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Day two: Ouch!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soo today was day two and it too had its ups and downs

Ups!: stayed in my calorie range
few bites of ice cream (not much tho and no cravings!)
felt good about my food choices today!

downs: super duper sore from yesterday! mainly in my hips and glutes
didn't do any workouts today. Felt I shouldn't over do it

goals for tomorrow: No sweets! run 1.5-2miles tomorrow in 20mins and spark weight training


Day 1: on the wagon again!

Monday, September 24, 2012

20120924 19:11

So I started on the wagon again today. It became real for me when I weighed in this morning at 174.4...4.4lbs over my max enlist weight! Not good!! So I made a promise to myself and told my recruiter I would be at or below my max weight come next DEP meeting (20121011) I can do it!

I ran 1.92 miles around my neighborhood today, and man was it tough! Ran it in 27 minutes which I don't think is too bad, I have to be able to run 1.5 in 15mins or less. Considering I ran in a very hilly terrain I think I did real good. And I'll do it again tomorrow!

I had a few bites of ice cream and a piece of cake at work today, considering all the sweets I have in the house I did real good. And I didn't have any ravenous cravings like I have been. Only time I had a craving it was right after I ate dinner and I sqwashed it by drinking water! YaY me!!

Tomorrow I hope to run the same if not better and have no or less sweets!

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DANE02 9/24/2012 11:42PM

    Strong work! You can do it...I would say you won Monday

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Update, Goals, and Game Plan

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hi all!!!

This blog is just to kinda organize my thoughts, goals and my game plan. Let me give you a little insight on what's been going on. As you can tell from my spark page I've joined the Navy! I joined july 26th 2012 at 168lbs, just 2lbs under my max enlistment weight. Since July I have gained 6lbs and have lost 3 of them so far. I ship for basic Jan 15th.

However back to my current situation. I just switched shift at work, about 3 weeks ago, from 3p-11p to 7a-3p and boy has it put my in a tailspin! This was my routine before I switched:

8-11 Gym (includes drive time, breakfast etc)
11-2 Get ready for work (make dinner for work, eat lunch before work, shower etc)

It was perfect I loved it. But because mom and I share my car now i had to switch shifts to work with both schedules and I wanted to switch to the morning shift because I do love the hours! Since I've switched tho I'm not able to regulate a schedule to work out and It's frustrating. My routine right now is:

4-4:30-6 (wake up, eat, shower leave for work)
off at 3 and I'm exhausted and really have no motivation to do anything, especially drive an hour to workout. So I've been slacking alot! Really I'm surprised I haven't gained more than 6lbs! I go to bed right now at about 8 and I really can't wake up any earlier than 4....I'd be dead on my feet.

~* emoticon*~ Goals!!~* emoticon *~

My short term goals are:
1. Wake up with out hitting snooze
2. Go for an early morning run (I have to do 1.5miles in less than 15mins)
3. get back down two 168lbs

My mid term goals are:
1. Get my 1.5mile run down to 10mins if not less
2. P90X everday scheduled for 30days if not 60
3. Do 25 push ups (the right way!)
4. Do 75 sit ups ( I can do 50!)

Long term goals are:
1. Finish P90X
2. Hit all the max's for my PRT (physical readiness test) before bootcamp
3. Lose another 32lbs or muscle up enough to pass tape
4. be able to see definition in my abs and rest of my body

@^--^@ emoticon emoticon Game Plan emoticon emoticon@^--^@

4am-5:30am Wake up, go for a run, eat
6am-3pm work
3:30pm P90X walk the dogs
5:30pm eat dinner
8pm Bed

I'm going to keep this routine up even on weekends so I'm consistant, I'll actually leave saturday for a rest day. (maybe just walk the dogs)

That's the plan!! If you guys have any suggestions, comments, questions just post em! I love to hear some input!



Quite the Dilemma

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hi all!!

So this is more of a "maybe if I have it written down the decision will come sooner" type of blog.

As you all know, or if you didn't you do now, I'm working towards joining the military. The Navy to be exact. In fact, I talked to my recruiter today and if I'm able to drop 2-3lbs by next tues I'll be able to go to MEPS and enter in the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) as a reservist until my ship off day. Anyways heres the issue. My family, mainly my mother and my boyfriend, both of which I live with, want me to wait to ship off to boot camp after the holidays (Jan or Feb) However, I'm so anxious to go if I could have I would have gone yesterday.
Here are some of the pros and cons on waiting I've come up with to try and help me out.
-Can get in better shape BEFORE bootcamp
-Spend more time with family
-Get bills and other financial issues in order
-Study more on the Navy (policies, procedures, etc)

-Have to wait longer to get into my chosen career field
-Have to keep working the job I'm starting to get burnt out on
-Won't start receiving my benefits, paychecks, etc until I do go into active duty
-Have to deal with anticipation until I can go to bootcamp

Granted the Pros seem to outweigh the Cons, I really don't want to weight to enlist in active duty. On the other hand, if I enlist lets say in two weeks, I miss spending time with my family and better preparing myself for what's to come ahead. It truly is quite a Dilemma...If anyone has an suggestions or words of encouragement they're greatly appreciated!

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    Really think about what makes YOU happiest, not the people around you. Ultimately, they will miss you whenever you leave, but don't put your happy on a shelf because it will make others happy temporarily. You don't want to be frustrated and burnt out when you start active duty. It's a whole new world and you'll need to bring your A game. Just my two cents. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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An eye opening experience

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hi all!

Just thought I'd share something that surprisingly has just dawned on me. I'm addicted to the scale. You'd think something like that would be obvious, but it wasn't and this morning it became quite clear. So every morning I wake up, use the bathroom and then get on the scale, its become ritual. But I still have my weigh in day (Now that right there doesn't make any sense if I weigh in EVERYDAY) So today was that day. Now usually its an excited, anticipated moment...well today it was like "eh whatever" and I didn't like that feeling. Again, I woke up, used the bathroom and got on the scale...I lost 1lb. Now for most people that would be "Yay I lost a pound!" well for me..."it was oh ok cool, I kinda figured but hey its a pound better then nothing."

So to this realization, it kinda bummed me out. Kinda took all the excitement and fun out of weighing in. So this week my goal, as minimal as it may sound, not weigh myself UNTIL my scheduled weigh in day...Soo anyone else have a scale issue?

emoticon emoticon emoticon


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