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I Did A WorkOut!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I barely get any exercise in.
I haven't been trying that hard either though. Yesterday I switched from Stage 1 to Stage 2 on the SparkDiet and one thing that really made me think was to find the time that you do have. Now, having 2 kids, most of the time that I have free in the afternoons, I use to clean, do homeschool Pre-K work with my daughter or check my e-mails.

Well, yesterday I checked out a bunch of Workout DVD's from the library and I did a Pilates Core WorkOut today (see picture above). A lot of people think that Pilates is boring or easy (at least some people I've talked to), but honestly, it is a challenge, it really stretches you (I need this badly) and it left me feeling invigorated! There is a 2nd workout on this DVD called 'Ballet Core WorkOut'. So that will probably be the next one I try.

I do need to work some cardio work in somewhere....maybe tomorrow.

Forgot to put my darn pedometer on again today. I was doing a lot of cleaning & organizing this morning and just kept going. Now how do I track housecleaning in my daily exercise log? I always forget to do that!

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    Good for you, that's great! Find something you love to do, and you'll keep on doing it. You'll free great afterwards too!. Congratulations!

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HUGS2013 4/2/2008 4:46PM

    Congratulations on your work out. I love the fact that the library has current DVD's what a blessing. Sounds like you enjoyed your work out. That is a good start for you. Good luck reaching your goal. Best Wishes, Deanie

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Starting Stage 2 ~ Healthy Diet Habits

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I switched over to Stage 2 this evening. So far I have read a few articles about the Healthy Diet Habits Stage.

This blurb here is especially important for me to remember:

"As you cut down portions, you may feel a little hungry at first. To offset this temporary hunger without eating more":

* Drink more water
* Eat fiber-loaded foods
* Eat low-calorie foods first
* Eat slowly, put the fork down between bites

They want me to measure my foods.....I can tell you right now, this is not going to happen. I have 2 kids and I'm lucky most days if I can squeeze in eating a good meal! So Strike 1 for me right there. Honestly, there are some parts of this diet program that just don't fit into a busy Mom's lifestyle!
I will try to do the best I can, but I definitely can't do these things all to a 'T'.
I'm lucky to get online most days! Sometimes even some of the teams I am in, there challenges sound awesome to me, but I just can't participate because I have so many other responsibilities! In the Fall, when my 5 yr old goes off to Kindergarten, I'm hoping to be able to gain a bit more time, but I'll still have my Toddler at home with me all day, so I'm not sure how much time I will gain, if any.

I have written down how many calories I'm supposed to be eating daily and how many calories I need to burn each week. I borrowed some exercise DVD's from the library today and hope to try one of them tomorrow.

~Eat 1200-1550 calories daily~
~Burn 560 calories per week~

The 6 Healthy Diet Habits Are:

1- Portion Control
2- Eating The Right Foods
3- Exercising Consistently
4- Drinking Water
5- Eating On Purpose
6- Find Unexpected Time & Spend It Wisely


My Monthly Review

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I've decided to post a monthly review on my blog. This is to help me re-evaluate where I am at, as well as remind me of my goals.

March was not a good month for me at all. I started out well and declined as the month went on. I've been on the Fast Break part of the SparkDiet since February 28th.....I'm taking the next step and am going to try to challenge myself by going on to the next step ~ Healthy Diet Habits. I think this is where I need the most work right now, along with doing more exercising.


Weight: 157
Waist: 37"
Hips: 41"
Neck: 14"

My Goals:

1-Track my food throughout the day or at the end of the day. Keep pen & paper available to keep track & then enter it.
(I have not been very good with this.)

2-Find some time to exercise throughout the day.
* Think 10-15 Minutes. We’re all faced with little blocks of time throughout the day that could be put to better use. See how many you can fill up with short bursts of physical activity*
(I have not been good with this either, but have been wearing my pedometer more than I used to.)

3- Planning meals & shopping lists.
*Plan Ahead. Use the SparkDiet meal planner*
(I haven't been good with this either, but need to make the time to plan!)

~Motivation is key! Figure out how I can stay motivated!
~Focus on my goals & take time to prepare for things!
~Track my info. daily, just don't worry about my results!
~Print My Fast Break Goals Out so I can see them Daily!
((3) Fast Break Goals, one each in nutrition, fitness, and motivation. )
~Buy new sneakers this month!
~Utilize my current exercise equipment:
exercise ball, resistance bands, jump rope, small dumbbells
~Keep tempting foods out of sight and replace with healthy alternatives.

2006 Mom's Club Team Challenge (to be determined----Begins Friday 4/4/08)

BUDDY TEAM @ Married Life ~ "Shrinking Sparklers"

The Shrinking Sparklers team leaders are:
Babie_Jane, Heidi14dan, Shayth

Team Members:
1. Ann_8280
2. Ashreec
3. Craftwithkids
4. Dprim1
5. Greedygrace
6. HelenArnold
7. JCedit89
8. Jenner_baby
9. Nanabee55
10. Vicky62803
11. Wildflower
12. Sheri1407

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HUGS2013 4/1/2008 6:29PM

    You've written your goals out in black in white. It is a lot easier to see the plan when it is written out. Good luck to you this month. Looks like you have a good plan. Best Wishes, Deanie

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New Beginning

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The caption under the photo says
"What at first may appear to be an ending, is often a new beginning."

This is how I am feeling today. I am at the end of my rope with not finding a way to make smart food choices and finding the time to exercise. I want to have more energy and feel good about myself. My problem is figuring out how do I get to that with all the other daily responsibilities I have in my life? It's time though, to figure it out. I'm overweight, out of shape, unhappy, tired, and want more out of my life. I am the only one who can change all of this.

A few weeks ago MAMAJO1958, posted a reply on my blog:
"Rather than trying to do everything at once you may want to try the fast break.

She is so right, as is the overview of Fast Break (also known as Stage 1 of the SparkDiet, found at the link above). I never took the time to read through all of this, and am doing that today...bit-by-bit. As I go through the Fast Break page & it's links throughout today, I will be adding to this blog entry, so I have a complete, at a glance snapshot of what I need to focus on during this first stage of my SparkDiet.

If you've been on SparkPeople and never took the time to read through the Fast Break, please do. It has given me a focus for the next couple of weeks and I plan on referring back to this blog post to remind me of what I need to do!

My Goals:

1-Track my food throughout the day or at the end of the day. Keep pen & paper available to keep track & then enter it.

2-Find some time to exercise throughout the day.
(* Think 10-15 Minutes. We’re all faced with little blocks of time throughout the day that could be put to better use. See how many you can fill up with short bursts of physical activity.)

3- Planning meals & shopping lists.
(*Plan Ahead. Every program could benefit from a little forethought. The SparkDiet meal planner is just one example. Something as important as your health deserves some concentration.)
Here are some parts of Fast Break that are important for me to remember:

*Stage 1 is your time to warm up.
*Only push yourself as fast as you can handle it.
*The most common dieting roadblock – lack of motivation.
*SparkDiet helps you weave nutrition, fitness, and motivation together.
These are the building blocks that make up a healthy lifestyle and are vital
to your success.
*A strong start is important, but sustainable momentum is even more vital
to achievement.
*Focus and preparation are everything at the beginning of any goal
(These skills take time and concentration to be effective.)
*By going after too many goals at once, you end up doing all of them poorly,
or none at all.
*Learn how to track your info every day without worrying about results.
(being aware of what you’re eating is a huge step, and will likely lead to
changed eating habits anyway.)
3 Main Purposes Of Fast Break

* Create momentum before tackling “heavier” dieting Stages.
* Build confidence and the knowledge that you can “make this dieting thing work.”
* Allow you to get used to your dieting and website surroundings without pressure.
3 Fast Break Goals

*Choose (3) Fast Break Goals, one each in nutrition, fitness, and motivation. ~small enough to focus on and stay consistent with for a couple of weeks, effective enough to impact weight loss. Meeting and tracking these goals, every day if possible, builds the habit of success. The more consistent you are during this early Stage, the more consistent you’ll stay as your goals grow larger.

*Adopt (3) small Fast Break Goals so you can stay focused.
6 Fast Break Strategies

(These are my answers to these questions)

1) Do you know what you're eating?

Yes.....and No. I start out the day trying and then end up 'stress-eating' or getting so hungry that by the time I get a chance to eat, I just grab whatever I can. Not good!

2) Finding The Time

This is my main problem since my entire day is spent taking care or my kids, my house, going to appointments & running errands. I am NOT a morning person at all.

3) Setting Up Shop

This is another difficult problem, as my husband is a snacker and takes lunch cakes for his snack in his lunch. I need to find a way to have that food be unattainable to me.

(*How do you create an environment that’s more help than hurt?
- Prevent Temptations
- Promote Convenience
- Purchase Wisely

*The most important piece of fitness equipment you’ll have is a good, comfortable pair of gym or running shoes. Make sure you have the right pair.

* Big equipment purchases aren’t needed right now. Start with some home gym basics (exercise ball, resistance bands, small medicine ball, jump rope, small dumbbells) and build as time goes. )

4) Site Tricks & Tips

-check the box that asks you to save that food with your Favorites. Next time you track, you can simply grab that food off of your own personal list.

-Have a regular meal that you eat often? Click the Food Groupings tab inside the Add A Food page and you’ll only have to enter all the food items for that meal once.

-When posting on the Message Boards, you can follow the conversations of all the threads you’re posting to just by clicking the Subscribe button on the posting page. Whenever someone posts to that thread, you’ll be alerted.

-The weight tracker tool is even more useful if you weigh yourself at least once a week, and at the same time of the day each time. Your body goes through changes during the course of the day that can skew results.

-Revisit your Reports and look for trouble spots. Can you see any patterns?

-To see the relationship between your emotions and your eating, make a small comment in your SparkPage blog. You can choose to make these entries public or private, but they can help identify emotional eating patterns.

-Check out all of the articles, tools and other features in the Resource Center. They are packed full of information to help you along the way

-Post on the Message Boards as much as you can

-Join a SparkTeam to get support from others who share common goals and interests. There are lots to choose from, so use the search tool to find the ones that are the best fit for you.

-Use the Search feature on the Message Boards. Many times, your questions may have already been covered.

-Many nutrition and fitness questions, and even site-related questions, are covered in the Help page or in the FAQ's at the top of those Message Board forums.

-Print up your daily meal plans, grocery lists and recipes a few days or a week ahead of time. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the store.

5) Keeping Goals At The Top Of Your Mind

I try to do this, but tend to have many more things on my mind and anything that pertains to me, is usually last on my mind.

-Regularly reminding yourself of what you need to do and why

-Surround yourself with visual, written and well-placed reminders that steady the course and help you refocus. Use positive images and words. Find a visual that shows why you want to lose weight in the first place, or what you’ll be doing with your weight loss. A picture of your kids, the new dress you want to wear

6) Which Diet Strategies Will Work For You?

I don't totally agree with everything that came back on my profiler quiz.
For one, we don't eat out much at all. I wouldn't say I'm a member of the 'clean plate' club, it's just that I am usually pretty famished when dinner time comes around because I haven't eaten properly for most of the day

Take the Profiler quiz now:

This is mine:

The Portion Distortioner Personality

This person is a lifetime member of the Clean Plate Club. In fact, you may often continue to eat beyond the point where you're not even hungry anymore. A study by the American Institute for Cancer Research found that 67% of Americans eat everything on their plates regardless of size. You tend to feel deprived when eating smaller portions and, ironically, you sometimes overeat on "healthy" foods.

There is also a good chance you tend to eat out pretty often, and have noticed how restaurants and fast food joints have been up-sizing and biggie sizing your servings. Yet, even though you know portions have grown, you feel like you haven't eaten unless you are stuffed to the gills. Many of this type also use food as their sole source of weekend entertainment. It's what we call "Eat-for-tainment." Eating with friends and having fun is great, but if you are using food much more than other forms of entertainment (i.e. events that involve not sitting) it is something to be concerned about.

What can you do?

The first thing to do is get a handle on what you put on your plate. There are many small changes you can make, smart strategies that will help you eat less, eat slower and eat on purpose. It can be as easy as using smaller plates and eating more slowly. Overall, you need to be vigilant about the portions you're faced with and be wary of the Eat-for-tainment traps. Stop cleaning your plate (this is not a proper sense of accomplishment) and look into doing something with your friends other than eating and watching.

How SparkPeople Can Help

You and your body need to re-learn what proper portion sizes are because your body is used to being fed too much. SparkPeople can help because each food in our 10,000-food database is labeled with a recommended serving size and our Nutrition Resource Center includes special sections devoted to portion control. The food tracking system also shows a clear view of how your portions are leveling off. You'll know right away if you are in portion distortion mode the first time you see 50% or more of your calories coming from one meal.

Good Tips for Portion Distortioners

* Eat slower! Most Portion Distortioners eat very quickly.
* Ask for a "to-go" box at the start of the meal and keep these single serving portions in mind:
o One pat of butter or margarine = a Scrabble tile
o Small potato or medium fruit = computer mouse
o 3 ounces of protein = cassette tape

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GETFITNLEAN 2/28/2008 8:23PM

    Yes, that's how I am too! I though that if I condensed the important parts of the Fast Break, then I can come back to my blog entry and refresh my memory.

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KAT111778 2/28/2008 6:08PM

    This is kind of like school. I can read it and hear it but until I write it down, it is kind of in one ear and out the other. Writing it kind of helps to refresh everything in my head. Good for you!!

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SAYRAH-M 2/27/2008 7:25PM

    You got some good stuff going on here!!

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Don't You Quit!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don't You Quit ( Weight Watchers version)

When you have eaten too much & you can't write it down
And you feel like the biggest failure in town;
When you want to give up because you gave in
And forgot all about being healthy & thin;
So what! You went over your points a bit;
It's your next move that counts..... So don't you quit!

It's the moment of truth, It's an attitude change;
It's learning the skills to get back into your range;
It's telling yourself that You've done great up till now;
You can take the challenge and beat it somehow;
It's part of the journey toward reaching your goal;
You're still gonna make it, Just stay in control.

To Stumble & fall is not a disgrace
If you summon the will to get back in the race;
But, often the struggler's when losing their grip
Just throw in the towel and continues to slip
And learn too late when the damage is done
That the race wasn't over and they still could of won

Life-style can be awkward and slow
But facing each challenge will help you grow;
Success is failure turned inside out.
The silver tint in the cloud of doubt.
When you're pushing to the brink, Just refuse to submit;
If you bite it write it down.... But don't you quit!!

*taken from another website*

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UP4MORE 1/17/2008 3:27PM

    Love this!

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MYTWOKIDSMOM 1/17/2008 1:29PM


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