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My laptop died.....should I buy a Mac?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh no, I think the screen on my laptop bit the dust!!!

I've only got a few more tricks up my sleeve before I start using it for skeet practice.

Well I've been coveting a Macbook Air for a while now, secretly fondling them at Best Buy and pricing them at the Apple store.....could it be time? I wish they had a bigger hard drive.....but it barely weighs a pound and a half and I love that!

I'm not an iPad fan, and I've never really been a Mac guy at all till I got an iPhone last do I have to start dressing like a self-satisfied hipster sporting distressed jeans, un-tucked flannel shirts, and a perrenial 3-day growth of beard??

Do I have to go vegetarian (I admit, I have a weak spot for good hummus) but does that qualify me as a faux-elitist snob? Does this mean I have to order me up a Segway for my morning commute?

Do I have to re-format my Kindle (can I even be seen with a Kindle?) getting rid of all my classics, my Scandinavian detective novels, my poli-sci and world history tomes to be seen reading only the latest post-modern, post-post modern, post-structuralist and post-apocalyptic crap?

Does this mean I have to up my cardio, cut down on all non-essential eating so I can sport a pair of "skinny jeans".....Oh my God, I just bought a new pair of reading glasses, but they're tiny.....I need me a pair of Buddy Holly spectacles!!

What do I do about the cool? I can start saying things like, "Yeah, I joined Sparkpeople BEFORE they were cool" or "Yeah, I donated to Haiti BEFORE the disaster" or "I liked Sparkguy's first app, but pretty much after that I never got into them."

Maybe I just need to see if I can get my old Dell working.....I'm not sure I can handle this massive a lifestyle change in just a few days!

Have a great night Spark friends!

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CHEEKY1000 5/27/2012 10:07PM

    Hmmm, for my purposes and money, I stick with the PC. My first computers from the time I was 12 until my mid-20's were all of the Apple persuasion. However, I made the move to PC and have stuck with it. I'm not artsy which is a huge strength of Mac, and to get the same size memory, etc on a Mac is much, much more expensive. I've been told that Macs last longer. In my experience, 4-5 years is about as long as I want a computer anyhow. By then, technology has completely been revolutionized and the old computer usually isn't compatible with adding upgrades anyhow. Same thing with Macs.

Go with your gut! I'm currently struggling with whether I want to go back to an iPhone or stick with Android. My gut just isn't talking about it and it's driving me nuts. lol Hopefully yours has more to say. :o)

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PROT358 5/19/2012 9:43PM

    My first laptop was a Dell. It lasted me four years before it went unresponsive but only functioned well for one year. My second and current laptop is a Mac and have not regretted that decision for one moment. I found the second far more reliable, faster, easier to use, etc, so I recommend Mac whole-heartedly. Keep us posted!

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BOB240 5/18/2012 3:32PM

    "My laptop died.....should I buy a Mac?
I've used Macs since 1987. I teach undergraduates on Macs, Windows and Linux on a range of computing courses.

Macs are simply very expensive intel PC's. Like it or not computers are disposable items. When I buy a netbook I assume at some point it will be dropped.... and is thus disposable.

Without a doubt Macs are very expensive for what they are - and frankly not worth it. They are a style choice but the added value is questionable.

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STARL_73 5/17/2012 11:58PM

    If you get a Mac, get one because it's got what you want. Don't get one because "Macs don't get viruses" because that's bull. If you're a power excel user, stick with a pc. If you're an artist, I'd lean toward mac - they excel there. Personally, I'm a pc, but I do have a mac for clients that do. I don't like it - but then I like full control.

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FANGFACEKITTY 5/17/2012 10:16PM

    I've never used a Mac so I can't comment on if it is better than a PC but I'm certain Gadget Guy can manage the transition to uber cool Apple geek with a minimum of fuss.

I love my iPad, use it every day. It is much easier to travel with it instead of a laptop. My only complaint is it isn't that user friendly for spreadsheets that I have seen, at least in the small amount of time I've loooked into it.

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SAFARIBABE 5/17/2012 9:19PM

    It's JUST a computer!! NOT a lifestyle change!! LOL What's wrong with an iPad??? When I go to Europe for work, I DL all my work to the iPad and carry a LOT less crap thru the airport. Most places don't even want you to remove it from the bag, thereby speeding time thru security checkpoints!! I'm sure you're a TSA pro....BUT you can't deny that not having to battle the lappy in and out of a bag WOULD speed things up! Fix the Dell and get an iPad! I got a wireless keyboard to go with it, so now typing long things is a LOT easier and much less of a chore!

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 5/16/2012 4:42PM

    If it were me, I would get a regular Macbook, not the Air. But if the lightness wins you over, then go with the Air I guess! I'm not an apple snob, but have converted to a lot of their products over the years simply because they're just better. But you don't have to make the full switch (and your kindle should be fine... most things can go PC to MAC fine, just not the other way around. And kindles are COOL.)

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HEALTHIERKEN 5/16/2012 1:25PM

    "My laptop died.....should I buy a Mac?"

As to all your other questions, no. It is quite comfortable living as both a Mac user and a slow-to-change-my-essentials Baby Boomer ; )

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TRIANGLE-WOMAN 5/16/2012 10:21AM

    Apple's goal as a company is to MAKE GREAT PRODUCTS.

Profits are secondary. When profits and sales become the focus, I will sell my Apple stock.

Until then, say "yes" to Mac and be sure to visit your local Genius Bar if you have any questions or concerns about the transition.


imer - our family owns 5 Mac lap tops, one Mac Mini, so many i-pods of various persuasions I have lost count, 2 Apple TVs, 2 Apple Airport Expresses and I am PRAYING that the rumors are true and Apple is coming out with a TV that will have Siri and eliminate the 7 various remotes that we currently have floating around our living room.

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PAULOBRY 5/16/2012 9:13AM

    Very funny blog. I have a PC laptop via my employer. I probably won't make the switch until either work does or I retire. But the direction is clearly MAC.

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PLMITCH 5/16/2012 8:41AM

    I switched to a Mac over a year ago...No plans to ever use a PC again for personal use!

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ARCSPARKS 5/16/2012 7:44AM

    I've been using both Macs and PC's extensively since 1995; I live on both platforms. I prefer Macs and think they are the better operating system. Now you can buy one without having to abandon your PC software either. If you want a more secure O/S without a lot less hassles, I'd say go for the Mac. You may *think* they're more expensive, but in the long run, considering what you get and considering the ease of use along with not having to invest a lot for security, it's the better choice in my opinion.

It's the emoticon

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BILL60 5/16/2012 7:40AM

    Mac is the way to go. Simpler, more reliable, and the support is the very best. My Mac Book Pro has never let me down. When in doubt, I schedule an appointment with the "Geniuses". You get exactly what you pay for. Good luck!!

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GJCAB09 5/16/2012 7:30AM

    Apple is evil...

I'll leave it at that ; )

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ELISA322 5/16/2012 7:27AM

    LOL, the answer to all of your questions is... yes. You do.

Get the Macbook Air, I think you need one with all of the travelling you do. I'd love to have one but I can't justify one for myself (I just gave my MBP to my little sis because I hardly used it). I do like Apple products though, owner of an iMac/iPad.

However, I don't mind Windows either. I know... *gasp!!

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I own an ipod nano that I've had for a year and it bit the dust yesterday. I had hoped it would last me years! I cringe spending the money on another one. There are not as many options as in the world of computers.
Good luck in your decision!

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LOWFATFOODIE 5/16/2012 12:05AM

    Hee hee hee.. This made me giggle!

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KUJAYHAWKGIRL 5/16/2012 12:03AM

    I've been a Mac girl for years - and love Mac! Do it!

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JONESINATOR 5/15/2012 11:51PM

    I have a four year old Macbook and I'm about the furthest thing from a hipster. And I have an iPhone. So there! Apple products don't HAVE to change you; resist the urge!

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GOODGETNBETR 5/15/2012 10:38PM

    Sorry to hear about the computer. As far as Mac over PC there are forums and articles galore. In the end it comes down to personal preference and will it be able to do what you need it to do. emoticon

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    I got a MacBook Pro and a LOVE it. Just sayin'. Good luck!

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Angry Energy -- channel it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

So I ended my day pretty pissed off....twice!!

It was a real good thing I worked out before I got home!

I had to chew out one of my division chiefs and his boss late in the day. The div chief was a real ass, bordering on unprofessional, during a VTC and I couldn't let it stand, I had to cut him off in mid-sentence and tell him to cool it.

The trouble is he's in Las Vegas. So I had him and his immediate boss on the phone 10 minutes after the VTC was done and ripped him a new I'm debating if I need to fly out to Vegas next week and fire him!

Then I find out when I got home that FTD never delivered my mom's flowers this weekend!!


So I had me a piece of FTD customer service (didn't even bother with the phone rep. I just told her, "give me a Supervisor, they need to hear it direct from me". Result: Mom's getting a super-sized bouquet and I'm getting a refund on all FOUR flower orders I placed with those clowns for Mother's day weekend. They're off the speed dial!)

All this after I had calmed down some during my workout!

I had some good "angry" energy from the VTC fiasco to channel into my ST session. Trainer guy is still out of town, so I worked out on my own. I just asked some 20 something kid to spot me on the bench and visualized smashing the barbell into the face of my div chief......I set a PR!

About the only time I was able to get that totally off my mind was during the plank the third set, all I could think of was to pray for the timer to go off!

Luckily by the time I got back home I was pretty much off the ledge and SWMBO talked me down the rest of the way.

Tomorrow I'm off to Dayton, OH for a couple of days....if you hear me blogging from Las Vegas next week, you'll know it didn't go down so well for this guy!

BASTA!! I need to go cruise other people's blogs and get my mind off this!

Have a great night Spark friends!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FANGFACEKITTY 5/17/2012 10:09PM

    The poor LV guy and FTD customer service probably still don't know what hit them. I've found as emotionally gratifying as it is to take the incompetents down a few pegs a good workout is just that much better.

Wait a sec.....

I had to make sure it was really me who said that; customer service geeks the world over fear me and I'm not sure when I started preferring running the anger out of my system instead of re-educating the clueless.

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BEATLETOT 5/15/2012 4:27PM

    Wow...I can't believe you had to go so hard on the guy in Vegas. It must've been bad, Bad, BAD!!! Glad you were able to work it out with ST. =)

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BOB240 5/15/2012 3:21PM

    yep... I do this.. nothing like a bad at the office to provide a good workout...

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 5/15/2012 2:01PM

    Wow you really know how to get what you want from customer service! My friend's mom's flowers were 2 days late and I think they just refunded her delivery charge! Great way to channel that energy and make your anger work for you!

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LOWFATFOODIE 5/15/2012 1:54PM

    Thanks for the comment on my blog- hope it helped quell the anger. Do love channeling whatever strong emotions into the workouts- congrats on the PR! Looks like a great workout!

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HEALTHIERKEN 5/15/2012 10:58AM

    Wow! We really see your steel spine in this blog. Good for you, recognizing anger has to be used to repair damage, not create more damage. Luckily for Vegas Guy you'll have time to put the anger to rest and act on dispassionate evaluation of the overall situation before you decide whether or not to replace him. As for a business not fulfilling its commitment to you, they have no leg to stand on.

Plank intervals as energy diverters--perfect : )

Enjoy Ohio.


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BILL60 5/15/2012 8:51AM

    It's incredibly useful that we have an outlet readily available and healthy. Hang tough and stay tough!!

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MOM23JS 5/15/2012 8:45AM

    I LOVE this blog as I did the same thing on Mother's day....amazing how much better I felt after a 20 minute run!!

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    You channeled your anger for good, not evil- way to go emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PROT358 5/14/2012 10:13PM

    I'm sorry they didn't send the Mother's Day flowers on time, but glad you used that energy in a productive way! Hope tomorrow is better!

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    I agree though, when I'm really angry I go to Tae Kwon Do and pray they bring out the wavemasters so I can beat the crap out of them. REALLY blows off some steam. Breaking boards does that, too, but we only get to do that at testing and during tournament. Hope you feel better!

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King of the Mother's Day Buffet!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

First off, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother's Day in one capacity or another.

Last week, when I asked SWMBO if she wanted to do anything special for Mother's day, she said, "Yeah, let's go to Sunday Brunch!"

There's this seaside place down the road that we really like and they do a mean Sunday Brunch and it's right on the Santa Rosa Sound.

OK, I asked her, so I couldn't back out, the best I could possibly do was prepare for it, which I did....starting Saturday.

I basically reversed my eating schedule yesterday, having the bulk of my food at breakfast and lunch, then made a green smoothie for dinner.

This morning, I had a banana and an apple a couple of hours before our reservation slot and I was feeling pretty good by the time we got there.

We know the restaurant owner real well, chatted him up when we got there and he took us around to show us all the goodies (this helped a lot too.....I wanted to know exactly what was in everything they made!)

As good as the chicken cordon bleu looked, as much as the egg casserole, covered with burnt sharp cheddar & sausage called my name, as tempting as the trays filled with crab legs & melted butter drew the crowd, I had a plan!

While SWMBO and #2 son went their own way, I made a beeline for the baked whole salmon! He was a thing of beauty! Everyone was going for the big trays of cheesy, saucy, buttery things.....King Salmon appeared to be all mine!

Next, I made my way to the very colorful tray chock full of 3 types of string beans; green, yellow, and purple! Loaded up a third of my plate with those, then heaped on some peeled shrimps and asked the chef at the carving station to cut me a wafer-thin slice of juicy roast beast!

I thought about taking a picture of my plate, but another couple we knew came by our table to say hello, and by the time they left, I had forgotten....oh well, take my word for it, it was very colorful, looked scrumptious, and probably had barely 500 calories on it.

My indulgence though was the bread pudding!! Growing up in Boston, I never liked it much, but somehow, I've grown nostalgic for a good bread pudding.....and Thom makes some seriously awesome bread pudding.

As best I can tell, I got out of brunch for about 1000 calories....probably a third of which was due to the well as a second helping of King Salmon. Not too bad for a buffet, especially when all three of us sat gawking as the family at the table next to ours made what appeared to be 4 trips, coming back with plates chock full of bacon, eggs & potatoes, cheese & sauce covered foods, tens of crab legs with accompanying butter cups, and desserts out the wazoo.

That could have been me pre-Spark! I thank God I changed my outlook. I used to feel compelled to "get my money's worth" out of buffets. Today I just want to survive them.

We came back home, made all our calls (SWMBO's mom, my mom, #1 son called SWMBO, my sister, my sister-in-law, yadda-yaddda-yadda). We gave SWMBO her gifts (loaded her up with her favorite perfumes and #2 son and I collaborated, giving her a collection of books commemorating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting.....she's a fanatic!)

Then we had a family afternoon of Wii bowling (I won!). When she tuckered out for a nap, I hit the gym to do some HIIT on the elliptical and knock out a serious abs routine.

I've added plank intervals to change things up. Feet elevated on a bench, I hold it for 90 seconds, rest for 60, repeat 3 times.

They were brutal!

I read about them in a book I got the other day (a real book, not a kindle book!), The New Rules of Lifting for Abs. The NROL series is pretty good, and this one delivers like the others

It recommends starting out to hold them for 30-60 seconds. So of course I went for 90.

Did I mention they were brutal?

Then I came home and got out my ab wheel, which I started using again after having this annoying twinge in my back these past 10 days that not even back extensions has helped. Three sets of 10 a few days in a row has worked wonders.

Dinner was light. SWMBO opted to make her own Mexican stir fry. I opted out and broke open a bag of salad, sliced up some chicken breast we had cooked up earlier in the week, and I might just end this day under my calorie limits, which makes for a Mother's day gift even I can enjoy!

Have a great night Spark friends!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHERYL_B 5/15/2012 10:40PM

    I hate buffets - way too many temptations and I feel like I should indulge for that kind of money.

Love that you gave her gs books for mother's day!

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    Great job! I did pretty well yesterday although I need to stop going for second helpings at family functions!

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    *bows down to the kink of buffets*

Way to go on exercising your willpower!

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HEALTHIERKEN 5/14/2012 10:53AM

    All hail the King of Buffets!
I'm liking the looks of the incline plank intervals. I've *got * start paying better attention to my core--after a run my lower back that complains more than my legs or my arthritic toes do : )

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SAFARIBABE 5/14/2012 9:10AM

    You truly are the King of buffets! I would have at least had some eggs! I love eggs and almost never cook them for myself. It sounds like SWMBO had a great mothers day and you didn't do too bad either Dad!! WTG

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Bodymedia Fit CORE armband....2 week initial thoughts

Saturday, May 12, 2012

So I'm 2 weeks into wearing my Bodymedia Fit CORE armband.....and I'm pretty glad I got it! I've learned some very interesting things.....

First of all, I pretty much stole it from Amazon. It retails for $149, they were selling it for $116, then Jeff Bezos offered a $30 "virtual coupon" + free shipping, so it came to my house for $86!

I wear it for about 22-23 hours a day, including sleeping at night, and don't notice it at all. I plug it into the micro-USB dock in the morning while I shower & shave and it quickly downloads all my data & charges back up in no time (it's advertised to go up to 6 days without a charge).

So the coolest part is the minute-by-minute tracking it give you of your activity to include: steps taken, your sleep duration and "efficiency", physical activity (vigorous, moderate), and calories burned.

The calories burned is what I find the most interesting. The doofer has 2 sensors on the side against your skin (you're supposed to wear it on your left triceps) that measures galvanic skin response, temperature, heat flux, and motion via 3-accelerometers.

It gathers all your numbers throughout the day, runs them through the gonculator and gives you what it claims to be a pretty accurate picture of how many calories YOU burned in the day, not an approximation based on age, weight, height, etc. You can zoom in and see when you were most active, how the calorie burn tapered off as your body cooled down, etc.

The website allows you to track calories too. Since I use SP to track all my food, I just enter the total calories I ate for the day and it gives me the delta between calories in and calories out.

So what have I learned? Well, I burn a lot of calories. On my laziest days where I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, I register about 2100 calories. On a single workout day, that number goes up to 2500-2700. On 2 workout day, up to 2900-3100.

I see that my body recovers pretty darn fast….not sure what the hubbub is about with the concept of EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) or “Afterburn”, where you keep burning more calories long after your workout…..I’m not quite seeing it. If it exists, it must be pretty small. I have seen similar results from my HRM….my heart rate gets back to resting levels about 15-20 minutes after a hard workout.

Maybe, as you get fitter, even with all the benefits of being in shape, it does get harder to feel the effects as your body gets acclimated…..I don’t know!

I also see that I only sleep about 4-5 hours every night, even though I might be lying down for 6-7. And I have long hours of sedentary time at work, then bursts of energy as I hit the gym…..maybe one of the things I need to do more of is to get up and walk around during the day….and get some more solid sleep as well

All in all, it’s a pretty interesting gizmo….it appeals to my inner geek and has given me a bunch to think about!

Have a great night Spark friends!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

IMSMILEY88 5/16/2012 10:13AM

    Very interesting! And, I sure don't know how you get by on 4-5 hours of sleep a night! emoticon Give me at least 8 hours... emoticon

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SHERYL_B 5/15/2012 10:30PM

    You've made me much more interested. Thanks for the update!

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GETFIT2LIVE 5/14/2012 4:43PM

    Glad you're finding it useful! I love my BMF Link (same device except links by Bluetooth to my phone); I used a bodybugg for two years before switching because of the more extensive reports available. These are great tools to help on the journey!

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PROT358 5/13/2012 10:32PM

    I'm going to have to get one! I know I don't burn close to that many calories on an unproductive day! From reading your blogs I bet you have quite a bit of muscle mass which of course helps the equation.

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CLAIREINPARIS 5/13/2012 10:46AM

    It sounds really interesting. Thanks for posting an update about it! I like the idea of more accurate information, throughout the day too... rather than approximative ones.

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SAFARIBABE 5/13/2012 9:08AM

    WOW! Sounds like you're getting some keen insight into your health patterns. Perhaps this bears closer scrutiny!! I can use all the insight I can get!! LOL

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    Yeah, I don't know what all the hub-bub is about dealing with the afterburn, either. I'm also not seeing it in my caloric burn. I also concur about the needing to actually DO more moving/walking during the day. Sleeping burns almost as much as sitting down does, if not next to the same amount....which isn't much at all. Even light walking burns more. I sleep around 4-6 hours a night (around 5ish, usually), with over a 91% sleep efficiency rate- usually around 93-95%, and am laying down a little longer- maybe an extra 15-30 minutes. I found the day I got a sleep efficiency rate in the 80's I felt extra tired. I should get more sleep, period. lol

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BOB240 5/13/2012 1:24AM

    It's claimed that EPOCH is most stimulated by HEAVY weight sessions and severe HIIT. Might be fun to do some serious barbel work to see if you can see anything. I certainly feel "hottest" after a weights session whereas a big cardio session (medium intensity) leaves me feeling different.

Having said that some research claims epoch doesn't really count for much and the evidence is that cardio isn't a great way to lose weight...

My experience always has been that you need all three - serious diet, serious weight training and serious cardio.

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    Glad you like it! I love my Bodybugg, which is pretty much the same thing. Except it doesn't tell me quality of physical activity. I have found that I burn a lot less calories during a hard workout that my regular wrist HRM says. A BIG eye opener. :)

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PATTOMMC3 5/12/2012 9:58PM

    Sounds interesting. I think it would help you to focus on areas that you need improvement in.


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UMBILICAL 5/12/2012 9:54PM

  Cool device

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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wahoo, I got in my 2 workouts today!

Don't ask why it all of a sudden became so important that I get in a cardio and an ST session on the same day....I just got the idea in my head to do it, and, like a determined Rottweiler, I wasn't content till I got them in.

So today felt very good. Did a spin class at lunch, then lifted on my own after work (Trainer guy is on some missionary trip to Mexico this week....go figure)

I worked on our usual routines, but eased up on the weight a little to make sure I didn't hurt myself without trainer guy spotting me. It actually felt pretty good to go about 20 lbs lighter and focus on slow controlled movements, making sure I had the forms down right.

Got back home and SWMBO was grilling some salmon on the deck. Double yum, just what I needed.

I made sure to be especially sweet as I came in. She quit smoking this week, and while the hypno-therapy has kept her from lighting up, apparently the doc forgot to put in the "anti-bitchy" suggestion into her subconscious. It's been like having Torquemada walking around the house since Tuesday!

Maybe that's why I felt the need to get in a double workout!

Have a great night Spark friends!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CLAIREINPARIS 5/13/2012 10:43AM

    emoticonOops, yes, try and be really sweet these days!!! But good for your wife for quitting smoking, it must be so tough! (I am for ever thankful I never started...)
As for you, you ROCK!!!

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HAKAPES 5/12/2012 1:29PM

    That's determination, man! You rock!

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 5/11/2012 2:09PM

    emoticonyes just keep being extra sweet and hopefully the anti-bitch serum will kick in?

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FANGFACEKITTY 5/11/2012 12:36PM

    I have little doubt you will survive the Inquisition. I have no advice to offer as I've never smoked so don't fully appreciate the withdrawal symptoms except that my kids tell me the best thing to do when I'm in a mood is for them to hide out somewhere else until it passes. Maybe you need to decide which is the lesser of two evils...Torquemada or the sadistic Nazi trainer guy.

I really hope SWMBO doesn't read your blogs b/c it's nice having you here and I wouldn't want to see a funeral notice.

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HEALTHIERKEN 5/11/2012 11:00AM

    ditto what JECKIE asks

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Ha! Love the visual you painted.

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BRADOS 5/10/2012 11:05PM

    nice job finding ways to get those sessions in - way to go

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KAYZAKCX 5/10/2012 9:52PM

    My mom tried to quit smoking several times. Didn't occur to me until much later that those times corresponded to me getting in more trouble than usual. I feel your pain.

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    When I quit smoking I found that a hand-held solitaire game (or now - a game on your cell phone) REALLY helped keep my hands and brain busy and helped with the cravings and irritability. Good luck and good for her!

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SAFARIBABE 5/10/2012 8:36PM

    Yikes sounds like she's having a rough go of it. I feel pretty good on the Zyban. Not overly bitchy....well no more than usual anyway! And it allowed me to taper off til I was ready to just stop. Which...was today! So if I can go another 2.5 hours....that's day 1! Tell SWMBO I'm feeling her pain. But she CAN do it!! Tell her to hang in there. 3 days and the nicotine is out of your system. Then it's just battling the mental desire.

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JECKIE 5/10/2012 8:35PM

    *falls over laughing*
Um... so she doesn't read your blog, right? :)

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