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My Oh So Human Plans

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My ideal day, if I were an international man of leisure, would go something like this:

- Wake-up, have some coffee, grab a book and walk out to my (balcony, porch, veranda) and read as I gaze out over the (mountains, ocean, Bosporus)

- Come back in, change, and go to my gym for a personalized strength training workout

- Return home, shower, get dressed up and take SWMBO out to lunch at (seaside cafe, mountain-top tavern, Italian bistro)

- Take a nice walk with SWMBO (along seaside, up a mountain trail, through the National Gallery)

- Come home, take a siesta, wake up and workout with (bike ride, elliptical, my yellow Ferrari)

- Shower and change, get a shave

- Have coffee and snacks on (yacht docked behind villa, Madrid penthouse terrace, Machu Picchu)

- Get couples massage before dinner to work out the kinks from the day's activities

- Stroll around before going to (opening night play in London's West End, private viewing of rocket launch, dinner for 2 cooked by Jacques Pépin in Bali Bungalow)

Oh yeah, don't worry Spark friends, I'd still find time to log in, blog, track nutrition and aerobic info....or hire a private secretary to do it for way or another it'll get done!

Unfortunately I live in the real world. I work to earn a living, raise a family, balancing many shifting and competing priorities, and like many a grown up, have to constantly balance, and re-balance time, schedules, and many other demands.

Today was such a day.....

Had my gym bag in the car, looked like a good chunk of free time in the afternoon to hit the gym....and KAPOW!! All the white space on my calendar disappeared and it was after 5:00 when I realized that I hadn't even had lunch yet!

It's all good though. I can fantasize about living off of lottery winnings as easy as the next guy, but I really prefer to not waste time thinking about what could be....I enjoy life grounded in the real world....even when it sometimes means that the real world interferes with my oh so human plans

Stay thirsty my Spark friends

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BEATLETOT 1/19/2012 9:01AM

    Sounds like a lovely day...very good tapping into what so many of us want.

And for your gratitude for what life is, instead of what we wish it could be. =)

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CHEEKY1000 1/18/2012 11:09PM

    You are the most interesting man on the planet (I mean Spark People). lol Once again, this would have been a great opportunity for an accented font. Sheesh.

Love the leisure plans! Someday when I win the lottery and simply can't think of a think to do (not likely), I'm asking you for ideas.

Thanks for sharing!

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MINDA31807 1/18/2012 10:43PM

    Even though real life gets in the way of "living the good life" I am thankful of what I have.

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TEDDYBABE 1/18/2012 10:14PM

    Oh I loved this. Dreaming, feeling the warm breezes. Then BAM! Back to reality! Thanks for the intermission and for your great comments on my page.

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JOYLINNKNITS 1/18/2012 7:14PM

    I'm so with you on this! Loved it! I almost bought a lottery scratch off in honor of your blog today, but ended up with a dollar cup of coffee instead! Thanks for the laugh emoticon emoticon

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HAKAPES 1/18/2012 6:57PM

And laughed so much! :-)
Such a good Sparkfellow. Keep it up, man!

You're blog kept me thinking about a book I finished recently.
I loved it, I recommend for those flights when it's better to read than to open up the laptop.

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MTULLY 1/18/2012 6:35PM

    You have a great imagination, as well as a firm grasp of reality. I think that is a good combination!

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KSZSPIN 1/18/2012 12:04PM

    Hilarious and true! Thanks for sharing your fantasy day with us. I thought I was the only one who thought like that in my head. Now back to our regularly scheduled lives.....

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YICHE12 1/18/2012 11:56AM

    Dream on my friend! I loved your blog. It made me smile. emoticon

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EARTHMOTHR 1/18/2012 11:12AM

    Dreams are important!

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BILL60 1/18/2012 7:29AM

    Well done. Now back to reality.

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GOODGETNBETR 1/18/2012 6:33AM

    emoticon blog! Stay thirsty my friend and who knows...

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    sounds like a fabulous plan for a future holiday!


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IMREITE 1/18/2012 12:31AM

    it would be nice to have the funds available to just plan the ideal days, but i will admit I try to find simple moments in my day that i can really enjoy

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SAFARIBABE 1/17/2012 11:25PM

    I know EXACTLY the kind of day you had mirrors my own! I'm with Tex on this one....give me the bungalow in Bali!!

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BRADOS 1/17/2012 11:16PM

    I love those "Stay Thirsty" commercials - I am hoping you can tgive me your personal trainers's name as I feel some real chemistry there

thanks for the post - took me to some nice places during a dreary, cold wintery night outside


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SEWINGMAMACDS 1/17/2012 11:10PM

    emoticon emoticon

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HEALTHIERKEN 1/17/2012 11:09PM

    Can I come? Can I come?

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CERIUSLY 1/17/2012 11:03PM

    Loved the fantasy! You made it seem real. Ah well maybe some day.

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TEXAS_GRL 1/17/2012 10:13PM

    Thinking that lil hut in Bali looks VERY appealing right now.

Alas life does get in the way sometimes, but you have shown that in the big picture a skipped workout never derails you.

Stay thirsty!

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Working regrets!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Well today was a tough motivational day.....I didn't much feel like going to the gym.

I putzed around my usual Sunday routine (coffee, newspaper, Sparkpeople, Sunday news shows) and was pretty well cozied up to grabbing Mr Kindle and finishing the book I started last weekend (The Prize, Daniel Yergin), when that gnawing sensation started wiggling its way to my forebrain; "If you don't workout now, you won't workout at all today"

Damn, I didn't want to hear that, especially since it was very likely true. I had promised #2 son that we'd go see a movie in the afternoon (Mission Impossible). It wasn't very hard to plot out the timeline and realize that late morning was my only chance to make it.

Even so, I hemmed & hawed. Walking from my car to the gym, I kept having fleeting images of VERY VALID EXCUSES as to why I should turn back....none of them any more valid than that I felt tired & lazy.

My only compromise then was that I'd take it easy. A simple cardio workout, no High Intensity stuff, just a good hour of mid-range heart rate and a glowing sweat to show some exertion.

And I felt fine! No trauma, no pain, no big deal that I was making it out to be and I felt 10x better by the time it was done.

Now truth be told, I did have workout interruptus. I was 15 minutes into my routine when #1 son called needing some fatherly advice. So I looked around and made a command decision

I got off the bike, donned my fleece jacket, and headed outside to the track where I kicked into a brisk pace doing laps and listening to him tell me all about his most recent roommate, girlfriend, and pain-in-the-ass boss problems. Not sure if I helped him solve anything, but 45 minutes later, I'm pretty sure I walked at least 12 laps, logging a quick 3 miles, while also helping to shepherd oldest boy into the real world.

Once again, may favorite mantra held true; "I never regret working out, but I always regret not working out"

Have a great night Spark friends!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TEDDYBABE 1/18/2012 10:18PM

    Funny how we make deals with ourselves. Kudos on being there for # 1 son. I have two sons also and find myself listening alot.

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BILL60 1/16/2012 9:53AM

    Way to hang tough!!

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XRSIZE18 1/16/2012 5:57AM

    Good for you!

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JOYLINNKNITS 1/16/2012 1:39AM

    One of my habits I want to develop is no excuses! I'm glad you shared this!

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MTULLY 1/16/2012 12:21AM

    Always a plus to have a "no-regrets" day. Good for you! Keep 'em coming!

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RITZIBROWN 1/15/2012 11:53PM

    Getting started can be tough but your results were so very positive. emoticon emoticon

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MOM23JS 1/15/2012 11:06PM

    Love your mantra! That was exactly me this morning.... could hardly wait to run last night and then today when I actually was ready to get my butt on the treadmill I started playing the mind game of 100% excuses to not push start... finally I made myself start getting and 40 minutes later I felt great!!

Great job pushing yourself and not giving into the voice in your head that was excusing you from working out.

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CHEEKY1000 1/15/2012 9:48PM

    I love the mantra at the end of your blog. It's sooooo true! I've completely slacked off in my workout dedication in the last few weeks (and I DO truly regret it because I'd developed such a healthy habit that made me feel good). I still run 3 days a week--that's one thing I just won't give up (unless I swap it for hiking as I will tomorrow--lol).

BTW, I love, love, love your background. I adore snow.

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SAFARIBABE 1/15/2012 8:54PM

    Awesome!! Today was my rest day (YAY!!). That is if you call laundry weekly cooking and cleaning the kitchen twice rest. Also got some work-type work done! I actually thought about hitting the gym this morning but remember that resting the muscles is as important as working them. Do try to remember that dear Gym Commando!

Have a great Monday!

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RANGERAMPS 1/15/2012 8:34PM

    I have learned that one of the biggest things is to work out when we don't WANT to no matter what the reason such as just being tired and lazy.

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    Yes! Getting to the gym is sometimes the biggest battle.

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On Fitness Gadgets....God, but I love 'em!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

So I'm kind of a fitness "Gadget Guy"

Actually, I'm an extreme "Gadget Guy"....I love 'em!!

I don't come across like an uber-geek, but I have a secret fascination with the little (and not so little) beasts. I love to track and measure, I hook 'em up to wi-fi, USB, bluetooth, dropbox, memory sticks, just about everything except pencil and paper. I like to stalk them, hunt them in their natural habitats like Amazon, fitness sites, running stores, bike stores, mega-outlets, and watch them in their natural habitat before I swoop down and capture them for my own private petting zoo.

I feel naked if I got to the gym without gearing up with a minimum of;

on weightlifting days;

when biking:;

and all the other regalia that gets strapped on to my weight loss machine:

At home I've had "things"...some long gone:

Some that need to go:

Some I can't yet bear to part with:

Some still in use:

Those I keep for sore muscles, post-workout;

And some I still dream of capturing for that long dreamed of "Home Gym"

So what does all this mean? I've had a lot of crap over the years. I get trapped, like many, thinking this or that gadget will make working out easier, or more fun, or I don't know what. That there is that "One Thing" out there that is the key to living a fit and happy life:

But there isn't! There's tons of them!! And I love 'em and want 'em every now and then!

Lately I've been stalking Fitbits, stealthily coveting the two folks on my staff I see wearing them:

I'm telling myself how cool these Lifeline "jungle straps" would be on my travels in faraway hotels with no gym;

Maybe I need Buddy Lee's Rope Master Jump Rope action to spice up my cardio;

I've got a digital scale, so I probably HAVE to get something to start measuring body fat too;

So will this madness ever stop? I don't know....most likely not. It's more of a hobby than anything else, which is a pretty cool way of looking at fitness. These are just motivators, rewards for good behavior rather than saviors from bad behavior.

In the end my 2 best fitness investments ever have been:

a good pair of sneakers to get my ass out the door

and a good gym bag to put all my "stuff" in on my way to workout

Have a great night Spark friends!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TYKXBOY 1/16/2012 12:22AM

    I have a few gadgets, but I try to keep them down to just the ones I really need. Like the pull-up bar and dumbbell set so I can do ST at home. And the perfect push-up because too much time on my computer means I can't bend my wrists back far enough to do a push-up on a flat surface. But, when I go running, I just need my running clothes, my shoes, and my watch. Not a Garmin, just a wristwatch with a stopwatch feature. And even that I could do without if i wasn't tracking my fitness minutes and pace. I used to carry my mp3 player, but it was always extra cords and one extra thing to strap on and take off and waste my time. I've enjoyed my fitness much more without it and the cords and the extra straps. However, get me around computer peripherals, and I'll go crazy buying crap I don't need.

Comment edited on: 1/16/2012 12:23:28 AM

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FANGFACEKITTY 1/15/2012 10:09PM

    I try to stay away from the gadgets because I am easily distracted and too many gadgets guarantees I will start spinning in circles, unable to decide which to use. And some of those you pictured just look downright scary.

I do need to get a foam roller, or so I've been told. Just haven't gotten around to it yet, the Procrastination Queen is still reigning.

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 1/15/2012 7:19PM

    Wow I thought I had a lot! I have a polar, fit bit and that orange rolly thing too!

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REBECCATKD 1/15/2012 7:00PM

    Remember: Your best gadget is still your willpower!

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HAKAPES 1/15/2012 4:51PM

    I just love your post!
I also love gadgets, and sort of use them for motivation for the healthy lifestyle.
Any feedback on how good is the fitbit?

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AFRESHSTART2 1/15/2012 4:41PM

    I thought I love fitness gadgets but you have got me beat! lol!

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MOMTONOAH 1/15/2012 1:49PM

    I was a little sad not to see a Thighmaster in there somewhere emoticon

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JOYLINNKNITS 1/15/2012 9:28AM

    OK I see you are as addicted to workout gadgets as I am to knitting gadgets!! Fun stuff! And there is always that Next Greatest Thing out there..Oh they know how to advertise don't they!!

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BILL60 1/15/2012 8:50AM

    I too am surrounded by gadgets. Surprised not to see a Power Meter. Let's get with the program.

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    Fab list of gadgets!

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MINDA31807 1/15/2012 12:08AM

    I got a fitbit in lieu of a bodybugg, I am not quite sure if it has helped or hindered me. I like seeing the stats, steps, calories burned, floors climbed, but not quite sure that knowing them is really helping me make wise decisions or not. I am snacking more because my fitbit is telling me I am burning X amount of calories but my intake is a lot lower than that number. I might adjust what I can see, maybe just steps and floors climbed, not calories burned to limit my over-eating.

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MAPEGASUS 1/14/2012 11:52PM

  I agree that is lots of gadgets but a great enjoyment to read.

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PEPPERMINT125 1/14/2012 11:51PM

    Wow! I'm amazed at all the gadgets! Although I too have at times spent money on fitness gadgets. You are right. We mainly just need to put on our tennis shoes and get moving! emoticon

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SEWINGMAMACDS 1/14/2012 10:15PM

    That;s a lot of gadgets!! emoticon

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SAFARIBABE 1/14/2012 10:00PM

    OK I got to know....what IS a fitbit??? And I really want to see a pic of you using that stretching strap thing!!! You can use the cover of the box pose -- that would be perfectly acceptable! Hehehehe. I also want to know why a jump rope comes with it's own wrench....that one completely boggles my poor brain! Welcome Home!

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JUNEBUG1944 1/14/2012 9:31PM

    emoticon Guess you do like those gadgets! The more, the merrier I always say...

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SPIFFDEB 1/14/2012 9:29PM

    I'm a big gadget geek too! iPAD, multiple iPODs a MacBook, Heart Rate Monitor and I just got a really cool watchband thing that you clip the square nano into. Love my GPS and my smartphone too - emoticon

I just got a new digital scale that measures not only weight but body fat, water and bone density.
I can't stop myself......

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JECKIE 1/14/2012 8:56PM

    Heh. I'm the same! Not just about fitness, either. The highlight of my weekend was my spankin new Kindle coming in the mail. :)

But lately my fitness obsession is running clothes. Dick's Sporting Goods and I have become great friends. :) And I love my Garmin...

This post makes me all kinds of happy.

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Viva Las Vegas!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ahh life on the road! You know, the great thing is, I'm not as anxiety ridden as I was this time last year, when toad trips meant overeating and no exercise.

Now there's still some incredibly long meetings to sit through, but hey, I either do it in Vegas or do it from home....pretty easy choice!

So I got in yesterday afternoon (Mussolini's ghost had the airlines running on time), got my car, checked into the room and before I could read another e-mail on the berry, I suited up and went to the gym.

It was packed!! Looks like there's been a lot more New Year's resolutions taking hold in Sin City than in Ft Walton Beach (the crowds at my home gym have already tapered off). So I looked around for a some free equipment and spotted a young lass wearing cycling shoes heading towards a room in the corner. So I tailed her and sure as hell, there was a spinning class about to start. SCORE!

So I went in pretty cocky as usual. And why not. I've upped my cardio game lately, been doing some pretty intensive cardio intervals, have almost doubled the weights on squats....time to show these Vegas yahoos who's boss! So I grabbed a bike in the front row, and smiled to the instructor at my 1 o'clock.

Of course they kicked my ass!!

Now I kept up real good, but man 'o man, 10 minutes into it and I was a sweaty mess! I felt damn good, but I got a serious resentment when the instructor shouted out, "OK one more minute, push it up!' and I pumped up my cadence hard.....then she had the gall to say, "I lied!! Let's go another minute!"....and she did this repeatedly throughout the session!!!

Now I'm all for playing hard here folks, but I demand honesty and integrity from those in positions of authority....especially when I'm out of Schlitz, and looking for a cold one. In the end, I kept having to save a little gas in the tank because I never knew how many "I lied's!" would be coming

It was all in good fun though. Came back to the room, showered, changed, then hit the convention center where they had all the hoopla and had a chance to see most everybody in my business while they served up good food and drink, snacks and tons of tacky promotional items.

The good news came when a buddy of mine I haven't seen in a while said, "Dude, you look like you've lost 30 lbs!"

Of course in my meticulous demand for accuracy I replied, "Thanks, actually, I've only lost about 15 lbs, but I've lost a lot of fat and added a lot of muscle"

He harumphed and grabbed a chicken cutlet from the blonde cutie passing the tray around.

I decided to continue the workout trend, and thanks to the 2 hour time difference from home, got up at 5:00 AM today and hit the gym for some more cardio....on my own....with no one to feed me lies!

I'm glad I did too, because the rest of the day went wicked long.....and they put the worst speakers in right after lunch....bad move....bad move....

So I'll survive this trip pretty well. Another day of speakers and some working group sessions tomorrow, then a flight home Saturday.

Have a great night Spark friends!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

REBECCATKD 1/14/2012 5:56PM

    It's about time you got challenged!

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FANGFACEKITTY 1/14/2012 1:04PM

    Awesome! New lesson no one lol!

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TEDDYBABE 1/13/2012 11:03AM

    Awesome! Have a good meeting and kudos on the gym visit!

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BEATLETOT 1/13/2012 8:37AM

    Nice job! Glad you enjoyed the spin class...or did you? ;-)

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BILL60 1/13/2012 7:18AM

    Well done!!

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SAFARIBABE 1/13/2012 6:41AM

    What a difference a year makes! Last year you were wingeing about fitting in the exercise on the road (you always did just with a little winge). Now you're up at 5am and racing for the gym! That's awesome!! But get to the real question....How'd you do at the tables?

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BOSS61 1/13/2012 5:15AM

    I liked reading this a lot. I reminded me just why I fear classes at the gym. I'm a cardio equipment, weights and pool guy myself. Now I know I am not wrong! Good for you, though!

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    My bootcamp instructor sometimes tosses in a '8 more!' count at the very end of a cardio set before going into weights. But she doesn't do it all the times, so it keeps me on my toes. lol. Good to hear you're getting your gym time in while at the conference!

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GOODGETNBETR 1/13/2012 1:20AM

    Way to go on the impromptu spin class. Enjoy and get home safe.

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The good news......and the bad news

Monday, January 09, 2012

Well what better way to celebrate Year 2 on Spark than to eat well and exercise!

This morning I rejuvenated my smoothie routine, blending up a nice green smoothie (2 apples, a banana, fresh mint leaves, some parsley, a little yogurt, and coconut water) that tided me over nicely till lunch, where I dined on my standard sandwich SWMBO makes me in the morning

Work was uneventful, especially since I got way ahead yesterday in preparation for my trip Wednesday, so I ducked out a little early to get a haircut & swing by the tailors to.....have some clothes taken in!!

The nice, elderly Korean gentlemen took his time. He yanked & pulled, hemmed & hawed then looked at me sheepishly and said, "You should just buy some new pants & shirts"

"What do you mean, I just got these shirts last year (OK, I've had the pants for 10 years, but I really like them). Can't you take them in?"

"Yes, but you're body very different, I have to...." Then he went into a long explanation, full of slicing hand gestures meant to communicate to me that he'd have to take the shirts apart and totally reconstruct them if I wanted them to fit much for a quick $5 nip and tuck at the waist.

So I left with all my garments in hand, somewhat frustrated, yet somewhat happy as well. I hate shopping, but he basically told me it would be cheaper to buy new stuff than to pay him to alter these....I think that's what he told me anyways.....I'm not sure, he lost me with the third downward hand slicing maneuver, which appeared to be the most expensive one.

I just went to the gym to work off the frustration.

Good news, the body keeps changing....bad news, I need to go shopping or risk looking like this:

Which is still better than this:

But then again, I could get creative and try to make it work:

Nahhh, I just better resolve myself into the dreaded clothes shopping routine!! ARRGHHHHH!

That's all for now, have a great night Spark friends!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LENKA763 1/12/2012 11:00PM

    this is some great sense of humor.

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YOUNGNSMYLIE 1/12/2012 10:14PM

    LOL! This is great news, even if it heralds a dreaded clothes-shopping trip! emoticon

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DAVEYSHADOW 1/10/2012 4:35PM


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MOMTONOAH 1/10/2012 3:31PM

    Great job! It's so much better to buy new clothes because yours are too loose than because they're too tight. (I've done both) emoticon

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BEATLETOT 1/10/2012 3:07PM


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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 1/10/2012 1:56PM

    LOL yes you definitely need smaller pants! hope you can find a good sale and get yourself some essentials!
I am loving my smoothie maker too! BTW, finally looked up SWMBO in the urban dictionary... LOL.

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CHUMLEY54 1/10/2012 11:18AM

    Your not getting Thinner, You're becoming more Stylish..... emoticon

Comment edited on: 1/10/2012 8:25:00 PM

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BOSS61 1/10/2012 10:27AM

    Shopping for clothing for the new, skinny you should be the happiest of problems. One of the first dates with the girl who has become my wife (for 20 years now), was clothes shopping following a previous weight loss for me.

One consideration: ditch/donate the clothes that have become too big. Do not hang onto them. You will have an economic motivation to keep it off! Congrats again!

PS - I added you as a friend here. Feel free to do likewise, if you like.

Comment edited on: 1/10/2012 10:27:40 AM

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SPARKARINO 1/10/2012 9:23AM

    What a great problem to have -- need to buy smaller clothes! Good Luck with the shopping. Love those retro photos -- the 'Oxford bags' are something else and the zoot've got a lot of great fashion tips there to help you choose your new style.


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BELSNICKEL 1/10/2012 7:18AM

    sounds like a good problem to have.

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JOYLINNKNITS 1/10/2012 7:02AM

    Thanks you so much for the great morning laugh!!! Congratulations on your Sparkiversary! I hope you are able to get into the shopping mode. I so needed that pic...I see too much underwear in Detroit...was cracking up so hard I had to show your blog to my friends at work!! Thank you! emoticon

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CHALLENGER15 1/10/2012 6:53AM

    This is actually very good news. You are so much healthier now. Good for you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ROOSTER72 1/10/2012 1:24AM

    I too am adverse to shopping - and currently have almost no clothes that fit me.
Shorts rolled at the waist. Jeans belted in so they look all bulky. Not a good look.

And I'm female!

Go for some classic pieces - and hopefully you wont need to go shopping for another 10 years!

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    Woohoo! Shopping!

Oh, and pants currently look like the first picture, but I refuse to buy any others for a good 2 weeks yet, or a couple more pounds, or until they look even worse than they already do. lol

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SAFARIBABE 1/9/2012 10:36PM

    OK when your pants are falling off and your boxers are showing...I want a pic of that! To avoid that being plastered ALL over SP....Go Shopping!!! LOL It's for your own good! 10 years....same pants....I think those puppies have well and truly paid for themself! Welcome to the 21st century! Pick up a GQ at the airport and start browsing! I'm SURE SWMBO can teach you the ins and outs of shopping. LOL

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SUNGIRL822 1/9/2012 10:11PM

  That's great!! Go shopping!!

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JUDYAMK 1/9/2012 9:35PM

    This is too funny, I think it is time for a trip to the shopping department or you will look like the above pictures!!!!!!!!

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