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Beliefnet---Beyond Blue

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beyond Blue is an interesting site on Beliefnet.

The sun is playing Peek-A-Boo I am going out and about to just experience the warmth of life!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MIMULUSBUG 2/18/2011 2:22AM

    I love beliefnet, its a wonderful site!

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SNUZSUZ 2/17/2011 3:34PM

    thanks for the link! I really enjoyed reading it.

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MONTY68 2/16/2011 4:26PM

    Enjoy your warm weather, I Use to belong to 5or 6 belief net sites. I will have to check this one out.
Thank you for sharing.

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MISS_VIV 2/16/2011 2:00PM

    Wrap yourself in something FLEECY........and enjoy the sun.

Will check out Beliefnet. emoticon

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What a nice day

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Liquid California sunshine--- A great day to sit and read and look at the beautiful dark trees while snuggled warm in my chair.
I am finishing the first book that my 10 year old granddaughter gave to me--5 more to follow--that was so sweet of her to share her loved books with ol' Granny. emoticon

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SNUZSUZ 2/15/2011 9:55AM

    That is so sweet! Have a great day!

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MIMULUSBUG 2/15/2011 9:35AM


Sounds like you had a really great day :-)

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MONTY68 2/15/2011 1:35AM

    You certainly did have a nice day. It is great that your granddaughter shares her books with you.
Thank you for sharing

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Saturday will be fun--Hey my daffodils are in bloom

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Because I am going to Dern well make it a fun day!! emoticon

No work day for me---I cooked food for the week and put it up in containers of 1/2 cup and 1 cup sizes---fish, turkey, soup, brown rice, veggies,

pumpkin pie filling sugar free, and sugar free apple pie filling with a very thin cake on top thin as a crust--packed in the 1/2 cup size container.

So this week it is heat and eat emoticon
That gives me a lota time to read the things I should that I have been putting off and time to read my book the grand daughter gave to me.

I also want to finish up the Joyce Myer book --good stuff there.

I think that I might drag out the old sewing machine and set up a place to sew.

emoticon tulips to follow emoticon
Exercise will be a line dance video
walk 30 minutes
bike 30 minute
Yoga 10 minutes

saw an interesting movie--has older actors--the movie is ANOTHER YEAR
not a comedy! Consequences of the decisions we make in our youth.

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MIMULUSBUG 2/15/2011 9:37AM

    My daffodils are blooming too!

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BYEFATNANNY 2/14/2011 12:29PM

    Ah yes daffodils are up in my yard too. Beautiful and the crocus have buds and the tulips are coming up too.
I must start planning better, sounds great to have your meals all ready for the week. Keep up the good work!

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SHASTA11 2/12/2011 8:57PM

    Your meals sound great. Tell us more about the pie fillings and cake, please.

Good for you.

Hugs, joan

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RONOSOF 2/12/2011 4:55PM

    I am sooo jealous;) and so happy you are seeing flowers. Excellent job organizing all your food:)


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KEKEIKO 2/12/2011 11:33AM

    I appreciate your uplifting and positive blog! Thank you for sharing. Great idea for cooking food for the week. I'm still cooking for the family so it wouldn't work for me just yet. Perhaps a future thing. I'm eating Healthy Choice Steamers for lunch and I find they are fresh and just the right tiny portion for me.

Have a sparkling day! emoticon

Hugs, Keke

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MONTY68 2/12/2011 10:49AM


Great blog and it certainly seems like you are going to have a fun day. Not only have you planned meals, you have prepared them for the week. This is a great idea and a good way on staying on track.
In a great part of the country, the early flowers give the hope that spring is on its way. Here in Florida, it is not so obvious. enjoy your flowers and your exercise planned for today.

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SIRIRADHA 2/12/2011 10:23AM

    So glad I found your blog! Wintertime is my least time of year, and when I see the spring flowers coming again I know there's real hope that the days are going to be warmer and brighter.

Where I am, the only flowering going on are my orchids and African violets. I'm forcing hyacinth bulbs in the basement, but spring with probably be here before those flower.

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MISS_VIV 2/12/2011 10:16AM

    Ah sweet daffodils, and sunshine and peace.
Enjoy your day.

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MARPET44 2/12/2011 7:18AM

    Snow still on the ground here. Hasn';t thawed out yet. Looking forward to the daffys and the tulips. emoticon emoticon

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confession time...

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I have been on that slippery slope for a few months. Full of great ideas that just melt away at the slightest wind.
I have gained 12.4 pounds--I am disappointed.
I believe that I was trying to take on too much at a time and then felt that it didn't matter--because who was there to dress up for anyway.
Does that sound a lot like a pity party to ya!!
I MUST have worked at it to feel that way--

looking up and I am reaching for that line


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MISS_VIV 2/10/2011 2:18PM

Thank you for spending some time with ME.
I value you. emoticon

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SNUZSUZ 2/10/2011 10:39AM

    Amen to all the other comments! You are SO worth it! emoticon emoticon

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SWEETLIPS 2/9/2011 5:21PM

    Be gentle with yourself. I do understand, and know how it is, so begin again, you will do fine.

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MONTY68 2/9/2011 4:33PM

Thank you for sharing this. I will start out by saying it isn't a pity party, you are stating that facts of what is going on. You said that there is no one to dress up for. This is where it starts, There is only one person to dress up for, there is only one person that you should release weight for and that person is YOU. You have to believe in you and that you deserve to release weight, that you deserve to look good. I feel, my opinion, that you have to take those old feelings and beliefs that you are not a worthy person and replace them with a new positive belief about yourself. There are a number of great affirmations that can change old feelings. A example of a easy one to say is "I love myself". Write that statement out many times everyday, say it to your self over and over again. There is a part of you that wants to be healthy but there is also a part of you that doesn't feel you deserve to. You have many spark friends willing to reach out and take your hand and help you. You have to believe that . I certainly believe in the idea that you c an successfully complete your journey, now lets get you to accept the same idea and that you deserve to. I am here, if you need anything.

Monty emoticon emoticon

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BYEFATNANNY 2/9/2011 3:30PM

    There is only one person in the world to dress up for and that is you and you are worth it, so dress to the hilt, can't wait to see you! You can do this, we all can do this, this is doable. emoticon

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KVSFOOD 2/9/2011 2:37PM

    You reach for that line because there are people on the other end who want to help you pull yourself up. We are here to suport you in any way we can

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a nice sunny day

Friday, February 04, 2011

emoticon emoticonIt was a great day for a walk.

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MONTY68 2/4/2011 11:39PM

It was here also, emoticon emoticon
Have a great Weekend.


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SPARKLETHYME 2/4/2011 8:19PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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