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Zombie Apocalypse!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I've had an interesting week....busy at work (as always), which makes personal time and family time all the more valuable.

So Saturday I was sore....almost all day long from Friday's double workout of HIIT and ST. Add to that the fact that I felt hungry throughout most of the day, and those two things led me down a very interesting path....more to follow.

I started off with a green smoothie for breakfast, sat outside to read and decided that a) it was a beautifully, sunny spring day, b) Moby Dick is actually much funnier now than when I had to read it in junior high, c) that I probably need to take a rest day from working out (except for push-ups), and d) I was still hungry dammit!

We took a family outing to one of our favorite local joints, all of us in the mood for some crab-cakes and WHAM.....a big sign out front saying they stopped having a Saturday lunch service!! Not good! Once our family lunch train gets rolling with a hankering, it's very hard to re-direct it. SWMBO declared she was up for Mexican before #2 son or I could chime in, so off we went.

I didn't want anything cheesy, gooey, or re-fried, so I ordered up a grilled chicken (no cheese, please) and smothered it with some very nice salsa.

We did a little shopping afterwards, then came home.....where I spied 2 chocolate chip covered banana-walnut bread (with just a hint of coconut shreds) tins lying on our doorstep, courtesy of our plump neighbor who loves to bake!

We almost all let out a collective cheer! These 1 lb loaves are absolutely fabuloso. We have told her to cool it with the baked goods gifting, which she has respected quite nicely since XMAS.....but here it is at the end of April already and she just couldn't resist....God bless her!

So here's where yours truly decided to make a decision. I was going to enjoy myself on this beautifully, sunny spring day. I've been working out, eating right, staying late at the office....I was going to have a guilt-free Saturday. "Eat whatever the hell you want," I told myself. "Log it, savor it, get over it, just this one day!"

What did that feel like, you might ask?


I don't need to go into all the gory details, but let's just say that freedom has its price and this one cost me about 3200 calories yesterday! And you know what....while I enjoyed it, I don't want to repeat it.

What I realized though is that that was how I ate limits, constant snacking....and not on the good-for-you stuff, but sugary, salty, buttery chocolate chip covered banana-walnut bread (with just a hint of coconut shreds) things.

Today I started out with my normal Spark Sunday routine; coffee, smoothie, news, kindle, etc, etc, etc.

But I knew I needed to do a little more (it was 3200 calories after all) than just hit the gym for some cardio. So I declared that we'd take a family hike on the beach!

We trekked across the no man's land of sand.....

....down to the fishing pier....

....and went off on our own path

We walked for about an hour and never once mentioned chocolate chip covered banana-walnut bread!

I hit the gym when we came back and worked up an extra layer of sweat to make up for yesterday's OD. And the crazy thoughts that went through my brain as I revved up the resistance: Work hard now, stay alive later.....when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, you'll look back and miss that nice plump neighbor of ours that baked so well! (she can't run very fast....or ride a bike)

Have a great night Spark friends!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HEALTHIERKEN 5/1/2012 2:10AM

    You know what we say about hunting here in the North: "You don't have to run faster than the bear, just faster than the guy who's with you . . . " Pretty much the same as your situation with the plump baker at Zombie Apocalypse!

Your blog titles never fail to 'hook' me, and I'm never disappointed when I bite : )

No sweat with an occasional calorie overage for a guy who works out the way you do. Enjoy the binge : )

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GOSPELCLOWN 5/1/2012 1:38AM

    Glad to read that the family got out for a little food time together. It is disappointing when one restaurant changes their times and menu....
Love the look of the sandy beach! How nice!

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PROT358 5/1/2012 12:56AM

    Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a full-fledged, off the wagon pigfest. I think I'd feel so gassy, bloated, and weighted I could hardly move. Your beach walk looks lovely! I think I might live vicariously a little ... but those cupcakes should come with a warning!

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CLAIREINPARIS 4/30/2012 5:19PM

    emoticon You always make me laugh, it is a great way to communicate your ideas and make them stay with us! Isn't it great to be able to overeat for a day and then realize this isn't what you want anymore, that you are over it? And that your healthy habits and healthy foods are now what you crave? Woohoo! Fantastic!

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ARCSPARKS 4/30/2012 9:03AM

    And here it was I thought with the title Zombie Apocalypse! somewhere in your cheat day you would have gone for a Twinkie! But no mention of one! So I downgrade your blog to 4+ from a 5! LOL!


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JENN03275 4/30/2012 6:02AM

    Lol! I so love this blog, made me laugh !! Having your nice plump neighbor will give you a head start as the zombies will be busy for a while. Glad you enjoyed your eating day. We all need them now and again. I feel that if you are truly starving/hungry you should just eat. Our bodies will tell us what it needs. Our bodies, though studied to death, are still a mysterious machine!!

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KAYZAKCX 4/30/2012 2:37AM

    Your Saturday sounds like my Sunday. Monday will be my day to pay the piper.

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WIZKEY 4/30/2012 12:18AM

    LOL, Now every time I conquer a fitness goal I'm going to think "Take that zombies!!"
Thanks for the post!!

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    Seriously!! This blog. 1 day is where I should have stopped as well. Good job on stopping the madness! All the freedom is not worth the price of misery and a sore stomach. Funny how the tummy ache doesn't go away with repeated offensive behaviour for a full weekend. Tummy aches won't help the zombie apocalypse. Fast speed and strength will emoticon

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REBECCATKD 4/29/2012 9:44PM

    Love those zombie cupcakes! Glad you had a great day.

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FANGFACEKITTY 4/29/2012 9:41PM

    Rule #1 is cardio. Burn off those calories and the pushups will help with the upper body strength required for beheading the undead hordes. It's a good thing I'm not fond of chocolate chips or I might have found myself scrounging in the cupboard for baked goods (plus I would have had to do the baking which is nit a favorite activity).

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SAFARIBABE 4/29/2012 9:15PM

    ROFLMAO!!!! You can always put a great spin on things....even going over your cals!! But you're IS one day. And you have a lifetime of "one days" ahead of you to make healthier choices!! Just keep doing what you're're a great inspiration!!

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ADEWYN 4/29/2012 8:37PM

    LOL..... Love it !! good for you!!

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How do you spell relief?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How do you spell relief?

For me it was successful visit by my CEO....who just left today!

It was a great visit, but getting everything ready these past few weeks, especially as much as I've been on the road, has been pretty taxing. Add to that the fact that he was bringing his wife along, meant that SWMBO had a whole social agenda to put together for the 2 day visit as well.

Now I've known him for about 8 years....he actually ran my division way back then, and has obviously moved on to bigger and better things.

But there's nothing like a visit by the boss of all bosses to focus the mind as we got ready to give him a deep dive into all the different moving parts of the business.

SWMBO took his wife around town for a quick tour of the Emerald Coast while we were holed up with him in meetings all day. Then we hosted a reception for both of them last night.....and put them on their jet home early this morning


Overall it went great....I had him do a "town hall" with all our folks as well, which went over quite nicely.

So today I was especially glad to hit the gym at the end of the day for a nice bout of circuit training!

And some even better news is, I wrestled my schedule under control this afternoon as well. I cancelled a couple of trips these next few weeks, so lo and behold, I might be home for almost 3 weeks straight!

I told trainer guy that since we'll have so much continuity, to plan on putting some magick into our routines these next few weeks....change it up, pump it up, let's take it up a notch!

More to follow.....have a great night Spark friends!

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SHERYL_B 4/29/2012 10:23AM

    I hope your three weeks at home is successful and you don't get pulled away for travel!

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CLAIREINPARIS 4/27/2012 10:32AM

    Glad to read it all went well!

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SUZIEMAH1 4/26/2012 9:24AM

    Glad your boss' visit went well and I can just imagine how good you felt when everything went so smoothly.

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JECKIE 4/26/2012 8:52AM


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CARLYG8 4/26/2012 8:43AM

    Glad that the visit went well. And I give you much kudos for not taking the next three weeks as "down time" thinking that because everything has been so stressful, you can relax a little during you found three weeks. Bumping up your workouts and planning your free time activities shows that your head is in the right place. Good job!!!

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BEATLETOT 4/26/2012 8:17AM

    Great news! Glad he had a nice visit!

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I am Ironman! (with a little help from my Bodymedia Fit Armband...)

Monday, April 23, 2012

So my new gadget-toy arrived this weekend....the Bodymedia Fit CORE armband!!

As a die-hard data hound, it really feeds my inner geek!

I got it Saturday, gave it a quick charge, then hit the gym for 45 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical. Wore it all night to see how it measured the "quality" of my sleep (not too bad....a little tossing & turning but a pretty solid 6 hours)

Sunday was a down day, so I got a good read for how many calories I burn on a day where I do absolutely nothing but putz around the house, drinking coffee, reading, and hanging out on Sparkpeople (about 2200 calories)

Today, I wore it all day at work, then at the gym where I did a 20 minute cardio warmup, then lifted for about 90 minutes....I'd like to see what it comes up with for total calories burned by the end of the day, especially compared to yesterday.

It's pretty unobtrusive....I really haven't noticed it at all, even while working out, which is real good, otherwise, it would have been back to Amazon in its box for a refund!

It tracks all sorts of Gucci data; steps, sleep duration, physical activity, etc. On Bodymedia's website, you can track food and it gives you the delta between calories burned & consumed. I have no desire to enter all my food twice, so I just take my total calories from SP and enter it into their total....QED!

My inner uber-geek is quite pleased at how I can slice & dice the data on their website. I can zero in on the flight of stairs I took in the morning to see how many extra calories I burned (10!), zoom into my gym session to measure how much of the activity was "vigorous" (15 minutes....not sure how they define that), see what's really going on when SWMBO accuses me (falsely) of's like having a Heads Up Display on all my vitals!

Now if I could just get a direct Wi-Fi feed into my brain.....

Have a great night Spark friends!

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CLAIREINPARIS 4/27/2012 10:35AM

    Wow, it looks very interesting! Fun to have all these informations! It would be great to see how it affects your routine in the future, if it does.

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KALISWALKER 4/24/2012 10:33PM

    That does look a necessary gadget. I take blood pressure meds so I am not sure if if would work for me but I will check it out.

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 4/24/2012 11:52AM

    I almost bought this(2 of my aunts have it) but I now feel like a lot of these gadgets don't pertain to me and my slow metabolism, because even though they can get a read of what I'm doing, I think they still operate under the assumption of a standard formula for my BMR. Keep us updated on how it goes with it!

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JECKIE 4/24/2012 11:36AM

    Want! :)

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    I finally found the spot where they tell you how they define the vigorous activity, and you can change the parameters for yourself if you like. I still have to do some digging intoo if I want to change it or not. Congrats on your new toy!

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SHERYL_B 4/24/2012 8:36AM


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GJCAB09 4/24/2012 8:23AM

    Cool Beans!

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BEATLETOT 4/24/2012 8:04AM

    Glad you're enjoying it! Seems like a great idea!

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SAFARIBABE 4/24/2012 7:52AM

    You and the gadgets!!! What on earth does SWMBO. Say when the delivery trucks pull up outside? For that matter what do the neighbors say with trucks stacked 6 deep in front of the house???? LOL. enjoy your newest toy! Perhaps I should look into this. See how my calorie burn really is. Let us know if you continue to be thrilled with it past the new toy phase.

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JENN03275 4/24/2012 7:21AM

    I had never heard of the body bugg. That sounds pretty cool!

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FANGFACEKITTY 4/23/2012 10:41PM

    So do you have a room in your house chock full of all your gadgets? A place they go when they are supplanted by newer models? I see no mention of calories burned and data dicing for doing your pushups, could it be that I am now winning by 2 days? You knew your loss was inevitable emoticon

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    Glad you like it! I love my Bodybugg!

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A quick lieu of snacks!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well, here I am in Atlanta....again.....not stuck, just a long layover till my 11:00 PM connection back home....I've got a free 90 minutes, so I cranked open my little Verizon MiFi and decided to get caught up on Spark for a little bit.

It's been a busy few days....Monday was chock full of meetings, then I had to skedaddle to catch a flight from Kansas City to DC. Got into my hotel after midnight, hit the sack, then had my first meeting at 7:30 Tuesday AM. Luckily it was a conference, so all I had to do was sit back and listen, nodding wisely when the presenter made a good point.

The good news was, this conference didn't have any forced marches to the lunch buffet....we were on our own, so I was free to hit the gym as long as we were back in 90 minutes.

I can do that!

I now REALLY, REALLY like this Lolo Beatburner app for elliptical, and will likely check out the their app for indoor cycling as well. I figured out how to get it to scan my music collection, analayze it all for the BPM in each song, then it increases or decreases the beat, without losing any pitch, and uses that to cue you on how fast or slow you go.

It's a great workout! I basically got in about 40 minutes of awesome interval training and felt incredibly charged and energized afterwards!

Showered, dressed and made it back in time to sagely sit through the rest of the afternoons presentations.

My brother lives in DC, so I went over to his place (after a return visit to the gym to get in some ST!) for dinner & dessert Tuesday night. My 2 nieces (5 & 2) were energetic & adorable....and fascinated with my iPhone as the played angry birds, took pictures of each other, and watched movie trailers on Flixter!

I was going to leave at 9:00 PM when the kids went to bed, but my brother & SIL insisted I stick around for a while.....which stretched into staying till 1:00 AM!! I realized that their lives (they are both in their late 40s) now revolve around Disney princesses, iCarley episodes, and endless viewings of Ice Age and Mulan! They are starved for adult conversation, so I helped them get grounded back into semi-adult living!

So I was pretty groggy this morning after my 3 hours of sleep for the night....then had to get my game face back on for another 8 hours of presentations & discussions.....loading up with a Venti Americano from Starbucks helped immensely!

I definitely needed another lunchtime workout though, so I repeated yesterday's elliptical session and that helped make it through the afternoon.

Anyway, life is good....I know blogging helps me stay on track, so I figured my choices were to connect up & blog....or to veg in Atlanta unable to resist walking over to Aunt Annie's pretzels and assorted other temptations in the fast food hell that is Atlanta Hartsfield airport!

Have a great night Spark friends!

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SNUZSUZ 4/20/2012 10:02AM

    It's great that you were able to spend time with family! And very considerate of you to stay and provide some adult conversations! I remember those days when I didn't talk to anyone over 5 years old for days at a time!

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KAYZAKCX 4/19/2012 6:41PM

    I've been through a Disney period with my kids. Fortunately, my sister had the iCarly period with her daughter. I taught mine to watch Japanese Godzilla and Gamera movies.

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HAKAPES 4/19/2012 4:10PM

    Wise decisions all week long!

I fully understand your dilemma at the airport, it's like they really want to get new patients for the healthcare system - only high calorie food, lots of carbs, fat, deep fried nirvana and such, all presented in a ciabatta, or minimum French fries on the side. Plus a Frankfurter on the last meters just before boarding the plane at the gate.

What phone do you use for your applicaitons?

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BEATLETOT 4/19/2012 8:42AM

    Sounds like a lovely visit to your brother's...better than trivia, I suppose. *Sigh* We could have used you...we came in SEVENTH. We were previously undefeated (only our third visit, but still...!).

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SHERYL_B 4/18/2012 10:34PM

    Glad to hear you got some family time in on one of your trips!

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    Great idea to blog instead of snacking. It's much more productive. And congrats to you for getting in lunch time workouts!

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Howling winds, closing gyms, Pad Thai, and screaming banshees!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Made it in to Kansas City earlier tonight....a surprisingly uneventful trip (except for the high speed abort on the runway in Atlanta....we taxied off, then got right back in line.....pilot said he had "a false positive" on an engine light)

Grabbed the rental car and drove to my hotel marveling at the rolling hills that make up this part of the country. For this Boston boy, transplanted to the flat Florida coastline, seeing undulating hills, covered with green, green grass and more than just a few cows & horses was a heartwarming sight.

But man 'o man the wind! Those big storms must have left something fierce in their wake here because it was a beautifully sunny day, but every time I stepped out of the car, I would get hammered by a deafening wind. I remember being fascinated as a kid, reading stories about the Mistral winds in Provence and how they would drive people mad after weeks of constant could wind do that to people? I could see why!

Checked in to the hotel around 5:00, scoped out the area nearby and found the gym, changed, and went to get in some cardio, when....

Gym closes at 6:00 PM! What the HELL is up with that!!! It's 5:15, what kind of self-respecting gym would close at 6:00 PM on a Sunday?!?!

I just cursed under my breath and made a bee-line for the nearest elliptical (I didn't want to waste any time scoping out the rest of the joint!)

Plugged in that neat little Beatburn app I mentioned yesterday and cranked away for the next 45 minutes....and a good 45 minutes it was!

After reading and listening to the directions on the app a little better, I found out how to adjust it and it's a pretty cool piece of work! It keeps adjusting resistance settings and pace, giving very good audio cues and changing the tempo for the music to match your stride. There's supposed to be a way for it to read your playlists, grab songs that have the BPM required and/or adjust the BPM of your songs without messing with the pitch....more to follow if that works as advertised or not.

On the way back I spied with my little eye a very interesting looking Thai restaurant. Pointed the iPhone there and Yelp came up with a nicely augmented reality rating of 4.5 stars! Good enough for me, especially since some little banshee voice in my brain kept screeching "BBQ, BBQ, BBQ!"

Had a nice cup of Coconut Milk Soup and a serving of some quite nicely prepared Pad Thai Chicken....figured I couldn't go wrong ordering some staples of the cuisine and they did it just right. But whoa, here I was less than half way through the Pad Thai, when all of a sudden....I felt full.

It's an odd thing for me on the road to not clean my plate....but here I was, looking at a whole lot of rice noodles, strips of chicken breast, scallions, and bean sprouts telling myself, "I'm done"

Banshee voice in my brain: "But you're not done eating....there's more food there...that's wasteful!"

"Yeah, but I'm full....I just had a great workout....drank a lot of water....I'm full. Maybe I'll take it back to the room with me and have it for breakfast....that won't be wasteful will it?"

Banshee grabs head and screams, running around my table in a panic yelling NOOoooooooo.....

So that's what I did....Pad Thai is sitting in my fridge right now.....and hell, if I don't feel like eating it in the morning....I might just throw it the end, I got a good meal, stayed within my calorie limits, got what I paid for.....and none of that is wasteful at all!

Have a great night Spark friends...tomorrow DC!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SNUZSUZ 4/17/2012 7:49PM

    What a great blog! You really know how to tell a story!

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MISSLORI5 4/16/2012 11:06PM

    There's a saying goes something like, it's better for it to go to waste than go to waist. I know I messed it up terribly, but you get the idea, don't ever be afraid to get rid of it rather than making yourself eat it! Drinking that water before eating was a great idea, also. It really helps especially when you're hungry. Gotta try that thai food-I'm pretty slow in dicovering new? stuff! Enjoy your day!

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SHERYL_B 4/16/2012 10:31PM

    Way to go! I need to try Thai but I'm in a lack of culinary choices. I can find anything I want with cheese thugh!

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MYTURN11 4/16/2012 12:50PM

    Love Pad Thai and the fact that you had a sense of fullness and acted on it is great! Yum - now I am craving Pad Thai and I love Coconut Milk soup too :-D

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    Great job on stopping when full! I like to put half of my entree into a to go container right of the bat sometimes and it works well. The winds are howling here in Wisconsin too! Glad you got in a great workout. I think our gym here closes at 6:00 on Sunday, too.

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GJCAB09 4/16/2012 7:35AM

    Nice job with the Pad Thai, I usually get the Kank Keow Whan (sp??) and gobble waaay too much of it at once, then finish it off as a before bedtime snack. I like your approach much better! Good on you and have fun in DC!

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KAYZAKCX 4/16/2012 1:33AM

    It's nice when the voice of reason speaks up, takes charge, and steers you towards the better choices. Good job.

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