it turns into a thick concoction that would be a great taco filling.

Don't forget the corn muffins.

Man, I banged out the cardio this weekend. Not sure where I got the Energizer Bunny shot, but I shattered some previous records and bypassed new goals like it was nothing. Unfortunately, I'm sort of paying a price. My knees hurt. This is not good. I'm only 24 and never had sore knees before. I kind of live in fear of bad knees, because my BFF has bad knees and it really limits her. So I'm thinking maybe Bodypump tomorrow and off Tuesday. Give my knees some time to relax.

Now I'm tired, letting the crockpot do the cooking, and doing crossword puzzles.


*****EDIT: I'm sorry everyone, but I don't have the nutritional info because I don't count calories :-( If there's anything I can clarify for you regarding instructions or amounts, just let me know and I'll do my best!*****

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BLUETIGGER33 9/29/2010 3:58PM

    Question: 8 oz or 15 oz can of tomato sauce?

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JO2TOM 9/27/2010 6:30PM

    i like this idea. You can get most of those canned items in a lower sodium version without sacrificing anything at all. I am going to make this on Wednesday

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BLUETIGGER33 9/27/2010 5:08PM

    Yum! I am making this soon.

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VANESSAVOS13 9/27/2010 2:15PM

    Sounds delicious! I think I'll make this recipe this week! I just got a crockpot and am loving experimenting with it!

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KISSIMS19 9/27/2010 12:48PM

    I swear, everyone always says shredding chicken is so easy. What is the secret?! I have attempted this several times before and always end up cursing and just dicing it up or something.

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MSPOOH404 9/26/2010 2:52PM

    That sounds really good! I'd like the nutrition info, too, if you have not. If not, I could do a little work and put your info into the SparkRecipe calculator and it'll tell me.


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SUNRISE14 9/26/2010 2:46PM

    emoticon i really need good fast recipes been living on healthy choice tv dinners ! Do you happen to have the nutrition info on this soup ? emoticon again!

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VAMANOS 9/26/2010 2:43PM

    Sounds much easier than my homemade version with no canned foods, and just as good. Never thought of the crockpot, wow! I'd get all no-salt-added canned goods and forget the sour cream, but avocado on top is luscious!

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FRL_ANNEMIEKE 9/26/2010 2:39PM

    hmmm sounds good! :-) I'll try that this week. Thank you!

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Cinnamon Muffin Update

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boy, those cinnamon muffins I posted on Wednesday sure were popular! I was surprised to see so many comments. Thanks guys! They were awfully popular around here too-Matt took FOUR to work the following day.

I wasn't actually planning on eating any, because I usually find cinnamon treats to be just okay. But they smelled so amazing, I couldn't stand not knowing. So I tried one and HOLY COW. Oh my god. These muffins are life-changing!

All things considered, I didn't do badly. Even though they are THE most delicious muffin I've ever tasted... they do not contain chocolate. Therefore, they do not seductively call my name. Odd, isn't it? I tried that one, and then I had another one this morning because I made them warm and fresh as a special weekend treat for Matt.

I'm not going to post the recipe because I don't want to catch any flak for posting a recipe that's so unhealthy, but if you want it, just send me a Sparkmail and I'd be happy to hook you up. They're perfect for a family brunch, or to take as a gift when you meet your boyfriend's parents, or maybe a special Friday treat for your office. They're super-easy too. I bet you anything you already have all the ingredients.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the gym to balance out that muffin this morning. Oh, and the Five Guys burger and fries I ate last night. *blush*

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SUNRISE14 9/26/2010 2:50PM

    sounds to good not to make! emoticon

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BLUETIGGER33 9/26/2010 12:33AM

    oh man. I love Five Guys with jalapenos. Not as much as I love In N Out but they do the trick when I'm back home visiting in Florida.

Everything in moderation. I will be sparkmailing for the recipe :) Plus, I usually send all the baked goodies to work with my husband so it balances out.

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My Mother

Thursday, September 23, 2010

To say that my mother and I are different would be a vast understatement.

The only thing we really have in common is our love for animals. Everything else... well...

She's a very negative person and the queen of "I can't". She has a very traditional view of women. She's overly concerned with what other people are doing and saying.

I am pretty much the opposite of all these things.

I usually explain it by saying, "Everything I think is important, my mother thinks is stupid. Everything she thinks is important, I think is stupid."

But since this is a food and fitness site, I'll stick to that aspect.

I won't say my mother didn't support my actual weight loss, but she sure as hell didn't support my new habits. She refused to cook healthier food and got very angry when I would eat only one hamburger or hot dog. She complained constantly about me "wasting" my time exercising. I'm not entirely sure what she thought would be a better use of my time, but I routinely got yelled at for working out.

Things slowly got turned around.

It started with the day one of her dogs got off his leash and starting heading toward the highway. I was inside and I heard her screaming, so I ran out to see what the fuss was about. I saw Socks heading up towards the road and I took off. Back then, I'd been running quite a bit, and I chased after that dog for a good distance. And I CAUGHT him. And I carried him home. Uphill. (He's no chihuahua either).

I can honestly say my mother never said another word about me running.

Another cool thing is that she sticks up for me when older individuals chalk up my weight loss and fitness level to "being young". I posted a blog a few weeks ago about how much I HATE HATE HATE that. She's the first one to tell them that I work out hard, and eat right, and that youth has nothing to do with my health. That means the world to me, because if my own mother undermined the work she SAW me put into my health, I'd hit the ceiling.

It's tough sometimes though, because she doesn't really care about my workouts. Usually I will tell her, "I went to the gym and I set a new record for this or that" or "I had this great workout and I feel so amazing" and she just goes, "Uh huh" and changes the subject. She doesn't think exercise is important. In fact, she has tried on numerous occasions to tell me it's UNhealthy. She used to complain constantly about me lifting weights because she said it would make me infertile. (!?!?!)

Only in the past few weeks though, I have noticed a change. Last night she asked me if I had a good workout. I about fell off my chair. And today, just a few minutes ago, she asked me if I was going to the gym today. I don't know what's brought about this change, but it's cool. I hope it keeps up this way.

I have to admit, my mother asking me if I was going to the gym today, really makes me WANT to go to the gym.

It's kind of monumental.

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JO2TOM 9/28/2010 5:37PM

    Is your mother by any chance a closet gym rat??? Maybe she is also working out and not telling you????

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CHYRL_C 9/26/2010 10:29PM

    Wow I didn't realise that there was still people in this country that didn't understand the value of exercise and eating healthy. I hear about it everywhere now days and it seems that it would be hard not to here about it. Maybe she is just frightened of change. Some people have a harder time changing the older we get and sometimes even when we know the change is for the best. emoticon

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GLUMBUMBLE 9/24/2010 9:21AM

    That's great. Maybe there's even hope that she'll want to exercise a little in the future? And that's awesome that you were able to catch the dog. I only got lucky with my own dogs when they bolted. The first day I had my new dog and I took him out for a walk, I never expected him to pull like he did when he saw a bird. I was lucky that he stopped to sniff an unfamiliar tree, I never would have been able to catch him otherwise. As for my other dogs, I'm lucky when i catch them, because we're so close to a busy road that I honestly wouldn't have time to chase them before they're smack dab in the middle of the busy street.

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SERENEART 9/24/2010 8:46AM


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KISSIMS19 9/23/2010 2:53PM

    WOOOHOOOOO! I sense a turning leaf....

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